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Midoriya Inko hummed to herself as she vacuumed her small apartment. It had always been quiet during the school day but now that Izuku had to get the train to UA she was on her own for longer. It was worth it though. Just yesterday he’d gotten home from his first day of high school with the biggest smile she’d seen him wear in years. He’d rambled all through dinner about his classmates and their quirks (Inko was less than enthused to learn that Katsuki was once again in his class) and how his new homeroom teacher was a pro hero named Eraserhead. But most importantly, for Inko, he talked about how he’d made friends. He’d walked from the school to the train station with two of his classmates, Uraraka and Iida, talking all the way. Her heart swelled from the memory of it as she entered Izuku’s room.

Inko smiled at the All Might merchandise that filled the room. The greatest hero in the world, the man Izuku looked up to the most, and he was going to teach her son! Izuku had told her that his first class with the man was scheduled for that afternoon. She just knew he’d be able to learn a lot and become a cool hero!

Inko vacuumed slowly, thankful that Izuku wasn’t as untidy as other teenage boys. Her friends who had them all complained about having to pick up after their sons and constantly nagging at them to do their chores.

I’m truly blessed with Izuku, she thought to herself, pulling the chair out from under the desk so she could clean beneath it. Maybe I’ll make him Katsudon for dinner tonight – oh! Lost in her thoughts she accidently hit the leg of the desk. A small button fell from its perch on the edge and Inko quickly reached out, using her quirk her draw it to her.

Turning the vacuum off and setting it aside, Inko examined the object. It wasn’t a button. It fit neatly in the palm of her hand, made of cool metal with a number of indents on one side, with two buttons on the edge. Curious, she pressed one of them.

“I am here as a projection!” Inko shrieked, dropping the object onto the desk as a bright light and a loud voice emerged.

“All Might?” she asked quietly. The number one hero was wearing a yellow, pinstriped suit she’d seen him wear on many talk shows. Was this a recording of one of his interviews? “I had to do some paperwork that took some time, so I couldn’t contact you. I’m sorry. Actually, I came to this town to work at UA.”

UA? This must have come with Izuku’s acceptance letter. Inko shook her head to clear her thoughts. This was private, she was sure Izuku wouldn’t want her to watch it if he hadn’t already shown it to her. She reached for the device to turn it off as All Might was encouraged to hurry it up by whoever was behind the camera.

“Even if you passed the written exam, you got zero points on the practical exam. Of course, that means you didn’t pass…”

Inko froze. What? That didn’t make any sense. Izuku got in. He did! They’d bought the uniform. She’d made him a costume! He’d told her such wonderful things about his first day!

“If that was all there was to it,” All Might continued, producing a remote from his pocket. Inko stared at the image, transfixed. “I am an entertainer as well!”

A girl about Izuku’s age appeared on screen, with brown hair and rosy cheeks. “Excuse me, um…” the girl began shyly.

“She came to negotiate directly in person after the exam!” interrupted All Might. “Negotiate what? Keep watching to find out!”

“Um, the person with curly hair and freckles…” said the girl, miming with her hands. “Do you know who I’m talking about? Um… Kind of plain-looking…”

“Izuku?” Inko whispered.

“Is it possible for me to give him some of my points?”

Inko gasped, covering her mouth with her hands as tears welled in her eyes. She didn’t know who this girl was but she loved her already. To be willing to sacrifice some of her points for the sake of her Izuku! Inko felt as if her heart would burst.

“I heard him say, ‘if I can just get one point,’ so I thought maybe he was still at zero points… At least the points he lost because of me…” At this the girl shut her eyes, determination screwing up her face. “He saved me! Please! Please! Please!”

Inko’s tears spilled over as the girl begged to give Izuku her points. All Might used the remote to pause the video again. “The entrance exam the other day was not graded only on villain points!”

The video resumed, and a man in black leather was speaking. “Even if you ask to, you cannot give him your points,” he said. (Is that Present Mic? Inko thought) He pat the girl on the head. “Anyway, there’s no reason to give him any, female listener!”

All Might once again addressed the camera. “How can a hero course reject people who save others and do the right thing?” he asked. “Call that lip service? Bring it on! This is a job that requires risking one’s life to put that lip service into practice!

“Rescue points! It’s the other basic ability we at UA look at! Midoriya Izuku, sixty points!”

Inko inhaled sharply as the image flashed to a scoreboard showing Izuku’s name. Seventh. He’d come seventh. Out of thousands of examinees. She was so proud!

“And Uraraka Ochako, forty-five points!”

Uraraka. This was the girl he’d made friends with. Izuku said her quirk could make things weightless. Inko certainly felt like she was weightless then. If the girl ever needed anything Inko would give it to her.

“You both pass,” said All Might. He held his hand out. “Come, Young Midoriya. This is your hero academia!”

The video ended and Inko sat down hard on her son’s bed. Her tears came in a torrent, and she wiped them away with one sleeve while her other hand clutched at her heart. Her Izuku had done so well! And he’d saved that girl, Uraraka. She was so glad they were friends. She couldn’t wait to meet her. And for All Might to say those things to her son!

Once she’d calmed down that thought struck her. The way All Might had spoken, it was like he knew Izuku! She quickly got up and hit the button to replay the message.

“I had some paperwork to do so I couldn’t contact to you. I’m sorry.” The way he said it made it sound like All Might wanted to contact Izuku sooner.

“Actually I came to this town to work at UA.” Last year, All Might had become very active in Musufatu. She’d heard many people theorise that he had moved here but it wasn’t unheard of for the number one hero to appear in multiple cities in a single day. But saying it as if Izuku knew he lived here for a fact…

“But there is something I must talk to him about…” He’d gone off script here, that much was obvious. That he’d want to talk more to Izuku in particular…

“In addition to now having a quirk…” How did All Might know that Izuku was quirkless until recently? There was only one possible explanation. All Might knew Izuku. It was the only reason Inko could think of. And, somehow, All Might was responsible for Izuku suddenly developing a quirk.

Inko remembered seeing Izuku’s bandaged finger when he came home the day before. When she asked what happened he’d waved it off as him not being able to control his quirk yet. Because of All Might her son now had a dangerous quirk and was hurtling down the path to the most dangerous career in Japan.

But even as a cold fear gripped her Inko remembered how determined Izuku had become in the past year. How happy he’d been to get in to UA. And the light in his eyes as he talked about his new friends. She couldn’t bring herself to be angry at the Symbol of Peace for putting that smile on her son’s face.

She’d worry, of course. And she could not stop the fear in her heart. But Inko wiped her tears away and nodded to herself. She would support Izuku, to the best of her ability. Anything, to keep that smile on his face.

“Come, Young Midoriya. This is your hero academia!”