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Agent May Cry

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Leon took a sip of his morning coffee, which was a steaming cup of homemade Americano while flipping through a weapons magazine.

Dante was lounging on Leon's recliner, a satisfied moan escaped his lips as he leaned into the soft cushions.

"Damn, this feels like lying down on a fluffy cloud." Dante commented, his brown eyes opening to look at Leon who was walking towards him, sitting on the stool chair just in front of Dante.

The pair had just woken up after a whole night of partying. While Leon was curing his slight hangover, the demon-hunter was making a decision between going to sleep again or stay awake.

Six months had passed after Leon's abduction and rescue. The only reminder of the horrendous experience for the blonde was the long scar that ran along his throat to his chest.

As the whole gang knew how much the blonde despised being in the hospital, Chris decided to host a party after Leon was discharged.

Leon was happy that he had a gang of friends like this. During the party, which was held in Chris's house, the others started sharing about their everyday life to Leon.

The news of Jake joining the BSAA was still a shock to the blonde, surprised at the younger's decision.

When asked the reason, Jake had said that he would rather spend his training days torturing Captain Chris with the whole immunity shit that new soldiers get than wandering the world aimlessly.

Chris, of course was the most surprised out of the group. After all, he was the one who had killed Jake's father. But after hearing the reason, Chris just rolled his eyes before lightly punching the younger's head mockingly.

Fortunately, Jake joining the BSAA had lessen the tension and strain between the two. They all laughed when Helena had complained about how she was tired becoming the mum of the two, breaking them apart and giving them the 'talk'.

During Leon's absence, Helena was promoted to head agent and had a small team of her own. But she declined the offer, instead taking the role of an instructor for new trainees.

Sherry, after taking quite some time, decided to take up medical science. The blonde female was currently working with Professor Rebecca Chambers, and Leon smiled at the thought of the adorable professor.

When Leon had asked about Faith and Piers, Chris had assured him that both of them were under great care.

Since Wesker had created a new virus for them both, the vaccine for the virus had to take quite some time. As a result, Faith and Piers were under BSAA custody, but really it was Chris doing all the babysitter work.

"Faith can now talk through a speaker in her throat. She's also showing a lot of interest in joining training with the trainees in the BSAA. Sorry she couldn't come tonight cause Rebecca wanted to run some test on her. As for Piers..."

Chris had trailed off, watching as Piers sat on his shoulder. Midget Piers was cute, and Sherry couldn't help the squeal that escaped from her lips when Piers had tried to sip Chris's coffee, but the liquid was too low to reach and Piers fell into the cup, causing a laugh to break out from the group.

"What's so funny, gorgous?" Dante broke Leon's train of thoughts, a smile breaking on Leon's face as the raven-haired male nuzzled the blonde.

"Just thinking about last night." Leon took the remote from the tabletop, flipping to the news channel.

'President Gordon suspected for treason?' The news headline in blue showed, and a video of Macy in handcuffs was displayed.

The camara turned views, the screen displaying Adam Benford's son, Laxus Benford taking on role of president and giving a speech to the swarm of reporters that had crowded around him.

"You and Daddy's boy getting along well?" Dante voiced, looking at the television as Laxus finish his statement about doing his best as president before leaving the stage.

"Surprisingly well. Mr. Benford didn't blame me for Adam's death, and had asked me to be his bodyguard." Leon turned the television off, leaning back until his head laid on Dante's stomach.

"Did you accept?" Leon shook his head, his bangs swaying with the movement.

"No. I'd rather fight BOWs rather than taking care of his kids. They're even terrifying than most zombies I had fought."

Leon shuddered when the thought of his hair tied into ridiculous plaits and covered with sprinkles during his last 'mission' to babysit the president's daughter.

"Besides, I get to spend more time with you like this." The pair laid in comfortable silence as the chirps of birds and the city coming to life with the buzzling of citizens created a calming prescense for the two.

"So, should we make it official or are you gonna keep torturing me?"