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Summer Days

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He walked past the field four times a week on his way home from work, usually he didn’t bother stopping hurrying to get home, cook dinner, do some laundry it was always a challenge to him at how quickly he could get everything done before he passed out to start his day over again. But today…something caught his eye and he stopped at the chain link fence. A group of people were playing baseball, Kirishima was used to this sight but today there were new people playing, people he hadn’t seen here before.

“What do we have going on today?” His hand shielded his face from the sun so he didn’t have to squint so much at the field of players. The usual people were playing and also, “A new team?” He spoke aloud confused, it looked like they were actually having a real game. He stood there a while longer watching the batter swing and people running around like mad men. One of the guys running around was screaming and cursing at everyone including his teammates. “Chill out dude…” Kirishima shook his head as he watched the spiky haired guy scream at everyone.

His phone buzzed and he pulled it out seeing the alarm he set for the meat thawing out at home. “Crap!” He tucked it back in his pocket and ran off, hurrying home. He was kind of interested in the game maybe he would be lucky enough to catch them playing again later this week. He was a little interested in that one guy running around screaming. “He must really love baseball to get that fired up about it.” He chuckled to himself.

Slowly it started to become routine for Kirishima. He stood by the fence for almost an hour each day he walked past watching the game until he finally gave in and sat on the bleachers watching the game with a few other random people not many of them showed emotion except one girl. She shouted and cheered for he guessed one of her friends on the field. “Go Deku! Hit a homerun!!” She shouted. He laughed at how energetic she was and decided to sit closer to her, maybe he could get some information on this new team that appeared out of nowhere recently.

“How long have they been playing?” Kirishima asked her once she sat back down scowling because the ball was caught.

“Hm? Oh hello!” She smiled at him. “Um…well my friend has been playing for a few months now, he pulled together a lot of people so they could have little games and what not. I play sometimes as well but I twisted my ankle the other day.” She frowned lowering her head. “Oh, you totally meant how long the game has been going on!” She laughed as that dawned on her. “It just started a few minutes ago.”

“I’ve never played baseball but they make it look fun. I’m Kirishima.” He smiled at her and then looked back at he game.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Uraraka. Hey if you want to play feel free to join in anyone is welcome it’s not professional or anything just a hobby to get everyone together while we suffer through work and college. It’s a nice stress reliever after being yelled at by customers on a daily basis.” She grinned.

“Really? It’s okay for other people to just join in like that?”

“Of course! Come on I’ll take you to meet the team.” She stood up quickly and winced a little from the pain in her ankle.

“You okay?”

“I’m fine no worries!” She smiled and started walking down the steps towards the benches near the field. “Hey guys! This is Kirishima!” She waved at the few that were sitting down. There was a lot of talking and hello’s thrown towards him and he just smiled listening to a few of them. “So, let him in on the game I’m sure he has some steam to blow off.” She smiled over at him.

“Uh are you sure?” He didn’t want to intrude on their game.

“Go for it!” A girl with pink hair yelled and handed him a bat. “Just warning you though Bakugo is pitcher right now and his throws are a pain to hit.” She patted him on the back.

“Can you guys please stop talking and play the damn game?!” Kirishima looked over to the center of the field at the pitcher yelling. “Come on already!!”

“Calm down we have a new player!” The pink haired girl yelled at him and then turned back to Kirishima. “Just ignore his rudeness you’ll get used to it.” Kirishima nodded and walked up to the plate, he was panicking a little he had never played baseball so he would probably miss the ball completely making an utter fool of himself.

“Go Kirishima!” He heard the girl, Uraraka, yell from the bench and he gripped the bat as best as he could and waited for the guy, Bakugo, to throw the ball.

He concentrated trying to drown out the others cheering for him and focused on Bakugo. He looked pissed and annoyed as he held the ball in his hand. Kirishima couldn’t stop staring at him though there was something very attractive about him, his arms were built so well and Kirishima didn’t even noticed he threw the ball until he heard it hit the glove of the person behind him.

“Shake it off Kirishima you’ll get the next one!” Uraraka shouted and he shook his head. Stop staring at the guy and focus on the ball dude! Bakugo threw the ball once more and he swung still missing.

“This guy sucks Uraraka where the hell did you pick him up from?!” Bakugo shouted at her.

“Be nice Bakugo!” A guy yelled. “Don’t scare off another potential teammate!”


Kirishima met Bakugo’s eyes then trying to focus with all his might on at least hitting this next ball, Bakugo smirked at him as he got ready to throw it, his form was amazing and Kirishima had to scream at himself to knock it off and focus. He swung harder this time, and then he heard the loud clink at the ball connected with the bat the ball soaring high into the air.

“Run! Run to the bases Kirishima!” He heard the screaming from behind him and took off quickly trying to make it to a base before the ball was picked up. “Get going it’s a homerun! Go!!” He listened to the screams and kept going, it felt amazing, his heart pounding in his chest as he ran with all his might until he came full circle with another player.

“I can’t believe you hit that ball! You’re awesome! I’m Mina by the way.” The pink haired girl ran up to him. “Bakugo’s throws are torture I honestly wasn’t expecting to see you hit a homerun man!”

It was nice being apart of something and Kirishima laughed with them talking, sneaking a peak over his shoulder towards Bakugo screaming at his team in the field. “Stop being an ass Bakugo we can’t help he hit a homerun it’s just a game chill.”

“I’m not losing to Deku’s stupid team! You hear me!” Bakugo yelled back and Kirishima couldn’t help but laugh to himself, so this guy was competitive, had anger issues, but was also very attractive.

“Feel free to come by tomorrow or any day really, we’re here no matter the weather.” Uraraka told him after a good hour had passed and he had to get home to cook dinner. “It’s always fun making new friends.”

“For sure!” Kirishima told her, he enjoyed playing with them a lot and he wanted to know more about this Bakugo guy. Having set his mind to it he promised to show up again tomorrow and hurried on home.

Kirishima showed up everyday for the next two weeks, even when he didn’t have to work he spent his time playing with them all. He hadn’t managed to get much closer to Bakugo it was hard to talk to him when he was screaming constantly and only wanting to talk baseball and nothing else.

They were taking a short break and Kirishima walked over to where Bakugo was sitting, downing a water bottle quickly. “Hey.” Kirishima smiled at him as he sat down beside of him opening his own water bottle.

“Oh, look it’s the idiot that can’t catch a fucking ball.” Bakugo scowled and Kirishima laughed. He winded up getting put on the same team as Bakugo for most of their games and struggled catching the ball and he was even worse at tossing it to others. “But can sure as hell hit a home run off me what’s even up with that?” He was still sour about the first day Kirishima was here and managed to get a home run from one of his throws.

“My bad.” Kirishima laughed. “I’ll get better promise.”

“You damn well better or I’m kicking you off my team and you can go back to loser Deku’s.” He got up then and walked away going back to the field. Kirishima sighed, he had to get better if he wanted to impress Bakugo just a little. Wait why was he trying to impress him? He shook his head and hurried back out to the field to resume the game.


It was hotter than it had been today and everyone was exhausted from the heat moving slower than normal. “Let’s call it quits early I’m dying from the heat!” Mina spoke up after swinging the bat. Everyone else agreed and quickly ran to the shade packing up. They hadn’t been playing for even a full hour and Kirishima was a little disappointed, he wasn’t ready to go home yet today.

“You wimps! Go on then leave!” Bakugo was not pleased as everyone was quickly running away and waving their goodbyes. He groaned and picked up a ball throwing it to the fence and then repeating it with another ball.

Kirishima slowly walked over to him. “Want me to toss to you?” He asked after watching him for a minute.

“Better than you standing there and gawking at me.” Bakugo glared at him.

“Sorry!” Kirishima laughed. “I’m just so surprised you’re still wanting to play in this heat.”

“I’m no wimp like the rest of them.” Bakugo grabbed a spare glove from his bag and tossed it to Kirishima, he caught it quickly almost dropping it. “You seriously need to get better at catching.”

“Yeah I really do.” Kirishima laughed and they backed away from each other tossing the ball. It was a struggle to catch Bakugo’s throws, they were fast and stung a little from the hard impact. Most of the time he dropped the ball and Bakugo would yell at him to hurry and pick it up.

“Put more strength into your throws!” Bakugo yelled and Kirishima tried to copy the way he threw the ball. “Your form is shit! Fix it! Lift your leg!”

Kirishima listened to him slowly getting better, he lost track of how long they tossed the ball back and forth, it felt like hours. Kirishima finally sat on the ground exhausted, sweat dripping down his face. “Giving…up already?” Bakugo panted walking over to him and sitting down. He himself looked pretty damn exhausted Kirishima noted and laughed. “What?! What are you laughing at?”

“You look pretty tired yourself you know.” Kirishima smiled and looked up at the sky, the sun was finally starting to set.

“Well I’m not a machine you damn idiot.” Bakugo spat out and stood up walking over to his bag and tossing everything inside of it. Kirishima gathered his stuff up quickly and followed after Bakugo as he walked the same direction he was going.

“Hey wanna stop and grab some ice cream, cool down for a bit?” Kirishima questioned, he wanted to spend more time with Bakugo.

“With you?” Bakugo laughed. “Why would I go eat ice cream with someone who can hardly catch a ball?”

“Ah come on man don’t be like that I’m getting better you know.” Kirishima laughed lightly, what would it take to get Bakugo to notice him?

“How about this, if you manage to hit a home run Friday and we win the game I’ll get damn ice cream with you.” Bakugo smirked.

“Is that a challenge?”

“Hell yeah it is.”

“Fine I’ll smash a homerun and we’ll win the game!” Kirishima was pumped up now, he would get his ice cream date with Bakugo. Wait why am I calling it a date? It’s totally not a date in his head. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

“Of course, we’ll win but good luck on that homerun Uraraka is going to be pitcher and that lady can throw.” Bakugo warned and then stopped walking, Kirishima looked back at him confused. “This is my road.”

“Oh! Right well see you tomorrow.” Kirishima waved as Bakugo disappeared down the street he hurried the rest of the way home trying to shake the idea of it being date because no one said anything about a date but his mind kept calling it that.

Kirishima pushed himself during practice for the next few days even staying after everyone else, but Bakugo always stayed after with him. They talked quite a bit learning more and more about each other besides baseball talk. Bakugo seemed to open up more when no one else was around. He wondered if he was impressing Bakugo at all, at how hard he was trying to improve. He really hoped he was. When Friday showed up Kirishima was pumped to the max ready to win this game. He had been watching Uraraka play trying to take notes mentally on her throws trying to pick up on her technique so he could score a homerun, he just hoped all of it wasn’t going to waste.

The day finally arrived, the game was close and if they could manage a homerun they would win. Kirishima approached the plate, he was up and he wanted to prove to Bakugo he had gotten better. He wanted to impress him.

Bakugo was staring at him from second base his eyes screaming, ‘don’t fuck this up’. Kirishima flashed him a quick thumbs up which only made Bakugo roll his eyes and finally he turned his attention ack to Uraraka. She looked fierce as she stood in her position and Kirishima gripped the bat harder his knuckles turning white. He missed the first throw and the second he didn’t swing on telling himself to wait for the right toss. By the third throw he finally swung and the ball flew everyone staring at it in amazement, it looked like he had hit it even farther than the first time he played.

“Run you idiot!” Bakugo yelled at him and Kirishima quickly picked up his feet running making sure to hit all the bases before he came back home. Their team was shouting and screaming in joy, excited they had won.

After all the excitement died down and people started packing up Kirishima grabbed his own bag to make his way home and start dinner. Just as he was about to leave Bakugo grabbed his arm stopping him.

“So…good job.” He sighed as if giving a compliment was torture.

“Thanks, told you I would hit the homerun.” Kirishima grinned.

“Yeah, yeah. Anyway…” Bakugo looked like he was struggling to speak and Kirishima looked at him confused. “Ice cream…I said I would get ice cream with you.” Kirishima’s eyes went wide and his mouth opened slightly. How…how did he forget about the ice cream?! “What’s with that look? Don’t tell me you forgot dumbass!!” Bakugo yelled at him, a small pink tint forming on his face. “Seriously you forgot? You’re the one---ugh nevermind!” Bakugo turned walking away quickly.

“Wait!” Kirishima pulled his bag tighter and ran after him. “I totally did not forget! I was just thinking about the game, it was a lot of fun.” He smiled. “And I’m extremely excited about ice cream.”

Bakugo scoffed and turned his glare towards Kirishima. “Well you damn well better be I don’t just go get ice cream with anyone you know.”

“Aw that makes me happy I must be pretty special.” Kirishima joked.

“Ha! Yeah right!” Bakugo picked up his speed as he walked and Kirishima had to jog to catch up. “But uh…you were pretty awesome out there today…I can tell you’ve improved quite a bit.”

“You were pretty bad ass yourself Bakugo.” Kirishima smiled at him and that small blush started forming on Bakugo’s cheeks once again making Kirishima smile even bigger. “Now let’s go on this ice cream date!” He charged forward grabbing Bakugo’s arm tugging him along.

“Date?! Who the hell said anything about a date?!” Bakugo shouted at him. “It’s just ice cream!”

Kirishima just laughed as he dragged Bakugo along, he could tell Bakugo was growing flustered and it was cute.

“Damn idiot…” Bakugo mumbled shaking his head he couldn’t help the small smile that started to form on his face as Kirishima dragged him along. Maybe just maybe…he could consider this a date. He hated to admit it to himself but he was impressed with Kirishima, he worked his ass off and never gave up and even won them the game in the end. He would like to get to know him better, grow even closer even if he could never admit that out loud. “Fine…it’s a date.” He spat out and kept his gaze on his feet.

“Huh? Seriously?” Kirishima stopped walking to look at him.

“Don’t make me change my mind dumb ass keep walking!”

“Oh r-right!” Kirishima felt his heart flutter and the smile on his face only grew bigger.

“And wipe that damn smile off your face!” Bakugo snapped only causing Kirishima to laugh and smile even more as they walked. Kirishima felt Bakugo grab onto his hand and he quickly looked over at Bakugo opening his mouth to speak. “Don’t say anything!”

“My lips are sealed.” Kirishima grinned, both of their cheeks tinted pink as they walked off the sun setting behind them.