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Queer HMC

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Howl, what’s your gender? Wizard. No, but what’s in your pants? MAGIC.

Nonbinary Howl Pendragon who kicks ass at Rugby but is never exactly “one of the lads”

Nonbinary Howl Pendragon who took the move to Ingary to experiment with gender presentation, who felt more comfortable at first bc the standards of masculinity and femininity are different in Ingary than they were in Wales

Nonbinary Howl Pendragon who grows their hair longer and pierces their ears and starts to love makeup and is allowed to experiment safely bc the worst they gets is “wow, what a dramatic shit” (which is true, Howl IS a dramatic shit).

Nonbinary Howl Pendragon who catches a falling star that has no concept of gender and asks for an explanation that Howl can’t give. Howl shrugs and slithers out of answering, and Calcifer takes the pronouns Howl is using and seems happy enough with them.

But Howl starts to wonder, to blame Calcifer for making them think. Maybe Calcifer’s genderlessness somehow got switched with Howl’s definitely fully formed sense of … manhood?… but no, that’s not right at all.

Nonbinary Howl Pendragon who is forced to confront a lot of things about themself, who talks to their fire demon late into the night and pieces things together

Nonbinary Howl Pendragon who comes out with a wave of their hand on the way out the door, “oh and Sophie dear, I’m not actually a man, and I might be changing pronouns, I’ll let you know about that.” Who flashes a charming smile, using flippancy to hide their fear, and leaves Calcifer to field any questions.

Nonbinary Howl Pendragon who comes home to find Sophie saying “You’ve mucked up the bathroom again, and then you left before giving me a chance to answer. You’re an absolute child. No, don’t look at me like that. Of course you’d slither out of having a gender. I should have guessed. What pronouns do you want?”

Nonbinary Howl Pendragon who sifts restlessly through pronouns, who feels more comfortable relaxing their beauty routine in private because if people know they’re not a man, they don’t feel as much pressure to compensate in the opposite direction. Who hasn’t come out to their sister yet and isn’t sure they want to. Who continues to be a little shit and find themselves at the end of Sophie’s ever-more-creative insults.

Nonbinary Howl Pendragon.