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Deku: Hero Lover

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Paperwork. All the fucking paperwork. And he had to be so careful because if he got pissed off about it, it would catch fire and then he'd be stuck doing even more.

Katsuki Bakugo did not sign up for paperwork when he became a pro hero, but if he had to do it then he'd do it right.


Bakugo's head whipped to his phone after hearing that distinct alert. It wasn't anything obvious. It was just a different tone than his texts. Other heroes also doing paperwork looked over at the interruption but went back to their tasks at hand. He grabbed his phone, heart pounding.

Get a fucking grip, he growled at himself . It's a fucking video. Calm your fucking shit. You're pathetic.

In the notification bar, he could see a little gray dot sitting there. Taunting him.

If he were to pull down the menu, there would be no message regarding that little dot. It was discreet and the only way to dismiss it was to open the app it was from. Said app was buried so deeply in his phone it never saw the light of day, only the darkness of his bedroom.


Bakugo hunched over his computer, typing feverishly. The faster he worked, the faster he could leave.

As soon as he was done he bolted out of the agency, ignoring the goodbyes of his coworkers. He held his phone tightly as he navigated crowds and endured the train taking its sweet ass time. He tried to look out the window across from him but a scrawny green haired man sat awkwardly in front of it looking at his phone. Bakugo didn't want the guy thinking he was looking at him because he wasn't. So he just looked at his phone too. At that gray dot.

Finally it was his stop. The other guy got off the train there too, but Bakugo didn’t care. A couple more blocks and his apartment would be in sight.

He jogged up the stairs and locked the door behind him. Knowing his luck, his friends would stop by and he just couldn't handle that right now.

He went into his blacked out room, keeping the lights off. He stripped down and laid on his bed, already half hard from anticipation.

Folder inside of folder inside of folder, he finally found the icon.


That's all it was called and it had hundreds of thousands of downloads from pervs like Bakugo. It had a unique combination of adult shopping and videos. It was a business venture by R-Rated heroine Midnight.

The videos were a mix of product reveals and pornography. There were multiple men and women that would buy whatever sex toys were released based on heroes, talk a bit about them and show them off, then masturbate with them.

Kirishima was the one who told him about it, having been super excited and oblivious to the phrase “TMI" when he showed Bakugo that a toy had been made of his dick in its Unbreakable form. It had just been a link to the shop, but Bakugo had rabbit holed down the site and found the different videos. Some did live shows, others uploaded prerecorded videos.

Deku was Bakugo's favourite. In his first video, he introduced himself as Deku, a Quirkless gay boy who loved heroes. Emphasis on love.

Some videos only showed off accessories, such as Midnight’s line of whips. Deku had flagellated himself for all to see. Other times he used heroine fleshlights. But his best videos (in Bakugo's opinion) involved dildos made in casts of real hero dicks. Bakugo couldn't watch the Kirishima one. That was just weird. But the other ones… Deku didn't care if they were normal or mutant, he rode them. And rode them well if the amount of times Bakugo had cum to him was any sort of basis.

The flagellation video was the first one Bakugo had found, maybe a year or so prior when Deku was a nobody. He still never showed his full face but Bakugo was in love. He was adorable and bubbly, but also had a talented mouth. He would suck those fake cocks like they were the real deal, moaning and drooling, and just once Bakugo would love to shove his own cock in there instead. Just like he would love to dominate that weak looking body, hold him down and use him in every way he could think off before shooting cum across that damn dimple in his cheek.

He wasn’t the only one, given how fast he had shot to popularity, but fuck Bakugo had it bad for Deku.

It drove Bakugo wild every time Deku talked dirty and then smiled, flashing that dimple on his right cheek. He liked how Deku’s body was covered in freckles, how he had a decent sized cock, but he had those low hanging balls that Bakugo wanted to put his mouth on. After each dildo fucking video, he always let his viewers see how much it left him gaping. Bakugo always tried to hold off cumming until then but sometimes it didn't happen.

It seemed like this was going to be one of those days.

The video began with the focus on that skinny body wearing an All Might shirt, arguably the greatest hero to ever live, the Symbol of Peace. The only part of him that was visible was between his mouth and shoulders.

“Hey everyone. Deku here.” He smiled and god damn that fucking dimple! “I got something in the mail today and I can't wait to show you guys.” His voice was giddy with excitement and Katsuki couldn't hide his own smile.

Deku held up a package that took up the entire screen. Katsuki’s jaw dropped.

“That's right! I ordered the All Might Challenge!” Deku looked at it then turned back to the camera. “This is bigger than my forearm.” He held up a forearm next to a giant yellow, red, and blue dildo. The fake dick was in fact bigger than his thin arm in length and in girth.

“I know this has been out for a while, but this takes time to work up to. And a lot of prep too. I knew it was supposed to arrive today so I've had the Hound Dog knot butt plug in all day. It's still in actually.” He grinned and shifted a little in his seat, lips parting a little as the butt plug rubbed against him the right way.

He held the dildo up and wrapped his lips around the tip. The head itself was a lot to take in. But he kept going, shoving it down further and further down his throat. The gagging noises had Bakugo gripping his dick. Tiny tear tracks trailed down what was visible of his face and Bakugo watched in awe as he pulled it out of his mouth. Deku swallowed it down easier this time but he still gagged and cried.

Bakugo was rock hard. He hated that Deku could get him so hard so quickly, but he never fought it though.

Deku moaned around the huge dong and held it still with one hand. He moved on it like it was a real cock, stroking it when his mouth needed a break. It was covered with spit that also covered his hand the more he stroked it.

Bakugo spit on his own and matched his stroking to Deku's. His eyes started to close but he forced them open. Yes he could rewatch the video - and he knew this was going to be one he rewatched - but Bakugo liked to watch the full thing uninterrupted that first time.

It always got him hotter to pretend Deku was doing his shows for Bakugo. And he would never close his eyes if given the chance for one of these shows in person.

Deku was still sliding his mouth along the monster cock. He pulled it out and it glistened with saliva. He set it base down on his desk and stroked it with one hand while the other wiped his tears away.

“My mouth hurts,” Deku laughed a little, voice already sounding rough. “I'm getting a little nervous. This is going to tear my ass apart. I've never tried anything so big.”

He got to his feet and pulled his pants and boxers down. He was rock hard, precum leaking out of the purple head. He held the All Might Challenge beside his own cock. He was completely dwarfed by it.

Bakugo loved Deku's cock. He figures it was about six and a half inches. He knew he would fit perfectly in his battle roughened hand.

Deku's long thin fingers tried to hold both his cock and the fake one in one hand. It didn't work and watching him needing to grip them together pulled a moan from Bakugo.

“Mmm, I think I'm ready.” That fucking dimple again. Fuck.

The video showed Deku's room like it always did. It was really plain. Just the bed, desk or table the camera was on, and that was it. Bakugo suspected he had a room just for his sex videos and fuck that got him even harder.

Deku came into view completely naked, cock jutting out in front of him. He got on all fours on the  bed, the camera too close to capture his face.

“Fuck, he’s perfect,” Bakugo moaned as he reached down to squeeze his balls with one hand while stroking with the other.

Deku had the perfect shape and posture to get Bakugo going. The curve to his spine as he put his ass on display.

Sure enough, there was his butt plug. Deku reached back and tugged it a little, teasing.

“Just fucking do it,” Bakugo growled. Almost like Deku heard him, he watched his hole stretch to remove the knot plug. It left him gaping but not loose enough for the monster that was going to be filling him.

Deku squeezed lube over his hole and slid three fingers in right away. After a couple thrusts of his fingers, he added the fourth. He still took that easily and added his thumb.

The second Deku fit his whole hand inside of his ass, Bakugo came. It shot across his chest but he didn't care. He kept stroking, knowing Deku could get another one out of him.

When he pulled his fist out, he grabbed his cheeks and kept them spread, showing the camera how ready he was.

He let go of himself and drizzled lube all over the massive cock. He turned himself slightly so everyone could see it going in.

Deku barely made the head before pausing. The soft moans he made as the very tip pressed in were so sexy. He stretched around it, his cries getting higher and higher as he took more. As soon as the head popped in he paused, holding it still as he panted hard.

Bakugo could hear the strained breathing and started getting hard again. This was what he loved about Deku. As good as he was, he was an amateur and he left in those moments when he needed a breather. It made it as real as it could be to the point that Bakugo talked to him.

“Come on Deku. You're doing so good, baby. You look so good with that cock in your ass. Relax for me. Take a little more baby.”

No one would make it out alive if they heard him, but when it was just him and Deku's videos in a dark room, it was fine.

Sure enough, Deku's breathing got easier and he slowly started working a couple more inches into him. Then a couple more. He stopped there and moved it in and out of himself. He had the average cock length amount buried in his ass but it was thick enough to equal two.

Exhaling, Deku shoved another two inches in and started fucking himself on those. He wasn't enjoying himself all that much, Bakugo could tell. All his videos started out that way. Almost like it was just something to do. But then he'd get the right angle and then came Bakugo's favourite part.

Deku had worked himself down another two inches.

“I feel like I'm gonna break in half,” he keened and paused to squeeze more lube onto it. He tried to move it another inch but had to pause. Bakugo could see his head falling to his forearms as he breathed.

Bakugo's stroking was slow, almost lazy now. He wasn't sure if Deku was going to be able to handle it. He watched his crush sit up so the base of the dildo was on the bed.

“Go beyond,” he heard Deku say almost to himself, “plus ultra!” he forced himself onto the remaining inches, the end of ultra turning into a bit of a scream.

“Oh my God. Do you see that?” he panted heavily. “All of it. That huge monster cock is all the way in my ass.” He laughed a little, breathless. “My ass might be too tight for this.”

Bakugo groaned and squeezed himself, still watching.

Holding it in place with his feet, Deku slowly moved on it. It almost popped out of him but he took it all the way to the hilt again. A couple more times he did this, starting to move a little faster each time.

The sounds coming out of him were heavenly. All his little gasps and moans got under Bakugo's skin in the best way. The gasps became “oh fuck”s and Bakugo held his breath in anticipation.

“A few more. Come on baby. Do it. Get wild for me. Come on Deku.”

Bakugo had seen so many videos, so many times that he knew exactly when Deku was starting to lose himself.

After he started repeating oh fuck, he started making weird little noises. They were frantic moans, but it was as though he could only get the first half out.

And then the head drop.

And then that noise.

Bakugo couldn't describe it other than wild, feral, primitive. It was just this guttural cry and then Deku was slamming his body as hard as he could down onto the monster cock.

The first time he heard it, he thought Deku had been possessed. But now it was the sexiest noise on the planet. It was like a switch had been flicked and Deku went from adorable little sex toy promoter to cock worshipping slut.

He was insatiable as he rode it as hard as he could over and over. Bakugo swore he saw a bit of blood, but Deku was too far gone to care. He was grabbing at the sheets, screaming in pleasure as he impaled himself on the massive dong.

Bakugo gripped himself tight, determined to hold off a little longer.

Much to his relief, Deku's body stilled, his screams coming out silently as rope after rope of cum shot out of him.

Deku stayed on all fours trying to catch his breath. He reached back and slowly pulled the fifteen inch fake cock out of his ass.

His limbs were shaking with exhaustion but he leaned forward and spread his cheeks. Gaping didn't seem to cover it. And Bakugo had been right - there were tiny trickles of blood.

Bakugo hadn't cum that hard in a long time.

It was almost a month before Deku posted another video. Not that Bakugo blamed him. Something that huge needed a lot of recovery time.

Bakugo missed him and had taken to rewatching older videos in the meantime. But was he ever happy to hear the ping of the alert and that little gray dot appear.

Although this time, the video turned out to be a disappointment.

Seeing Deku's half face and smile light up his screen was always welcome. But his words were a different story.

“Okay so I'm going to do something a little different today. I bought Eraserhead’s sex ropes. They're so soft  and sturdy… okay this is kind of embarrassing
but I can't really use them.” He wasn't kidding when he said it was embarrassing. His cheeks had gone red. After all the lewd things he said and did, this simple thing made him blush.

“I can't really do solo play with this and I don't have a boyfriend. So maybe one day I'll have a video for you with these.”

That was it? Bakugo couldn't help but smile. Fuck he had it bad for that guy. And if he doesn't have a boyfriend…

Yeah. Only in Bakugo's wet dreams. He didn't even know how to begin to find him. Before he could follow that rabbit hole of thought, Deku spoke again.

“That's the only new thing that came out so I decided to bring out one of my favourites. I hope you won't mind that it's already been seen.”

Here was the let down.

“Hero Red Riot’s cock in its Unbreakable state.”

He stopped the video. He wanted nothing more than to text his best friend saying how much he hated his dick. But that would mean Kirishima would find out about his love of Deku and that just wasn't happening.

It was bound to happen sooner or later though. It wasn't that Kirishima had found out exactly. But Bakugo was getting jealous of other heroes so he did something there was no coming back from.

Every ping had him on edge until finally, the video Bakugo spent two years dreaming of, finally happened.

“Hey! Deku here and you don't understand how excited I am right now!” He was actually shaking and could not stop grinning. “I didn't order this. This is not on the market. I repeat this is not on the market! I got home today and found a package waiting for me. And oh my god you guys.” He put his hand over his mouth.

“I'm sorry. Okay. Sorry. I'm fanboying so hard right now.” He inhaled deeply and exhaled. “I got a custom made dildo sent to me. It's from Stroke of Midnight, which as you know is the company that makes the Hero Line so this is the real deal. He went in and had them make this for me. FOR ME! According to Midnight herself this was the only one made.”

He held up a dildo that looked very familiar to Bakugo.

“This is the cock of Ground Zero.”

Bakugo bit his lip as he watched Deku present it to the camera. Deku ran his tongue over his lips and continued talking. “Ground Zero, if you're watching this, thank you. You have made this boy's day. And night… many, many nights,” he admitted with a blush. “I'm so in love with your cock and I haven't even used it yet.”

Bakugo couldn't help but stroke himself as Deku talked to him. His eyes were drawn to the way those long, thin fingers trailed over the toy. With a light touch, he mirrored the movement and moaned.

“This is perfection.” Deku continued. “It's definitely one of the bigger ones in my non-mutant collection. It’s ei- wait am I allowed to say how big you are, Ground Zero? This feels so top secret. So naughty,” He shivered. Bakugo moaned and squeezed himself hard. He could cum just listening to Deku talk and he hadn't even started using the toy yet.

Deku finally held the dildo in front of his mouth and Bakugo stopped breathing. He watched those mesmerizing lips part and wrap around the head. Deku slowly moved his mouth on it as though he were actually sucking Bakugo’s cock.  

Inch by inch he took it down his throat until those lips were pressed right to the base of the toy.

“Oh god,” Bakugo moaned.

Deku tapped his throat to show how far down his throat it had gone.

“Fuck!” Bakugo ran his hand through his hair with his free hand as he stroked himself.

Slowly Deku pulled it out of his mouth slowly. “Your cock fits so good in my mouth. If only you could cover my face in your cum.” He filled his mouth with the toy again, making a show of slurping and drooling all over it, taking it deep into his throat every time.

Bakugo spit into his hand, desperate to make it as wet as Deku's mouth could. He matched pace with Deku and he didn't even care that he couldn't control is volume. Short of a round or two with Deku himself, this was all Bakugo wanted.

“I can't wait anymore,” Deku moaned as he pulled his mouth off of it.

The camera shifted so it was on the ground, Bakugo's dick replica the only thing in frame. Deku had added a suction to it for easier riding. Thin legs entered and then Deku sat on his knees, back to the camera. He pressed his ass back until it was against the dildo.

“Watch me, Ground Zero. Watch me ride your cock.”

Bakugo watched.

He watched Deku grind against it, he watched him raise himself up, and then come back down, impaling his already prepped ass onto it.

Even though he couldn't see his face, Bakugo saw him tip his head back with a moan.

“You feel so good,” Deku moaned as he bottomed out. He leaned forward, showing the dong almost popping out before lowering back onto it. He wiggled down on it to get it as deep as possible.

Deku's quiet little “oh fuck"s got louder and louder until his head dropped forward.

Bakugo stared at the screen. Deku had barely gotten started and he was already worked into a frenzy. Did he really crave Bakugo's cock that much?

Whether he was boosting Bakugo's ego or genuinely enjoyed it, it had the blond close to spilling as Deku thrashed around wildly as he rode the dildo as hard as he could.

“Fuck me, Ground Zero. Fuck me!”

Bakugo stroked himself faster and faster until he came across his stomach. And his chest. And a bit of his own chin. Fuck he had it bad for Deku to shoot that far.

Deku wasn't much better, coming shortly after Bakugo with a shout of Bakugo's hero name. It was pretty obvious at this point that he definitely favored Ground Zero over the other heroes.

“I wanted that to be longer,” Deku tried catching his breath. “I was just really excited.”

“Me too,” Bakugo groaned in reply to the video as he cleaned off his stomach. He tossed the tissue into the garbage near the bed.

“Hey Ground Zero.” Bakugo looked at the screen and choked on air. Deku's ass was spread for him. “Look how much you stretched my hole with your big cock.”

That was the image Deku left him with as the video ended.

As Bakugo closed his eyes to sleep, he was pretty sure he could die happy having seen that video.

Another ping. Another video waiting.

All Bakugo wanted to do was go home and forget today had happened. He was so pissed off and so done with everyone that he didn't even bother going back to the agency to change out of his hero gear. He just wanted to lose himself in Deku's latest masterpiece.

But no. The dumb fucker on the train wouldn't get out of the doorway.

“You're in my way,” Bakugo growled in the ear of the green haired stranger as he tried to go around the man that was distracted by his phone. The man turned and looked up at him, large green eyes widening with realization.

“Ground Zero,” he whispered, plush lips parting.

Katsuki paused. That voice. Those lips.

It couldn't be.

“Do I know you?”

“Kind of! Not really. Sort of. It's complicated,” the stranger got off the train and stood in front of Katsuki. “We met at that signing you did here. The only signing. Why did you only do one?”

Katsuki racked his brain. That was a couple of years ago. He didn't remember anyone's face from then. Did he really meet his crush and not know?

Realizing Bakugo wasn't going to answer, the other man continued talking. “You also sent me a personal gift once.” A blush dusting his cheeks. He gave Katsuki a smile, a dimple piercing his cheek. There was no doubt now.

“Deku,” Katsuki’s voice was hushed.

Deku’s face lit up. “You really do watch?!”

“Seen almost all.”

“Thank you so much for the gift.”

Even though he hated that it made him that guy to be asking, Bakugo couldn't help himself. “Get some of use out of it?”

“A lot,” Deku blushed and grinned more. He could've been lying to boost Bakugo's ego, but he had sincere eyes. The blond felt cheated that he hadn't gotten to see them all this time of watching those videos. They were big and beautiful, a vivid green that shone with happiness. If Bakugo didn't have it bad for him already…


There was an awkward moment as Deku opened his mouth repeatedly, wanting to say something, but not sure if he should.

Finally, Deku steeled his nerves. “What… what are you doing later?”

“You.” Bakugo answered immediately, not tearing his eyes from his.

Deku’s grin split his face in two before grabbing Ground Zero by the front of his shirt, pulling him in for a kiss.

Bakugo’s phone pinged.

Deku posted another video.

He quickly opened the app and clicked the newest video. It started with Deku just wearing a plain white t-shirt. Scarred arms were around him, the owner standing behind him in a black tank top, face also hidden.

“Hey everyone! Deku here with another video. A few months ago, I picked up these really nice Eraserhead sex ropes, but couldn't really use them on myself very well. Well today I have friend with me who offered to try them out. How could I refuse? In addition to Eraserhead’s ropes, we've got Real Steel cock rings, and my personal favourite toy - Ground Zero’s cock.”

Deku smiled, flashing that dimple, as though he knew something no one else did. Bakugo groaned. “Fuck. That fucking smile.”

Deku's chin raised as he looked at the man behind him. “Tie me up and fuck me already.”

The video switched to Deku’s bed. Deku stood next to it, completely naked.

The man in the video with him, Katsuki Bakugo himself, stood behind him again and ran his hands all over Deku’s body causing him to gasp and arch to his touch. He was already hard and they hadn't done anything. Real Steel's cock ring - this one silicone - was in place.

Bakugo turned Deku so the viewers could watch him bind his hands behind his back. He turned him to face the camera again and tied Deku's arms to his torso, making intricate knots all up the center of the thin chest. He bound each of Deku's legs individually before pushing him onto the bed

Deku’s face was obscured by Ground Zero’s own real mask as he lay naked, save for the ropes. It was the first time his face had been seen on camera and he wanted to remain somewhat anonymous. The mask was half the reason Deku was so hard. Heroes got him off and he was wearing the real thing. He could smell the sweet scent of nitroglycerin while Bakugo had his way with him and he was in heaven.

Bakugo pulled Deku's body up so his ass was up the air and using the last of the rope, trapped him in that position.

He grabbed the camera and brought it behind Deku so the viewers got a perfect glimpse of his hole. It glistened with lube already and Bakugo shoved his finger in. He pulled him open a little and ran his tongue across the hole. It was hard to get the camera to capture it without getting much of Bakugo's face.

Deku cried out and tried to push his ass back to him but Bakugo stepped away. He set the camera back in its place and grabbed the dildo made from his dick.

He slowly pressed it into Deku's waiting ass and slowly fucked him with it. He pulled it almost all the way out and with agonizing slowness pressed it back in. Over and over he did it until Deku got so frustrated he tried to slam his body back and almost tipped over.

“So impatient,” Bakugo growled just low enough that the camera didn't pick up on it. It captured the moan from Deku though.

“I need more of that cock, please,” he begged.

So he stopped moving it all together. Bakugo left the fake cock sticking out of him as he pulled his own shorts down. The green haired man wiggled his butt trying to shift it so it rubbed against him just right. Bakugo watched him for a minute, running his hand over Deku's ass before pulling the dildo out and filling the gaping hole with his own. He tossed the fake one onto the bed.

Deku moaned and sank into the bed. Everything he wanted was happening and he was in ecstasy. If not for the ring on him, he would've blown his load the second Bakugo was buried to the hilt.

Bakugo may have started slow with the dildo, but the second he was inside him, he was going hard and fast. He grabbed Deku’s mop of curls and gripped it almost
too tight as he pounded him, pulling his head back. He could see bits of his mask on him and it drove Bakugo crazy.

Deku could only hold on for the ride, eyes rolling back and that animalistic noise that Bakugo loved so much escaping him. It was choppy sounding from the impact of Bakugo's thrusts.

Finally the blond slowed back down to a steady pace. He tapped Deku's arm to get his attention and nearly lost it at the look on his face, eyes blown and rolling back, all flushed and even drooling a bit. He pointed at the toy and Deku handed it to him.

Bakugo held him by the hair, keeping their eyes locked. As he thrust into him, the blond pressed the dildo against Deku's lips. Despite knowing it had been in his ass, Deku opened his mouth. He took the toy all the way in and Bakugo fucked his mouth with it at the same tempo as he fucked his ass.

Deku was moaning and slurping on the dildo like a wanton whore and Bakugo could barely keep himself together. Deku felt his hips stutter and slammed back as hard as he could, clenching around Bakugo as hard as he could.

“Fuck!” Bakugo cried out and came hard inside him.

Deku was bucking wildly, his noises more and more frantic, desperately needing to cum. Bakugo pulled out, leaving the dildo in Deku’s mouth.

With shaky legs, he grabbed the camera and brought it to focus on Deku's gaping hole. He tipped him back a little bit and cum started to drip out of him.

Bakugo moved the camera to Deku's full mouth and moaned softly at how sexy he looked drooling over it. He slowly pulled it out and brought it back around to shove up Deku's ass.

“You like that, don't you?” Deku panted. “Filling me with your cum and plugging me so I can feel it inside me?”

Bakugo groaned and smacked his ass. Deku cried out as it jarred the dildo and made it rub against his spot.

“Please let me cum,” Deku begged. “Please.”

Bakugo angled the camera so viewers had a clear shot of Deku’s cock. He pulled the silicone ring off. Two strokes of his hand and Deku came immediately, screaming. He slumped against the ropes as he fell silent.

Leaving the camera there, Bakugo started undoing the ropes until Deku was free. The green haired star fell to his side, narrowly missing his mess, dildo sliding out of his ass in the process.

The video ended with THE Deku having cum so hard he passed out.

“Why are you even watching that?” Deku laughed as he climbed into his real bed and ran his hand across Bakugo’s bare chest as he snuggled close.

“You have no idea how much I love watching you. Promise me you'll keep making these.”

“You don't care that your boyfriend masturbates on camera for money, knowing hundreds of people are watching?”

“No. If anything I find it fucking hot. It's how I found you and fuck you're good at what you do. I like knowing how hard guys wanna fuck your ass. So long as I'm the one that actually does.”

His Deku plucked the phone out of his hands and set it on the nightstand, straddling Bakugo in the meantime. He rolled his hips, grinding down on the rock hard length under him.

“So long as you keep getting this hard for me.”

As their lips met, Bakugo knew that wasn't ever going to be a problem.