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No Homo

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Sex with Jungkook so far has been amazing and no doubt the best experiences with sex Jimin has ever had.

He's never had someone elicit such pleasure out of him without even trying — let alone care about his own pleasure as much as their own.

Everything feels much more intense when Jungkook's looking down at him, hovering over him, and making him feel all types of small in this huge luxurious room.

Everything feels right when the pleasure becomes too much and his eyes are filling with both sensitivity and emotion, Jungkook's own gaze not once leaving his as he lowers himself so that their chests touch and their lips collide; Jimin no longer feeling restricted or ashamed when his tears of pure pleasure and passion slip.

"Jungkook," he gasps yet he barely hears it over the sound of his own heart beating and blood rushing.

It's too much yet it's just enough.


Jungkook takes him over and over that night and by the end of it all Jimin thinks that if he wasn't in love before then he's definitely in love now.

There's no way he can't be with how many times he came just from Jungkook's cock.


Jungkook is smirking at him and all Jimin can manage is a nod, his body still shaking as he lays, heaving and his head off of the edge of the bed from where Jungkook just got done fucking him into oblivion.

Jungkook laughs, breathless as well and abs clenching under Jimin's fingertips. Jimin's sighs silently, clasped eyes opening to stare out past the slide door and into the moonlight as his hands travel, exploring Jungkook's body in a way he's never been able to before.

I'm really... we're really...  wow.

He ends up reaching Jungkook's shoulders and he caresses them momentarily before gripping them and pulling Jungkook flush against him.

He hears the other chuckle but it goes past his want to kiss.

Jungkook smiles into it, one of Jimin's hands running through his hair and clenching at his nape when he begins moving inside of him.

The smaller shivers, pulling away to glare up at him.

"You can't go two seconds can you?"

Jungkook grins, pecking him. "Nope."




After waking up in Jungkook's arms and him leaving kisses along his nape they share a breakfast full of not so secret glances and smiles before taking a dip in the pool.

They stay on the resort for only a few hours more, just basking in the warmth, before they prepare their leave for the next island they would be visiting.

Jungkook cheeses happily when he tells Jimin that he has one last surprise for him and Jimin laughs giddily as they pull up to a cat sanctuary.

"How did you even think to find one of these?" Jimin asks, grinning as all the cats come skipping towards them.

Jungkook smirks pridefully, holding out his camera. "I know I'm amazing and you love me, now smile!"

Jimin flushes red, his stomach fluttering and cheeks hurting from how hard he's smiling.

He doesn't remember ever being so happy.


Maui is beautiful, Jimin learns soon after they leave Kahului airport.

Jimin is wowed, never haven ever seen such natural beauty as they take the road to Hana in a rented truck talking about everything and anything.

"Let's stop to eat?" Jungkook suggest and Jimin groans.

"Yes! Finally, I'm fucking starving."

Jungkook chuckles, detouring left and turning down to a place called Nahiku market.

There they grab smoothies and tacos to go, Jimin feeding Jungkook as he drives and cursing him out ("What are you a fucking cannibal?") when Jungkook playfully bites his pinky.

"Mm, I rather eat you instead," Jungkook plants a quick, wet kiss on his cheek and Jimin is left blushing, glancing over at the other secretly before continuing to eat.

His smile does not once leave his face.


*     **      *        


"Cool right? Let's go."

Jimin's eyes widen and he looks at Jungkook, who's already exiting the truck, incredulously.

"We can go in there?" He follows, hesitantly toeing out of his shoes as he takes in the twin waterfalls.

Jungkook chuckles at his reaction, already pulling off his shirt.

"Of course hyung."

Jimin swallows at the sight of him, all tanned, marked skin and messy hair, before following his lead and undressing.

"Let's take a picture first!" Jungkook recommends and Jimin scoffs.

"You wait till I'm basically naked to wanna take a picture?"

Jungkook raises a brow, camera in his hand as Jimin finishes pulling off his pants.

"Hyung did you forget? I literally have a whole video of us fucking."

Jimin shrugs and crosses his arms. "Yeah okay but nobody knows it's me."

Jungkook purses his lips at that and Jimin deadpans.

"Jungkook tell me you didn't record my face."

Jungkook turns away, feigning looking through his film.

"Oh my god," surprisingly Jimin is not as upset as he thought he'd be.

If anything he trusts Jungkook with his life and honestly finds the whole thing comedic.

Jungkook looks over at the sound of his disbelieving laugh and joins him.

"I couldn't help it hyung. You just looked so, fucking, good."

He's by Jimin now, his hand sliding up Jimin's own marked neck towards his jaw.

He caresses Jimin's ear with his thumb before leaning down and kissing him gently.

"I did?" Jimin whispers, looking up at him through his lashes.

Jungkook's eyes twinkle amongst the forest. "Yeah," he grips Jimin's nape once.

"So good."

Jimin finds himself blushing at that as Jungkook kisses him softly before pulling away.

"Let's go?"

Jimin manages a nod, biting his lip as he puts a reminder in the back of his brain to call Taehyung.



"Jungkook, Jungkook no."

Jungkook just wiggles his eyebrows, having just put his camera away and now about to jump off a rock.

"Come on hyung! Live a little!" He exclaims and with that jumps off the rock and into the water.

"Oh my god you fucking dick! Now if you were to just have killed yourself what would I tell the world!?"

Jimin is fuming, honestly a little more shaken than mad yet nonetheless, fuming.

"That I love a man named Park Jimin?" Jungkook's wiggling his eyebrows again, hands pushing his wet hair out of his face.

Obviously Jimin knows he meant that in a playful way regardless, he doesn't find it amusing. He crosses his arms and turns away.

"Hyung really? Are you really upset?"

Jimin feels him come in from behind him, feels the heat of his body even before Jungkook wraps his arms around him and places his head on his shoulder.

"I was scared. That was high as fuck you dumb ass."

"I'm sorry," Jungkook replies, voice babyish.

Jimin snorts.

"How can I make you forgive me?"

Jimin raises a brow, really thinking about it.

"Give me a massage and let me top."

Jungkook is quiet for a second and Jimin can't help but think that he's really fucked it up this time yet then Jungkook responds.


Jimin's eyes widen and he turns around in Jungkook's arms to look up at him.


Jungkook raises a brow. "That's what you want right?"

Jimin nods and Jungkook shrugs.

"Okay then it's set."



"Jungkook why didn't you check the fucking weather?!"

"I was too busy looking at cat sanctuaries!"

Jimin can't help but laugh, pulling off his drenched briefs and changing into warmer clothes.

Jungkook is doing the same, eagerly attempting to turn on the heater as he pulls down his shirt.

"Imagine if a big ass dinosaur came out of nowhere."

Jimin makes a face at the younger, questioning his appeal to him.

"You think of the weirdest shit ever dude."

Jungkook scoffs, offended. "Seriously! You're making fun of me now but I bet if it where to happen you'd be crying like a little baby and begging me to save your bitch ass."

Jimin punches him and Jungkook winces, his eyes scrunching up.


Jimin tries to ignore the way his heart flutters as Jungkook whines, the pet name feeling more abundant when their feelings are known.

"That hurt. Kiss it better?"

Jimin rolls his eyes, arms crossed as he looks over at Jungkook who's now laying over the arm rest, eyes closed and face scrunched.

Jimin snorts but leans down to plant a soft kiss on his lips, Jungkook's nose tickling his throat when he chuckles, his hand coming up to hold Jimin's nape and deepen the kiss.

"Mm... Stop trying to eat me punk," Jimin giggles, pulling away after Jungkook latches onto his bottom lip for too long.

Jungkook just grins, sitting up and chuckling a little before pulling out.




"Jesus Jungkook how far is this place?"

Jungkook chuckles awkwardly, his arms straining as they hold his luggage over his head. "I honestly didn't know it was this deep in."

Jimin squints a glare at him, doing the same. "I swear if something jumps out and kills us."

Jungkook snorts. "There's no deadly land animals in Hawaii hyung."

Jimin glares. "I said something."

Jungkook glances over at him, eyes doe. "Like a person? Or?"

Jimin grits out. "Like a person."

Jungkook gives a dry laugh but it sounds hesitant and wary, he looks around. "Hyung. Nobody—"


Jungkook shrieks. "Hyung what the fuck?!"

Jimin is bent over laughing, the luggage no longer shielding him as the rain soaks him.

Jungkook doesn't find it amusing at all as he drops his own luggage and makes way, stomping over towards Jimin threateningly.

The shorter, still giggling, attempts to avert. "Jungkook, Jungkook wait."

Jungkook grabs him by his waist before he can dip and Jimin's laughter grows.

Jungkook smiling adoringly when he runs out of breath, his small hands still trying to pull Jungkook's off of him as he heaves, water sliding down his pretty face.


Jimin hums.

"You're so fucking gorgeous do you know that?"

A blush raids Jimin's face and he doesn't meet Jungkook's eyes as he shrugs.

"I prefer handsome but that works too I guess..."

Jungkook laughs breathlessly, shaking his head.

"Kiss me."

Jimin does.



"Of fucking course."

The luggage he takes is filled with mostly everything he bought with Tae and honestly he'd just walk around in his boxers but this cute little cottage doesn't have central heating and he gets cold easily.

So he's resorted to wearing one of the silk robes and lotioning himself up real good as he stares in the mirror self consciously.


He pretended to dislike it but really the compliment made his heart flutter.

It isn't a new feeling but he's still getting use to Jungkook complimenting him intimately.

Last night when they had sex Jungkook had called him sexy and hot but amongst all things he called him pretty.

Fucking pretty.

Jimin scoffs, never having been called pretty before by another man.

Nonetheless, one he has feelings for.

Deep feelings.

Jimin lets out a sigh, staring at himself.

He parts his hair a bit and applies some lip balm, the sound of Jungkook entering the room, after putting pre-cut wood in the fireplace, making his heart race.

He opens the door and enters a bit shyly, Jungkook turning to look at him and his eyes widening unceremoniously.

"You're kidding."

Jimin feels his beating heart drop.

"You think I can let you fuck me when you look this fuckable?"

Jimin feels a smile grow on his face as Jungkook struts over and grips his face, planting a kiss.

"Fucking beautiful," he whispers, eyes so sincere. "I'm gonna devour you."



Jimin heaves, whole body quivering as Jungkook takes him and takes him (after insisting on leaving on the robe).

"You're so fucking sexy. So fucking sexy," Jungkook is continuously planting kisses against his gaped lips and he wants to return them but he can't.

Jungkook's too deep, too good.

All he can do is cry yet Jungkook finds that cute too seeing as he grins, Jimin's voice cracking and eyes watering as Jungkook holds right there and—

"Oh. You fucking—" Jimin tries to catch his breath. "You fucking dick."

Jungkook's smile brightens, Jimin's hold around his neck tightening as he begins thrusting again, whispering hotly against the blondes ear.

"You like it? You like this?"

"Stop I'm gonna come," Jimin whimpers, gasping as his thighs shake around Jungkook threateningly.

He fucking whimpers and he can't believe such a small sound has come out of him again.

Jungkook can't seem to either seeing as he slows, staring Jimin in the eyes with awe.

"Please, please, please," the shorter begs, embarrassed and lip bitten raw, his eyes hazed.

They both like the sound.




"I would've never thought that you were so horny."

Jimin snorts, feet caressing Jungkook's cock in the water.

"You're one to talk."

Jungkook chuckles, head bobbing before he looks at Jimin again.

"No seriously... you've surprised me a lot hyung."

"Yup and I have a lot more surprises to come," Jimin says coolly, not knowing how to go about serious conversations with Jungkook.

Jungkook takes the bait and he raises a brow. "Is that so?"

Jimin just hums in thought before crawling over and wrapping his arms around Jungkook's neck.






"Come on hyung, this cock won't fuck itself."

"You're so dirty. Shut up already," Jimin barely gets it out, his head pressed against the cold tub as he presses back against Jungkook.

Jungkook chuckles, hips suddenly snapping forward.

"Ugh, wait, wait, wait—"

Jungkook's hovering over him now, back all hot and wet against his own.

"Take it. Take it hyung... Just like you've taken my heart."

Jimin gapes soundlessly into the air as he clenches the tub.

His stomach tightening along with his chest as he comes.




After waking Jungkook up to head and a promised fuck the next morning (not really, Jimin gets one finger in before he claims he can't take it and the shorter is calling him a pussy) they eat a home styled breakfast left by the owner (an old lady with eight kids named after the big islands Jungkook states) and take the rest of the ride down Hana.

They make many stops, first visiting the Koolau Forest Reserve where they see the longest waterfall ever or so Jungkook says (an over exaggeration Jimin later declares).

They then head to Waianapanapa State Park and Jimin is in awe, never having seen black sand in his life.

He doesn't want to leave even after Jungkook promises he's taken lots of pictures

He doesn't want to leave even after Jungkook promises he's taken lots of pictures.

"But what's better than this?!" Jimin asks when Jungkook promises.

"A red sand beach."

And it is, so much more lively and bright (although Jimin thinks they are both equally beautiful).

"Was I right?"

Jimin giggles, holding a crab.

"You weren't wrong."

Jungkook smiles.

He's never seen Jimin look so free ever.

He wants to see this everyday and the thought that this is all ending in two days scares him.

He hasn't talked to Jimin about it and he doesn't know what will happen if he does... What will happen afterwards.

He's not sure if he even wants to know.

All he knows is that in this moment he's more than great.

He's happy and he's in love.



Their last visit is to the Haleakalā Shield Volcano and Jimin can't believe it. He's seeing a volcano this close up, a live volcano that can blow up at any moment.

 He's seeing a volcano this close up, a live volcano that can blow up at any moment        

He's mesmerized at its beauty and is quite taken aback when Jungkook scoffs.


"I'm just thinking," Jungkook says, thumb hovering over the button on his camera.

"It's crazy how something so beautiful can bring so much pain to you."

Jimin is speechless at the intensity of his words, the deep-ness.

"What do you... what do you mean?" Jimin attempts to chuckle but it just comes out as a grimace.

"I mean that... it pains me to think about us going back to how we were before we came here."

Jimin is now breathless, his heart feeling heavy as it sinks in his chest.

It pains him too but he should've known.

He should've thought better.

Of course Jungkook wouldn't want anything more.

We're fucking bros...

Bros don't fucking do this — bros don't fucking  date  and fall in  love.

"Then don't think about it," he dismisses, throat tight and frown etched onto his face.

Jungkook calls out to him but Jimin's already walking away, reminding him of the private plane that's waiting for them.




"Oh my goodness it's only been five days but it feels like forever since I've seen you!" Jin exclaims, hugging Jungkook tightly in the lobby between their shared rooms.

Jimin stands awkwardly, his phone pinging just as Jin pulls away with a grim expression.

"Hey... what's wrong?"

Yoongi is standing there too, behind Jin. It's odd because his usual blank face is holding such a pitiful expression that Jungkook can't help but to worry, just now noticing all their bags that are not in their rooms.


Jimin gasps, staring at the text— the link.

The pictures.

TaeTae <3: I'm so so sorry luv please text me when you can :( Hawaii/

"I'm sorry."




"Jimin. Jimin just calm down."

"Calm down? You want me to fucking calm down when this," he motions between them and it makes Jungkook feel worthless, as if this— what they have is nothing.

"This is out?!"

Jungkook closes his eyes and holds his breath. He should've known... he should've known Jimin hasn't gotten past his little internalized homophobia after taking in his reaction to what Jungkook said at the volcano site.

He should've known yet he didn't and instead just brushed it off.

Now he feels so stupid.

"Well what else can we do about it hyung? It's out there and they know the truth!"

"What fucking truth?!" Jimin is livid, more mad than Jungkook has ever seen him.

"They know nothing! They know nothing about me and they know nothing about us! Or..." Jimin scoffs, shaking his head in clear distain and regret. "Whatever the fuck this is."

The way he spits it out should hurt Jungkook yet instead all it does is anger him.

"You know what?" He scoffs back, going to grab his things. "Fuck you hyung."

Jimin's eyes widen in shock.

"Fuck me? Really? Fuck me?! Well guess fucking what Jungkook?! You already did and the whole fucking world knows!"

Jungkook is piercing with anger, he just wants to scream.

So he does.

"Okay and?! What the fuck do you have to lose?! I'm the one with the fucking career here! I'm the one that they're probably fucking talking about! Not you!"

He doesn't mean half of it and it hurts to even say something like that yet the look on Jimin's face— the hurt, the pain, the anger.

It makes up for how he's feeling.

"Not me?! You know nothing! You know fucking nothing about me and where I—" Jimin chokes up and Jungkook wants to care so bad — he wants to hug him.

He doesn't.

He can't.

"You know what? Fuck you too Jungkook," Jimin is crying but Jungkook is looking the other way. "Fuck you and your fame. Fuck you and your stupid fucking trip and money, and even stupider fucking fans. How could anyone even fucking like you?"

How could I ever like you?

How could I ever  love  you?

"I hate you."

I hate you for making me feel like this. I hate you for making me feel special... wanted.

I hate myself even more for thinking I was different.


Jungkook turns at that, looks him dead in his eyes.

"Lucky for you the feeling is mutual."




They take separate flights.

Jimin going straight to Taehyung's place to cry in his arms after reading hurtful messages from his father whilst Jungkook stays at Jin's place to avoid the sudden feeling of loneliness that is eating him alive.

"I hate him."

"I love him hyung."

"I knew he'd never like me like that and I just feel so..."

"Dumb! How dumb could I be?!"

"Do you regret it?"

"That's the thing... No."

"I don't."


Jungkook had assumed Namjoon was going to be furious once he found out yet instead as he walked into Jin's house that night all he did was hug him and tell him to get a goods night rest and that they'd talk about things once he's ready.

Jungkook couldn't have been more thankful.

Yet, why is he still so upset, even days later?


He tosses the camera across Jin's plush couch, tired of feeling sorry for himself and crying over Jimin's pictures.

He needs a distraction.

"Hey lover boy, didn't think you'd ever call me especially not after seeing you all boo'd up."

Jungkook snorts, the sound of Mingyu's voice so much less soft and comforting than Jimin's.


Jungkook almost scoffs, his anger suddenly consuming his hurt all over again.

Fuck  Jimin.

"I am definitely not 'boo'd' up."

"Oh really? So that means you're free to chill then?"

Jungkook looks at the clock on the wall and raises a brow.

"It's late."

"You knew that when you called me."

Jungkook honestly hadn't even realized but there's no backing out now.

"True, true," he laughs to hide his embarrassment. "Alright, so where do you want to meet then?"



"I just..."

"It's okay love. It's okay!"

Jimin just shakes his head, pulling off the hat he wore to hide himself from the crowd he was lucky to avoid.

"It's not though. I just—"  he lets out a deep breath, wiping his eyes as he pulls away from Taehyung to sit up.

"I loved him Tae."

His lower lip wobbles and before he knows it he's sobbing again, Taehyung's face falling as he pulls him into another hug, shushing him.

"I loved him so much," Jimin heaves out a broken breath. "I still love him and I don't think I'll ever stop loving him after the way he made me feel."

Taehyung just nods, rubbing his back comfortingly and understanding, before starting after a moment.

"Babe... what exactly did he say to make you feel as if he didn't feel the same? Because when you called me it seemed as if everything was going okay... more than okay actually."

Jimin looks up, blinking away his tears and wiping his nose. "They were. That night that I called you things were going great. Amazing. He complimented me, made me feel good, kissed me. Then the next morning he took me to all these beautiful places to then say that it pains him to think about us going back to how we were before we went there."

Taehyung nods, Jimin's brain a frenzy of emotions and irrational feelings. He can't even contemplate what Taehyung could be possibly thinking about the situation right now.

All he knows is that this hurts. Everything hurts.

"Do you know how fucking bad him saying that made me feel Tae? How worthless? It was as if we couldn't even be a fucking possibility here in his mind."

"Jiminie, love," Taehyung suddenly grips his shoulders and Jimin frowns, taking in his slight chuckle. "did you ever possibly think that he could've meant that in a good way?"

Jimin pauses, literally stops fuming and everything before he answers, hesitantly. "Like... what do you mean?"

Taehyung shrugs, holding back a teasing smile. "You know..." he purses his lips, looking up. "Like maybe he meant that it truly pains him to think about you two not being together? Like maybe he didn't want you two to just be friends when you came back? Maybe he wanted more?"

Jimin is silent.

He almost scoffs and not at what Taehyung is saying, but at himself.

"I'm so stupid! I'm so fucking stupid! I didn't even think of that!"

Taehyung smiles, his eyes all soft and adoring like.

"I'm sorry."

Taehyung giggles, pinching his cheek. "What are you sorry for Jiminie? It's just a possibility that I definitely think you should look into. Of course after you stop beating yourself up over this though first."

Taehyung is frowning now, all pouty and babylike. It reminds Jimin of Jungkook and he can't help the tears that well up.

"I'm sorry. I know I'm acting like such a crybaby right now," he averts his eyes, thinking back to his argument yesterday. "I just... I can't help it."

He can't help but break down again. "I was so fucking— I was so mean to him. Like unreasonably mean. He has the whole world to face and be scared of and I only have my shit fucking dad and I really—"

Taehyung pulls him in again.

"Sh, sh, it's okay Jimin. It's okay."

"I took all my worries and fear out on him when I knew he needed me and the funny part is he wasn't even freaking out Tae. He was trying to help me calm down— Me."

Taehyung doesn't respond right away. He lets Jimin calm down until he's sure he's stable enough to respond without crying again.

"You good?"

Jimin ignores the thud in his chest at that as he nods, sinking back into the sofa with a pillow.


Taehyung sighs, sitting on the other side and pulling his legs up.

"Now that everyone knows are you still scared?"

"Honestly... I was petrified at first but after reading my dad's hateful text messages and listening to his disgusting voicemails I realized that they mean nothing to me. They hurt yes and it'll take me some time to get over them but when I think about it, having Jungkook in my life even as friends means so much more to me than his simple, ignorant words."

Taehyung nods understandingly. "I'm happy to hear that."

"It's just that... I guess what I'm really afraid of is how the world will see me. I know my dad will never forgive me and I can accept that in time but to have the world hate me I—" Jimin holds back a choke as Taehyung frowns, scooting closer to grab his hand.

"Jiminie... don't say that."

Jimin cries, shaking his head. "But Tae I ruined my best friend's career. What— what if he loses all his fans and fame over me? Over us?"

Taehyung stares at him seriously for a minute before sighing. "Jimin look... you have to understand that if Jungkook truly cares and loves you how I believe he does then that won't even matter to him okay?"

"And if he doesn't?"

Taehyung breaths. "If he doesn't then... you know what? That's his loss. Don't think that it was all just a waste though okay? I know you, I know what you're thinking and I've been here okay? Don't let what you're feeling now keep you away from the possibilities of enjoying your freedom as a gay man. I know it hurts and it will hurt for a while and people will be dicks about it but love, don't go through what I went through okay? Don't let other miserable ass people stop you from being you and loving whoever okay? Especially not when you have someone like me to guide and love you along the way."

Taehyung grins, poking him, and Jimin returns it, nodding vigilantly.

"Okay. I... I won't."




"Fuck I can't see how he gave that up," Mingyu breathes, attempting to catch his breath.

Jungkook snorts, "He didn't," before starting to sit up, his mood sour suddenly.

The taller hums, the smell of tobacco smoke mixing with sex.

"Sorry. Still fresh?"

"What?" Jungkook asks, looking back at the handsome man that is everything Jimin is not.

Nonchalant, confident, apathetic — the love of his life.

"The wound on your heart of course."

He chuckles and Jungkook scoffs.

"I should go. It's late."

Mingyu just hums again before starting. "You know... you've changed since I've last seen you."

Jungkook pauses at that, not bothering to look back at him as he dresses. "How so?" He entertains.

"You care more."

Jungkook doesn't respond but Mingyu most definitely notices the way he freezes.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh cut the bullshit Jungkook. I've been messing with you on set for months and not once did a headline no matter how bad it was make you act... like this."

"Like this?" Jungkook laughs, finally looking at the other as he buttons his shirt. "God you sound like my assistant."

Mingyu shrugs. "It's the truth. You're clearly bothered and withdrawn. I'm use to you being super outgoing and comedic— and no don't use the I'm tired excuse!"

Jungkook's eyes widen, he holds back a genuine smile. "Are you sure you don't know my assistant?"

Mingyu rolls his eyes.

"It's sweet really. You should talk to him, hash it out. Clearly not being with him is upsetting you."

Jungkook scoffs.

"There's nothing to talk about. He doesn't see me that way."

"And you do?"

Jungkook raises a brow, turning to look at him.

"If you already know the answer to that then why are you asking me?"

Mingyu raises one back, testing— teasing.

It reminds Jungkook of Jimin and he swallows.

"Because if you do then you probably shouldn't be here with me."

Jungkook frowns at the truth behind those words.

He's right.

What they had was something— something special and Jungkook doesn't care if Jimin's scared or whatever the fuck it may be. Jungkook's willing to give up everything just to be with him — be there for him — and there's no doubt about it.

He just wants Jimin to allow him to. He wants Jimin to trust him and face the world with him. To be there for him.

He just wants Jimin to love him.




"Seriously fuck Jungkook. I can't believe I let myself fall for his dick head ass."

"Yeah fuck him! I can't believe I was rooting for him!"

That manages to get a laugh out of Jimin and Taehyung grins, splendid.

"I just..." Jimin shakes his head at the picture of Jungkook being welcomed into another man's home late at night, not even a week after what happened between them.

Jimin recognizes him from Jungkook's film they watched together and he's apparently a "very gay man by the way," says Kim Taehyung.

"I can't even really be mad. We weren't together. We aren't together. I just assumed he felt the same because he kissed me..."

Taehyung pouts, rubbing his arm.

"If it makes you feel better we can fuck."

Jimin sputters, gawking. "Tae!"

"Will it make you feel better?"

Jimin swallows, thinking.

Well I've never had sex with another man before...

He shrugs, interested, and Taehyung grins all box like before leaning in.

"Let's see if you were really obsessed over Jungkook's dick or just the feeling, you cock whore."

Jimin gasps. "I should've known you were into dirty talk," he pauses, hand stopping Taehyung from leaning in anymore as he stares up at the other warily. "What about Hoseok?"

Taehyung shrugs halfheartedly. "We're on a break. I can care less."

Jimin eyes him, too caught up previously in his own drama to check up on his friend.

"I'm sorry, I made everything about my issues," he frowns, feeling bad. "You wanna talk about it?"

Taehyung giggles, eyes not wavering at all. "Jimin-ssi you're so cute! It's nothing serious! I just told him to not contact me until he lets me top! I'm tired of my butt being sore all the time!"

Jimin laughs, feeling a bit better. "So I assume he begged for it?"

Taehyung smirks, winking. "Of course he did! Now c'mon give me a kiss so I can make you do the same!"

"What?! You're gonna let me top?"

Taehyung scoffs. "And miss out on a chance to tap your fat ass! No way!"




"What the fuck do you want Jungkook?" Jimin scoffs, taking in the sight of the younger who's protected by a face mask yet no scarf in damn there below zero weather (Jimin can't help but to roll his eyes).

"Can I come in?" He asks, shivering from the cold that Jimin definitely did not miss the feeling of.

"No. Fuck you, what the fuck?"

Jimin can't believe he has the audacity to even ask nonetheless, be standing here on his doorstep.

"Look Jimin," he runs his hand through his hair stressfully and Jimin ignores the way it makes his chest clench.

He looks... cold.

And sad.

And... tired.

Jimin feels the urge to hug him but he ignores it.

"What?" He responds icily.

"Hyung..." Jungkook's voice suddenly cracks, face falling, and Jimin sighs, arms dropping to his sides. "I-I miss you."

Jimin shrugs, his tone less intimidating but still firm. "You could've called."

"I wanted to apologize to you in person and tell you that I love you."

Jimin snorts, staring up at him with a scornful expression. "Oh give me a fucking break you dick. I just saw pictures of you at some dudes house."

Jungkook scoffs, feigning innocence. "Okay and?! What's that supposed to mean?!"

Jimin narrows his eyes, eyeing the other. He snorts. "You fucked him didn't you?" He asks more calmly— knowingly.

Jungkook averts his gaze, scratching his nape. "I didn't think you'd care."

Jimin frowns at that, finally giving up his little facade for a suddenly small voice. "And why wouldn't I care Jungkook? Do you really think so little of my feelings?"

Jungkook glares suddenly. "Of course not hyung! It's just..." he gets a hold on himself when he sees Jimin's hurt expression and sighs. "When everything happened you freaked out..."

"Well what did you expect me to do Jungkook?" Jimin snickers dryly. "I'm not you. I don't have millions of fans who will love and support me no matter what. I have a shitty family and a homophobic father who basically disowned me when he found out. Can you blame me for freaking out?"

Jungkook is looking at him, all pitiful like and exactly how Jimin didn't want him to be.

"See don't look at me like that... like you feel sorry for me. You made it clear that you didn't want us to be together when we got back and—"

Jungkook's whole face does a turn around. He scoffs. "What did I say or do for you to think that?!"

Jimin glares back. "You literally said and I quote, 'it pains me to think about us going back to how we were before we came here.' And..."

Realization hits him and he pauses in embarrassment; Taehyung was right.

"I mean now that I think about it I guess you could've meant that in a way that I definitely was not thinking at the time."

Jungkook deadpans. "Yeah. Definitely."

Jimin sucks his lips in awkwardly, hands fondling behind his back. "Sorry..."

Jungkook sighs, fixing his hair again. "Don't be. It's my fault. I should've been more clear with my feelings towards you hyung but I guess I just assumed we were on the same page."

"Me too... I mean, truthfully I felt kind of awkward thinking about talking about it so I can't blame you."

Jungkook smiles at that. "Why?"

Jimin shrugs, staring up shyly. "I don't know. We're bros, we were bros. It's kind of weird you know? I've always seen you as a bro before..."


Jimin purses his lips, joking. "Before you stuck your dick in me and broke my heart of course."

Jungkook laughs momentarily before returning serious. "I shouldn't have let us leave that night upset with each other, our friendship of all is so important to me and no amount of fame will ever bring me the joy that I've felt being with you almost every week in the past few years."

Jimin feels his eyes wavering.

Oh no. Oh no.

"So... just to be sure what you're saying is you did mean it in the other way or...?"

"The one and only."

"Oh. Oh, okay."


"That's... um," he shrugs. "cool I guess."

"Real cool."

Jungkook's face is blank when Jimin gets the courage to meet his eyes again yet nevertheless, Jimin can see the amusement in them— the adoration and love as he cracks a small smile.

"Hyung. I love you."

Jimin's feels the pout before he can control it, along with the tears.

"I love you too but why didn't you just fucking say that when I was freaking out!?"

He goes to wipe his eyes as Jungkook chuckles, hands coming around his own and holding.

"Hyung. Jimin hyung. I don't think you get it. I love you as in I am in love with you okay?"

Jimin sniffles, his heart thudding. "You mean it? Or like no homo in love?"

Jungkook snorts. "I mean it like I'm homo homo in love."

Jimin sobs, pulling him into a hug. "I'm in love with you too you stupid fucking dick. Now come in here and fuck me before it falls off and you die of hyperthermia."



After a few, much needed, rounds of sex, Jimin places one last kiss on Jungkook's cheek and chest before resting his head there and sighing.

"I can't believe you fucked both of your co-stars."

Jungkook snorts, retaliating. "I can't believe you fucked Kim Taehyung."

Jimin whines, glaring up at him. "Only because you fucked him!"

Jungkook raises a brow knowingly. "And?"

Jimin lays back down. "And to see if your dick really has super powers..."

Jungkook snickers in disbelief. "Really hyung? And does it?"

"I'm still here aren't I?!"

Jungkook shrugs, hand caressing Jimin's thigh that's thrown over him.

"That doesn't mean anything. Maybe Kim Taehyung just isn't that good in bed?"

Jimin starts chuckling, shaking his head as he glances up at a suddenly jealous looking Jungkook. "Oh no... he was great. Amazing."

Jungkook looks like he's about to rebuttal but Jimin cuts him off with a kiss. "But he's not you," he whispers.

Jungkook grins and Jimin returns it before frowning suddenly and sitting up on him. "Hey... just curious? I am your first right?"

Jungkook looks taken aback but he quickly sputters on. "Man? Yeah, of course... but... I'm not gonna lie Mingyu was throwing hints before our trip to Hawaii."

"And you were going to fuck him?"

Jungkook scoffs. "No!"

Jimin stares, arms crossed.

"Okay maybe I was thinking about it.

Jimin scoffs, suddenly annoyed and going to move away.

"But— baby!" Jungkook grabs both his arms before he can go. "Baby wait."

Jimin's nose scrunches up at the name.

"That was before we happened. I didn't think of him not once when I was with you okay? And I feel bad for saying this but I really only fucked him to get my mind off things and to make myself feel better about thinking you didn't like me back."

Jimin frowns, gripping his hands. "Oh Jungkookie..."

Jungkook continues, laughing a bit. "Honestly though he knew something was up and if it weren't for him I probably wouldn't have mustered up the courage to come here and tell you how I felt."

Jimin smiles softly, feeling better. "Well... tell him I said thank you because I'm glad you came."

Jungkook returns the smile, eyes crinkling. "Me too."

Jimin leans in to hug him then and Jungkook sighs.

"Should we take a picture and post it? I knew my fans shipped us but like they're dying for us to say we're dating."

Jimin laughs, shocked. "And are we?"

Jungkook's eyebrows furrow, his face forming into a sour pout as he looks at Jimin and responds. "Of course! I don't just give my gay virginity to anybody!"

Jimin giggles, holding his head up. "Yah! I don't remember you asking me!"

Jungkook is still offended. "You didn't ask me either! Why do I have to be the one to ask?!"

Jimin grins before clearing his throat. "Well Jeon Jungkook, world's most lovable, most handsome, ex-playboy, will you do me the honor of being my boyfriend?"

And Jimin almost chokes on his laughter because the Jeon Jungkook — the most cockiest, most confident bastard he's ever met— is all flustered and embarrassed because of him asking such a simple question.

"I mean yeah," he shrugs, regaining his coolness although he's still blushing. "Why not?"


Jungkook just grins, reaching for Jimin's phone and unlocking it. "C'mon lets take a pic and show all your taemin shippers that jikook is the best."

Jimin rolls his eyes. "God. You're so extra," before suddenly snatching his phone. "Hey no way!"

Jimin can't believe it, there on Instagram lies a photo of the Kim Taehyung holding a thumbs up with a sleeping Hoseok in his arms.

The caption reads: Now let's see who's sore tomorrow! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (/^▽^)/ @jujunghoseok @pjm1995 ㅋㅋㅋ

"Wow... Looks like we're just going to have to post the tape," Jungkook shrugs, feigning seriousness.

Jimin scoffs, smile falling into a playful scowl.

"Do it and I'll kill you."