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A Work in Progress (On HIATUS)

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Hey so I know plenty are waiting on this story and I appreciate every single one of you.

...However, I suffer from ADHD and I go through these bouts of hyper-fixation. It’s pretty common I’ve heard and that’s what this story was, something I cranked out when I was hyper-fixated on LiS- and the unfortunate reality is that I’m not anymore.

Now that doesn’t mean I won’t revisit this story. Nah I’m sure I’ll be hit with a want and I’ll return to it- in fact I can guarantee it. But until then, it’ll be on a Hiatus.

Buuuut that doesn’t mean I won’t be writing. I’m in desperate need of an outlet currently and my current obsession is the Fallout universe- which I’ve been revisiting due to random nostalgia. It’s 6 where I am at right now... give me until 8 and you’ll have a little story to chew on.

That’s a promise.