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It was funny, really, that in the same second you let your guard down, fate would nail you in the face. And Tanaka Hajime thought about that over and over, trying to figured out if he really did regret it or if he really didn’t. 

It hadn’t been a good night. Project partners who weren’t doing their work, exams he still needed to study for, and above all, some dirty nasty trash was courting Mika and as The Big Brother he couldn’t exactly not warn her about it. He wasn’t much of a fighter, so he prayed to the powers that be that things wouldn’t come to that. Hajime was in dire need of something somewhere that could help him unwind. 

He didn’t expect open mic karaoke at his favorite roost. He also didn’t expect he would participate. Or sing a duet. But he was a little buzzed, the song was a good one, and that kid was a helluva tenor…

Cut to the cafe, as he stared back into the kid’s eyes, which were wide with puzzlement. The barista blinked a couple of times. Still waiting on Hajime’s order. 

“A-ah, uhm. A… large. Caramel latte.”