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Body Language

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Anyone who knows Dean knows that no one but him drives his baby. Sam didn’t even ask, just a simple command to hand over the keys.
Dean felt his mind protest but the way Sam was looking at him in that moment was like an override button and he actually wanted to obey Sams instruction.
He folded way too easy and he didn’t know if that was good or bad, he’d think about that later, right now he wanted whatever was coming next with this man who already has him wrapped around his finger.
He looked over at Sam focused on driving, he couldn’t deny that he looks good behind the wheel.

“Where are we going?”Dean asked.

“Sit closer to me Dean”

He slides to the middle of the seat, not even caring his question was ignored.

Sam intertwines their hands over Deans thigh and brings them up to his lips to kiss the top of Deans hand several times, his lips slowly trail over each knuckle. Dean loves the feel, he watches Sam as Sam watches the road and continues massaging his hand with his lips.

His fingers are opened and the soft, warm lips are pressing to his fingertips now, then the tip of his index finger gets sucked and Dean shifts his hips in the seat. Sam is sucking and licking his finger slowly, he adds another finger alongside it. Dean feels a twinge in his pants, Sams mouth is hot and so wet, it feels so fucking good. He let out a small moan and he watched a smile spread on Sams face. He kept the fingertips gently in his teeth when he looked at Dean, making him shift again. Sam releases his fingers giving them one more kiss before he lowers their hands down on Deans leg again.

They pull up to a decent size drive.

“This isn’t what I normally do” Sam said.

“Me either, it’s okay” Deans eyes stayed on him.

Sam smiled and opened the car door.

They get out and Sam faces Dean when he is next to him. He makes eye contact as he slides the Impala keys into Deans pocket. Sam raises his hand to tilt Deans chin up to kiss his full lips, lining them up perfectly. Dean feels Sams hand slide down his neck, across his shoulder, and down his arm until he takes his hand in his. Sam leans back and seems to be staring into Deans soul.

“Let’s go inside” Sam said almost a whisper. Dean walked with him as they held hands to the door.

Inside is beautiful, lots of grays and silvers complimented by some white here and there.
Everything is over-sized, that seems fitting since Sam himself is kinda over-sized...but in the best way.

“Wow, dancing must pay well”
Dean says at the first glance around the place.

Sam laughs at the statement.

“I’m sorry if that came out rude. You have a really nice place”

“Thank you but the dancing gig is all for fun, what it brings is only a bonus”

Sam takes a few steps towards Dean.

“I enjoy talking with my body”

Dean swallows as he takes in the words. Sam runs a hand through his own hair slowly, holding it up keeping his eyes on Dean under his brows, biting his lip and letting it slide from his teeth. He steps closer until he is wrapping his arm around Deans waist and pressing them together.
Sam lingers there for a moment, his eyes looking into the most beautiful pair of green orbs anyone could get lost in.
Sam admires Deans freckled skin, they are sprinkled delicately adding a softness to his expression. Deans lips are a gift of their own, so full and plush. Sam twists only slightly to dip Dean at an angle, his mouth going to claim the perfect lips. Dean holds the back of Sams neck feeling his falling hair brush his cheek as they kiss slowly.

After a moment that felt too short, Sam brings Dean back upright and breaks the kiss. Without a word Sam walks over to grab a remote and turns on some soft low playing music. He looked at Dean and gave him a wink and Dean feels a wave of heat ripple through his body.

Sam gets two glasses and pours them a drink. He hands a glass to Dean.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Dean said with a half smile taking the glass.

“I would never” Sam said keeping their eyes locked as he took a small slow sip.

As much as Sam would like to take Dean right now and fuck him for all he’s worth, he wouldn’t dare. Dean is to be savored.

Sam sits on the roomy couch. “Dean, come here” Sam motions for him. Dean sits next to him, close, no space between them. He slowly lays his hand on Sam’s thigh, lightly squeezing once.
They meet eyes. Sam effortlessly slides on Dean’s lap straddling him. He runs a hand through Dean’s short hair then leans in to kiss this beautiful man.

Dean’s hands roam up Sam’s sides and press into his back. Slow kisses, strong hands. Sam enjoys the feeling, the taste, and the aroma of Dean’s skin. It all has his insides stirring. His hips are gently grinding without his permission. Both are breathing harder from the friction with little moans escaping. Dean starts getting frantic deepening the kiss. He unbuttons Sams shirt and gets them both top less within seconds.

Sam is worshipping Deans mouth, the kiss soft and urgent. Sams hands are on his neck and jaw, they slide down over his collar bones, over his now budding nipples. Sams mouth begins to follow the same path, kissing, licking, grazing over Deans now heated flesh, down his neck, over his chest. Dean lets out a moan when he feels the wet tongue flick his sensitive nipple, and again when it’s being sucked expertly. Dean is breathing more rapidly and it only heightens when the soft lips kiss a trail down his stomach and below his belly button. Sam is kissing and breathing him in as he goes, he’s drinking up every touch of Dean’s supple skin as he maps it not missing a single spot.
Dean’s hands tangle in Sam’s hair as he goes lower and lower. Sam pauses at Dean’s belt. He looks up to see Dean watching him, then Dean moves his hands to start unbuckling but Sam stops him, that’s his to unwrap. Dean smiles and wiggles just a little. Sams long fingers undo the buckle easily, Dean feels a twinge in his pants at the gentle tug of the wide strap and the sound of the zipper dragging down. Sam pulls the last of his clothes off freeing his swollen dick to wave beautifully. Sam is a mess at the sight.

“Dean” his voice low and husky.

Sam leans in and begins planting kisses at the base, Dean instantly moans. Sam says his name every few breaths sending vibrations through Dean. Sam licks the head and the sound Dean makes nearly makes him lose it. He bobs slowly with Dean’s hands tangled in his hair. Once Dean is completely slicked up Sam pulls off. He stands and strips himself of his own pants, Dean sees a glimpse of black silk panties but his focus goes to the view of Sam naked in front of him. His breath hitches.

Sam climbs in his lab again, kissing him senseless. Sams hand goes down and wraps around both their dicks. He starts stroking slowly. Dean feels a current of pleasure jolt through him. He grabs Sams hips trying not to buck up. He’s moaning, sighing, Sam speeds up, squeezing and twisting his hand just right. They both gasp and moan into each other. It doesn’t take long for both dicks to spill and spurt all over Sams hand and Dean’s stomach.
They breathe hard coming down from the intense release. Sam gives Dean a chaste kiss then gets up to get a cloth to clean them up. He wipes the mess up and pulls Dean to lay down with him. The couch is big enough for them to be comfortable, Sam reaches for a throw he has over the top to cover them at the waist.

They lay there in the afterglow. Sam trailing his hand over Dean’s skin, tracing over his freckles on his arm and chest.

“Tell me about you Dean. I want to know everything” He says softly to Deans ear.

They spend several hours holding each other and talking late into the night. Falling asleep wrapped around the other. It was blissfully perfect.

In the morning Dean wakes to the sound of buzzing. He gets up to fish his phone out if his pants across the room. It’s Bobby.


“Dean, I know it’s early, sorry. I took a junker out and it quit on me. Can ya help me out?”

“Yea, sure Bobby. I’m on my way”

“Thanks kid”

Dean hangs up the phone and looks over at Sam sleeping soundly. He’s feels a flutter at the sight of him. So much for a lazy day in bed.

Once he’s dressed he sits beside Sam not really wanting to wake him. He gently smooths Sam’s hair back behind his ear, Sam’s eyes flutter open. He smiles at Dean looking down at him then pulls at him to try snuggling. Dean laughs softly.

“Were you going to sneak out on me?” Sam asks teasingly.

“I’d never” Dean acts shocked getting a smile from Sam.

“I do have to go unfortunately” Dean says.

Sam squeezes him and comes up for a kiss. Dean lets himself indulge in the moment. He has to force himself to break away. Sam lets out a whine at the loss.

“Okay, go before I hold you hostage” Sam says.

That gives Dean a few visuals.
Bobby owes him for this. He leaves before his will power is lost.