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 ▲ History & Mission Statement

Founded in 2029, QUnited got it first start as a shared dream between two undergrads who were drawn together by their unusual abilities that make them outlier and their deep fascination and curiosity with quirks. Chiba Yuko (quirk: Spoon; able to bend spoon) and Haze Shizuko (quirk: Kotodama; power in words) soon acquired their various degrees in quirk related field study. They will go on to be leading experts in the field, exploring the polarizing ideals of what a quirk was and should be.

Chiba-san, whose quirk was so lackluster had faced heavy discrimination growing from her more colorful quirked peers and Haze-san, whose quirk was not only overpowered but greatly fear by those people lest she would be led astray one day, both deeply felt that quirk, for all its uniqueness, should not defined a person’s social standing or their dictate their entire life. They moved forward to create an organization that strives to understand not only qluirks but what it meant to wield it, setting what would become the foundation of QUnited.

It wasn’t long before that mission would evolve to encapsulate the plight of the quirkless also.

Five years after given birth to her first child, Haze-san’s daughter Kira, was discovered to be quirkless. In the past last decades, more and more children were born with quirks that it became expected-normalized by society—but with the rise in quirk births those who were unfortunate to be born without one were thought to be lacking and pitiful. Haze-san made it her goal to not let anyone like her daughter feel inadequate for not having a quirk. Quirk or not, it doesn’t change who they are as person or how the world should view them.

QUnited is non-profit institution that purpose itself to study quirk while aiming to promote equality and peace among the quirk-users and non-quirk individuals. Our mission is to raise and spread awareness of quirk and how quirk is unique to each individual while highlighting that we may all be different and not all quirks are created equal, we’re still a part of this world and only together can we prosper.

In QUnited, we believe that there can only be unity through diversity.

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sumire ⭮ tamogacha 

⭮ pillowbite

Can we please, please not spread that suppose "ramen date" post around? There has been absolutely no confirmation yet on whether it is Zero and Deku, but already so many ZH fans are claiming it's true without any real tangible proof to it. Y'all making the fandom look bad by jumping the gun so early and not only that, the post is extremely creepy and invasive. Who would want some random stranger transcribing their late night rendezvous to the internet where millions of people are privy to their most intimate moment?


god, you antis don't know when to quit. doesnt matter if it's true or not, just let us have fun! nobody is actually harm in this so stay pressed antis. 


It does matter because you're playing with people real lives here. People don't expect to go out, grab a late night dinner, and have their interaction broadcast all over the internet. Oh, sorry asshole, I'm also ZH shipper.


lmao. oh, the betrayal

Source: pillowbite 

#what do you know  #this entire fandom is a giant fucking joke #stan anima instead #at least we're not obsessed with who he's banging

384 notes                                                                                                                                                                                         ⮞   🗩   ⭮   ♡  







QUnited @QUnited • 13h
We're eight days away from the biggest night in our organization! Are you excited as we are? Tune in this Saturday at 7PM to watch our live broadcast on the NHK network or Youtube. 

Here at QU, we're ecstatic to announce our fifth special guest for the night will the leading anthropologist on quirk evolution, Dr. Maeda Saki!

🗨️ 1.7K               ⭮ 9.8K              ♡ 42K  

Marse @marblepop • 12h
replying to @qunited
i'm so glad i bought my plane tix early so i can hit the red carpet to see all the celebs & heroes coming to the event! 

bozeman @bozerr • 9h
replying to @qunited
You guys used deku to promote the event so much that you got his entire fanbase all rile up for it and now he's not even coming? lmao what a joke. 

thx 4 the mmrs @mmrs • 5h
replying to @qunited @bozerr
why does everything have to come back to deku? can you get off his dick for a second because this is for charity and a celebration of quirk diversity! 

fight against AntiQ @alyster • 9h
replying to @qunited

kika @kikaider • 2h
replying to @qunited
am I just the only one who is actually here for QUnited and the great things they do for our community? :|

Day * Star @d4yst4r • 1h
replying to @qunited @kikaider
Look, it's great that you're standing in support of QU but not everyone can be as selfless and thoughtful as you. Most of us are just shallow and if you throw a famous pretty face at us, we're here for that but at least you're getting our money too right? 

G @gibzee • 21m 
replying to @qunited, 

bozeman @bozerr • 9h
replying to @qunited
dude, just because they view quirkless people just the same as those who have quirk doesn't make them a nullq, or worst yet a devol org. qu is actually treating people like they're people and not like they're lesser for not having a quirk or they're mutants for having quirks... wow, ban them!!!!1111

Ethene @ethene • 12m
replying to @qunited @gibzee
JFC, not everything has to be about your fav. this is an event to raise money for the benefit of our future you're pissed that deku isn't here?! HE'S TOO BUSY DOING HIS JOB HELPING PEOPLE.   









 reddit              r/DemolitionCrew  ▼                          🔍                                                                             ⮭    📊     OC     💬    ✉️    ✍️

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 News  The HAA announces the top candidates for the Best New Hero
Posted by u/emmy32 1 months ago 📌

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The (unofficial) fanclub and community of the most explosive Pro-Hero Ground Zero. We're here to slay. 


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 Mod  How to vote for Zero in HAA's Best New Hero 
Posted by u/kirakira  zer0-chan  7 days ago 📌

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 Event  The Prelude to Zero's Birthday "Explodedogonza" 
Posted by u/powrkegboi  the UnMod  7 hours ago 📌

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 News  Zero and his team apprehends the criminal, Fusion, in Ward D 
Posted by u/dusty81 2 hours ago 

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 R/DEMOLITIONCREW RULES                                 

  1. Zero tolerance for hate speech, personal attacks, or any form of harassment. 
  2. Respect is a two way street. 
  3. Leave bullshit behind. 
  4. Spam belongs in the trash. 
  5. Common sense is require™. 
  6. Shipping is for funsies but not srs bsns. 
  7. Everyone is welcome here. Everyone. 
  8. Being nice isn't a requirement, but human decency is. 
  9. This is a Zero's subreddit. Zero's. Nobody else. 
  10. Don't fuck shit up. 
  11. Go back and read rule 1-10 again. 
  12. Already did?  Then, read it a third time. 
  13. You won't get a third warning. 


 Creative  Oil painting of Zero that took me 78 hours 
Posted by u/yuki_K 17 hours ago 

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 Discussion  Shipping is the toxic cesspool of fandom 
Posted by u/joule 8 hours ago 

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 News  Nike selects Zero as the face of their Japanese branch 
Posted by u/pffzero 11 hours ago 📌

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 Discussion  Stop staking out Zero's agency. It's creepy. 
Posted by  u/crimzo 3 hours ago 

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 Misc  My Zero's merch haul that I collected over 3 years
Posted by u/Koryinder  Explosion King  5 hours ago 

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 Discussion  Does Zero have an anti-dating policy? 
Posted by u/Bakubabe 2 days ago 📌
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 Rumors  Zero to make a surprise appearance at QUnited
Posted by u/crepez43 24 hours ago 

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 Discussion  Why wasn't Zero chosen as part of the hurricane relief effort
Posted by u/GoldenKoi_Fish 1 day ago 

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 Creative  Zero vs Legion's fanvid but everytime Zero scream it goes faster
Posted by u/distressed_nip  Zero's exposed nip  23 hours ago 

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 Rumors  Zero and Deku go on secret dates 
Posted by u/alioop 13 hours ago 🔒

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 News  K-Toy released a new Zero's bodypillow 
Posted by u/bakuthigh 1 day ago 

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 Discussion  Resellers of hero's merch are the worst 
Posted by u/boba_milktea 13 hours ago 

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 Creative  My ten years old daughter cosplay as Zero for school
Posted by u/mo_chin  Team Zero  10 hours ago 

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 Event  Any DC members want to meet up for a HAA viewing party in Shibuya?
Posted by u/morninggloryy 1 hour ago 

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 reddit              r/DemolitionCrew  ▼                          🔍                                                                              ⮭    📊     OC     💬    ✉️    ✍️ 

 ⬆ 15.8k      🗩    The Prelude to Zero's Birthday "Explodedogonza"   Event                                                                                       

r/DemolitionCrew• Posted by u/powrkegboi  the UnMod 13 hours ago 🛡️

The Prelude to Zero's Birthday "Explodedogonza"


Yo, my fellow Demos!

I know it's only the start of January (yes, yes, we're on the 9th I know) and we're shy of Zero's birthday by four months, but here at the DC hub we're nothing if not overly prepare and anal just like our favorite explosion hero. It's our third year of doing this birthday event, Explodogonza, since our sub inception. We started with just one person, our founder and former top mod, who'd retired just last year due to their real world obligation, u/mighth_ero. He'd came up with this month long celebration and the subsequent donation drive that gathered money from fans in fun online auctions and events and give the majority of money to a charity of a good cause in Zero's name. It not only honor Zero's birthday but also do good thing for the world; a win-win situation for everyone involved and as our chaos lord, Ground Zero, likes to say, "There can never be enough winning.

Now what is the Explodogonza, you ask? Well, to those who are new to our sub, around this time of year we'll be celebrating Zero's birthday of our favorite explosion hero, Ground Zero, and honoring all his achievements so far. The event stretches out to the entirety of April! We do plenty of giveaways, games, fests, community events etc all month long with plenty of prizes and rewards up for grab. Throughout April, we'll buy out advertisements (billboards, TV ads, banner, blimp, etc) throughout the greater Tokyo area in observant of this grand day and hosting various fans get-togethers to celebrate! To able to afford this month long event event we'll raise funds through various fundraisers like our biggest online fan auctions where many of our members put up their skills to be bid upon - drawing, writing, knitting, cooking, graphic skill, merchandise, filming, and anything you think a person may benefit from is possible to auction up! Even more than that with the large sum of money we managed to raised, the community always managed to over deliver and go above and beyond, we'll donate over 90% of our total funds to charity organizations chosen by the community. Explodogonza not only honor and celebrate Zero but the community that had helped support Zero and brought many people together and give back to the world!

In our first year we managed seven million yen and then the following year, we topped that with twenty-one million yen! And we have donated over twenty-three million yen to various charities such as Youth Coalition, Quirk Initiative, and RISE! Our accomplishment have been noted in many news media such as Fandom Network, Heroscope, and even the notable Musutafu Chronicles

This is our third year doing this and we have an extremely organized and securely kept record of our money spending that we publicized in May every year for the sub viewing. You can find our past posts about it here and here. There are at least four people that have access to the funds at all time and who keep each other in check least anyone use it for their own, but we have the utmost faith in the people chosen as the event accountant managers. We try our best to be as transparent and open in our communication as possible because at the end of the day it's your money that you had entrusted to us and we want to do right by you. We promise to never abuse or mismanaged your money and only use it for the purpose of this sub and if we come to a decisions on a huge spending or go over a spending cap, we always ask the opinion of the community before making any further commitment. 

Now, everything start with you because only you can chose to act but together teamwork makes the dream work!

Here is the current roadmap of DC's schedule for the next couple of months:

  • Jan 12 - Jan 19: we'll start polling ideas and post our BIG ASS SURVEY for Zero's bday - this is where we chose charity organizations to donate to, how we'll be spending our funds, what sort of events you guys want to see, discussions, selections of carefully vetted Explodogonza Committees members etc
  • Jan 21-31: Sign up for the DC's auction - anybody interest in putting their skills, merchs, offerings, etc up for auction should consider signing up! we do not discriminate and everyone's talented is wanted
  • Feb 1-7  : Browsing week for DC's auction - check out all the listings we have available that you can place a bid on!
  • Feb 8-25: Bidding period open for the DC's auction. 
  • Feb 28: Announcement of the chosen charity organizations we'll be donating to this year. 
  • March 5: All payment of the auction are due to our paypal account. 
  • March 6-31: For the rest of March the mod team here at DC and the Explodogonza Commitee members are prepping hard everyday to get this show running up in April! Placing orders, making reservations, purchasing ads space, etc
  • April - The accumulation of several months of hardwork! In April we celebrate and honor Zero's special day! Check in the sub everyday because there is something new with the accumulation of an end of the week big giveaways, community wide event, and meet-ups!
  • May 16 - Accountant report for this year Explodogonza and our donation amount 

Now let's go kick some ass! Metaphorically, speaking anyway because we do not condone actual ass kicking. Unless they're racist, homophobic, asshat. Then, fuck them. We don't need that kind of trash populating our society. 

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mightyh_ero  the littlest avenger   2274 points • 13 hours ago
Hi guys! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Sorry that I have been super busy with my current job and couldn't be around often as often as I wanted to this past year. I'll definitely try to make time and pop up every now and then to say hi to everyone! But I know the sub is in good hand thanks to the wonderful mod team! I definitely won't be able to celebrate all of Explodogonza with you all since I'm busy with my job and I'm currently traveling around right now so it's hectic but I'll try my best drop in whenever I can especially if I can be any of assistant. 

But on to the main course so for this year Zero's birthday donation drive, I'll be contributing in my own a Zero's LE XOL figurine, a signed Zero's Winter War Poster, several UR/SSR Zero's trading cards, a pre-release Zero Vs Legion sweater, and several more surprises! They will  all be put up for auction and you'll be able to bid on them come April! While I'm sad to let them go, I'm even more happy to see these amazing Zero's merchs fall in good hands. o(≧∇≦o)
Reply   Share   Report   Save

foxine   1822 points • 13 hours ago
a;sjdf WE MISS YOU ERO-CHAN!!! forget zero, you're literally the best part of this sub and reason why we keep coming back<33333333333!!! 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

mightyh_ero  the littlest avenger  1274 points • 13 hours ago
(⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄) Don't say that! You know Zero is the reason we're all brought together! He's the best, but you guys are the bestest. 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

batksu943  the littlest avenger  1001 points • 13 hours ago
how the fuck did you get that le zero's figurine?! there's like only 13 MADE. fucking hell, ero you always somehow got the best zero's merchs. you know i'll be selling my kidney to get my hand on it now.  
Reply   Share   Report   Save

Radiant_Tao 976 points • 13 hours ago
i'm like 99.99% sure ero-chan knows someone who works in the hero industry, or merchandising side at least, or he's just really, really good at whatever he does to get his hand on it. using black magic, probably. 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

mightyh_ero  the littlest avenger  445 points • 13 hours ago
Heh. :3c
Reply   Share   Report   Save

Gooseword 1274 points • 13 hours ago
Ok, you got to tell us your secret. This isn't the first time you offer up a super rare limited edition merch or an item that doesn't even have a release date to the pubic yet. It's freaky. You're not... secretly one of the heroes right? Please tell me you're not because my poor brain won't be able to handle the truth.
Reply   Share   Report   Save

mightyh_ero  the littlest avenger  643 points • 12 hours ago
(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Can't reveal all my sources. 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

mr.chu_chu-zero  Sparkle Motion  423 points • 8 hours ago
Reply   Share   Report   Save

titanwrath  4 points • 5 hours ago
I'm so confused why you guys are so obsessed with this u/mightyh_ero. I mean I guess that they founded the sub and that's great and all, but why are we suddenly claiming we love him more than zero :|
Reply   Share   Report   Save

Dottie 832 points • 5 hours ago
It's a running joke in this sub because Ero-chan is not only this sub founder but our fanclub's mascot because of all the things he did for us and Zero which are numerous and immeasurable. He's simply AMAZING and we love him as much as Zero! Though nobody love Zero more than Ero-chan and that's a fact. 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

XXX_XERO  Team Zero   1274 points • 13 hours ago
I've only joined this sub a month ago, but this community is so active, supportive, and kind. You guys do so much for the community and Zero that I'm constantly in awe. I hope Zero know he got such a dedicated fanbase that has his back. You guys are doing an awesome job! <3
Reply   Share   Report   Save

bakubabe 973 points • 12 hours ago
Welp, there go my paycheck for this month and the month after that. I'm sure a third of us will be fighting over the new Zero's merchs Ero-chan put up for auction again this year. May be the best demo win, you bastards!
Reply   Share   Report   Save

sugoi_zero  624 points • 9 hours ago
I can't believe it has been three years already! This sub was started by u/mightyh_ero in Zero's first year at U.A. and we were so small in number at the start, not knowing if Zero was going to make it through the hardship but Ero-chan persisted and nurtured this sub to what it is today. Honestly, we couldn't be here without Ero-chan who built the foundation of our community. Sad that you can't be here with us as much as you used to be, but thanks to you and everyone I have made so many friends over the past years and this place is basically my second home :D<3! 

Also, who let powr wrote this? I almost forgot it was him because it sound so official and well written but then he had to ruined it with the last paragraph lol. /disappointed but not surprised 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

powrkegboi  the UnMod  84 points • 9 hours ago
Hey, it was a group decision! 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

furikat  Mod Hat  133 points • 8 hours ago
We lost the bet. He'd forced our hands. 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

Raelu 323 points • 3 hours ago
With all the crazy fan dramas going on, I'm so glad this sub is having none of that B.S. and is all about supporting Zero❤️. 
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The Musutafu Chronicles 

In the News:      Deku     QUnited     Ground Zero     HAA      Floods    Super Junior    New Year's resolution     Climate Change    Rescue Effort     

Get to know the five up and coming rookies who sit at the top of this year HAA:












  ▶     ■     🔊                                 4:53/13:28

Climate Change is making Japan's a hotbed for unpredictable cyclones and violent storms

In recent decades, Japan is under relentless attack and no, it's not by an outside source or from within, but from mother nature herself. In the five years alone, there had been onslaught of violent earthquake, volcanic disturbance, raging windstorm, and deadly typhoons landing on Japan's shores. There has never been a worst time to be living in Japan than right now when not a day goes by without the some kind of weather issue. Just within the past five years the number of sudden and abrupt wild and unusual weather have the plague Japan recently, more than any other past decades. Climatologists all over the country and the world are giving dire warnings of even more and bigger trouble in the horizon and Japan must brace itself for the storm of the century. 

Who do you think should win the Best New Hero at this year HAA? Cast your vote now for your favorite rookie! 

              ○ Ground Zero 

              ○ Uravity 

              ○ Gale Force 

              ○ Deku 

              ○ Synergy 

Prime Minister Eisuke to tour Typhoon Akame's affected area in Kyushu, Shikoku, and Chugoku for relief effort

The Hero Association's annual award is predicted to be more widely attended and watched then it ever previously had before. With a host of celebrities, politicians, influencers and pro heroes set to appear at this year gala, QUnited is looking to have one of the biggest turnouts in the past decades as several millions are set to tune in at home and across several streaming platforms for a start glitzy night. 

Most Read:

  1. Icarus  Rising, the boy who is and shall be
  2. Ground Zero, the Victory
  3. Climate Change is making Japan's a hotbed for unpredictable cyclones and violent storms
  4. HAA is a pandering mess
  5. The plight of Japan's last ibises
  6. The rehabilitation of villains: or how a crime ridden city gave hope to its worst people

KAT-TUN's latest single, "A Surefire to get Kill," tops the Oricon Singles Chart for the thirteen weeks in a row, outselling their previous records.

Several vocal groups of protesters push to end HAA

Started nearly half a century ago by the Hero Association, the Heroic Achievement Award is a cornerstone of today's society. It's the lead up to the biggest night of many pro-heroes's life, the accumulation of an entire year of hard work, to stand up on stage and recognized by the accomplishments by Heroic Association and the public. However, in more recent several groups speak up against the rigidity and formula of the event. Some even attest to the HAA as a cheap theatrical show that doesn't merit anything except stroking the ego of the pro-hereoes and de-legitimizing the same effort of the unlicensed heroes. They argued that it become a popularity contest where only the pros with the most colorful quirks and personality get to shine while the rests don't fit in HA's cookie-cutter box get snubbed.  

Princess Emiko announces her upcoming nuptials plan in a press conference. The third daughter of the Imperial Royal Family, Princess Emiko, is set to wed her high school sweetheart, Ozaki Tooru, in spring of next year. 

The rise of quirk supremacist crime waves gave birth to the devolutionist groups

There has never been a more contentious period in Japan then it is right now. With a divided nation and several outbreaks of crimes against the quirkless and laws set in place to discriminate against them, pushing their ostracization even further, several quirkless advocacy groups have turned to the devolutionist movement for answer. The devolutionist is the extremist view of the anti-quirk sentiments, that attempt to revert society back to the time of when quirk didn't exist because they believe without quirk there will be equality again.






Former villain Cannonball working at a melon farm as part of his rehabilitation program. (Kamei Nobuko/Musutafu Chronicles)

The rehabilitation of villains: or how a crime ridden city gave hope to its worst people. As the former murder capital of Japan, Kessel City had reinvented itself as a city of second chances and redemption and it started with thinking and treating their criminals as people first. 

Environmental scientists predict the Age of Extinction is coming sooner than later. Rapid lost of key habitats have pushed many native animals of Japan from low-risk Near Threatened into the either Vulnerable' or Endangered status as humans growth continues to encroached into their space and make it near impossible for them to bounce back. 

K-POP Superstar Male Idol Group Super Junior to revisit Tokyo Dome one more time in a three days for their world tour 

The disappearing children of Himitsu Village. Within ten years, thirty-two children from a small town of two thousands souls have vanished without a single trace, mystifying investigators for years. 

The Quirk Registration bill get another push on the House of Councillors floor.  

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greenleaf @brocolliboi • 4h
An actual endorsement from a reputable publication for Deku?! Musutafu Chronicles know wassup! My boy is going places! #deku4BNH 🎉🎉🎉
🗨️ 82               ⭮ 832            ♡ 1.6k  

Tan 🌟 Tan @tanamii • 4h
replying to @brocolliboi
So, so proud of him! He really is the best boi. 

gitgood @armstrong • 3h
replying to @brocolliboi
the musutafu chronicles haven't endorse another rookie hero since all might had first debuted decades ago. a coincidence right? i think not! he really is the 2nd coming of all might sobs. 

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 2h
replying to @brocolliboito 
omg!! uesato, who rarely take any public position on heroes, wrote such an amazing piece on him! this is going to give him such a great exposure esp following his nomination for rookie of the year. so yea, take that detractors who doesnt think deku can fill all might's ginormous shoe bc hello?? he doesn't have to be the next all might, he just have to be our deku. 

Scruffy @scruffybearg • 41m
replying to @brocolliboi
hahaha i see mc just love sucking deku's ass so much. can they be anymore fucking biased and just hop on deku's dick already? :D

greenleaf @brocolliboi • 12m
replying to @scruffybearg
Hahaha kindly get out of my mention before I'll systematically remove you from existence myself. Thanks random asshole on the internet! :3c






The Musutafu Chronicles


Icarus Rising

In an era of gods and monsters, one young man is neither.

by: Uesato Orihime 
Jan 10 2XXX                                                                                                                

When the greatest of us, All Might, fell from his high perch so did our much cherished peace that soon died with him, but upon his ashes hope was raised into its place. Peace wasn’t meant to be everlasting, it was never guarantee thing but hope exists in the furor of our heart as long as there is one single person left breathing, one sliver of light, and one drop of rage because when all else is lost, hope is our strongest weapon and he’d answered our call.

At eighteen years old, neither an adult nor a child anymore, Midoriya Izuku had faced one of the world’s greatest adversaries, Nero; a villain like no other with a kill count that reach in triple digits. Nero was a monster as simple as that. He’d made fear a home in the heart of so many people that his name was only utter in quite dark corners and corridors lest they accidentally invoke him like the devil’s own name. But then he came along. His small defiant figure that day as he goes up against the terror of Nero was reminiscent of the biblical tale of David and the Goliath, but there was no stone to throw and one strike wasn’t enough to fell this giant. It took many. Too many too counts. The fight between them wasn’t clean or nice; it was gritty, ugly and brutal and Deku wasn’t All Might. There was no victory march prepared for him, he was barely a blip in anybody’s radar, and worst of all he’d openly cried and smiled his way through the fight. He wore every injury on his body like a tapestry of violence and we felt that, every punch and every kick that had hit him.  

He wasn't some powerful and invincible god. He was human; he was soft in a way that heroes rarely allow themselves to be. But being soft is not kind. It’s not gentle. It’s not sweet. It’s strength wrapped in a pulverizing smile and a bruised knuckle raised at the world. It’s Deku with his back to us as he gritted his teeth and dug he feet into the ground and fight even when the odds are stack against him, even when he’d broken every bone in his body, and even when there is no victory in sight. His body beaten bloody into the ground over and over again but he got up each and every time and continued fighting; he doesn’t quit, doesn’t walk away until he’d finally drag a victory out of nothing and that’s hope.

This is what weaponized hope looks like. A weapon without a bullet and mercy. In our lowest moment, it asked us to do the impossible - to see a ray of light in the all encompassing darkness and to put our fate in our own hand. 

The ones that came before Deku were larger than life, they may be mere mortals but they had risen up to become a mythic character that we as a society had held them on a pedestal. They were strong, daring, and noble but they weren’t soft. We built them up to some legendary figure so they can the weight of our weight but we never ask them to shed that cloak of mythic.

That’s Deku, our Symbol of Hope and here at Musutafu Chronicles we stand by our endorsement of him as the Best New Hero at this year Heroic Achievement Awards. 

We don't need another hero in the likes of All Might or Endeavor with the immeasurable strength that they forget what it's like to be small, to be helpless  - and how easily another young, brash, and hot temper hero follows their footstep closely, but doesn't look at destruction he left behind - because what we truly need is a Deku. A Deku that we can see within ourselves. Someone who can inspire a new generation of hero who we can empathize his failures and successes with, who strengthen is measure by his kindness and compassion, and who leads with his heart and not his fist.







The Hero Weekly @heroweekly • 8h
Catching up with Zero after the fight with Silver Fist 

Q: Congrats on your nomination in this year HAA, Zero! Is there anything you want to say to your fans about that?
A: I'm going to kick Deku's f*cking *** that's what.

#groundzero #HAA
🗨️ 3.2K               ⭮ 14K            ♡ 86K  

The Hero Weekly @heroweekly • 8h
Q: Does that mean you think you have a high chance of grabbing this year rookie award?
A: What, you think that sh*tty nerd is going to beat me? F*cking dream on. I'll beat his *** on the field, in ranks, and on stage. He's a hundred years too f*cking late for that.

The Hero Weekly @heroweekly • 8h
Q: You have been consistently ranked one of the top of this year batches of rookie and your battle with Legion cemented your skills and talented as one of the best, but is there something you think you can or want to improve on?
A: What the f*ck is this. If you want some cheesy motivational speech about self improvement or some other bullsh*t than f*cking get Deku instead. I'm only going to continue to get better onward and completely destroy those old fuckers at the top.

mou @mousey • 8h
replying to @heroweekly
Don't be a pussy, HW. Let Zero swear! Let him swear!

hawkins @hawkgrl • 8h
replying to @heroweekly
oh god, he's going to make his publicist cry. is this why he doesn't do any more interviews?? that explains a lot lol

froggy @froppygurl • 8h
replying to @heroweekly
How did you even get this soundbite when Zero is notorious for dodging interviews and reporters? Did you guys have to wrestle him to the ground and force a mic on him????? I seriously want to know.

shock to the sis @soundwave • 6h
replying to @heroweekly
OMFG. They didn't even mention Deku not once but Zero brought him up in every answer lmao. This is so embarrassing /o\.

tit for tat @runed • 4h
replying to @heroweekly
i cant tell if gz's hate-on for deku is just friendly rivalry or like some weird twisted version of a crush.

talla <3 zh @sourpwr • 3h
replying to @heroweekly
zerohope anyone??????!!!!!!!!!!! geez, zero can't keep deku's name out of his mouth!! that's love.

zero bite @zerohour • 3h
replying to @sourpwr
Can you please, please, just take off your shipping goggles just for a moment? Because this is a feature about Zero but you're all making it into one your freaky fandom shipping conspiracies. Leave Zero alone already!

gitgood @armstrong • 22m
replying to @sourpwr @zerohour
I dont know, If the first thing that come out of your mouth is your rival's name, the second thing that come your mouth is also your rival's name, and the third thing that come out of your mouth is still your rival's name. That's pretty gay to me, dude. Nobody made it into some weird angry flirtation game by proxy of an interview, Zero did.

here's the tea @itspippinghot • 4m
replying to @heroweekly
I'm sorry,,,, but this is just so gay???? someone help zero plS 










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Deku_Official making late dinner with @uravity @earphonejack @froppy
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danku i hope you're taking care of yourself over there!! and stay safe please!
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aimerol Thank you for assisting in the cyclone relief effort! You and every other heroes are doing amazing work! You guys helped my grandma and her dogs and i can't thank you enough!!<33333333333
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kornicup wtf i can't believe you're gay 
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HiFi @kornicup WAIT WHAT 
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msdeku @kornicuphe's not gay! stop assuming! it's just a dumb rumor with no merit whatsover! 
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zeroXhope @kornicup you bet he's gay! it's zerohope ftw! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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graviton my fav boy with my fav girls 😍
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darthe_ ... aren't you guys supposed to be helping out with the recovery and not just hang out and eat food while people are dying and losing everything they ever have known ? Ugh. 
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 — View Replies (424)

Cheeli @darthe_ Hey, asswhipe, it's late and they're eating dinner. Let them be human. They're allow to relax after working helping hard with the rescue effort all day long. 
4h     Reply   

mimimax @darthe_ Can u get that that stick out of your ass and let them enjoy themselves? 
4h     Reply   

brogitee you're so lucky to be surrounded by all girls :((. what's your secret, man?
5h     Reply    

HoneyCutie ,,,,, cute
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Recap: 1/11/2XXX

Tweets from Deku's official Twitter account

  • Jan 5 
    • "Grabbing breakfast @ Kikko with a few smol guests heh :)"  [X]
  • Jan 6 
    • "Thank to the first responders for all their hardwork! They're the true champions for doing so much for the community and helping those affected by the typhoons." [X]
  • Jan 8
    • "Deku X Adidas - Torimodosu: fall, get up, and try again!" [X]
  • Jan 10
    • "I'll be donating five million yen to Animal Heart Rescue to help recover and rescue animals that been affected by Typhoon Akame. Please help out and/or consider donating to animal shelters because sometimes animals can't help themselves so we must do what we can for them!"  
  • Jan 11
    • "Will be heading home on the 21st to Tokyo! I don't know how much I did to helped in the recovery effort here in Fukuoka but I met so many brave, kind, and perseverance souls here! All of whom taught me the resiliency of humanity and thrive to move forward. One step a time." [X}

Instagram posts from Deku's official account

  • Jan 5
    • "my little heroes who brave the storm and whose heart holds strong @ kikko <3" [X]
  • Jan 8
    • "Thank you Adidas for partnering up with me and choosing to help grow a community unity to raise each other up @ QUnited!" [X]
    • "there's something so quiet and strange about nights like these when all you see is endless destruction all around you but there are lights peaking through the rubble of this disaster." [X]
  • Jan 11

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  • Jan 5
    • Deku playing with kids from Musashi Elementary School [X] [X] [X] [X]
  • Jan 6
    • Deku assisting the first responders with a crisis [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]
  • Jan 7 
    • Deku participated in search and rescue effort in the most damage and dangerous areas of Fukuoka [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]
  • Jan 8
    • Deku and several members of his team help remove roadblocks and trees from road [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]
  • Jan 9
    • Deku participates in a huge community beach clean up [X] [X] [X] [X]
  • Jan 10
    • Deku volunteering @ Animal Heart Rescue [X] [X] [X]
  • Jan 11
    • Deku helped with rebuilding houses [X] [X]


  • Jan 5
    • Deku, Uravity, Froppy, and others selected as Tokyo's heroes Representative to Fukuoka [X]
    • Children from Musashi Elementary falls over in love with Deku [X]
  • Jan 6
    • Rumors stir among fans about Deku and... Zero?! [X]
  • Jan 7
    • Who will stand in for Deku, the face of QUnited, at this year charity gala? [X]
  • Jan 8
    • Deku X Adidas's collab campaign go live [X
  • Jan 9
    • Deku is the first hero from the newer generation to be partnered up with a major sponsorship already [X]
    • It's now Deku's Adidas vs Zero's Nike [X]
  • Jan 10
    • OP-ED endorsement piece from the editorial board of Musutafu Chronicles, personally written by the Uesato Orihime [X]
      • Ref by other media sources [X] [X] [X] [X]
    • What it means for Deku to be endorsed by one of the most reputable news organization in the world  [X
    • Deku volunteers at an animal shelter and donated 5mil yen to shelter [X]
  • Jan 11
    • On a Hero Weekly's soundbite, Zero threatened to beat Deku up [X]
    • Is Deku dating another Supernova? [X]


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    TRENDING ↑         HAA     Deku     Ground Zero     Typhoon Akame     Kamenashi Kazuya       

The Top Rookies who Dominate this Year HAA

Titans, these are the super rookies who climb their way up the ranking 

Isa Shirai
Buzzfeed News Reporter

Posted on January 13, 2XXX, at 9:08 a.m.

While the Best Hero category are fill with old and recognizable faces, the rookie award for this year HAA is a heated battlefield of young, bright, and upcoming stars blazing their way onto the pro hero scene. All of them should be known names for their many accomplishments this past year and their familiar face featured in prominent billboards and magazines, but just in case you have been living under the rock here's a profile of each rookie about to take to the grandest stage of their life at this year HAA. 



Hero: Synergy 
Real Name: Todoroki Shouto  
Age: 20
Quirk: Half-cold & Half-hot 
Alumnus: U.A. High School  
Agency: Endeavor Agency 

As the current Number One hero's youngest and the most recognizable child and with a dual quirk of fire and ice, Torodoki Shouto is one of the most recognizable faces among this younger generation of heroes. The Prince of the Supernovas and heir apparent to the Endeavor Agency, Synergy is the cool-headed and pretty boy of his peers. He's a quiet and brooding thoughtful young man, the kind that make all the girls rush over and put his head on her lap as they try to decipher the mystery of the universe in his debonair eyes. Behind his icy layers of indifference is a burning desire to succeed his father and rise above him. Will he achieve his goal and prove it to his father once and for all? 

Hero Stats (source:

Rescue: .42
Causalities: .038
Win rate: 88.65%
Collateral Damage: 72
Crime Deterrence Coefficient: 67% 


Hero: Uravity  
Real Name: 
Age: 20
Quirk: Zero Gravity
Alumnus: U.A. High School 
Hero Agency: 

As the lone female hero to grace this year top rookies list, Uravity made her name as one of the top newcomers in the specialized area of search and rescue. In a still heavily male dominated field, she could be among of only a handful of female heroes in history to get the honor the Best New Hero award in the likes Mikuro and Mt. Lady. Dependable and kind, Uravity is the big sister of the group who acts as a mediator and communicator in a very diverse young generation of heroes. She doesn't always get right into the action but prefer to helping people in the background and supporting them. Uravity proves that not everybody need to be on the front line to still kickass. 

Hero Stats (source:

Rescue: .94
Causalities: .019
Win rate: 73.98%
Collateral Damage: 48
Crime Deterrence Coefficient: 31%


Hero: Gale Force 
Real Name: Yoarashi Inasa 
Age: 20
Quirk: Whirlwind
Alumnus: Shiketsu High School. 
Hero Agency: Katana Agency 

The only one in this group not to hail from the juggernaut school U.A., large in figure and personality and with a voice that booms across the room, Gale Force is truly a mighty force to be reckon with. He's neither as flashy or as widely known as the other heroes in this group, but he make up in spades for his noble character and heroic ideals. He's the true emulation of a classic hero, strong in body and character! The kind people will rally behind and go to battle with. Gale Force is a hero of the people and while he may not famous of like his cohorts but he still shine brightly and we can definitely expect more from him in the future!

Hero Stats (

Rescue: .52
Causalities: .034
Win rate: 81.83% 
Collateral Damage: 67
Crime Deterrence Coefficient: +6 


Hero: Deku 
Real Name: Midoriya Izuku 
Quirk: Various 
Alumnus: U.A. Academy 
Hero Agency: Invictus Agency 

The media darling, the golden boy, Japan's Sweetheart, the second coming of All Might, whatever you know him as Deku had become the unofficial poster boy of the newest generations of heroes. If there's one word to describe Deku it is: wholesome. That glowing smile, warmth eyes, and gentle hands that lift people up when they're down, Deku is the beating heart of his generation. He's the most precious thing we have ever seen! Cute enough to cut you down. Truly a hero that can fill the giant footprint that All Might had left behind!

Hero Stats (

Rescue: .82
Causalities: .042
Win ratio: 90.31%
Collateral Damage: 89
Crime Deterrence Coefficient: +8


Hero: Ground Zero 
Real Name: 
Bakugou Katsuki 
Quirk: Explosion
Alumnus: U.A. Academy 
Hero Agency: Long Ears Agency

You know his name and fame, or, well infamy. His presence had definitely struck a controversial figure in the pro-hero scene. Boosting the highest number of villains detainment and with a staggering number of fans and vocals detractors, he's the HA's baddest boy and you will know his name whether you want to or not. Explosion is his quirk and explosive is his personality, Zero is doesn't abide by any rules and doesn't care so much for helping others as much as he can jump into a fight and drag a victory out of his bloody hands. Fierce and uncompromising, he's truly a worthy rival of Deku. 

Hero Stats (source:

Rescue: .79
Fatalities: .31
Win ratio: 93.75% 
Collateral Damage: 82
Crime Deterrence Coefficient: +7


Isa Shirai is a reporter for Buzzfeed News and is Based in Tokyo

Contact Isa Shirai at

Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. 

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Nakanishi Ayumi
The fact that that zero has such a high rescue score is the most surprising part of this article lol. 
Like · Reply · 3.3k Thumbs up · 9 hours ago 

Yamakawa Kichiro 
why you guys got to be such dramatic asshat. it's just a popularly contest. no1curr who wins bc they're all just dumb rookies. 
Like · Reply · 2.7k Thumbs up · 9 hours ago 

Seto Akihiko
The duality of Zero. He attac, he protec, but more importantly he'll kick your ass while doing both. 
Like · Reply · 2.4k Thumbs up · 6 hours ago 

Ashikaga Yuki 
This is such a terrible article. It's like the writer didn't even bother doing any research on any of the rookies he's supposed to be profiling. My ten years can write a better profile than that.   
Like · Reply · 1.9k Thumbs up · 3 hours ago 

Obara Seiichi 
fatalities aka civilian deaths is still the most morbid and unfair statistic for a hero's ranking. i don't know how anyone can be unbiased over that but with that being said, im proud of that all the supernovas have such a low score so far!
Like · Reply · 1.2K Thumbs up · 1 hours ago 

Morine Yuji 
Every single of these names on here are safe bet rookies who appeals to the general public. The recent batch of rookies have a lot of outstanding talent you can pick from but because they're too niche or are't as flashy they easily get pass over. These underdogs does just as great work but get less recognition because they aren't as marketable :/. 
Like · Reply · 977 Thumbs up · 1 hours ago  

Oka Ume
Im CACKLING! zero easily has the highest collateral dmg!!!!! his hero insurance rate must be through the roof. 
Like · Reply · 320 Thumbs up · 44 minutes ago  

Fujino Rini
WTF buzzfeed. WHAT IS THIS PILE OF HORSESHIT. go back to doing online quizzes or what hogwart houses is your favorite heroes belong to bc this is a beyond trashy read. 
Like · Reply · 254 Thumbs up · 18 minutes ago  








Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfec• 14h
In respect to the PR machine, Buzzfeed News (whyyy I KNOW YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS), and the great Ueasato Orihime, Ground Zero isn’t just an angry boi with exploding hands bc he got shafted by marketing. Or, really, this is a love letter to pro hero Ground Zero and his trope breaker thicc arm.
🗨️ 5.3K              ⭮ 85K            ♡ 192K 

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
*Background: I'm a 2nd year grad student studying communications at Todai and had interned 2 summers at Hutsi Media, which is a PR firm that managed many idols, actors, and even several notable heroes. It just all means I helped managed media disaster and understand the nuance of public persona and how they’re purposely market to the public. 

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
Look, we know Zero. He’s crass, blunt, and belligerent; he’s an ass and notorious for not giving a shit about other’s opinion of him. So yea, he’s on brand, but don’t be so quick to label him off as just that. The media like to make in any kind of public figure i.e. heroes into 1d char, easily packaged into a box and sold for public consumption. 

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
A good example is Uravity, she’s the poster girl for “the girl next door” type – reliable, sincere, and sweet. Another is Synergy – mysterious pretty boy who trigger all our maternal instinct. Then there’s deku himself, the HA’s precocious golden boy and for a good reason.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
Ueasato-san is right on many things as she tend to do so, bc Deku did break the mold of many standard heroes that had come before him. In the likes of All Might and Endeavor, they were stars out of our reach, much too far and nebulous of a concept to us mere mortals to grasp bc they’re larger than life and made to be put on a pedestal.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
But deku is relatable and fallible in a way that others heroes rarely let themselves be especially the generations that came before him. He’s humble and down to earth. we see traces of him in the faces of the people around him and in us. We’d witness him fall, cry, break down, get angry, and fight; his triumphant and failures are all laid out for us. 

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
he isn’t a stoic symbol of heroism or a monument to peace he’s just a young who is gifted with an enormous power and responsibility. That makes him accessible and extremely likeable and therefore highly marketable. His fanclub, the sucker punch, is easily the largest fanclub among his peers and the #’s are quickly climbing to the level of AM during his prime year and at the height of his popularity.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
All the events that ever ft. him gets sold out extremely quickly and is highly coveted in attendance. His wholesome personality appeals to all ages, sex, and background. He is the “golden boy” who you can bring home to your parents and they take one look at him and already know he’s too good for the world let alone settling for your broke us.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
Yea, sound vaguely horrifying and familiar? Bc even deku get shoehorned into a neat little box of a character of himself.  All the things we love about D get amplified and highlighted for mass release and sterilized for public consumption. Unfortunately, what make him unique is repackage as something easy to understand and a commodity that can be sold.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
Like it or not, it’s the same pitfall that all public figures eventually fall into. It’s just easier to paint them in specific lights and get them fit under an archetype then to properly because they’re a brand now. The HA is guilty of doing to this to all their heroes because how do you get a hero’s name on people’s tongue? By selling them as pre-package ideas made for easy consumption. So heroes like Deku and Synergy are stripped to their simplest form – the rich pretty boy with daddy issue & the wholesome pure uwu precious bb, but we, fans, all know there’s more to them than that.

Nao @ meowlandh @pixpuurfect • 14h
Unfortunately, we’re not the target; it’s the general public is. That’s how branding work. You get an idea out and people take it face value until they really want to know more and dig deeper to get to the layers and layers under that pretty packaging.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
Now, let’s talk about Zero. Here’s what the public know of him: brash, angry, and crass. Z is the poster boy of the ‘bad boy’ to D’s ‘golden boy’ and for everyone that know anything about these two it’s actually damn funny because we heard from various sources of their school year that the one who broke the most rules and disobey the most orders, and is known as THE problem child is actually D.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
But most of the public don’t know that! Why would they when that kind of info must be dug up and only spread among online heroes communities and dedicated fansites? It’s not broadcast to the public so all of what most of us have is face value and upfront Z come off just like his public persona. It’s true he’s an ass, but you know what? He’s an ass with depths.

Nao @ meowlandh @pixpuurfect • 14h
Look, Z may fall under the heroes from the golden age (strong, reliable, and with flashy quirk). He’s a man’s man. Ultra masculine, tough as nails, and will break your face and if we compare to D, they stands in opposition of each other. It’s easy to see how the media and public paint their relationship as epic rivalry b/t the two.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
We’d talked about branding and packaging of heroes and that’s how HA sold Ground Zero to us; the anti-Deku for all the dudebros out there who cling to the old ways of what a heroes should look and act like. Deku is for the newer generations who are breaking expectations and molds of what they want for their heroes, the kind that save and empathized with others more, while Z goes handballed on his enemies and is unforgiving.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
The narrative pretty much wrote itself. Childhood friends turned rivals and now they’re both standing on the biggest stage of their life competing for the no.1 spot. It’s what stories are made of. With AM’s exit, Endeavor no longer has a rival to compete w/ so the public new a new rivalry to focus on, HA needs a new story to sell, and we all know a good competition right?

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
That’s why we often see Z & D’s doing events together and presented above other rookies. They’re back to back or facing each other but always on the other side of each other because the media and HA like to push them as mortal enemies and can’t stand to breathe in the same space!!!!

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
Look even when the two of them got the biggest brand sponsorship, they individually got signed from two of the biggest sport brand competitors – Nike and Adidas, coincidence? They’re even set up to compete against each other in charity match up and their fights are always hype by the promoters as MUST WATCH!!  their names are constantly LINK with each other that I CAN’T even write this essay without mentioning deku because of how attached they are like some binary stars doom to be bound to each other for the rest of their life.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
That’s how they’re presented even though we never actually see them as like hostile enemies  at all. Literally we never saw any kind of bitter enmity between them but you know what headlines we often see again and again? It’s the constant barrages of Z vs D in contests, pollings, events, etc even though the many times we caught them sharing the same space it’s all fond scowl-ly face from Z and sunny smile from D.  It’s dumb.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
They playfully banter off each other and play off their rivalry bc COMPETITION CAN BE GOOD AND HEALHTY BUT the media made them into die hard enemy who can’t be around each other w/o like blowing smokes out of their ears and going at each other throat. This misdirection feeds into their fanbase rivalry and make it’s more hostile even though the truth is right in front of us.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
The truth however doesn’t matter bc HA win out in the end and we as public consumers lose out in the real aspects of both of their relationship and heroes bc it’s simple marketing job.  They do what they hae to do to sell these two heroes and twist their relationship in something that get the fans hooked and push the narrative of bitter rivals to forefront so the public get to rally behind one of them and when people talk, money walks.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
The worst thing is their disservice to Z bc he is always make into the bad guy in this situation, while the terrible marketing make D into some poor precious saint, he’s still come out of it better than Z. Look, Z IS abrasive and prickly and he may not be a people person but he’s damn good at his job and definitely earned all his accolades but he always presented as the dark horse to D’s golden pony as someone trying hinder D’s glory. EVEN THOUGH THAT HAS NEVER BEEN THE CASE!!!!

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
It sucks balls that that as his fans we see him get boxed in by these dumb labels. It doesn’t help that Z’s is notoriously private and rightfully doesn’t allow the public in into his personal life. Compare to the prominent figures of among his generation, with notable online presence, he’s elusive and keeps mostly to himself so much so that any soundbite coming from him is devour and feed the internet for weeks on end. Like we’re so starving for any Z’s content we take ANYTHING. like, ANYTHING, but that mean other can project whatever they want on him.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
What we know of him are gather from a slew of interviews and sound bites from him and mainly from offhand comments from his colleagues, mentors, friends, and family.  Fans clued these all together and the picture that is paint is one of perfectionist, ambitious, and highly driven and motivated. Z doesn’t do anything by halves and I don’t even think he knows wtf that even mean because he’s extremely passionate about his goals and he never stop chasing after it.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
His single minded obsession and fierce intensity about what he cares about contrast with the brute force of his strength that underscore his keen intelligence and his ability to quickly think on his feet and map the battleground like he’s playing 3d chess and we’re all still playing checkers. This complex, conflicting and confusing person that we only get snippets of exposure to and only managed to pieces his entire char arc all together because we’re just as devoted to him as he is devoted to his dream of obtaining no.1 position – is what make him so interesting to his legions of fans.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
So yea, while he’s marketed toward dudebros and thirsty teen with his exposed abs, thicc arms and handsome jawline bc he’s hot and explosive but you know who made up a third of his demographic? Young women in their 20s and 30s. People like me. Women who are out there studying and working in society, facing myriad of discrimination, pressure, and trials as we are just trying to make it through the day.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
We find comfort in Z more than any other heroes. Why? It’s hard to explain and the reason can change for change for each individual and I surely can’t speak for everyone, but maybe it’s because Zero’s no nonsense and blunt ways is attractive to us because he doesn’t give a single fuck and treat everyone with the same abrasiveness. He doesn’t care about your history, your sex and your hangups and doesn’t baby you. Society norms doesn’t apply to him bc he bulldozed over that shit. He’s unapologetic about who he is and voice his opinion w/o a care and we look toward that envy and admiration bc who doesn’t want to be true to themselves?

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
But it’s hard to do that with the constraint of society placed on you. So Z by being his jerkass blunt self unwillingly offer support and encouragement for the rest of us to not, well, give a fuck too. We adore him and loves him fiercely to go to war for him even though he clearly need no defenders, but don’t you hate it when ppl generalized your fav and put shelves them off as some aggressive fuckboi like he doesn’t have more going beyond that glare and scowl?

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
Marketing and HA fucked over a lot of these heroes and put them into a corner where they’re simply just an archetype of themselves for the public to consume and decide if they’re worth throwing their time and energy on, which is pretty fucked up because heroes are humans like us too and they deserve to have room to grow and spread their wings and be themselves instead of some neat little checkbox we can tick off if they meet our criteria.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
So Buzzfeed take your Zero’s “the HA’s baddest boy “ profile and generalization out of here bc that shit isn’t fucking funny or informative at all. And Uesato-san, you’re one of my favorite journalists and a great writer but please, please don’t fall into the same pit trap as everyone else. You managed to opened your eyes for Deku so why can’t you accept that Zero is much more than just some “aggressive loudmouth representative of the past”. I’m just saying Z also deserves the same depth and consideration as Deku like everyone else. – Nao

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
Tl;dr don’t believe everything that is PUBLICLY presented to you, be skeptical consumers because they’re all playing us to sell their shit. Adore and support your heroes, but don’t just put them on a pedestal right away TRULY GET TO KNOW THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE SUIT AND MASK!!! FIND WHAT MAKE THEM TICK AND DECIDE IF THEY’RE WORTH YOUR INVESTMENT.

Nao @ meowland @pixpuurfect • 14h
End note: I apologize for losing all my fucks i lost, spellings, swearing, abuse of caps, lack of proper grammars and giving into the triple exclamation points midway and to the end there bc did I think I would spent six years in college to study and then use that SIX YEARS and 2k words later arguing in my defense of my fav hero? No, yet here and no regrets. Also, was I implying that Z is the feminist icon of our generation? No. Maybe. Okay, fuck yea I am. In this essay I will

AstaX @astax • 13h
replying to @pixpuurfect
so you're basically saying deku and zero could be banging right now and we wouldn't even know it becuz of the media push of this rivalry/enemies bullcrap to the public so we're blinded to their possible romantic relationship bc hate sells and love is boring. got it. 

LL @luckyo • 13h
replying to @pixpuurfect
lol it ain't that deep gurl 

Cherryblossom power @sakuracrisis • 10h
replying to @pixpuurfect
Did you just write two thousands words on twitter just because you're pissed that some people shit on your homeboy online? Don't care for Zero but mad respect to you anyway, OP. 

idk my bff zero @zeroabs • 7h
replying to @pixpuurfect
i swear on my parent's grave that uesato has a hate-on for zero. like, why doesn't she just shove her deku pink tinted out glasses up her ass and move the fuck on. doesn't have to bash zero to get her point across. ugh. zero is so terribly undestimate and used by media to uplift deku up on a pedestal. it's gross. 

TKao @welol • 7h
replying to @pixpuurfect
I, too, one day want to use my 200k yen education system to defend my favorite hero on the internet. Also, can you write my Lit essay too? 

#BNHZERO OR BUST @zeniiy • 2h
replying to @pixpuurfect

Lulabelle @lulabelle • 1h
replying to @pixpuurfect
now i feel so stupid for hating on gz for nothing at all. he sounds so rad and amazing. im going to go check him out and carefully vet the info i consume now thanks to you!

Soon🌟Soon @soonsoon • 32m
replying to @pixpuurfect
as always nao, thank you so much for insightful commentary and shine on the HA's terrible treatment on Zero. you're truly doing amazing work. 








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fizzycoke ⭮ liztreble

suminyus asked: Liz, have you read that twitter pr thread about zero? when i read it i thought immediately of you and your insightful meta post about zero. 


Thanks for letting me know! I checked out the link you gave me and it was a really great and insightful read. Hugely informative of plenty behind the scene stuffs dealing with public relations in general, especially when it's from an insider knowledge who is actually part of the industry and can offer commentaries that I don't have the necessary info or access to. When I'm writing my meta, I do my best in research and analysis of what I can see and deduce, but it can only get me so far, so I really enjoy this piece and it furthered expand my understanding of heroes and their public persona and the way they're marketed to the public.

The OP broke down what I was talking earlier in several of my Zero's meta posts - how HA often paint him in unfair light, the misconception of the public about him, terrible marketing put distorted Zero's image, and more importantly how media fed into the whole Zero/Deku's mortal enemies/rivalry even though all indication from both heroes that it has been a friendly competition and banter between them this whole time. This helps further foster one of my main ideas that I haven't thoroughly explore it yet, but will hopefully have it up in a few weeks soon... it's about how everything is a setup for a Ground Zero and Deku team up/partnership in the future. 

Yea my endgame theory is that these two would be a hero duo one day and everything is just smoke right now to mislead us from the truth. 

Source: liztreble

#meta #not exactly zerohope but lol close enough #op isn't a zh shipper but always have a good insight on their public persona and relationship #doesn't agree that they're enemies and hate each other #their relationship is complicated #and also DEKU AND ZERO AS A DUO????!!!! #pls tell me more #can't wait 

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hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 18h
it's finally up, guys! sorry it took so long but i wanted to be as thorough as possible. thank you so much for all your patience with me<3 happy reading and zerohope day!
🗨️ 285             ⭮ 76            ♡ 297 

otp: tol and smol @cutiebruiser • 18h
replying to @pasteldeku 

nene @117neware • 16h
replying to @pasteldeku 
Hey there! I would like to read your ZeroHope meta but the link you posted lead to a locked subreddit that I can't access. Is there anyway you can make the post public? 

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 16h
replying to @117neware 
hello, hello! sorry about that. I know it's a hassle to go through the membership requirement, but our members routinely get harassed and doxxed. when we were an open sub we were constantly bombarded with trolls and spams so we took the precaution to have our sub put under members only to protect our fandom from being made the butt of many crude and cruel jokes. 

greenleaf @brocolliboi • 10h
replying to @pasteldeku 
HANA!!! Great work as always!!!! <33333333 

kat + chan @katchan • 8h
replying to @pasteldeku 
it's locked. can't read it T_____T

💗IZUKU💗@cuteizukuboi• 3h
replying to @pasteldeku 
pls tell me there's another way to read your post 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

karin @ zh hell @angryblonde • 7m
replying to @pasteldeku 
omfg, it's finally here! I freed up my schedule, got my favorite mug of coffee with me, and locked myself in my office as I'm ready to dive into another juicy zhc's essay.  










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  1. Tell us why you ship ZeroHope. 
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  i'm not sure what I should do. i got so many requests to read our ramen date post  

 i just dont want drag you guys into too bc of me 
6m 🗸

 the most important thing is that this is something you WANT    
 and don't do it if you feel pressure to meet other expectations. 


 but what if it brought the wrong kind of attention to ZHHQ? 
5m 🗸

 don't worry, we'll survive worst alright? you'll have our support, bb! 

 i mainly dont want to feel like im holding something over the fandom 
 by locking the post up to only our small community                            

5m 🗸

 hana, you did the majority of the leg work on this project    
 you'd arranged our trip, the expenses, did all the research, 
 and even wrote the entire post up for us. WE'RE THE ONE    

 if you want to share your hardwork with the public cool 

 if you don't also cool 

 we're with you 100% 

 greenie 😭😭😭😭 what would i do without you 

 thank you! i'll know what i have to do now. 
2m 🗸

 anytime, bb!<3  

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hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 21h
I've always post my zhc theory up in the locked zhhq subreddit due to the fear of backlash, but a lot of you have been asking me to make it public for you to read and thanks to a lot of support i decided to open my post *temporary* to everyone bc we're all one community and i wanted to give back! :D
🗨️ 15               ⭮ 347             ♡ 1.9K 

kat + chan @katchan • 8h
replying to @pasteldeku  

greenleaf @brocoliboi • 8h
replying to @pasteldeku 
Proud of you, Hana!

flower-chi @bunniie_kawaii • 8h
replying to @pasteldeku 
lolwtf is this fanfic? what you are even smoking to come up with this brand of insanity 🙄








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The ZeroHope Conspiracy - Post #115: the Case for the Ramen Date 

Disclaimer: the ZeroHope Conspirary is a fan theory conceived by a group of diehard fans in r/ZHHeadquarter who honestly have too much time on our hands. We, collectively, believe that the pro-heroes known as Ground Zero and Deku have been dating in secrets for since their days at U.A. Academy despite their purported infamous rivalry portrayed by the media and HA. We’d built our theory around many evidences we had laboriously gathered and collected over the past years that support the romantic relationship between Ground Zero and Deku. This is a theory at most, one we’d concluded to be real, but theories inherently aren’t facts even if what we believe to be true could change at any moment. So we're not trying to convince you, but laid down what we know and theorize to help you make up your own mind because at the end of day it is YOU who get to decide what is true to you. This post is aim toward members of the ZHHQ as that who is it intended for, but due to an overwhelming number of requests to make it public for reading of others who don’t have access to our locked sub on reddit, I have decided to open this up to the public for a week before I delete this post.

Preface: Deku has a monthly habit where he would go grab ramen with the same unknown subject (Unsub) at obscure hours in various hole in the wall ramen shops. This usually happens 2-3 times a month, sometimes less depending on his busy schedule but always with the same individual.

How do we know all of this? In a print interview last year with Hero Weekly, the interviewer brought up his “late night ramen date” tweets/instagram he’d previously alluded to on social media and he said it’s pretty much a ritual started with a former classmate in his 2nd year at UA to help him decompressed and relaxed [SOURCE].  He referred to his partner on these excursions in the neutral “they” pronoun and it’s specifically implied it’s the same individual. In another later interview with Heroic Forum, but this time it was aired on live TV, where he’d accidentally let slipped the gender of the Unsub and mention a ‘he’  instead [SOURCE]. If you watch the video at the 12:05 timestamp mark you can catch Deku’s “oh shit” expression once he’d realized what he did, but he quickly recovered himself and moved the topic to something else before the interviewer catch on. After that incidence, Deku didn’t get any further questions about his late night ramen date and it was rumored to be blacklisted for all further interviews and discussions [SOURCE]. That would implied Deku’s mistake wasn’t anything simple or to be dismissed at all.

We have never been able to locate any of the ramen shops that Deku visited with the Unsub which often changes enough time that it lend to the confusion and mystique. According to the Ramen Society, a community of ramen fans and regularly keep a record of ramen shops across the countries, there’s more than four thousands ramen shop alone in Tokyo and it’s still growing [SOURCE], so even if we visit a new ramen shop everyday of our life it would take several years before we narrowed down the ones Deku and the Unsub visited. And many of the places are undisclosed location, known through words of mouth, open only at odd hours, and are not on the regular widely used maps. These are the places that are extremely hard to find if they’re not in the known. We assume these ramen shops were chosen for these very specific reasons so Deku and the Unsub can have their privacy and identity kept a secret.

Over the years, several fans have brought forth stories of them encountering Deku and the Unsub, whom they all claimed to be Zero, at these hole in the wall ramen shops. We had thoroughly vetted their stories of these events and concluded that they were all falsified because they came from either troll accounts made to mock us or they weren’t credible enough.

It doesn’t change what we at ZHHQ believe though, because even with the lack of actual reliable witnesses we had several other dependable evidences supporting our theory. This all changed with pixiedream, who we owed so much to and deserved all the rightful credits as they’re not even in the fandom but was willingly to give us the info needed to prove our theory despite her initial hesitation because of all the harassment she’d received.

She’d made a post on Jan 4th [SOURCE], just a day after Deku’s tweeted about his ramen date [SOURCE], and in her post she recounted a meeting with a strange couple at this small and private ramen shop one late night. She went into explicit details of that night and described the couple as “spiky blond” and “green curls”. In her story, there are plenty of clues and dialogues that hint about the couple’s relationship, their personality, and their unspoken history with each other.

Of course, it could be all a strange coincidence. Pixedream might as well be another troll, a very good troll at that, but we combed through her social media history (she has been an active member of her fandom, a longtime JPop fan, for five years now) and her circle of friends (actual real people with fandom participation and no trolling history) vouched for her, all of it came out as trustworthy.

With that knowledge, the similarity between the couple she’d mentioned and Zerohope, and how the timeline matched up with Deku’s earlier twitter ramen date post, it led us to believe this story has merit. I, pasteldeku, made an attempt to reach out to her and asked for more information of the surrounding event of that night if she didn’t mind telling me. Thankfully, she didn’t mistake my intention and what I got back was revealing.

Pixiedream generously provided me with a physical address of the ramen shop, the photos she had taken of the couple, and further information I had of that night. With all that in hand, I and two members of the ZHHQ’s subreddit, @fumichi and @bombshell, went to visit the ramen shop at 11PM on Friday the 10th. We had the photocopies of the pictures that Pixiedream had taken in a folder and a transcription of her exchanges with me for references.

The place as she’d described in her messages – is small, quaint, family own, and truly a whole in the wall. It took us nearly an hour to find it despite us having the address on hand, we’d relied on the locale for direction toward the place. This highlighted how secretive and private the shop is, making it a great place for a secret rendezvous.

We greeted the owner and asked several questions about the infamous ‘ramen date night’ and the couple in focus, but as expected he’d refused to answer all our questions but kindly allowed us have free reign of the place.  

I alone took the table where Pixiedream sat that night, while fumichi and bombshell sat where the couple supposedly was. We move back and forth between the tables occasionally to discuss our findings when the shop is mostly just us three, the owner, and one other worker there. When there were costumers, we would communicate through our line group chat so we don’t bother other occupants of the shop. We may be intruding and not here for the food, but we try to maintain as much level of respect adhere to this place as possible. We spend over three hours at the shop and didn’t leave till around 2AM the next day.

We spend the rest of the weekend combing through our findings and making notes of it. This is our report of our trip and our assumption of Deku’s ramen date nights.

Here are what we found about the ramen shop with all the proofs linked as provided:

  • We laid out the photos she’d sent over and tried to see if we can find items and furniture in the ramen shop that match with any of the objects in the background of the pictures. The dinnerware sets in the photo is a perfect match to the ones we saw at the ramen shop. But more importantly, the red wallpaper (burgundy to exact) that lined the shop is an exact copy of the ones in all the picture to the same shade and so does the table, chairs, and the small little hole in the wallpaper by the table that the couple sat at. [COMPARISON – here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here]
  • From my vantage point where pixiedream would have sat, I took several photos of where fumichi and bombshell were to see if it aligns with the pictures pixiedream had given me. They were a near perfect match frame for frame from the décor, seating, and of course the burgundy wallpaper. [COMPARISON – here, here, and here]
  • We tried to order the famous infernal spicy ramen and matcha icecream like pixiedream reported to see if that part was true in her story and they are listed on the menu as she said. [REFERENCE – here and here]
  • As previously mention, the ramen shop is secreted away in a corner where the location is only known to the locals and from words of mouth so you won’t find it in any business directories or public map. Unfortunately we can not provide any picture of this location as proof because we don’t want fans flooding this spot for no reason but for ZeroHope ironic as it is that we’re the one say that, we know.
  • The ramen shop’s business hours are 9pm-9am which fits the timestamp of the Pixedream’s story and Deku’s posting his ramen tweet at 4:11am. [SOURCE]
  • In a soundbite from a radio interview at Capers, Deku said his favorite ice cream flavor is matcha ice cream [SOURCE]. Several of Ground Zero’s close colleagues made several inference over a variety of print interviews and live shows that Zero has a preference for spicy food and regularly eat spicy ramen [SOURCE – here, here, here, here, here, and here]
  • We met with some locals who are regular patrons of the shop and asked them if they ever seen a couple with similar description like Zero and Deku, avoiding mentioning their name at all. They didn’t have any clue about who we were talking about but did mention offhand that on the night that Deku’s ramen twitter post went live (4AM on a Friday), it would have been a slow around that time and people usually prefer that so they would be unbothered.
  • EXTREMELY important note (!!!!): one of the locals brought up that there’s a story of this phantom pair who often comes in and out of the ramen super late, like before sunrise, where there’s a lot less traffic and they would just sit down and eat. This local have never seen the pair, but mention that her friend had bumped into them one particular night and they were such nice young men even though they seem keened to be hiding their faces. While this is another hearsay but still valuable information nonetheless in the context of everything so far.

Examination of the photos from Pixiedream & the photo Deku had posted on his twitter account:

  • In Pixiedream’s photos and Deku’s photo, we compared both dinnerware and they are the same bowls, chopsticks, and plates. All features the same size, colors, and motifs. We’d asked the owner where he’d gotten his dinnerware set and he said they are unique to this shop because his friend specifically made it for him as gifts. [REFERENCE - here, here, here, and here]
  • Pixie’s Green Curls wore a grey oversize sweater with green stripes around the cuffs; there are also notable large black words on the back which we can make out vaguely a four digit number 2XXX, which give us a year. This immediately made us think of U.A. Academy’s school signature sweatshirt given to the graduating class which is also grey with green stripes running across the cuffs to emulate the school’s colors. The same sweatshirt is heavily featured in a lot of Deku’s social media photos and is known to be a favorite of his [REFERENCE – here, here, here, and here]. More importantly, we can make a connection that he did wear that exact sweater for his ramen date because in his photo we can see a glimpse of his other free hand on the table and he’s wearing a long grey something with green stripes on the cuffs. It can only be the U.A.’s school sweatshirt and the Green Curls wore the exact same one in Pixie’s photo [SOURCE].
  • Green Curls truly has green curls and Spiky Blond is as blond and spiky as their picture paints them to be. We put all the pictures in a photo editor to zoom in more and make it a clear image as much as we can and we can conclude from that endeavor is that Pixie didn’t lie. [SOURCE]
  • There is a notable height difference between Green Curls and Spiky Blond in the photos even while they were sitting. Green Curls is shorter than Spiky Blond give or take four to five inch difference [REFERENCE - here and here]. Now, we compared to previous photos of Deku and Zero where they were either sitting closely or next to each other and measure their height difference and see if they match with the one in the photos [Source - here, here, here, here, and here]. We know that Deku and Zero have about five differences that stay pretty much constant through many photos when they were together, and we compare it to Pixie’s photos and it was also near identical or off by only a few decimal places.
  • Zero has a pretty recognizable posture and slump of his shoulders, his bulk and arms are widely known among his hardcore fans and we were extremely lucky to have bombshell to help identify him in Pixie’s photos. Bombshell is very familiar with Zero as she had seen in person many times before because she lives near his agency, and she’d dedicated over seven hours looking through her Zero’s reference photos and videos of him and compared it to Spiky Blond, and she conclude it’s the same person. We also outsource this to several other notable Zero’s fans that weren’t biased toward ZH like we are, without revealing what we were up (we’d cropped out Spiky Blond’s face in all the pictures), and asked their opinions and they claimed the exact same thing. [SOURCE – here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here]
  • Deku is known for his scars, specifically the scars that run down both his arms [REFERENCE - here, here, here, and here]. As any Deku fans know, his scars are one of his most identifying features but you don’t always recognize it if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, all the photos that feature the full length of Green Curls’ arms were covered up because he was wearing sweatshirt so we can’t use the scars on his arms to ID him. This doesn’t stop us though because we know Deku’s scars go all the way down to his wrists and hands [REFERENCE - here, here, and here). There were only two photos where we could have a good look at Green Curls’s hands and that was enough for us to see that it’s the same shape, color, and location as Deku’s scars in every photos and live appearances he’d made [REFERENCE - here and here]. No two people have the exact same scar shape and location. That’s not possible.

Final thoughts: This isn’t the first time we’d broken down and examine one of Deku’s ramen dates [Source: here, here, here, here, here, and here], but this is the first time we were allow to do such an extensive research and analyzation that back up our theory. In our previous investigatory posts on Deku’s ramen dates, we couldn’t go further than scrutinizing over his social media’s posts because that was all we were provided. With the story, photos, and a physical address Pixiedream had charitably given us we were able to go out and do actual footwork that further cement our theory.

It’s not just this one ramen date post had led us to believe in our theory, but over several dozens through the years that helped furthered expanded on our theory. This was only a breakthrough that made us 100% committed to our theory. It’s noticing how Zero is never found anywhere else when Deku make a post about his ramen date, it’s knowing that Zero likes spicy ramen very much and how his friends joke in interview that he would make times just for ramen, it’s that one time Deku posted another ramen date photo where we saw actually saw a glimpse of the Unsub’s arm before he hastily took it down but we all know those thicc arms from anywhere, and it’s seeing how happy Deku is on these ramen dates because the Unsub is there with him; now, we can firmly put a name to this Unsub, and it’s Ground Zero.

With everything we found and thoroughly examine so far, we can only conclude to the best of our knowledge and evidences provided to us so far, that the two individuals described in the viral ramen date tumblr post is indeed Deku and Ground Zero in incognito on their ritual late night ramen date. Whatever you chose to believe afterward is on you. 

For further readings:

#pls do not reblog this #or link it anywhere else #this is for the zh comm only and not for public consumption #this post will be deleted a week from now #so save it screenshot it or w/e but dont share it around

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 ⬆ 27.1k ⬇     🗩    The ZeroHope Conspiracy   Misc                                                                                                                

r/Heroes• Posted by u/peapod 6 hours ago 

The ZeroHope Conspiracy


Edit: original post deleted but here are the screenshots

Edit 2: some kind soul upload this as a pdf for us to download and keep for the lolz.

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authentab 1843 points • 6 hours ago
This is so embarrassing. And cringy AF. Shippers are next level of fucking crazy, man. 
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caligulie 1722 points • 6 hours ago
Okay, I have to wonder if the OP was high writing it. it's such a scarily in depth researched and well thought out essay that break down the 'evidence' point by point that I'm not even a shipper or stupid enough to be sucker into it, but despite it all I'm halfway convinced anyway. It may be crazy but I appreciate that brand of crazy, ya feel me? 
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blacco 837 points • 4 hours ago
What a fucking joke. I had a good laughed while reading this. 
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tempestfurryo 681 points • 3 hours ago
If this is just the tip of the iceberg of craziness can we expect more from their locked sub? Because they literally have an entire community dedicated to this creepy shit. Let's exposed all of them.  
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madzgame  Good Guys 4 Lyfe  92 points • 3 hours ago
i have been trying to infiltrate their hive but they vet all their new members app very thoroughly, man :((((
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cruisecontrol 16 points • 2 hours ago
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justiceman  531 points • 1 hour ago
Someone get this chick out of the fandom, she's polluting this place with her fucked up delusion. We need to keep Zero and Deku from these people. 

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beenfighting  Team Zero  199 points • 32 minutes ago
This is making me extremely uncomfortable. No, not the original post but your post linking to the OP and her social media accounts. She specifically asked her post not to be reblog or link anywhere else, but of course someone had to go against her wish and post it here for the rest of us to see. Now everyone is dogpilling her without a chance for OP to defend herselves. I'm not here for this. I may not approve of what she did, but this is getting too far. You're bringing unnecessary and toxic attention to her. The irony that you're in a hero sub, claiming to be the good guys, yet you're bullying a girl online. 
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pinky4prez  Girls Power  199 points • 11 minutes ago
Wait "post #115"?! You mean to tell me there are 114 more previous posts THAT ARE THIS LONG? who got time for that?! WOW. 
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Ground Zero and Deku

Ground Zero and Deku are secretly dating   

Ground Zero and Deku secret ramen dates 

Ground Zero and Deku tried to kill each other

Ground Zero and Deku top ten battles 

Ground Zero and Deku teaming up

Ground Zero and Deku rivalry

Ground Zero and Deku who's better 

   Google Search          I'm Feeling Lucky  









peri @pffzero • 7h
@ Fandom

Can we please, please stop embarrassing ourselves? Keep Zero's name out of your shipping agenda that's all I ask! 
🗨️ 56               ⭮ 92             ♡ 871 

💮 Chee 💮 @cheelinK • 7h
replying to @pffzero
it's that zerohope conspiracy tumblr post isn't it???  

i said zero's right @lolsy • 6h
replying to @pffzero
haha i dont even have to ask to to know what you're talking about but for real though why can't they just leave zero's out of their dirty mouth. 

stan deku is the only choice @dekutarain • 6h
replying to @pffzero
LMAO STFU as if we want deku connected with that violent aggressive asshole like zero who is more villain than hero on any DAY. 

Haruki @harunobi • 4h
replying to @pffzero 
ewe, it's the people from the zhhq sub. these so call 'fans' give the rest of us sane zh shippers a bad name. 

Teniii @boxexpplosion • 2h
replying to @pffzero 
God, I read that piece of trashy tabloid that disguised itself as a 'theory'. It's such utter bullshit. Read like some 13 years old fanfic 🤮. 

greenleaf @brocolliboi• 3m
replying to @pffzero
Peri, we have been mutual for 2yrs now and we never have any issues with each other despite our differing opinions and shipping pref since we're both mature adults :) but clearly you have a problem with something my friend wrote and I wish you would reach out to me in a DM instead of throwing shade like a goddamn coward that I know you usually aren't. Either say it straight to my face or STFU, thanks. 










Ground Zero                                                                                                                                                                          🔍

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The Musutafu Chronicles
The world just discovered the biggest fan conspiracy theory on the internet 
The internet is filled with unbelievable things and strange conspiracy theories but a group of hardcore fans have been theorizing and speculating a deep romance between superstar pro rookies Ground Zero and Deku for years. 
1 hours ago

Hero World
Are Ground Zero and Deku Secretly Dating? 
A series of internet posts launch an investigation into the secret life of pro hero Ground Zero and Deku's suppose private romance ... 
3 hours ago

Pro Hero's Digest
Intense rivalry on the surface but hot and heavy behind the mask, Ground Zero and Deku's secret love life  
Rumor mill churns for our favorite super rookies, spicy hotcake Ground Zero and darling wonderboy Deku are, gasp, no way off the market and are dating each other?!
4 hours ago

The Cape Crusader!
The internet implode upon discovering that Ground zero and Deku go on private ramen date?! 
The fans are at it again with their crazy shipping theories and this time their conspiracy entrapped two of the brightest pro rookies, Ground Zero and Deku with wild assumptions about their private life and ...
7 hours ago

Ground Zero and Deku's secret ramen dates fan theory goes viral  
Tumblr user PastelDeku's viral post about Ground Zero and Deku's secret ramen date, establishes a private romance stretched back into their third years and beyond.
8 hours ago

Super Fans speculate the truth nature of Ground Zero and Deku's public rivalry  
In the eyes of the world they're former classmates, colleagues, and rivals, but to this group of diehard fans speculate that their relationship goes way deeper than that.
8 hours ago

The Tokyo Times
How a group of hardcore fans brought 'The ZeroHope Conspiracy' into the public sphere 
In a truth internet fashion, it took one post for the word 'ZeroHope' to enter the mainstream vernacular and it started with a simple idea: Ground Zero and Deku goes on late night ramen date ... 
9 hours ago

The Tattleteller
Hero Ground Zero and Deku's forbidden romance goes public 
Secret relationship! Late night ramen dates! A love story centers around the two of the hottest young rookies!
10 hours ago

Ground Zero and Deku's body double were caught eating ramen together, leading to fans thinking it's real 
The internet is full of fake news and conspiracy theories but here at TS we're only about the truth and nothing but the truth. The idea that two of the biggest rookies to debut this past years are in a secret relationship that nobody know about is absolutely bullshit. What the fans deluded themselves into seeing are actually Zero and Deku's secret body double ...
12 hours ago

Ground Zero's secret lover exposed and it's his worst rival?! 
Notorious for being intensely private, Ground Zero currently finds himself in the crosshair of curious fans and public scrutiny, when a post from an obsessed fan uncovered what could be one of the biggest scandals of the year, starring Deku and their faux rivalry ...
14 hours ago

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dee dee  @deelunry • 7h
You think some random shipping essay on the internet is suddenly going make me believe in ZeroHope and question everything I have ever known? Ha, what a load of crud. Joke's on you, I have eyes and I don't need an essay to tell me ZeroHope is real. I already know that.  
🗨️ 34              ↻ 22k            ♡ 124k 

queen nejire-chan @waveq • 9h
Not that I believe the whole 'zerohope conspiracy', but it wouldn't it be hilarious if it's true? Think about it, the biggest scandal in the last decade is how two of the hottest rookie heroes are (probably) banging each other right now and nobody even have a single clue except for a bunch of rapid fans. That's wild!
 🗨️ 863              ↻ 12k            ♡ 334k 

hookah @hangry • 14h
zerohope? last I check, neither is zero or deku is gay. so gtfo delulu fangirls and take your dumbass shipping somewhere else. 
🗨️ 428              ↻ 1.4k            ♡ 11k 

rwr  fr ZH @dangerbear • 16h
dude. zerohope is on the frontpage of my small town's newspapers!! ZEROHOPE!! we only have like a thousand people here and a single news agency so everyone from old grannies next door to the drunk uncle down the street is reading about the zerohope conspiracy. omfg, we really blew up!! 
[Image: a hastily taken photo of the 'Misawa Times' that read, "Dating?! Top Rookies secret dates"]
🗨️ 2.9k               ↻ 14k            ♡ 62k 

i need healing @genjimain • 10h
what the fuck is even a zerohope. why is it even trending?! sounds like a cringy af 90s emo band. don't you fuckers have better shit to do then coming up with dumb conspiracy to fuel your delusion? 
🗨️2.6k              ↻ 249            ♡ 477 

Z  & D   @zhope • 22h
Y'all ZeroHope is the #1 trending topic worldwide. A much beloved but accursed ship that regularly get shit on just by everybody and nobody care about it except for us dumb lots. Congratulations, motherfuckers, we made it.    
🗨️ 3.9k              ↻ 16k            ♡ 89k 

sarah @sarasah • 53m
people need to get that the zhc isn't about shipping. it's love. it's zerohope ❤. 
🗨️ 6              ↻ 239            ♡ 461 

sumi  zh4BNH @unfh_eroes • 22m
idk if i'm comfortable with zerohope going public like this :/. the zhc was always our thing, but now that it's taking over the mainstream media it's only going to invite endless ridicule and mockery and that's something im not sure our fandom is ready for. 
🗨️ 121              ↻ 424            ♡ 1.2k 

Fumi @ RedRiot central @buff_riot • 6h
ZeroHope is such a fucking joke at this point that they, and by they I mean the deluded fans, have to make up some bullshit conspiracy theory just to have their ship stay afloat. 
🗨️ 8.6k              ↻ 66k            ♡ 142k 

ran ☆ chan @ranchan • 3h
nobody, literally nobody at all:

me: *aggressively whispers* have you heard about the greatest story on earth?  the one about two boys and the love that conquers all? *screams* zerohope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Image: a man sits at a table that have a white banner across it, stating that, "ZeroHope is real, change my mind"]  
🗨️ 78               ↻ 2.9k            ♡ 59k 

miki 🌙 uravity4BNH @rain_faerie • 6h
ok, raise your hand if you think this zerohope bullshit isn't the biggest pr stunt ever. esp coming off the tail end of the best new hero award promo where both of them are coincidence up for. wow, i'm so shock. 
🗨️ 8.8k                ↻ 76k              ♡ 163K 

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steamumire ⭮ wildsugar 


DONT LET SOME CRAZY SHIPPING MEME LIKE ZHC DISTRACT YOU FROM THE GOAL!!! VOTE!!! VOTE #ZERO4BNW. we need to get him that rookie award!! come one guys we can do it!


Zero would have his third rookie awards already from the HA if the sucker punches hadn't stolen it from us :). remember how those 100k votes magically 'appear' for Deku just in time before the polls closes and he'd pulled right ahead of Zero? #neverforget


oh god, you guys really are something. we didn't fake those 100k votes, we worked as hard as you guys did to get deku the win so don't belittle our effort by accusing us of cheating.  you lost this time, SO OWN IT and try better next time. you guys already won two other rookie awards but we organized and promoted hardcore to get this win for deku so stop blaming others for your failures. there's a ya know that famous saying #letitgo #LETITFUCKINGGO

Source: teamzero 

#im neither team zero or team deku  #but this is so embarrassing #why can't we all just along #now i kinda want one of the other rookies to take the BNH award to shut these fandom up #im just waiting for the QUnited's Gala to start so you all have something new to obsessed about

384 notes                                                                                                                                                                                         ⮞   🗩   ⭮   ♡  







Long Ears 🐰 Agency @leagency • 21h
Please refrain from accosting our heroes while they're out on the field and doing their job. When they donned their suit and are out patrolling or fighting villains, they're not here to entertain fans. 
🗨️ 7.8k              ⭮ 397K            ♡ 528K 

Haruki @harunobi • 21h
replying to @leagency 
wtf is wrong with people?! they're HEROES at work they're not some fucking boybands, jfc. 

Tara Star @tarahbal • 21h
replying to @leagency
How much you wanna bet it's those zero fans staking out the agency's main office? 

danni @zerohour • 19h
replying to @leagency 
:/ Geez, it's just a picture. Zero Why make such a big deal out of it? Us fans wait hours and hours just to see our favorite heroes and you can't even spare a few minutes with us? So damn ungrateful. 

DDot @foughdot • 16h
replying to @leagency
I heard it's those ZeroHope shippers harrassing Zero at the entrance of his agency that got Zero so furious today :(. why can't they just leave him alone! 

Fumi 💚🧡 #BNHZero @exiter • 16h
replying to @leagency
don't lie, I was right there with my friends and I heard none of that. if you're going to make up some bullshit lie about another fandom don't make it so obvious that others can catch on and call you out. 

Z E R O @puppyzzz • 12h
replying to @leagency
This is the main reason why Zero had refused to recognize an official fanclub because all his fans are INSANE. 

akillau @katsukill • 11h
replying to @leagency
hey, why don't you stop assuming that you know what Zero is thinking and stfu. the Demolition Crew is one of the biggest and most organized heroes fanclubs out there who does many great things for the fandom and even if it's not officially endorsed by Zero, he also haven't publicly denounced it either and knowing Zero who not known to keep his thoughts to himself. that's pretty much an endorsement. 











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vivime riot looks so good heLP
anoxkisti Who tf care about riot we want Deku! Deku!
dar3ssi3 stfu about Deku already. Not everything has got to about him. 
cabarot787 i came for deku and you give me no deku so fuck you very much ( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮
FallenJo HOLY CRAP!!!! NO WAY IS THAT HIM o(*≧□≦)o
gazzetegif Can you guys not? Leave RR alone! He's at the gala because your boy Deku invited him.
Tearamisu gz!!!!!!1111
1A_supernova wth is he doing here
pillowf00 Σ(・口・)Σ(・口・)Σ(・口・)Σ(・口・)Σ(・口・)
dekku-chan uh, nobody said anything about zero being here??? wth is this suppose to be a surprise
radiantchi wait is that really him?? are we sure it isn't some weird body double lol
ze_r0 it's zero!!! it's my boi wtffffffff  (●__●)
kiriko did riot invited gz ??? heh, bestbros amirite ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
mangachu weird, i thought zero hated these things (°ヘ°)
zerotan y'all cancel!! zero is here!! bow to your king plebs
x-red look who riot brought with him as his plus one lol 
low_Gr zero & riot together?? here??? omg nooo my shipper heart cant take it
Ayayaya zero in a SUIT someone take me out PLS (๑♡⌓♡๑) HE IS SO HOTTT
gl1mm3r wOW didnt expect him to be here at all. did riot ask him to come as his date?
uniqcorn wait what about deku & zero then i thought they were the one secretly dating each other??? WAS THAT A LIE THIS WHOLE TIME ( ゜Д゜;)!?
spoongurl woah drama alert this is gonna be juicy!!

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QUnited is non-profit research institution that purpose itself to study quirk usage and evolution while aiming to promote equality and peace among the quirk users and non-quirk individuals. Our motto is: Unity through Diversity. 








Zero 4 no.1 @danse • 7h
zerohope? more like zeronope it right out of there. miss him with that retarded shipping conspiracy theory. 
🗨️ 493               ⭮ 1.3k            ♡ 4.3k 

whiteee @blanco • 7h
replying to @danse 
omg zerohope lmao. that's perfect! let's get that trending #zeronope 

Tamsters @tamarin • 7h
replying to @danse
Can you get your ableism out of your shit talking? I'm not impressed. 

It&zy @itzy • 5h
replying to @danse 
this is pretty much online bullying, so can we not? :/

Zero 4 no. 1 @dansei • 3h
replying to @itzy 
what you don't think they deserve it for all the crap they put zero through? making a mockery of his love life and turning it into some trashy romance fanfics? fuck off #zeronope










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❄️Mei ❄️ @ QUnited Gala @mei_mei • 17
Will be at QUnited Gala 2XXX Red Carpet follow me for livetweets on Jan 17th!
🗨️ 88                ⭮32             ♡ 744 

❄️Mei ❄️ @ QUnited Gala @mei_mei • 5h
those those flamers who are accusing me of making it up, i'm not. who even got time for that? you just don't want to hear it when your ship get mash to smithereens, i get it but dont call me a liar. 
🗨️ 34              ⭮ 56             ♡ 453 

❄️Mei ❄️ @ QUnited Gala @mei_mei • 5h
Zero ran into the building, inoring any further questions as riot apologoze for him and then go after him, leaving everyone at the red carpet in a state of total shock. i think there's some fans are out here crying?? heard someone said "all my life is now a lie" lmao
🗨️ 84              &nbsp⭮ 335             ♡ 1.3k 

❄️Mei ❄️ @ QUnited Gala @mei_mei • 5h
ooh miya just asked aobut the romantic rumors linking zero and deku together and if there's any merit to them. zero looks BEYOND PISSED AT AT THAT Q. said deku and him aren't even pals. brutal. 
🗨️ 394               ⭮ 984             ♡ 9.7k 

❄️Mei ❄️ @ QUnited Gala @mei_mei • 5h
miyashiro turned to congrats zero on his nom in BNH category. zero grunted. M asked if there was anything zero wanted to say to his fans here. zero said, "no." but that doesn't stop the fans from screaming a ridiculous amount anyway. despite his appearance being unexpected there are so many zero stans wth lol 
🗨️ 193               ⭮ 147             ♡ 2.8k 

❄️Mei ❄️ @ QUnited Gala @mei_mei • 5h
they talked a lot about why riot is here and he said it was to support his friend, winking playfully at the camera. it seems he's here as a stand in for deku then? or at least seems so. nobody knows why zero here tho. 
🗨️ 32              ⭮ 67             ♡ 993 

❄️Mei ❄️ @ QUnited Gala @mei_mei • 5h
riot introduced zero as 'future n. 1'! and zero looking largely unimpressed even as riot drag him into a side hug. maya asked, "if that's an official endorsement from him" and riot just grinned. 
🗨️87               ⭮ 76             ♡ 1.8k 

❄️Mei ❄️ @ QUnited Gala @mei_mei • 5h
oooh! it's finally riot and zero's turn for the interview with miyashiro ren. riot is looking really good in his black and red suit and zero always looking so yummy!!!
🗨️ 55               ⭮ 83              ♡ 1.3k 

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hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku• 4h
ok but Is nobody going to talk about the cufflinks zero is wearing??? his left one is an emerald and his right is an orange tope! that's a sign right? deku couldn't be here so he got to rep his boi *g*
🗨️ 878              ↻ 22            ♡ 164 

zero's waifu @jrhero• 4h
replying to @pasteldeku 

Fuzin @sourdoug• 4h
replying to @pasteldeku 
you're reaching so hard that you might as well be in another galaxy :D

[BLANK] @tornigmp• 4h
replying to @pasteldeku 
lmao delulu fangirls for real 

BOOM @boomzoom• 4h
replying to @pasteldeku 
why don't you just delete yourself from the internet already? you're so amazingly obtuse about the damage you brought it's ridiculous 

Kana @bellivileu• 4h
replying to @pasteldeku 
Please, stop. Haven't you done enough damage already? Leave Deku and Zero alone already!

deku best boi @pinkudeku• 4h
replying to @pasteldeku 
I hope that you're happy with yourself now that you ruined EVERYTHING. I love ZH too but I would never go to this extent to 'expose' them as though we have any right to do it. Go away and never come back to this fandom. We don't want you here!

enez @enez• 4h
replying to @pasteldeku 
deku is world's unluckiest guy to have a crazy delusional fans like you who thinks he would hook up with his worst enemy 

Umin @kkenepas• 12m
replying to @pasteldeku 
kindly fuck off








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                                                                                                                                                                  09:32      HD       🔊

Starting @ 9:32 Transcript: 

INTERVIEWER: -shoving the mic up to Zero's face-Have you heard of the sordid rumors starring you and Deku that have been flooding the internet and news?

GROUND ZERO: -glowers- Not interest. 

INTERVIEWER: No? But you're pals with Deku right? Aren't you a little curious about what they're saying about you two?

GROUND ZERO: -glares heatedly- We're not pals. -pushes the interviewer out of the way and marches inside the building-

RED RIOT: W-wait, where are you--?! -groans- Sorry about that! -runs after Zero into the building-

INTERVIEWER: -quickly recovers from Zero's shocking pubic declaration- Well, you heard here first. Deku and Zero are enemies on and off the field. There seems to be no friendly overtures let alone some clandestine romance between them at all sadly to disappoint all those fans out there!

Source: teddy_beelow 

#QU Charity Gala 2XXX #video#Ground Zero #Hero: Ground Zero #Pro-Heroes

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spanky ⭮ ttcan


nice. nice job harassing that poor girl and sending her death treats. that show her how wonderful and full of rainbows and unicorns our fandom is :)))

... this godawful fandom is beyond toxic. 


she brought this on herself by invading Zero and Deku's privacy first and we're just exercising the same kind of attention she gave them. ZH shippers need to be taught a lesson. 


can you please not lump all ZH shippers in the same league as that delusional girl from the ZHC sub? not all ZH shippers believe in the ZeroHope Conspiracy... some of us just want to ship ZH quietly and just think they might be cute together, not that we actually believe that they ARE together. we're not part of that fringe group. 


FUCK THESE DUMB GAYS. I'M SO TIRED OF THEIR LIES AND BULLSHIT. Just tell us straight up if you're fucking or not jfc so we dont have to hold our collective breaths. 


this entire post is cursed. when can we get back to top/bottom discourse instead?

Source: furyroad 

#let's get back to what really matters #who tops and who bottoms #ha jokes on you both deku and zero are hardcore bottoms #and they fight to death for it

3,362 notes                                                                                                                                                                                      ⮞   🗩   ⭮   ♡  






greenleaf @brocolliboi • 22m
They're "not pals" because they're boyfriends, you cowards. 
🗨️ 5               ⭮ 3            ♡ 65 

one smiling toothy boy @redpowerd• 9m
replying to @brocolliboi 
ok but zero literally came with red riot as his plus one so can you stop?? deku got riot to come for him since he couldn't make it and brought zero along as his date AND not to mention zero killed zerohope already so stop dreaming. it's zeroriot all the way to home stretch now. 

greenleaf @brocolliboi• 2m
replying to @pasteldeku 
Hey, thanks for dropping by but did Riot said he was at the gala as Deku's guest and that Zero is his date for this event? No? Who to say it isn't Zero whom Deku asked to stand in for him at the gala and that Riot was the one who'd tagged along. You don't know. Neither do I, so kindly STFU and let me ship ZeroHope in peace without your unnecessary and unwanted commentary.