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Outside the Bubble

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The first time they ever danced was at her home, classical music in the background.

It wasn’t really a song he’d usually dance to, but Diane had been so wired up over a case that he felt she needed to relax.

He’d approached her, pushed away her paperwork without listening to her protest, then offered her a hand. Diane had sighed in defeat and taken his offer.

They’d danced two full waltzes, their bodies pressed closed together, Diane fully relaxed against his body.



Their wedding had been slotted at a moment where both of them could be at the courthouse.

Diane had been needed afterwards so she’d gone back to the firm and he’d gone back to work.

That night, after they were both done for the day, Kurt insisted they observe certain traditions such as carrying her and all of her papers, under the threshold, the cake cutting of a tiny two person cake, bust most importantly, their first dance as husband and wife in the middle of a semi-darkened living room, with no one but themselves to see it.



After Will dies, Diane often finds herself missing the little dance they did to celebrate.

Knowing his wife misses her best friend and feels a void every time they have a huge win, he starts receiving her at home with upturned music, ready to dance away her success.



When they separate, the one thing that Diane misses the most, other than Kurt himself, is their little dances in their bedroom.

They would both be barefoot, she would wrap her arms around his neck, and lean her head against him. All her troubles would melt away as she inhaled his manly smell. She would feel tiny in his arms, protected and loved.

Often than not Diane would end up going to bed in tears.



When they finally end the separation one of the first things that Kurt does is pull her against him to dance, right in the middle of the kitchen.

Diane resists for a second but after Kurt gives her a begging look she molds herself to him.

She thought she’d cry everything she needed to cry, had processed all the pain of his betrayal and their separation, until that very moment.

Wrapped in his arms, Diane slowly unraveled, sobs taking over her body.

Kurt doesn’t let her go, tightening his hold on her waist.

He holds her as she finally lets go of the pain and anger completely.