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Snapshots: The Lives of Helen and Bob Parr

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"We have a...situation…shipping warehouse downtown…reinforcement needed…"  

Mr. Incredible's police scanner is cutting in and out, and he quickly grows frustrated with the malfunctioning device. But he manages to make out the address, and races downtown to see what he can do to help.  

 After a traffic jam that was definitely beyond his control, he arrives on the scene, only to find a group of handcuffed men being herded into police cars. A few reporters are lingering about, trying to get a sound bite from the person who helped nab the criminals.   

"This is Karen Samuels reporting for Channel 5, and I'm here with a superhero that we’ll hopefully be seeing a lot more around Municiberg lately. She has just incapacitated no less than five wanted felons!”   

Mr. Incredible peers out of his rolled-down window, frowning at the scene from the back. They were supposed to have been his felons.   

“...This lady seems to be able to stretch herself into any form, and her abilities have effectively taken down the criminals in question tonight. Miss, do you have any comment about what just occurred here?"   

"I'm just happy that I was able to get here quickly enough. This city depends on the authorities to keep it safe, but every now and then, extra assistance is required. I'm just here to help."  

 "Well, your efforts are definitely appreciated after your actions tonight. Thanks so much, um…?"   


"Well, there you have it, folks! Solid proof that the Supers of our society continue to make the world a better place. Thanks, Elastigirl!"   

Mr. Incredible gets out of his car, and is immediately approached by an officer whose name he can’t remember at the moment.   

"Hey, Incredible. You can see that we're all finished up here. What a woman, eh?"   

"Yeah. Please excuse me, Officer."   

He makes his way over to the unfamiliar heroine, who is straightening her red boots.   

"Nice job," he says in way of greeting. "I would have gotten here quicker, but I was somewhat tied up."    

Elastigirl looks up, and he sucks in a breath, because she is a woman indeed.   

There is a split second between his compliment and her reply, during which his eyes trace over thick auburn hair, bangs that don’t quite hide a pair of glittering brown eyes, and a spandex-clad form with curves and dips in all the right places.  

Mr. Incredible forgets both of his names.   

"Yes, that does happen," she replies lightly, a Southern lilt to her voice, and he thinks he might melt right where he stands. "Though I suppose that tonight your abilities were somewhat unneeded…Mr. Incredible." The use of his moniker is accompanied by the raising of an eyebrow.   

At first he’s thrown by this stranger knowing who he is, but with a puff of pride, he remembers that he’s, well, famous. As if sensing this thought of his, her rosy lips curve into a smirk, red mask shifting with her expression. Good God.   

Mr. Incredible clears his suddenly parched throat. "Um, right. Good job tonight, again. I suppose I'll see you around…?"   

Elastigirl tilts her head at him with another quirk of the lips -- not exactly agreeing but not disagreeing, either -- and her dark red hair bobs up and down with the motion. Without warning, she turns around, bends into a spring, and leaps atop the six-story warehouse.   

He lets out a low whistle as she slings herself over the rooftops, heading in the direction of the dying sun.