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Six Months

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“Diane, you’re going to need someone while I’m gone. You can’t run this place on your own, it’ll kill you.” Will said following her into her office and closing the door behind him.

“We’re not talking about this.” she shot back defiantly, throwing her notebook onto her desk and turning to lean against it. Folding her arms pointedly, she met his gaze.

“Yes, we are.” he replied just as adamantly, crossing his arms too and matching her stance.

“Will,” she growled lowly, rolling her eyes and throwing her hands into the air; exasperated. “I’ll be fine! Sure, it’s a little extra work but I’m-“

“I have a friend from law school,” Will cut her off quickly, stepping closer, his gaze strong and steady. “He’s a good man, smart, one hell of a lawyer.” he continued pulling out one of her visitor’s chairs and flopping down into it. Diane stood in front of him, pressing the heels of her palms into the glass table as she leant against it. “I’ve asked him to step in while I’m away.”

“What?” she shrieked her eyes going wide as her mouth fell open.


“You replaced yourself without asking me?” she demanded incredulously, her expression thunderous.

“Diane,” Will began, his voice calm as he met her piecing gaze. “You know it’s not like that!”

“The hell it isn’t! You went behind my back, didn’t even ask me... “ she started to rant, pushing up from her desk again and beginning to pace, her hands gesticulating wildly as she raged

“Well I knew you’d say no...” Will offered without thinking and Diane’s eyes almost fell from her head. She stopped her pacing, her hands dropping to her hips as she looked at him in disbelief, her anger palpable

“Damn right I’m saying no! I’m not letting some stranger come in and run our firm!” she hissed.

“He’s not gonna run the firm! He’s just gonna help out, take some of my cases, make things easier.” Will reasoned. “And he’s not a stranger!”

“You understand how crazy this sounds, right??” Diane asked, moving to stand in front of him again, her eyes scanning his face intently, certain he was having a stroke. “I mean you are actually hearing yourself?-“

“It’s only for a few months!” Will shot back talking over her, his voice louder than before, and much gruffer. He was getting annoyed now, all he wanted to do was help her! Why did she have to make it so Goddamn difficult?

“-because it is, it is crazy Will! I don’t want a new partner!” she continued her tirade. She shook her head, her features almost pained as she met his green eyes; imploring him to understand. 

“It wouldn’t be like that! He’s not looking to take my seat.” Will replied earnestly.  Diane glared at him incredulously, folding her arms again as she pouted.

“Really?” she smirked.

“Yes, really.” Will said testily. “He isn’t like that.”

“Is he a lawyer?” she queried with a quirked eyebrow and a nasty grin.

“What?” Will’s brow scrunched as his eyes thinned. “Yes of course he’s a lawyer!”

“Well, then he’s like that.” she sassed back smartly.

“Diane!” Will grumbled moving to stand, pacing as he threw his arms into the air. “He’s not like that, look, just give him a chance, okay?” he continued, walking up to her. His hands skated down her arms until they reached hers, gripping her dainty fingers; he squeezed them gently. “Please,”

“Will,” she whined with a heavy frown.

“Please, just do it for me, okay? Just meet with him?” His eyes were wide as he begged her. “Please Diane, just let me do this, let me help you.”

Diane met his eyes, her own softening at his tone. She knew what he was doing, playing on her heartstrings; the sad puppy-eyes and toddler-pout smeared heavily across his features there just for her. She knew he was trying to guilt her into this, but there was something else too, a crack in his voice, or a stutter in his sentence; he was genuinely worried. The suspension was going to be hard on everyone, but especially for Will, not only was he unable to practice, but he was also essentially stepping down as name partner. He wouldn’t be there for her and this was his solution, a replacement Will.

“Okay,” she sighed after a long moment, closing her eyes in defeat. Will dropped her hands jumping up with boyish enthusiasm. “I must be losing my mind, but okay.” Diane continued, pinching the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger as she tried to ward off a headache. 

“Yes! Thank you! Will said, curling his hands around her waist he lifted her slightly, spinning them; his grin wide. “You’re going to love him! I just know it! And he’ll fit in so easily.” Diane shook her head, giggling with dizziness as he set her down again.

“I only agreed to meet with him, I’m not saying yes.” she warned darkly, cocking her head to the side meaningfully. Will chuckled, nodding in agreement.

“Of course!” he replied in a way that made her think he really didn’t believe that. “He’s actually trying a case at the moment, I’ll give him a call and maybe we could pop in to see him in action? Give you two a chance to meet?” Will remarked cheerily as he walked backwards toward her door, his grin wide and bright. “You’re gonna love him!”

Diane pursed her lips, shaking her head as she watched her partner dance across the area connecting their offices; stopping to chat to his secretary.

“I am so going to regret this!” she muttered to herself, releasing a sigh.

 - - -  

Diane climbed the courthouse steps side by side with Will, his excitement palpable. She shook her head, biting her lip trying to supress a laugh. He was like a kid on Halloween.

Reaching the top of the stairs, Will’s hand suddenly shot out and grabbed her wrist. He tugged her back until she spun so she faced him. Diane cocked her head to the side with a curious smile as he ran his fingers up and down her bare arm lovingly.

“Unfortunately, this is where I leave you,” Will shrugged with a glum smile and Diane’s mouth opened slightly, her expression mournful.

“I keep forgetting you’re on the bench,” she sighed, dusting an imaginary line off his shoulder, her expression sombre.

“Was that a sports metaphor?” he laughed back as her hand left his suit and fell back to her side. Diane chuckled lowly, her grin wide.

“I’ve been waiting to use it all day.” she flirted, stepping down one stair to wrap her arms around him. “It’s gonna be okay,” she murmured into his ear, feeling his hands slip around her waist to pull her further into the hug. The pair stood like that for a long moment, both giving and taking comfort.

“Yeah,” he agreed, pulling back to smile at her, his hands still around her waist. “Okay, so it’s Courtroom 12, Judge Reiner.” he told her more seriously and Diane rolled her eyes stepping out of his embrace. “Hey,” Will warned as he met her unenthusiastic features. “You promised you’d give him a shot!”

Diane huffed out a sigh, flashing the biggest, goofiest grin over her shoulder, placating him as she turned to walk away.

“Be nice, Diane!” Will called after her shoving his hands into pockets, and rocking from his heels to the balls of his feet.

“Stop looking at my ass, Will!” she yelled in response without looking back. Will laughed lowly, shaking his head as he turned crossing the street to a diner, might as well have lunch while he waited. 

- - - 

Diane strolled into the courthouse with a grin on her face, moving quickly through the security line, she greeted the guard with a friendly nod as she hopped onto the elevator; hitting the button for the second floor. Taking a deep breath, she pulled her phone out; scrolling through a few emails.

Shaking her head she read a snarky text from Will, before stepping off the lift, and sneaking her way into the court quietly.

Diane shuffled into a seat in the back, her eyes immediately drawn to the man questioning a witness. The room was silent save for the lawyer; who looked to be about Will’s age. Diane smiled as she raked her eyes over him; tall, blonde, with a jawline that made her think of the most sinful things, huh, if only she was a few years younger. Rolling her eyes at her silly musings, she redirected her focus onto her potential partner.

The lawyer was quick with his questioning; smart, witty and infinitely charming. He had the jury eating out of his hand but she wasn’t convinced as yet. Her eyes followed the movements of his skilfully tailored suit, silently judging the man.

He was quite attractive and she could tell by his smug grin that he knew it, was even using it to his advantage – not necessarily a bad thing, both she and Will used the same tactic. From what she could see he knew the case well, was obviously well prepared and very respectful. He was methodical in a way she appreciated and used big words like magnanimous and scrupulous; all multi-syllabic and all winning her over. Will was right, much as she hated to admit it, he could be a good fit.

Diane watched for a few more minutes before she moved to gather her bag and coat. She was just about to leave the room, confident she’d seen enough to convince her, when suddenly the opposing lawyer stood.

He was clearly an older man, his hair greying slightly and his stance; though slightly shorter than his counterpart, still formidable. Her eyes were instantly drawn to his outfit, thinning as she took him in. Despite what others may think, she wasn’t a snob when it came to clothing. Sure, all her suits were designer and cut within an inch of her life, but that didn’t mean she looked down on those who couldn’t afford such luxuries. However, this lawyer was something else. She surveyed him closely, suddenly intrigued. He was wearing dark jeans and, were those cowboy boots? Matched with a suit jacket that went out of style in the late seventies, Diane was thoroughly taken aback. He looked more suited to a rodeo than a courtroom.

Stifling a chuckle, she bit her bottom lip deciding to stay a little longer, she just had to see this. The cowboy sauntered over to the witness, greeting her with a gruff voice and a southern drawl. Of course, he’s from the South, Diane thought as she rolled her eyes.

The lawyer spoke directly to the woman, not making eye contact or indeed turning toward the jury at all, his focus locked solely on his questioning. A mistake in Diane’s book. Usually it was best to involve the jury, get them invested in both you and your case.

“Mrs. Richards,” The cowboy drawled lowly and Diane had to admit his voice was quite sexy, seductive even. He hadn’t turned yet, and she couldn’t be sure what he looked like, but already her mind had conjured up a Clint Eastwood type man. “Do you have a driver’s license?”

“I, um, no.” The elderly witness replied in a soft voice, hanging her head shyly as her cheeks flush. Diane smirked. Boy, had he played that wrong, you didn’t win over juries by embarrassing little old ladies.

“And why is that?” he continued.

“My son drives me,” The woman responded, perking up slightly.

“That’s very kind of him,” The cowboy noted and Diane nodded, that was better. “Is there a reason you don’t drive though?” The woman on the stand hesitated, clearly uncomfortable as her eyes danced between the jury and the opposing council.

“Objection!” Lawyer-Ken suddenly barked, standing quickly. The Judge thinned her eyes, her brow frowning.

“I don’t know why you’re objecting, I haven’t heard anything yet.” she snarked back and Diane had to bite her lip to contain a giggle. Will’s friend really was reaching. “Overruled.”

“Mrs. Richards?” The other man prompted in that same sexy voice, and the lady frowned; shifting in her seat.

“I’m not allowed to drive anymore.” she admitted with a pitiful look. Diane’s eyes thinned, her lips curved into a smirk – well played Cowboy. 

“And why is that?” he pushed, still disregarding the members of the jury completely.

“I failed my eye test.” The older woman responded bravely, and Diane hummed; impressed.

“I see, and so isn’t it fair to say that you can’t actually be sure who you saw on the night of September 24th?” The poorly dressed man continued.

“I know who I saw.”

“Your house is about twenty feet from the crime scene, correct?”

“I guess?” Mrs. Richards replied with a confused frown.

“Right so, that’s about-“ The cowboy suddednly spun round on his boot looking directly at her. Diane’s eyes widened, he was attractive. He was very attractive. His deep green eyes very appealing, he was definitely the sexy cowboy she’d imagined and much more age appropriate that his blonde adversary. “Excuse me Ma’am,” he called out with a dashing smile and Diane looked around, lifting her hand to her chest in a silent confirmation. “Yes, the blonde in the red dress,” he continued with a slight nod, his eyes sparkling and making her heart beat faster. “Would you mind standing and holding up a few fingers?”

“Objection! Your honour, are these theatrics really necessary?” His opposition called out once again standing.

“I’ll allow it.” The Judge snapped clearly annoyed but the councils constant interruptions.

The tall blonde fell defeatedly back into his seat as the older man grinned beneath his moustache.

“Ma’am, if you’d be so kind?” he asked again his eyes locked on hers. Diane felt her stomach clench at the look he was giving her, as if she were a delicious treat he wanted nothing more than to devour.  With a bemused smirk, Diane slowly rose from her seat, lifting her hand into the air and hold up two fingers.

“Mrs. Richards, can you please tell me how many fingers the woman in red is holding up?” The man queried, turning back to the witness. The grey-haired woman, squinted but eventually gave up, shaking her head almost sadly. The lawyer nodded

“It was late at night, rainy and the crime scene was more than twice the distance between you and this woman. Now can you tell me in all honestly that you saw my client?” The courtroom was silent everyone holding their breath as they waited for the inevitable answer.

“No,” Mrs. Richards sighed, tears pooling in her old brown eyes.

“Thank you, Mrs. Richards,” The cowboy drawled, reaching out his hand to squeeze the old woman’s. “You did the right thing.” he comforted in a softer voice and Diane found herself smiling at the gesture. Turning his gaze back to Diane, he shot her a winning smile that left her slightly breathless. “Thank you, Ma’am” he acknowledged with a dangerous wink before turning back to the Judge.

“No further questions.”

 - - -  

“Over here!” Will signaled from across the diner as Diane pushed through the door. Striding over to him, she grinned as she noted a chocolate milkshake in front of her seat.

“You shouldn’t have,” she chastised only half meaning it as she shrugged off her coat and moved to sit.

“It’s purely selfish, I know you won’t drink it all and this way the waitress won’t judge me for ordering a second.” Will admitted with a winning smile and a small shrug.

“Well, thank you.” dhebacknowledged, opening her straw and taking a long drag of the delicious treat.

“They’re the best in Chicago,” Will agreed, relaxing back into his seat, his arm casually strung across the back of the chair beside him. “So,” he drawled with poorly concealed excitement. Diane chuckled softly, shaking her head.

“I hate to say it, but he’s good.” she nodded, and Will thrust a fist into the air in victory.

“Yes!” he exclaimed and Diane rolled her eyes. “I told you!” he boasted, and Diane took another sip of her drink.

“You did.” she admitted reluctantly. “He’s intelligent, quick, clearly educated.” She listed off as Will nodded along, his grin almost blinding. “He stumbled a bit with a witness today, but she was old and quite frankly a plant from the opposition.”

“So, you liked him?” Will confirmed as Diane’s fingers snuck across the table to steal a chip from his nearly empty plate. Chewing thoughtfully, she nodded.

“He’s good, a bit cocky,” she replied with a pointed look. “But then again so are you,” she teased with a shrug, sneaking another chip.

“Told you he’d fit right in!” Her partner snarked, tapping her hand away from his food with a dark look. Diane matched his thinned eyes as she pulled his plate toward her in a challenge. Will rolled his eyes knowing he was defeated and surrendered the remainder of his lunch to her.

“He’s no you though,” Diane said reaching over to cover his hand with hers, squeezing it meaningfully as her blue eyes met his green.

“Is that your way of saying you’ll miss me?” Will teased, and Diane threw her head back in a throaty chuckle.

“Desperately!” she sighed animatedly. Will leant forward onto the table, crossing his arms with a naughty smirk.

“And when do you think you’ll miss me the most?” he flirted, and Diane matched his wicked grin.

“Oh, definitely the nights!” she replied flirtatiously, making her partner laugh. “Seriously though,” she said after a moment, meeting his gaze.

“I know,” he agreed in the same tone. “But he’ll help, you and the firm.” Diane nodded sombrely.


“So, we’re agreed?” he confirmed, and Diane let out a heavy breath.

“We’re agreed, the eye-candy can stand in for you.” she conceded with a smile, moving back to her shake.

“Eye-candy? Really?” Will smirked with a raised eyebrow. “Didn’t know that was your type.” he laughed with a smug expression.

“Tall, dark and handsome is everybody’s type, Will.” she countered with a smirk of her own. Will raised his hands in surrender.

“I didn’t say a thing!” hr offered, and Diane rolled her eyes. Will frowned slightly, moving to glance at something behind her before lifting his arm in a wave.

“Well, you’re in luck, Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome just walked in!” he joked with a sly look that had Diane snorting out a low laugh. Shifting in her seat, she dabbed her mouth with a serviette, awaiting their company.

“Kurt!” Will greeted, standing to shake the mans hand. Diane tucked her hair behind her ears making sure she was presentable.

“Will,” The other man replied, and her blood ran cold, she knew that voice. Knew that slow drawl, it was the same one she’d been admiring all afternoon. Turning slowly, her eyes practically fell out of her head, her mouth dropping open in shock.

“It’s so good to see you!” Will continued merrily clearly oblivious to his partner’s horror. “And this is Diane, my partner,” he introduced proudly, gesturing to her.

“Oh,” Kurt responded in surprise, his smile kind as he met her gaze. “The woman in red,” he chuckled in a low voice. Diane felt her cheeks heat slightly, slowly rising from her chair and offering her hand in an effort not to be rude.

“Diane,” she said as his large, rough hand curled around her dainty fingers, shaking it firmly.

“It’s lovely to meet you Diane,” he acknowledged, and Diane nodded unable to say anything more. Why did she suddenly feel so weak and giggly, why was her heartrate suddenly skyrocketing?

“Take a seat,” Will interrupted their pseudo-staring contest and Kurt released her hand, her skin burning where he’d touched her. “Can we get you something?”

“Oh, no,” Kurt shook his head as they all took their seats, Diane folding her hands neatly into her lap as she stared openly at the man across from her. “I’ve only got a couple minutes, Reiner is a warden when it comes to being late.” he offered with a low rumbling chuckle. Diane gulped, finding the sound incredibly appealing.

“Okay,” Will said cheerfully. “Straight to business then,” he looked to Diane, nodding at her with a confused smile.

“Yes, Will told me about my audition,” Kurt supplied with an easy grin, meeting her eyes. “So, how’d I do?”

Diane giggled nervously, glancing down at her hands. Her mind racing back to the courtroom and how sexy he’d looked despite his attire. 

“Well,” she said after a moment. “You get an A for audience participation” she  offered as Will frowned at her.

“Oh, you liked that, did you?” Kurt shot back lowly, and Diane felt her stomach flutter at his flirty tone.

“A bit theatrical for my liking but it seemed to work.” she replied with a pointed look, trying to play it cool. Kurt shook his head in a slow chuckle and Will frowned at her. “He made me stand and discredit the sight of an elderly woman,” she commented for Will’s benefit.

“Ah,” Her partner nodded. “I see,”

Kurt glanced at his watch, his eyes widening slightly.

“Look, Diane,” he began, meeting her gaze with a more serious expression “I’m sorry to be blunt but I’ve got to run. Will tells me you need help, covering his cases, keeping the firm afloat and such. He also tells me you’re worried after the six months I’m going to want his seat.”

Diane blushed slightly at that, shooting a glare in Will’s direction and chastising him with her eyes.

“I’m a straightforward guy Diane, Will’s a good friend and I’m willing to help. I can handle his cases and anything else that comes along, and I can assure you I am in no way interested in stealing his seat. I mostly do freelance stuff now and so I can step in and back out easily and I’m a damn good lawyer to boot. At the end of the day, it’s obviously up to you two and there’ll be no hard feelings either way, but I’m happy to help.”

Diane smiled as he finished his speech, her eyes locked on his sincere expression as he stood.

“It was wonderful to meet you,” he acknowledged with a sparkling smile directed solely at her, that left Diane slightly weak in the knees. “Will, I’ll see you around,” he added gruffly, not waiting for a reply before sauntering in the direction of the exit.

“Well?” Will questioned eagerly, his eyes following his friend out of the diner. “What do you think?”

“Who the hell was that?” Diane asked aghast, her mouth hanging open.

“What do you mean? That was Kurt?” Will frowned.

“That’s your guy?” she gaped.


“He’s so much older than you?” she  continued, and Will’s eyes thinned.

“Yeah?” he replied cautiously.

“You said you went to law school with him!” she hissed with wide eyes.

“No, I said I knew him from school, he was a student teacher.” Will corrected her slowly, still unsure of what was happening.

“Jesus Will!” she groaned, wiping her hands across her face.


“I didn’t know it was him!” she said with a roll of her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Will glared at her suspiciously.

“I thought it was the other guy,” she offered resting her elbow on the table and dropping her head into her palm; feeling foolish. 

“The other guy…” Will repeated slowly. “Oh my God, you thought it was the opposing council?” he chuckled out in delight, watching as his partner groaned.

“I thought he was in your class, the other lawyer-“ she tried to explain and Will only laughed harder.

“Oh man,” he cackled, throwing his head back. “That is brilliant.”

“I feel like an idiot.” she snapped, moving back to her milkshake with a deep frown.

“It’s my fault Diane,” Will said, still grinning ridiculously. “I should have been clearer!”

“Damn right!” Diane replied with a dark look, her eyes thinned. “I thought I was getting Roger Moore when, in reality, I was getting the Malboro man!”

Will broke out into another fit of giggles at that, wiping his eyes to starve off tears of amusement.

“Oh, come on,” he said. “He’s not the Malboro man.”

“He dresses like him,” Diane snarked back with a roll of her eyes. Will frowned at her tone.

“Does this change things?” he questioned suddenly serious. Diane looked up and met his gaze with pursed lips.

“I don’t know.” she offered honestly. Will hummed thoughtfully.

“Is it because he’s no longer Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome?” he asked with a tilt of his head and Diane let out a burst of a giggle, rolling her eyes.

“No,” she replied meaningfully, her mind already reeling with the thought that he was better. “I just, I thought I was getting another you, and he’s not, he’s just-“

“Different.” Will finished for her.

“Yes,” Her partner nodded solemnly, thinking for a few moments.

“He isn’t me, and that’s why he’s a good fit.” he finally offered, looking to Diane. “He’s better than me-“

“-Will,” she cut him off with a shake of her head.

“No listen,” he said lowly and Diane’s eyes widened at his gruff tone. “A me is going to want my seat, he’s going to worm his way into our business, take clients – he’s going to be there for him and only him.” Diane’s shoulders deflated slightly, knowing he was right. “Kurt’s not like that, yeah he’s a little…” He thought for a moment. “…old fashioned,” he finished making Diane smile. “But he’s a good man, and an even better lawyer, and until I get back he’s what’s best for our firm.”

Diane stared at Will, her expression nervous as she pressed her lips together glumly.

“Six months with a Cowboy?” she confirmed, and Will grinned knowing he had her.

“Just six months,” he agreed, and Diane blew out a heavy breath.

“Okay, let’s do it.” she said shaking her head with a soft laugh, throwing caution to the wind. Will smiled back at her, reaching across the table to take her hands in his.

“Thank you,” he said, and Diane felt her heart ache. He was thanking her for more than just allowing Kurt to step in, he was thanking her for keeping his seat, for supporting him through this and mostly for allowing him to help her in his own way.

“I suppose you better send little Johnny down to the tavern to let that cowboy know,” she smirked out teasingly and Will rolled his eyes.

“I’ll give him a call.” he replied, releasing her hands. “Now, are you going to finish that or?” he questioned eyeing her milkshake.

“Go ahead,” she conceded feeling oddly lighter knowing she had help over the next six months, even if said help came with boots and spurs.

“I love you!” he said with a wink, pulling the shake toward him and taking a long gulp. Diane relaxed back into her chair, folding her arms across her chest.

“So, he’ll start Monday,”


“Okay then, I’ll get on the phone about our name change, I won’t bother with the signage but we’re going to have to change it for legal purposes.”

Will’s eyes widened as she searched through her bag for her phone.

“I’ll email Sally right now and let her know, it’ll be Lockhart-“ she glanced up phone in hand, meeting the sheepish gaze of her partner. Her eyebrows bounced up expectantly as she waited for him to provide her with Kurt’s surname. There was a long moment of silence as the pair merely looked at each other.

“Lockhart/McVeigh.” Will finally confirmed, watching as Diane’s mouth fell open; her eyes bulging incredulously.


Chapter Text

Diane sighed loudly, pulling her glasses from her face and tossing them carelessly onto her desk. She let her eyes fall closed as she pinched the bridge of her nose; dulling the pain of her headache. It had been an extraordinarily busy Friday, the firm’s lawyers had been in to assist with the name change, she’d had a deposition that went horribly, horribly wrong and to top it all off, she had Julius, David Lee and Eli foaming at the mouth to take Will’s seat. All in all, it had been a hellish few hours.

Diane and Will would make the official announcement about Kurt McVeigh on Monday, they’d gather the partners as a united front. Until then however, she was stuck child-minding and ego-stroking as she placated the partners. 

Blowing out another puff of air, she opened her eyes. Looking down at the files and documents surrounding her, she groaned, pushing her chair back harshly, she had to get out of here for a bit; get some fresh air, calm down.

Grabbing her glasses and cell phone, she threw her bag over her shoulder and marched out of her office.

“I’m going out for coffee.” she told her assistant rather snippily, her mood eclipsing politeness.

“I can get it, Miss Lockhart?” The young woman offered, rising to her feet readily. 

“No.” Diane snapped back meanly, her face softening as she met the fearfully wide eyes of the girl in front of her. “Thank you,” she amended in a kinder tone. “I’d like to go myself.” The younger brunette smiled and dipped her head in a nod.

“I’ll clear your schedule for a bit,” she offered, and Diane smiled turning on her heels and heading for the elevator. 

“Diane!” David Lee called as he slithered to her side. “We need to talk.” Diane rolled her eyes, letting out a pitiful huff.

“Not now David, I’m going out.” she moaned dejectedly. She just couldn’t take one more minute of this terrible morning.

“Good,” David said with an eerily perky smile. “I’ll come with you.”

“No!” Diane growled, turning so she stood directly in front of the divorce lawyer; her hand pressing roughly against his chest to stop him. “David, I am leaving the office, I am going out- alone! Without you, or Eli, or Julius and your childish complaints. If you want to whine, then please make an appointment with my assistant. If not, then go back to your office, and do your fucking job.”

David stared blankly at her, his mouth falling open slightly as he swallowed. Diane quirked an eyebrow, waiting for a response that never came. The divorce attorney turned with a set jaw and stomped off in the direction of his office, his petulance making Diane smirk.

Hitting her elevator button, she scrolled aimlessly through her phone, careful not to go anywhere near her email. A loud ding signalled the arrival of the lift. Stepping forward she suddenly came to an abrupt halt, her body crashing heavily into someone else.

“Easy,” A gruff voice muttered, large hands circling her trim waist and keeping her upright. Diane blinked up at the man who’d stopped her from falling. Her cheeks flushed as she met dark, deep eyes.

“Mr. McVeigh,” she gasped breathily, her hands coming to rest on his chest as she slowly pushed back and away from him. “I wasn’t looking,” she offered shyly, her heart thundering beneath her silk blouse, his hands hot against her lower back.

“Okay,” he offered plainly with a dazzling smile and a deep, slow drawl. Diane forced herself back further, letting his arms fall back to his sides as she tucked a lock of her golden hair behind her ear awkwardly.

The elevator pinged again, and Kurt’s hand shot out to stop the doors from closing, looking at her in the most unnerving way. God, he really was attractive. 

"You leaving?" he asked after a long moment, tilting his head curiously, his lips parting slightly. Diane held back a shiver, huffing out a silent, nervous laugh. What the hell was wrong with her? 

"I was just heading out for a coffee," Diane said with an overly bright smile and Kurt smirked, his eyes thinning.

"Huh," he hummed.

"Huh?" she repeated with a frown.

"It's," he paused hesitating slightly, his hand jutting out again to keep the lift from shutting. "It's just, you don’t look like the kind of woman who gets her own coffee." he offered after a beat, shrugging his shoulders.

Diane glared at him her blue eyes blinking angrily. 

"And what kind of woman do I look like, Mr. McVeigh?" she retorted darkly, titling her head pointedly.

Kurt merely smirked; reaching out his hand to stop the elevator doors closing yet again. His intense hazel eyes were locked on her blue; neither willing to back down from their sudden and heated staring contest. 

Diane quirked an eyebrow, pouting her lips expectantly, she wasn’t backing down, she wanted an answer. Kurt cocked his head, his mouth falling open ever so slightly as he took her in. 

"Well?" Diane prompted with a scolding look after a few more seconds of silence, folding her arms across her chest defensively. Suddenly he was far less attractive than before. Kurt smirked, again blocking the door as it tried to shut once more.

He continued to watch her, his eyes locked onto her hostile gaze. Diane felt her cheeks colour slightly, both in fury and arousal. Why wasn’t he saying anything? 

"I’ll buy you a coffee." he finally said, his tone smouldering as he touched his tongue to his top lip in an alluring move that had her eyes glued to his mouth. 

“I wasn’t looking for company.” shefired back, her eyes bouncing back to his awkwardly. She pursed her lips trying to appear in control as she smiled maliciously. 

Kurt let out a silent chuckle, stepping to the side and holding the lift at bay as he motioned for her to enter the box. Diane's eyebrow bounced up incredulously as she crossed her arms, her bag banging against her hip as se pouted.

The lift doors pinged again as Kurt inclined his head nodding for her to enter. Eventually after another bounce of the elevator doors, her pride won out; she wasn’t about to let him know he’d baffled her. 

Stepping onto the elevator she stood up straight, spinning round and glaring as the silver doors as Kurt slipped in beside her. His shoulder brushed against hers, forcing her to shuffle to the side. She could already smell his cologne; an intoxicating mix of masculinity and smoke, she didn't want to feel the warmth of his body too. 

The silence in the small box was deafening and Diane bit the side of her cheek. She was still pissed, his hint that she was some holier than thou priss who couldn't even get her own coffee angered her immensely. And yet, at the same time, she couldn’t help but feel horribly attracted to his stoic persona. This could only end badly.


 Kurt cocked his head to the side, a small grin turning up beneath his moustache.

“You’re astonishing.” Diane said with a shake of her head, her brow furrowed deeply.

“I am?” 

“I don’t know if I should be insulted or flattered by the things you say?” she  breathed it in confusion.

“No reason you can’t be both,” he offered  with a small shrug, leaning back in his chair and reaching his arms out in a stretch.

“It’s paradoxical,” she countered, her face still scrunched in confusion.

“That’s a big word,” he hummed with a nod of his head and Diane’s mouth dropped open slightly.

“It eludes me,” she murmured her blue eyes locked into his green in question.

“I am a man of mystery,” ne replied in a tease and Diane snorted out a laugh, rolling her eyes.

“I suppose we should get to know each other then?” she said after a long moment of eye contact, fidgeting with her hair under his impenetrable stare.

“If you like,”

Diane scoffed again, shaking her head with an awestruck smile, he was insane, he had to be.

“Okay,” she replied, trying to sound as professional as possible. “Where should be start?”

“Well,” Kurt began, folding his arms and leaning them on the table as he shot her a winning grin. “Will said you have a problem with my name.” he smirked, eyes twinkling in amusement.

Diane blushed, dipping her head slightly in embarrassment. How dare Will?  

“I did.” she finally found the courage to reply, meeting his eyes cautiously; her cheeks still red hot.

“So what changed?” he questioned lowly, his tone deep and deliciously attractive

“Ah, nothing,” she replied, tucking a stray curl behind her ear as she surveyed the small coffee shop; suddenly keen to look anywhere but at him. “I just realized it could be a lot worse.”

“How so?” he frowned after a moment and Diane’s gaze returned to his face. She smiled with a small shrug, playing idily with the sachets of sugar on the table.

“Well, my firm could be called Lockhart/Bin Ladin.” she offered up with a smirk that had Kurt chuckling.


Diane smiled wryly, before she could reply, a young boy bounced up to their table, his smile too big and too bright.

“What can I get y’all?” The teenager questioned enthusiastically, his brown eyes dancing between the couple. Diane pressed her lips together pleasantly amused to find their waiter was from the South too.

“Vanilla skim latte.” Diane responded politely, unfolding her napkin and laying it neatly in her lap. She could practically feel Kurt judging her drink choice.

“Coffee. Black.” Kurt said gruffly and Diane rolled her eyes. Of course. The waiter smiled and left them in a hurry. 

“So,” Diane sighed with a tight smile, leaning on the table with crossed arms. “Let’s get to know each other.” Kurt smirked, quirking an eyebrow. 

“What do you wanna know?” he replied in that same sexy drawl and Diane felt her stomach flip in the most delicious way. He really did have such a delicious voice. God, how was he able to be so condescending and yet at the same time, so... flirty?

Diane pursed her lips thoughtfully, her bright blue eyes meeting his dark green. 

“Why don’t I know you?” she asked with a tilt of her head. Kurt’s brow scrunched. “I’ve been a lawyer for over thirty years, why is it I’ve never heard of you?” she clarified, her eyes thinned intensely as she studied his face. Kurt smiled coyly.

Looking out at the people littering the small coffee shop, the question hung heavy between them. Just as she was about to speak again, annoyed by his lack of response, he cut her off

“I practiced for a few years just out of law school,” he began still looking anywhere but at her. “In DC mostly, then my father got sick and I moved back, ended up taking over the family business.” Diane’s eyebrows rose, both intrigued and impressed. “Spent the last twenty years running his company.” he continued turning back to her with a shy grin and a shrug. 

Diane bit her bottom lip, about to push for more information when the waiter returned with their drinks. 

“Thank you,” she muttered quietly, curling her cold fingers around the glass and bringing it to her lips. She hummed closing her eyes in enjoyment. When she blinked them open a second later, she met the intense gaze of her companion. Kurt’s was locked on her, his eyes dipping to her lips and making her blush. 

Ducking her head slightly, she sipped her drink again, gathering the courage to meet his gaze once more. 

“What business was your father in?” Kurt smiled curiously, the tips of his lips just curving up. He looked almost puzzled. 

“Ballistics.” he supplied bluntly and Diane’s eyes grew. 

“McVeigh,” she said softly and Kurt’s grin widened. “You’re the ballistic expert.” Diane blushed, her eyes sliding closed knowingly.

“Was.” he corrected and Diane shook her head, turning to look around the small cafe, wanting to hide her embarrassment. Of course, McVeigh Ballistics. Will raved about him all the time. She’d never used them, mainly put off by the name but also at the idea of guns.

“So you like guns then?” she finally asked after a long, pained silence. Kurt smiled nodding. 

“I like guns.” His mouth curled around the words in a dark and sexy way that had Diane flushing for an altogether different reason. Was he really flirting with her? Did his voice dip deliberately or was she just imagining it?

“Okay,” Diane replied dumbly, taking another gulp of her latte to break the awkward quiet. 

“You ever fired a gun?” he asked out of the blue and Diane’s eyes widened; taken aback. Her expression must have betrayed her. “You’ve never even touched one have you?” he confirmed with a knowing smirk and Diane ducked her head slightly trying to hide her blush. “You should, you know?” he continued and Diane’s eyes bounced back to his in surprise. He was flirting. “You’d look good with a gun.” he purred, sipping on his drink as his eyes danced across her flushed face. 

“Okay, nothing good can come from this.” she said after a moment, knowing they had to stop this conversation before they said something that pushed them right over the line of professionalism. 

“You scared, Miss Lockhart?” he teased raising his eyebrows suggestively. 

“No!” she responded quickly, stubbornly. Truth was, she was afraid, not of the gun, but rather the idea of him watching her with it. Him standing behind her, his chest touching her back as his hands slid over her arms and hands; correcting her form, his breath hot against the skin of her neck. Jesus, she needed to get a grip. She barely knew this man! And if that wasn’t bad enough she had to work with him for the next few months, she couldn’t be lusting after him, squeezing her thighs together every time he walked into the room. This had to stop. 

“I don’t like guns.” she said in response, hoping her voice sounded more controlled than she felt. Kurt merely smiled, the grin unnerving in the most sinful way. 

“Too bad.” he muttered as he sipped on his coffee, his eyes still boring into hers. “I could have taught you.” he flirted lowly, his voice deep and seductive. 

“Don’t do that.” she replied quickly, sitting up straighter. 

“Do what?”

“Flirt with me.” she supplied with the bounce of an eyebrow. 

“Why not?” he laughed and Diane felt her stomach flip-flop again. “You like it.” he continued casually, his words less of a question and more of a statement. She did like it. Perhaps too much. 

“You’re my partner.”


“And you shouldn’t flirt with your partners.” she shot back with a meaningful gaze.

“Do you flirt with Will?” he pushed, cocking his head to the side as his eyes bore into hers, his grin easy and knowing. 

“Of course, but it’s different!” she tried to defend herself, her voice hitching slightly as she met his gaze. 


“Because it is!” she snapped back angrily, her mind suddenly reeling.

Why was flirting with Will any different than flirting with Kurt? Her heart fluttered as a word popped into her head. Intent. Flirting with Will was fine because it didn’t mean anything. There was nothing more, no intent. With Kurt, there was, she wanted it to be more than flirting, she wanted it to lead to something. When she flirted or thought about flirting with Kurt, there was intent - on both sides

“Okay.” he supplied simply, slowly bringing his coffee to his mouth again.  Diane’s eyes thinned at him. Was that it? Were they done talking about it? Did okay mean he wasn’t gonna flirt with her anymore? God, she hoped not. 

“Do you have any questions for me?” she  asked trying to redirect the conversation onto a more professional path.

Kurt smirked, his eyes twinkling. 

“I can’t ask you the question I want to.” hebreplied seductively his voice once again dipping. Diane gasped audibly, jerking her hand and spilling the caramel colored liquid slightly. Moping up the mess with a serviette, she turned her attention back to the man across from her. 

“Ask me something else then?” she prompted.

There was another long silence as he merely stared at her, his eyes scanning her face intently. 

“Okay,” he drawled slowly. “Lockhart? Any relation to the Governor?” Diane smiled proudly at that.

“He was my father

“Ah,” he said with a nod and a smugly amused look. “That explains it,” he mumbled into his coffee

Diane’s eyes thinned angrily. God, he was racing between hot and cold so quickly she was starting to feel dizzy. What the hell was going on?

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she demanded irritably.  

“Nothing, nothing it just makes sense is all.” he offered with another casual shrug, his eyes once again dancing around the coffee shop to avoid hers.

“What?” she hissed our darkly, waiting for him to meet her eyes. What the hell was wrong with him, weren’t men from the South supposed to be polite and reserved? 

“Nothing, just the whole self-righteous lawyer act. It makes sense now.”

Diane’s eyes nearly fell from her head. Her mouth dropping open in horror.

“How dare you,” she hissed out maliciously and Kurt frowned, taken aback by her furious expression. “My father was a great man. And I am in no way self-righteous.”

Kurt sniggered into his mug, rolling his eyes. “Sure you’re not.” Diane couldn’t believe this, he’d gone from flirting with her to insulting her, he eluded her. “Democrats.” he muttered, finishing off his heated drink.

Diane suddenly smiled, pursing her lips in a knowing look. 

“Oh, so that’s what this is about. You’re a Republican.”

Kurt shot her a winning grin that had her heart fluttering slightly. Damnit! She was supposed to be angry with him.

“Took you long enough” he baited and Diane chuckled lowly, her smirk mean. 

“Let me guess, a cowboy-hick living in a cabin in the woods somewhere, writing angry letters to the editor?”

“In contrast to your privileged, Highland Park, liberal self?” he fired back and Diane threw her head back in a deep rich laugh.

Kurt’s eyes were immediately drawn to the smooth pale skin of her throat, before dipping dangerously to the low cut silk of her top. Diane shook her head looking back to him, noticing the location of his eyes.

“My eyes are up here, McVeigh.” she snarked and Kurt's gaze bounced up. His lips twirled as he smirked, showing no sign of shame or remorse for the inappropriate behavior of his hazel-green eyes. 

Diane took a slow sip of her coffee, her stomach twisting at the realization that she didn’t mind his forwardness, in fact, despite herself she found she wanted his eyes on her; all over her. 

“So,” she started again as she set her drink down. “Gun loving-republican-cowboy, part time lawyer with wandering eyes. I forget anything?”

Kurt shook his head with a charming smile    

“Stoic. You forgot stoic.”

“Ah, how silly of me.” she replied with a soft grin.

“And you? Bleeding-heart, loquacious liberal, full-time lawyer, part-time clotheshorse?”

Diane cackled at that; her laugh loud and genuine. The sound trickled out of her like honey and Kurt couldn’t help but stare, God she was an enigma.

“Sometimes.” she agreed meeting his eyes. After a moment Kurt smiled at her cocking his head.

“I’ve followed your work,” he suddenly admitted and Diane couldn’t help the pleasantly surprised look that flashed across her face.

“You have?” 

“Indirectly,” he said with a shrug. “I kept track of Will and you came up.” Diane hummed, finishing off her latte with a coy smirk.

“Forgive me, but how are you an Will friends?” she blurted out with an interested frown.

“Georgetown,” he supplied simply and Diane scoffed.

“Oh ye of few words,” she mocked with a small chuckle.

“I was a teachers assitant, we got friendly, kept in touch.” he elaborated with a nod.

“You’re so...different.” she murmured unconsciously, her eyes widening when she realized she’d spoken the words aloud. “I mean,” she fumbled blushing again.

“He and I are more alike than you’d guess,” he offered up kindly. Diane’s eyes thinned as she smirked at Kurt.

“Really? You’re a hotheaded playboy who shoots from the hip and for whom baseball is a religion?” she sassed with a smugly raised eyebrow.

Kurt laughed lowly, shaking his head. His green eyes sparkling as they met her blue.

“No, you got me there. I’m a one woman kinda guy.” he replied smoothly and Diane felt her cheeks colour, her heart rate pumping. Was he suggesting? “We have similar outlooks, I don’t share his obsession with baseball but we have common interests.” Kurt continued without a thought to her sharp intake of breath.

“Like?” she prompted, her voice coming out rough and husky.

“Well, the RNC to start with,” he grinned merrily. Diane scoffed loudly at that, throwing her head back in another amused chuckle.

“Oh sure,” she laughed but Kurt merely smirked, his eyebrows bouncing up knowingly. “Come on,” Diane said with a shake of her head. “You expect me to believe that Will, Will Gardner is a republican?” she snarked incredulously.

Kurt tilted his head to the side, arching his eyebrow in amusement.

“No,” Diane continued shaking her head in confusion. “No, I mean, no, I think I’d know if my own partner was-“ she trailed off, her mouth dropping open slightly. Her sky blue eyes suddenly widened as she looked into his. “You’re screwing with me?” she confirmed and Kurt laughed lowly.

“Will said it would be fun.” he offered, leaning back in his chair, his hands tucked under his arms as he flashed her a smug smile.

“Bastard!” Diane hissed, frowning deeply, her pout petulant and childlike.

“I try.” he replied with another winning grin. Diane rolled her eyes with a Hmph. There was another strained silence and Diane fiddled with the sugar sachets again.

“Did you know about Will borrowing the money?” she finally worked up the courage to ask. Kurt met her eyes dead on.


Diane pressed her lips together tightly, mulling over his reply. Kurt waited patiently, his eyes watching her mind race.

“He said you’re a moral guy,” she said after a beat.

“I suppose,” he offered casually.

“And you’re just okay with it?” she pushed with an intense look.

“He’s paying a pretty heavy price for it,” Kurt replied blandly, shrugging his shoulders as he looked at her. Diane merely nodded, her eyes dancing across the coffee shop to watch the busy baristas. “Can I ask you something?” he queried suddenly.

Diane nodded.

“Why are you sticking by him?” Diane bulked at his question, her frown bordering on horrified. “He told me what you did with the pro-bono department, and how you lessened the sentence. He stole money, and you helped him. He’s put your firm through hell with this Grand Jury investigation and I know you two were on the outs a couple months back, so why aren’t you cutting your loses? Surely you’d have candidates jumping through hoops to take his seat?”

“Because he’s my friend.” Diane snapped almost angrily. “He my best friend. And although he’s a pain in my ass, he’s also loyal. And kind and caring. And he’d do it for me.” Kurt’s face broke into a blinding smile. “What?” Diane demanded sharply, her eyes thinned.

“Nothing,” he replied with an enigmatic smirk. Diane pursed her lips, her gaze still guarded and suspicious. Kurt’s amusement was palpable and she wondered if she would ever get used to his rollercoaster attitude.

“Is this how it’s going to be?” Diane asked exasperated, her frown deep. 


“The next six months,” she replied meeting his eyes dead on. “All enigmatic answers, stoic staring and republican politics?” she clarified, her heart beating a little faster as he flashed her another bright smile. 

“Maybe,” he offered enigmatically and Diane let out a huff of laugh rolling her eyes. Kurt’s eyes dropped to the skin of her throat once again, entranced by the movement that came along with her laughter. 
Diane calmed herself and met his intense gaze. 

“Kurt,” she murmured shaking her head slowly. 

“Yes?” he said in a low husky voice. 

“I’m not gonna sleep with you,” she told him seriously, ducking her head slightly. Kurt mimicked her stance, dipping his head too. 

“I didn’t ask you to sleep with me, Diane.” he smirked with a silky drawl. “Why, do you wanna sleep with me?” His eyebrows bounced suggestively and Diane licked her lips at his expression. 

“I-“ she began only to be cut off by the shrill sound of her mobile. “Shit!” she cursed, pulling her bag onto her lap and scrambling through it to find her phone. She kept her eyes on her busy hands, her cheeks hot; adrenaline racing through her blood. 

Wrapping her fingers around the device she shot him an apologetic look. 

“Will?” she answered quickly, purposely looking away from Kurt. “What?” she shrieked, her eyes going wide. “He did what?” Her fury was palpable as she gripped the phone tightly. “Damn it!”  she swore again, “Okay, I’ll be back in the office in 10.” she nodded, lifting her hand to signal over the waiter. “I’m at coffee... what? Oh? No, no one.” she.  fumbled out and Kurt could tell she was talking about him. “Okay, Okay, bye.” 

Diane tucked her phone back into her bag, pulling out her purse. 

“I have to go, there’s a problem at work,” she announced, feigning a smile. Kurt nodded, holding his hand up to her. 

“No, I got it.” he said politely and Diane faultered, he could tell she was wary of letting him pay. “It’s the least I can do,” he added with a winning grin and Diane bit her bottom lip, nodding her head in defeat. 

“Thank you,” she offered, standing and shrugging on her coat. 

“No problem,” he said reaching into his pocket to pull out a couple of bills. Diane flashed him one last smile before racing toward the door. “I’ll see you at the office.” he drawled, knowing  she’d frozen in her stride. 

“What?” she asked turning back to him. Kurt hid his smile badly, tilting his head to the left. 

“We’re partners, your problems are my problems now,” he replied with a casual shrug. Diane’s mouth fell open slightly.

“Oh,” she nodded dumbly. “Of course. See you there.” 

Kurt laughed to himself as he stood, watching as Diane raced down the street toward the firm. Six months with her was going to be oh-so much fun. 

Chapter Text


“Here, here, here, here, here and here.” The stoutly man indicated, his stubby finger pointing to the document. Will met Diane’s eyes, rolling his own as he danced a pen over several dotted lines. 

“I feel like I’m buying a house,” Will grumbled as the lawyer turned the page and pointed out more places to sign. 

Diane chuckled lowly from her seat opposite him. 

“Nah, just signing away your first born.” she teased with a glowing smile. 

“I knew you were after my swimmers!” Will joked back with less humour than normal; his tone edging on vindictive. Diane let out a loud, forced laugh; wanting this strange tension to disappear as soon as possible. The chubby man smiled awkwardly, clearly uncomfortable with their conversation and feeling the animosity that was think in the air. 

“This is a legally binding contract and will become void on the night of January 15th.” The other man noted unnecessarily, both the partners were more than aware of the date that would come in six months. 

“Thank you, Mr. Rogers.” Diane replied politely, standing from behind her desk and putting an end to the heavy silence that had settled over the trio. The small man smiled formally, packing up the documents neatly and following Diane as she led him out of her office. “My assistant will be in touch.” she finished in lieu of goodbye, shutting the door quickly and quietly before leaning back against it. 

“So,” she began slowly. “you’re officially a free man.” she said. Will stood from her visitors chair, turning around to lean on her desk; his arms folded tightly across his chest. 

“Officially.” He forced a smile and Diane felt her heart clench. 

“It’s only six months, Will.” she tried kindly. 

“Easy for you to say,” he spat back meanly and Diane’s eyes widened at the sneer on his face. She knew he was just lashing out, that he was struggling with the thought of being away from the law so long and so she would take his anger and sorrow if that’s what he needed. The partners stared at each other neither saying anything. 

The quiet between them caused the tension to build exponentially until, suddenly, Will’s shoulders fell, his head flopping into his hands. 

“Jesus!” he sighed, wiping his face roughly before looking up to her. “I’m sorry, Diane.” he said shaking his head. Diane smiled glumly, slowly walking over to him. She stretched her arms out widely waiting for him to join her in the middle of the room. 

Will slumped over to her, his arms curling around her waist as hers folded around his neck. His head fell against her shoulder as he drew comfort from his friend. 

“We can do this Will,” she said, pressing a kiss to his neck. Pulling back she met his gaze. 

“I’m sorry,” he repeated with a shrug and Diane let out a breath. 

“Can I have my friend back now?” she asked in a joking tone and Will shook off her touch, rolling his eyes as he moved to flop into her couch. 

“I suppose.” he grinned and Diane walked over to join him, the cushions swallowing her up. 

She nudged his thigh with hers, smirking.  

“What can I do to make you feel better?” she asked, taking his hand in hers and squeezing it. Will turned to face her, a shit-eating grin sliding onto his lips. 

“Wanna have sex?” he offered flirtatiously. 

Diane rolled her eyes with a scoff. 

“Oh sure,” she laughed shoving his shoulder with hers. 

“It’s okay,” he replied after a beat, answering her previous question more seriously. “I just need to find something to do for the next six months” 

“You could write a book?” she suggested thoughtfully. 

“Oh, I like it!” Will nodded his eyes thinned pensively. “A crime thriller!” he mused. 

“Or a romance novel, finally write about all of your office exploits.” she teased and Will laughed. 

“Or I could talk about your naughty office shenanigans.” he replied with a quirked eyebrow and a suggestive smirk. Diane rolled her eyes. 

“Oh you’d love that!” she laughed. Taking a deep breath she shifted, curling her leg beneath her as she turned to face him. "So, there are some things we need to discuss before we make the announcement..." she said softly, her smile waning slightly. 

“Uh-oh” he replied with a frown. "That sounds ominous."

Diane smiled cocking her head to the side. 

“Perhaps," she offered coyly. "We need to set some ground rules for McVeigh." 

“Like?" he prompted his eyes thinning. 

“Like, how he dresses." Diane breathed out with a pained grin. Will stared at her, his lips pursed in amusement. 

“What’s wrong with how he dresses?” he questioned innocently, failing to conceal his grin. 

“Will,” Diane warned sternly. “Don’t make me say it.” Will smirked, his eyebrow bouncing up knowingly. “Argh!” Diane groaned her head falling back onto the couch as she let out a heavy sigh. “Fine! He dresses like he’s in a Western.”

“And?” he feigned confusion as he drawled out the question. 

“And,” she responded, meeting his gaze seriously. “He needs to look the part. We can’t have... John Wayne walking around here. We have an image to uphold." Her voice was exasperated and her eyes tired. 

"So, what? You want me to tell the guy what to wear?" Will scoffed incredulously, smirking in amusement. Diane shrugged meekly, her smile small. "No!" Will said firmly, reading her expression. "Diane, no"

"You know him and it'll be better coming from you," she pointed out seriously. 

“No,” Will told her simply, shaking his head defiantly. Diane’s eyes widened. 

“Please Will?” 

“I said no.” Will replied meeting her gaze. Diane opened her mouth to protest but Will interrupted. "Diane, no one is gonna care what he wears!" 

"I am!" she replied, her tone now viciously annoyed. Will pursed his lips, his jaw setting.

"Then you should speak to him." Will replied stoically. "Because I won't do it." 

Diane sneered at him, her irritation plastered across her face. The partners glared at each other for a long, tense moment, nether backing down.

"Fine!" Diane hissed after a while, her eyes thinned meanly as she met his sparklingly smug grin. "I'll go speak to him."

Will leaned back on the couch resting his hands behind his head as he watched her stand and straighten an invisible crease on her slacks. 

Diane moved toward the door, her strides determined and fierce. 

"Where are you going?" Will frowned, sitting forward on the sofa and leaning on his knees. 

"To see McVeigh, because my partner is an ass and can't be bothered to help me out." she shot back meanly, her face screwed up as she glared darkly at him.

"Kurt's here?" 

"In his office," Diane replied blandly, her tone no less malicious. Will stretched forward a little more, craning his neck to get a better view of the office across from Diane's. 

"Diane, he's not in his office." Will offered with a quirked eyebrow. Diane turned back to her partner, her face scrunched up her eyes thinned in confusion. 

"Yes he is," she told him slowly, enunciating her words perfectly. "I left him there to unpack just before the meeting with Rogers." Will looked at her as if she'd lost her mind, stretching out his arm and showing her the empty office across from her's.

"No, he's not." Will replied sassily and Diane let out a loud laugh, rolling her eyes.

"He's not taking your office," she laughed incredulously. 

"Why not?" Her partner frowned and Diane's eyes widened almost comically. 

"Because," she replied quickly, too quickly. "That's your office."

"Yes," Will drawled condescending. "And he's replacing me." he continued with feigned politeness and Diane crossed her arms defiantly; her expression incredulous. "So he should get my office." 

"No," she replied in the same falsely polite tone. "He's not getting your office."

"Why the hell not?" Will asked in a huff. 

"Because I said so!" Diane snapped back petulantly, annoyed by his outrage. 

"Well, I say he gets it!” Will shot back with a feigned smile, folding his arms across his chest too. 

"You don't work here," Diane laughed back cruelly, her lips pursed as she raised an eyebrow challengingly. Will's face darkened, his mouth falling open slightly and Diane could see the hurt in his eyes. Well, fuck. 

She knew bringing up his suspension was a low blow, especially after the last 30 minutes but she had panicked. She desperately wanted the topic to be over before she blurted out the real reason she'd given Kurt an office at the other end of the building. The truth was, it wasn't out of loyalty to Will, nor out of convenience, she merely didn't want to look up from her desk and see his face. She was already struggling to contain her attraction to the man, and seeing him every time she looked up from her laptop was tempting fate. 

"I'm sorry," she backtracked, her face softening and her shoulders deflating. "That was cruel," she acknowledged and Will let out a loud sigh. 

"But true," he shrugged. Diane's head cocked to the side sadly. 

"No, it's not." she replied kindly, walking over to him and taking his hands in hers, pulling him to his feet. "This is always going to be your firm Will, our firm." Will forced a smile, squeezing her hands. "I just," she continued, unsure of how to explain herself. "I just don't want anyone taking your office okay?" she finished lamely. 

Will stared at her for a long moment looking for any sign of hesitation, before finally releasing a deep breath. 

"Okay," he conceded. "Who knew you were so sentimental?" he joked, bouncing his eyebrows up suggestively. 

"Argh," Diane hissed, rolling her eyes as she stepped away. "You're intolerable." she groaned but Will could see the beginnings of a smile tugging on her painted lips. 

"You love me," he threw back. 

"Just barely," she replied deadpan. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try and get a cowboy out of his clothes." Will's eyebrows bounced up, his smirk tortuously suggestive. As soon as the words left her mouth she'd realised her mistake, her eyes widening as she tried to backtrack. "I mean, I just meant," she stuttered her heart pounding in ears. Talk about a Freudian slip. "Oh," she grumbled after a moment, her face bunched into a sneer. "You know what I mean!" 

Will chuckled lowly, falling back into her sofa. Diane cast him one last dark look before turning on her heel and pushing through the door.

"Good luck with the naked cowboy!" Will called after her, his comment earning him a very unladylike gesture that left him laughing even harder.


Diane walked purposefully toward Kurt's office, her mind racing with a million ideas on how to broach the subject with her new partner, and if she was honest, her heart racing at the idea of seeing him again. 

This was why he couldn't occupy the office across from hers. She’d be too distracted. She had already memorised the way his lips curled beneath his moustache. Had already imagined how his large hands may feel on her naked skin, how his lips would taste. No, he couldn't take Will's office, it wasn't even an option. She was lusting after this man like a schoolgirl, blushing as she thought of him, imaging his hand holding hers, his voice low and sexy in her ear. She was floored, encapsulated by him. The attraction so electric, so biting and so thick, she barely knew what to do with herself. 

As she neared his office, she tried to calm her mind and focus solely on her objective. If she was being completely honest, Kurt McVeigh's choice of clothes didn't really bother her, they were antiquated for sure, rough and clearly not fit for a courtroom, but she didn't really mind them. There was something rustic and alluring about his cowboy attire, it suited him. Nevertheless, the reputation of the firm took precedent.

Rounding a corner, she came to an abrupt halt, her pointed heels digging to the plush carpeting. Her eyes fell to the man in the office in front of her. Kurt had his plaid sleeves rolled up passed his elbows, his tanned forearms on full display. Diane licked her lips as she watched him lift a box onto a high shelf, the muscles in his arms rippling beneath his skin. She watched as he dusted his hands on his dark jeans, stepping back to appraise his work; books upon books lined up neatly. 

She gulped and released a deep breath before straightening her shoulders and walking toward Kurt's office. She tapped her knuckles on the glass, crossing her ankles as she leant against the door jamb. 

"Mr. McVeigh," she greeted as casually as possible, unable to conceal a smile as he spun round in surprise. His green eyes lit up and Diane felt her heart skip a beat. 

"It's Kurt," he reminded her with a pointed look, moving to roll the cuff of one sleeve, then the other down.

"Kurt," she pronounced slowly, not liking how good it felt to curl her tongue around the syllables of his name, her mind traitorously jumping to how good it would feel to scream said name. Sucking in a deep breath, she forced her next words out of her mouth. "I need to talk to you about your clothes." 

Kurt smirked crossing his arms in amusement, his eyebrow bouncing up incredulously. 

"My clothes?" 

"Ah, yes," Diane blushed, ducking her head slightly; looking at her feet. After a few seconds, she built up the courage to meet his grinning face. "Look Mr. Mc- Kurt," she amended. "You see," she tried as diplomatically as possible. "We have a certain image to uphold, our clients expect a certain level of...elegance," she continued. "We're expected to present ourselves in a manner that befits our clientele, and as unorthodox as this seems, I'm going to have to ask you, we need you to wear a suit and tie." she finished lamely, clasping her hands behind her back, like a schoolgirl in the principal’s office.

Kurt gave her a curious look, his head tilting to the side as a slow grin slid onto his lips. 

"Okay." he nodded politely, and Diane’s eyes lit up; she’d thought he’d put up more of a fight. 

"Okay?" she confirmed, and he smiled in response. "Well, thank you," she smiled back at him, nodding her head happily. "I’ll see you in the conference room at one?" she queried, and Kurt dipped his head again in agreement. She stared at him for a long minute, her eyes dancing across his face. "Thank you," she repeated with some finality, forcing herself to turn on her heel and move toward the exit. 

"Oh Diane?" he called causing her to turn back. Her blood bubbling at him calling her by her given name. "What are you wearing?" he questioned with a tilted head, his eyes thinned; raking over her attire. 

Diane frowned at that, looking down at her clothes and then back to his face. 

"What?" she frowned, her hands awkwardly running across her clothing. "It's, it’s a pant-suit." she offered in a stutter, her eyes thinned suspiciously. 

"Oh, all right," he said with a casual shrug, shoving his hands into his pockets. "It’s just that women should really wear skirts in the work place, it’s more professional- we don’t want you looking like a man." he finished, and Diane saw red, her eyes widening and her jaw dropping. 

"Excuse me?" she shrieked in outrage. 

"I’m just saying women should wear skirts- it’s how things are done, and you’d look much better in them." he added with a smirk. 

"What?" Diane growled lowly, stepping toward him viciously, her blue eyes dark with fury. 

"I’m just saying it would be appropriate-" Kurt tried, gesturing to her pants. 

"You chauvinistic bastard!" she roared shaking her head and gritting her teeth. "That is the most antiquated, sexist, misogynistic thing I have ever had the displeasure of hearing!” Kurt pressed his lips together almost smiling beneath his thick moustache, the move only irritating Diane further. "You don’t get to tell me what to wear! It’s my Goddamn choice!"

She raged, her hands gesticulating wildly as she glared daggers at him. "I'll wear whatever I damn-well please!" she finished heatedly, now close enough to him to shove her finger into his chest angrily. 

The pair remained silent for a few beats, Diane still fuming as she awaited a response that didn’t come. Kurt merely folded his arms across his chest and smirked, waiting patiently for her to catch up. It took longer than it should have for Diane to realize what had happened. To realise how easily and effectively he’d played her. Her cheeks flushed red as she ducked her head in embarrassment. 

"Well played." she mumbled as she looked up again, meeting his eyes meekly. 

"Thank you." he grinned proudly.

"So, no suit and tie then?" she confirmed in a sigh with a dull smirk. 

"No." he replied not unkindly, meeting her blue eyes seriously. "Diane I’m aware my choice of clothing isn’t exactly for everyone, but it’s what I’m comfortable in and your clients will get used to that. My clothes do not dictate my ability to litigate, the same way that yours don’t define your sex. I understand the level of professionalism that is required here, and I will adhere to that, but I won’t compromise myself to do it, not even for you." 

Diane blinked at the man, dumbfounded. Not even for you. Her heart fluttered at those few words. Was he implying? No, no he couldn’t be. He couldn’t mean it like that, although, one thing was for sure, he could speak.

He was eloquent and pointed and she felt her lower abdomen clench at the thought. He wasn’t just some dumb-hick, he wasn’t just common or ignorant, rather stoically opinionated and clever. My God, was he clever. Diane licked her lips slowly, trying to slow her heart - she’d always had a thing for men who could challenge her with intellect. 

"Okay." Diane agreed, conceding with a small nod and a coy smile. Kurt replied in kind, his grin bright and sexy. 

"I’ll see you for the announcement." he replied, and Diane hummed her confirmation before turning and leaving his office.




The sound of David Lee’s ranting filled the crowed room, his tone loud and annoyed as he went on and on about how Diane couldn’t run the firm alone. Will turned to his partner, meeting her eyes. Diane smirked as Will rolled his eyes, years of friendship allowing them to communicate without words. The divorce attorney rambled on and this time it was Diane’s turn to roll her eyes. With a slight nod in her partner’s direction, she gave him the go ahead he was looking for.

“Okay David,” Will began in a loud, stern tone. “Before you start rallying troops for the mutiny, I’d like to remind you that without Diane you’d have been outvoted years ago, so before you snap at her, you’d do well to remember that she has a lot of allies in this firm and that my allies? are her allies! And you, you are one vote away from being out on your ass!” David pouted childishly as he met Will’s gaze, the eyes of the firm all falling to the divorce attorney. After a long, painful moment David set his jaw, grumpily taking his seat once more. 

Julius smirked smugly beside him, his eyes glowing as he looked to Diane. The name partner couldn’t help herself, a small smile creeping onto her lips as her heart swelled at Will’s loyalty.

“Now, unless anyone else wants question my competence,” Diane began with a sneer, glancing around the room but speaking to only one man. “There are a few things we need to discuss.” Taking her seat between Will and Kurt, her arms folded neatly across the desk as Will took over. 

“As David so kindly pointed out,” Will snarked with a dark look in the direction of the divorce attorney. “I will be stepping down for the duration of my suspension. After a lot of consideration, Diane and I have decided that it would be best for the firm if someone stepped into my place to help out. Kurt McVeigh will be a locum of sorts, instead of dividing up all my cases and putting added pressure on both the partners and the associates, he will take over any ongoing cases and help Diane with admin and managerial duties.”  

The room was silent as they listened to Will speak, their eyes all sneaking over to the man on Diane’s left. 

“Obviously there will be a bit of an adjustment period, but Mr. McVeigh is an experienced trial lawyer and we are lucky he has agreed to stand in. Any questions?” Will continued, eyes darting around the room. The room was silent for a long moment and Will was just about to speak again when suddenly…

“I have one,” An obnoxious voice spoke up and Diane rolled her eyes

“Of course he does,” she hissed out under her breath, knowing without seeing him that she’d made her new partner grin beneath his moustache. A feat which had her blood heating by a degree or two.

“David?” Will acknowledged with an exasperated sigh.  

“Who the hell is Kurt McVeigh?” he demanded, tucking his hands under his armpits as he folded his arms across his chest smugly. His sour face scrunched up maliciously. 

“Jesus David!” Diane growled out, surprising most of the room as she slammed her palms to the desk in front of her. Shaking her head, she set her jaw; her face pinched in annoyance. 

David looked taken aback, his confidence wavering slightly. 

“It’s a fair question,” Someone from the back of the room commented, and Will craned his neck to see who it was.  

“He’s a lawyer from DC,” Julius chipped in, turning in his seat to address the question to it’s owner. 

“Yeah,” Anita from tax law added. “Then why haven’t I heard his name before?” She questioned with a hum of agreement from the room. 

“How do we even know he’s any good?” Another voice called from the right of the room.

“What kind of law does he practice?”

“Should we really bring in someone new? Will will be back in a few months,”

“Yeah, why do we need this new guy?” 

The buzz in the room grew and Diane looked from Kurt to Will, her eyes wide as an argument broke out.

Diane turned back to Will, their eyes speaking volumes as she slowly rose to stand beside him again. Yes, they’d anticipated push back from David Lee, maybe even Julius but this was fast turning into mob-mentality. Will nodded to her, his eyes also catching those of the man seated beside her. 

“Why not just promote an equity partner?” Another voice chimed in. 

“And how would that help the caseload?” A woman off to the side asked. “I don’t know about you, but I’m swapped already!”

“We promote an associate.” 

“Which associate?” 

“And split our year end bonus with another partner?” Mark from family law shouted out incredulously. 

“What and just demote them once Will is back?” 

The name partners were fast losing the room, the volume rising as more and more people followed David’s lead. Diane cut her eyes to a smug looking divorce lawyer, her stare enough to have him gulping. 

Diane’s hand fell to Will’s forearm, squeezing it gently and giving him a reassuring nod; she’d take this one. Her shoulders squared as she suddenly projected her voice around the room.

“Quiet!” she roared, forcing dozens of eyes to widen as they took in her unusual outburst. “I am going to say this once and only once,” she began scanning the crowd with thinned eyes, her jaw set fiercely. “This is not up for negotiation. Kurt McVeigh will be replacing Will as name partner effective immediately. Now, if anyone has a problem with that, there’s the door.” Diane pointed in the direction of the exit, her angry eyes darting around the cramped room. She scowled meanly, flicking her gaze from one partner to the next; daring someone to speak up.  

Her eyes drifted to the real troublemaker of the bunch. David Lee sat with his arms folded petulantly, his eyes rolled toward the ceiling in a clear avoidance technique. Diane smirked slightly, taking a deep breath. 

“Good.” she continued cheerily. “Now, as Will said, Mr. McVeigh will be taking over all of his cases. That means some of you will be working with him almost immediately. Naturally, he has been briefed on all the relevant details, however, he will still need your patience and understanding to start off.” she explained to the room, speaking in an authoritative tone, her eyes danced around the partners silently noting the few who rolled their eyes or whispered amongst themselves. “I expect everyone will be gracious and welcoming and if I hear otherwise you’ll have me to deal with. We are not children and you all will conduct yourself in a manner that is befitting of this firm.”

Kurt smirked beneath his moustache, quietly thrilled she’d stood up for him. There was something about this woman than made him desperate for her attention. He wanted her to talk to him, about him, he wanted her to think about him constantly; to be consumed by him - in just the same way he was with her. 

Their chemistry was nothing short of explosive, small smirks and casual touches enough to get both their hearts racing. He’d never met a woman quite like Diane, so self-confident and poised, so eloquent and intelligent, it was no wonder he was attracted to her. She was the epitome of class and everything he thought he wanted nothing to do with. Until now. 

He watched silently from the sidelines as she conducted the rest of the meeting, calming the waters and reassuring everyone that things would be okay. Before he knew it, the meeting was over and she was pushing her chair back and standing beside him. 

Kurt blinked back into reality, glancing around the almost empty room. He spotted Will by an exit, the younger man making eye contact and miming a drink. Kurt nodded in agreement, and Will silently indicated to meet in his office. 

“Are you okay?” Diane asked her soft tone enough to draw his attention back to her.  

“Sure,” he fumbled out an answer. Diane smiled kindly, and Kurt’s eyes were drawn to her painted red lips. 

“You did well,” she offered sweetly, her hand falling to his forearm and giving it a small, reassuring squeeze. 

Kurt’s eyes darkened at the touch, suddenly drawn to her and taking a step closer. Diane’s eyes bounced up to his, widening in fear as he stepped even closer and pressed a soft kiss against her cheek. 

His lips were fire on her flushed face, his breath ghosting across sensitive skin and sending a chill up her spine. The simple action enough to leave her breathless. 

“Thanks for defending my honour,” he offered as he pulled back, smirking at her slyly before turning and walking away. 




Will closed the door to his office with a small grin. 

"So," he began addressing his friend with a knowing look. "Scotch?"  

Kurt chuckled lowly, falling back into Will's couch with a deep exhale. "Yep." he agreed watching as Will grabbed two glasses in a hand and brought both them and the scotch over to the small coffee table.  

Will poured a generous amount of alcohol into each tumbler, offering one to the other man. Kurt nodded his thanks as his large fingers enveloped the glass and he lifted it to his lips; taking a healthy gulp. 

"They'll calm down," Will said with a shrug. "David Lee’s a dick, but he knows not to screw with Diane." His smile was wide and Kurt let out a low rumble of a laugh.  

"Yeah, she always like that?" he asked curiously, his interest far more than his casual tone let on.  

"Mostly," Will offered with a slight frown, turning to look in the direction of Diane's office. The woman was resting against her desk, a folder in her hands as she interacted with a few associates, clearly frustrated by whatever the younger lawyers were saying. "Honestly," he continued with a grin in Kurt's direction. "I haven't seen her that vicious in a while, I think she was showing off for you."  

Kurt smirked beneath his moustache, secretly thrilled by the idea.  

"She cares about you," The older man noted meeting Will's eyes. A small, wistful smile slipped onto Will's lips.  

"Today," he joked. "Don't let the long legs and pretty words fool you, she's a tiger and if you piss her off? Well, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Will made a face, eyes wide and jaw set, his teeth flashing in a clearly frightened expression. Kurt shook his head in amusement, taking another sip of his drink, somehow, he had no trouble believing that woman could eat any man alive.  And the thought of her furiously, ruthlessly angry was more of a turn on than he cared to admit. Her blue eyes fiery, shoulders tense, chest heaving, her lips parted just enough to entice, her tongue slipping dangerously across her bottom lip...

Will coughed slightly, throwing a quizzical look in his friend’s direction, unsure of the strangely distracted expression plastered across Kurt's face.  

"You okay?" he checked, and Kurt shook his head, scratching at his chin. 

"Yeah, just hoping your partner doesn't turn on me," he forced out a laugh, trying to coverup the fact that for a moment, his mind had drifted to the thought of Diane Lockhart furiously screaming at him and exactly what he'd do to shut her up. 

"You and me both," Will added with a chuckle, bending toward the table to refill his glass. "You want another?" 

Kurt shook his head, placing his empty tumbler down and leaning forward, his elbows on his knees; his face suddenly serious.  

"Will, are you sure about this?" he asked on a low voice, his question making the other man frown. "It seems like there's gonna be a lot of resistance and not just from your divorce attorney. There's gonna be push back to me suddenly taking over as their boss and as much as I fear Diane's wrath," he paused with a small shake of his head and a sly grin. "I doubt even she'll be able to stop it."  

Will hummed quietly, pressing his lips together pensively.  

"They got to you," he smirked.  

"No," Kurt laughed with a roll of his eyes. "I just wonder if you shouldn't reconsider promoting from within?"  

Will sighed, leaning back into his chair.  

"Kurt, this is what's best for my firm, you’re what’s best for the firm; someone without an agenda. Someone who’ll watch out for Diane." Kurt nodded satisfied with the answer, knowing that he’d do everything in his power to live up to his friend’s words, especially the latter part of his sentence. He planted his hands on his knees and pushed himself up from the couch.

"All right then," he said with a pleased look. "Guess I better get to work?" Will nodded, his smile sad and Kurt could see the strain that this suspension was taking on the younger lawyer. 

"Call me if you need anything," Will added sombrely as Kurt moved to exit the room.  

“Will do.” The older man popped over his shoulder, pushing down on the handle of the of the exit. Just as he swung open the door, a tall, distracted blonde crashed into him; the folder in her hands crunching between them. 

"Woah," Kurt said, his hands moving to her biceps to steady her. Diane gasped, her eyes wide as she looked up at him, her heart suddenly pounding and her skin tingling where he touched her. "We have to stop meeting like this," he  continued with a charming smile. 

Diane feigned a laugh, clearly a bit breathless and incredibly uncomfortable. Still horribly shaken by his earlier display of affection, her cheek still prickling from the touch of his lips. Kurt used his hands to move her to his left. 

"Yes," Diane answered him too late and unnecessarily. She gulped forcing a bright grin. "Well, I'm going to speak with Will." she added dumbly, cringing internally at how ridiculous she sounded. 

"Good." he smirked, his eyes drawn to her neck as her fingers tucked a stray curl behind her ear in a nervous manner. Diane licked her lips as she watched his green eyes darken to a dull emerald. “I’ll be in my office." he said after a long moment of staring and Diane nodded, forcing another smile. Kurt turned flashing her one last grin before stalking off down the hall; her eyes trailing after him until he disappeared around a corner. 

"Oy!" Will called from within his office breaking her out of her reverie and forcing her to turn her gaze to him. "You going to stand there all day?" he smirked cockily, his eyes wide as he looked at her expectantly.  

Diane rolled her eyes. Lord, but she was going to miss this man, even when he annoyed the hell out of her. 

"Keep your panties on, I'm getting there." 

Chapter Text

“Mr. Daniels, Robert, Robert, please Robert, please hear me out?” Diane bent forward resting her elbows on her knees as she held the cell phone to her ear. Her eyes were closed as she ran a shaking hand through her hair. “No, that’s not what happened, no no, I can assure you, our firm is more than capable...” 

Diane licked her lips slowly, her chest rising and falling rhythmically as she nodded into the receiver. 

“Of course. I understand.” she said defeatedly. “No, no, nothing personal. Thank you.” 

Flipping her cell over in her palm, she pressed the button to disconnect. For a long moment she sat in silence trying and failing to steady her breathing. Suddenly the bubble of anger she’d been trying to suppressed boiled up and she lifted her arm; lobbing the mobile across the room and swearing loudly. 

“Damnit!” she yelled, wincing slightly as the phone shattered against the opposite wall. Her head fell into her hands, her shoulders hunched over as she curled her upper body into her lap. Breathing deeply, she attempted to choke back a sob.

“Miss Lockhart?” The tentative voice had her head bouncing up, her eyes wide a she looked to her office door. Kurt frowned deeply as he stepped into the room, his eyes dark and empathetic. 

“Kurt,” she replied a little breathless, her blue eyes wide as she met his green. She gulped deeply.

“Are you okay?” He asked, his gaze darting from her frail-looking frame to the cell phone lying in several pieces on the floor. 

Diane followed his line of sight, feeling her cheeks colour. 

“It’s uh, I mean, I just-“ Diane looked from him to the mobile fearfully her mind racing but Kurt held up a hand, putting a halt to her fumbling. 

“You don’t have to explain,” he said and Diane felt her shoulders drop in relief. “I hate technology too,” he added in a laugh, his green eyes locked on her blue as he tried to coax a smile from her woeful lips. 

Diane chuckled despite herself, rolling her eyes in playful amusement. She appreciated the effort, appreciated how he tried to defuse the tension. Kurt grinned, casually propping himself up against her doorway as he folded his arms. 

“You wanna talk about it?” he asked softly. Diane’s eyes once again bounced back to his, her heart melting as she took in his caring expression. He was genuinely asking, no hidden agenda, he simply wanted to help in anyway he could. She couldn’t help the feeling of warmth that suddenly enveloped her. With a defeated smile she shook her head and Kurt nodded.

“You wanna get a drink?” he asked instead, his hands shoved deeply into his jean pockets as he rocked on his feet anxiously. Diane’s eyes widened even further. 

“With you?” she gaped, the words falling from her lips before she could stop them.

Kurt smirked, his mouth curling into puzzled grin.

“Yes,” he drawled out slowly, his tone almost mocking and his eyes thinned in amusement. 

“Okay,” Diane replied methodically, a small smile crawling its way onto her lips. “Then I guess it depends...”


“Are planning to get me drunk and take advantage of me?” she asked flirtatiously, though her mind was already made up.

She was going with him, there was no doubt about it. Somehow, his southern charm was just what she wanted in this moment, his comforting smirk felt like the only thing that could redeem this God-awful day.

“Maybe” he offered up with a chuckle and a dashing shrug. “I guess that’s a risk you’ll have to take.”

Diane let out a bubble of amusement, her smile wide and genuine as she met his eyes. 

“Okay.” she finally said, gulping down any hesitation with a brave look. “Let’s do it.”

Kurt quirked an eyebrow at her words. “I mean-“ she blushed stumbling before rolling her eyes at his suggestive smirk. “You know what I mean!” Kurt nodded with a genuine smile. 

“Shall we?” he asked, indicating to the door. Diane was just about to open her mouth and agree when the phone on the floor buzzed back to life in a jumbled and broken melody, drawing their attention to its remains. 

“You wanna get that?” he questioned with a teasing smile and Diane shook her head.

“Fuck it. Let it go to voicemail.” Diane replied, throwing her hands into their air carelessly as she turned her attention from the buzzing phone to him. Kurt smirked at her reaction, both surprised and impressed. 

His awe must have shown in his expression because Diane cocked an eyebrow at him daringly.

“Yes, I curse, I’m not the angel you seem to think I am, Mr. McVeigh.” she shot back, rising from her couch and moving toward the shattered cell phone pieces, her smile sexy and coy as she winked at him over her shoulder. 

Diane turned her back and bent to pick up the broken mobile, keenly aware of his eyes on her arse. Something about him made her flirty, brave. He made her do and say things that demure Diane Lockhart never would. He made her feel sexy and desired and without even realizing it. He was able to flip the conversation from serious to naughty in one syllable and she was more than happy to oblige. 

“I don’t think of you as an angel.” He responded gruffly, his voice catching in his throat.  

“But you do think of me?” she pressed, treading in dangerously flirtatious waters.

“Don’t play coy Diane, you know I do.” Diane blushed at his candor. It never ceased to amaze her how straightforward he was. He said what he meant and meant what he said. 

She’d been pleasantly surprised the first time she’d seen him with the associates. His blunt honesty had thrown them all for a loop. In a profession that was sneaky and malicious by nature, his openness and straightforwardness was unnerving. 

He said whatever popped into his head and Diane was beginning to think it was what made him such a good lawyer. People in their profession were thrown by honesty - always suspicious of the truth and that seemed to be his genetic make-up. 

“Anyway,” she coughed awkwardly, her cheeks colouring at the knowledge that she thought about him too, a lot. “I swear.” 

Kurt shook his head with a chuckle, shoving his hands into his jeans again as he ducked his head indicating toward the door. 

“I’m glad to hear it,” he mumbled as Diane grabbed her purse and they headed out the door.


“So,” Diane said as she slid onto a bar stool, her eyes sparkling as they met Kurt’s. “What’s your poison?” Her head was tilted toward the colourful wall of alcohol, her lips smirking pointedly.

“What’s yours?” he fired back lowly, his eyes dark and his smile wicked. Diane giggled slightly, glad for the dim lighting of the bar as she felt her cheeks flush for the hundredth time that night. Somehow everything the man said, sounded sinful and delicious to her ears. Their car ride over had been laced with innuendo; suggestive flirting that had her feeling pleasantly buzzed without even a drop of alcohol. She was beginning to think the evening was going to end with him in her bed.

 “Guess,” she challenged, her tone low and sexy as she dipped her head toward to his. The bar was loud and busy, forcing Kurt to move close enough to her mouth to feel her hot breath. He tilted his head slightly, eyes dropping to her lips before dancing back up to her blue orbs.

“What are we having folks?” An overly friendly twenty-something asked from behind the bar.

Kurt continued to stare at Diane for a few moments, his eyebrows bouncing up in a silent question. Diane inclined her head, her lips parting just slightly, her tongue dancing across the soft flesh in a flash.

“I’ll have a bourbon, neat, and she’ll have a long, sloe screw up against a wall.” Kurt told the bartender loudly, not daring to break eye contact with his blonde companion. Diane quirked an eyebrow at that, her stomach flipping at the surprising sauciness laced into his voice.

“Remind me what’s in that again?” she queried with a smirk, her eyes thinned in playful confusion.

“A dark room and a lot less clothing.” He breathed out lowly, a smirk of his own tugging at his lips. Diane’s mouth fell open in an astonished laugh, her eyes comically wide at his audacity.

“I meant the drink,” she replied softly.

“Ahh,” Kurt nodded, smiling as he sat back on his stool matching her movements. “Of course.” His green eyes twinkled as they met her blue, the dim lighting of the bar doing nothing to hide the naughty shine in his intense gaze.


The conversation flowed between the pair for a few hours, Diane was surprised at how at ease they seemed to be with one another. She enjoyed her cocktail as he told her about his childhood and he smiled along to her stories of Will. The flirting continued intermittently throughout the evening, increasing with their alcohol intake and bordering indecent by the time they were three drinks in. 

“This is good,” she said after finishing yet another story about their friend, taking a long sip of her cocktail. 

“Could have been better,” he flirted back in a low husky voice. She felt her cheeks heat up at the implication. A long, slow screw up against the wall, with him, wouldn’t that be something...

“Regardless of that, thank you for this,” she smiled shyly, her eyes sparkling like sapphires in the dimly lit bar. Kurt frowned slightly, his smirk curved up in puzzlement. 

“This?” he queried. 

“Taking me out.” Diane explained with a flirty smile. “I needed it.” Kurt nodded slowly, watching closely as she took another sip of her drink, her red lips distracting in the most sinful way. 

Diane caught his eye in the corner of her own, her cheeks instantly colouring. 

“You normally go out with Will? Kurt asked after a long moment, his words forcing her to meet his eyes. 

Diane flashed him a sad grin, shrugging slightly. 

“It’s hard to go to him about things like this, especially... “ she trailed off sadly, her blue eyes staring blankly at the wall of alcohol in front of her. 

“Especially when he’s the reason for it,” he finished for her and Diane’s gaze raced back to him, her eyes wide with surprise. It was like he could read her mind, like he could see into her soul. It was unnerving and yet at the same time... alluring.

The pair were silent for a long minute, the busy buzz of their surroundings enveloping them. Kurt sipped at his drink casually, clearly at ease with the lull in conversation. Through all his flirting and smirking, Diane had found he said the most when he said nothing at all. His eyes and body language replaced his words and were almost more captivating.

“Yeah.” she finally said, her expression vulnerable as he looked to her.

Kurt watched her silently, a slight smirk tugging on his lips as he dragged two fingers round the rim of his glass. Diane gulped under his scrutiny, tucking a curl behind her ear as her eyes darted to the movement of his hand. The circular motion mesmerizing and a perfect way to avoid how his silence had her heart racing. She didn’t like feeling as if he could read her every secret with just one glance - felt uncomfortable in how easy it seemed to come to him and so she watched his fingers; round and round, round and round. Her throat suddenly felt dry, her mind conjuring up very delicious ways in which he could better use those errant digits. 

“He worries you know.” Kurt said after a long moment, causing Diane’s eyes to bounce back up to his.

“I’m sorry?”

“Will, he worries.” he explained. 

Diane’s eyes widened, her surprise evident even in the poorly lit pub.

“You talk to him about things like that?” she questioned in something close to astonishment, her voice hushed. She knew they were close - Will wouldn’t have suggested Kurt replace him if they weren’t, but somehow, she couldn’t imagine them sitting down and sharing their feelings. 

Will was a man’s man, the kind of guy who talked baseball, drank beer and wouldn’t be caught dead in a pink shirt. He wasn’t really the emotional type, he loved her, and she knew it, but she also knew he wouldn’t say it unless it was absolutely necessary. And Kurt, well, the man was stoic at best, one would never call him loquacious and the idea that these two men got together to talk about...things, it eluded her. 

Kurt shrugged nonchalantly. 

“Sometimes.” he replied gruffly, stoically and Diane shook her head, smiling to herself before reaching for her drink again.

There was another silence between them, this one less uncomfortable than the previous lulls in their conversation and Diane wondered if this was how comfortable silences between people were born; a mass of awkwardness that slowly disappeared with each break in their speech. After a long while she turned to look him dead in the eyes, the alcohol that still burned down her throat making her brave.

“He... he doesn’t share those things with me.” she offered shyly, playing with the straw in her beverage, twirling the colourful liquid into a whirlpool as she met his gaze. 

Kurt smiled kindly but didn’t bother replying, letting her statement hang between them. 

“I suppose it’s my own fault though.” Diane continued thoughtfully. She chuckled humourlessly and seemed startled by her own outburst. Kurt cocked his head to the side and Diane waved her hand dismissively. 

“He had a relationship with an associate and I didn’t approve.” she offered as casually as possible. “Pretty sure we stopped sharing things after that.”

“Alicia.” Kurt supplied knowingly, simply. Diane’s eyes grew again, her shock written onto her delicate features. 

“Uh, yeah.” she replied dumbfounded. “Wow, you guys really do talk.” she muttered slightly annoyed that they seemed to share a bond she and Will didn’t. She’d found out about Alicia on her own, an overheard ringtone and Will’s suspicious behaviour had led to her discovery - he certainly hadn’t told her. 

She turned back to her drink pensively. Her mind was reeling over this new information as she slurped up the last of her cocktail; nodding to the bartender for another. 

“I knew her from Georgetown.” Kurt said plainly, and Diane saw it for what it was - an olive branch, a way to steer the conversation from the place her mind was taking it, a way to direct from whose friendship with Will Gardner was superior. 

“Huh!” she exclaimed, exaggerating her surprise as a means to seem genuine. “Of course. I don’t know why I never put that together. Of course, you’d have known her too!” Kurt smiled sipping on his drink.

“What was he like back then?” She questioned suddenly, cocking her head towards him curiously.

Kurt smirked, lifting his bourbon to his lips, his eyes meeting hers over the rim of the glass. Diane grinned back at him, the sparkle in his green orbs almost an answer in itself. 

“Pretty much the same as he is now, bit younger, bit cockier.” Kurt answer easily and Diane laughed, her whole face lighting up to accompany her trademark chuckle. “Very focused on his studies...” he continued.

Diane thinned her eyes suspiciously. 

“Now, that I find hard to believe.”

“It’s true.” He offered with a shrug and a grin. “Still a troublemaker though- called into the Dean’s office at least twice that I knew of...”

“Ahh, that’s my Will.” she giggled. “And I bet he had every co-head weak at the knees with that naughty grin of his. All the girls lose their balance when he smiles.” she mused with a grin. Throughout their friendship Diane had seen a multitude of women fall under the spell of Will’s cocky smirk and kind eyes.

Kurt tilted his head in amusement, surprised by her remarks. There was a long moment where he simply stared at her and Diane fidgeted, uncomfortable under his sudden scrutiny.

“Does he have you weak at the knees?” he questioned after a beat, the serious words tumbling out of his mouth before he could help himself. Later he’d blame the alcohol for his forwardness, blame intoxication for the way he so carelessly showed his hand; for this obvious outburst of jealousy.

Diane’s eyes widened in shock, her heart racing at the question and the obvious reasoning behind it. Taking another sip of her drink, she pressed forward boldly, her body inching a little closer to his as she leaned on the bar

“Does Will Gardner’s smile make my knees weak?” she repeated in a brave purr, her smirk growing as she saw his eyes dip to her mouth. 

“Yes,” he replied dumbly, his green eyes lost in the seductive movement of her tongue wetting her lips. 

Diane chuckled low in her throat, her gaze dipping slightly until it met his. She waited patiently, keeping the eye contact and prolonging the tension of the moment before finally answering him.

“No.” she supplied pointedly, watching in satisfaction as Kurt swallowed hard. 

His mind raced at the simple reply, his first thought was to ask what did? What got the great Diane Lockhart’s heart racing, who’s smile made her knees buckle? He bit the inside of his cheek, holding his tongue as she smiled at him knowingly. 

“Why not?” he finally pushed out in a gruff voice, his surprise at his on forwardness showing in his shocked expression.

Diane sat back, stunned by the odd question. Turning away after a minute, she thanked the bartender as he slid a new glass of liquid in front of her, winking as he walked away again. 

“I don’t play with children.” she offered then in a nonchalant whisper, pressing her lips into a rose to sip her cocktail; her eyes not daring to meet his. 

Kurt felt himself harden slightly at her tone, shifting on the bar stool as he lifted his hand to order another bourbon. He was going to need more alcohol. Either to control his sudden desire to pull her into a dark corner of the bar, or not. Either way he needed another drink. 

“He wasn’t actually.” he stuttered out after a long, pained silence, the tense direction their conversation had taken them forcing his words.

“Hmm?” she queried, her eyebrow bouncing up questioningly.

“A ladies’ man? He didn’t really have much of an interest in anyone but her.” Diane cocked her head thoughtfully. 

“They were together?” she asked softly, her heart racing as she mentally jumped back a few years, to when Will had all but sworn they were just hiring Alicia to help out a friend. 

“Uh, no. I mean, I think they both wanted to but...” Kurt trailed off and Diane felt the tension leave her body. For one awful second, she’d thought Will had lied to her. Again. 

“After she met her husband Will started dating quite a bit, seemed to me he only did it because he couldn’t have her.” 

Diane pursed her lips, feeling her heart clench at the idea. She’d always assumed Will’s sleeping around had been a by-product of being too attractive for his own good, but the thought that it was born from unrequited love, made her question how hard she’d been on him about it. 

“They’re sleeping together.” Diane supplied dryly after a moment, shrugging her shoulders and gulping down a heavy sip of her drink to dispel the horrid feeling rising in her chest. She spoke the words blandly but there was an undertone of bitterness, annoyance. She returned her attention to her drink, her face scrunching as she tasted it again. “That’s what started the whole investigation.” She continued turning her own guilt into anger. “Peter Florrick was on the warpath because Will was fucking his wife.”

“I know.” Kurt replied casually, and Diane’s eyebrows bounced up.  Kurt smirked at her reaction. 

“You didn’t think he’d told me.” he stated and Diane’s lips pinched into a sneer. 

“He didn’t tell me.” she responded almost petulantly. 

“You blame him?” Kurt asked, though it was more of a statement than a question. Diane shrugged, taking another sip of her drink, the alcohol soothing her slightly. She was suddenly feeling at a loss, eight years of friendship and it seemed she didn’t know Will at all.

“I know it’s childish.” she finally confessed with a tint to her cheeks, her eyes dancing around the room to avoid his. Kurt smiled kindly at her. 

“If he wasn’t sleeping with her, the State’s Attorney wouldn’t have come after him, they’d never have found out about the money...” Kurt supplied easily, once again reading her mind. Diane grimaced. 

“Yeah,” she said quietly, looking down at her hands, her fingers fiddling with the base of her glass.

Kurt nodded. Turning back to his drink as she did the same. 

“You know,” he began. “You get to be angry, Diane.”  The blonde turned to look at him. 

“That’s not how this works.” she replied bitterly.  

“But it’s how you feel.”

“Hmm.” she replied nonchalantly, turning back to her drink. She was uncomfortable with how spot-on his assumptions were.

“The man on the phone tonight,” Kurt began, and Diane stiffened on her stool, her suddenly shoulders tensing. “He fired us because of Will, right?” 

Diane looked back at him blankly, not saying a word; her eyes telling him everything he needed to know.

“His mistake hurt your firm, it hurt you.” he continued rationally, and Diane swallowed hard;`her throat suddenly dry. “You get to be angry, Diane.” he repeated.

Diane bit the inside of her cheek. 

“Maybe,” she conceded, looking back to the wall of alcohol in front of her. “but he’s not the only one who has made mistakes. What makes what he did any worse than my indiscretions?”

“Did they put the firm in jeopardy?” he countered like the lawyer he was.

“Excuse me?”

“Your supposed indiscretions? Did they affect the firm?” he pressed on with an intense look.

“Well no, but-“ she tried, her expression soft. 

“Then it’s not the same. Will is like a brother to me Diane, there’s very little I wouldn’t do for him, but he was wrong. What he did was wrong, illegal and punishable. You get to be angry about it. You can love him and hate his actions at the same time, it’s not binary.

Diane blinked at the man before her, her mouth slightly agape in awe. 

“Wow.” she mused. “For a man of few words you sure do give a good speech.” Kurt ducked his head in a laugh, his grin tugging on the corners of his lips ruggedly.

“Lawyer, remember?” he teased and Diane smiled. Her hand danced across the bar and settled over his, giving it a squeeze. 

“Thank you,” she said quietly, her fingers tingling against his warm skin.

“You’re welcome.” he replied and Diane’s hand moved back to her lap quickly. She was scared if she kept touching him she’d never stop. 

“It’s getting late,” she remarked, avoiding his eyes as she reached for her purse. Her heart was racing, beating furiously against her chest; she couldn’t risk staying here any longer, not when the mere touch of his skin made her feel dizzy. It was time to leave, time to go home, get into bed and put an end to this game of cat and mouse. She couldn’t sleep with him, it was unethical. 

“Of course,” he nodded, pulling out a few bills from his wallet and handing them to the bartender before Diane could argue. “Keep the change,” The blonde looked up from scrummaging through her handbag only to see the bartender smile and walk off. Her eyes immediately darted to her left, thinning darkly at Kurt. Her mouth fell open to protest but Kurt held up his hand.

“Don’t,” he said simply and Diane’s shoulder’s deflated. Her eyes slid closed exasperatedly and she shook her head.

“Thank you,” she forced out, the words rough on her lips as she accepted his chivalry. Kurt grinned back at her, his green eyes twinkling in amusement. For whatever reason he loved teasing her.

“Shall I call you a cab?” he asked and Diane shook her hand dismissively.

“No, I’m just a few blocks from here. I’ll walk.” As soon as the words left her mouth she realised her mistake. With a heavy sigh, she looked to him. “You’re not going to let me walk home alone are you?” she confirmed and Kurt shook his head smiling.


Diane rolled her eyes as she slipped off her stool.

“Well come on then, John Wayne.” She threw over her shoulder, certain he was following as they left the bar.


The walk to her house was relatively quiet, a few odd comments but mostly just a silence that now felt beyond comfortable.

Diane bit the inside of her cheek as they slowed, turning the corner onto the street before hers. The wind had a slight nip to it and she was secretly hoping he’d offer her his jacket. Her body was already imagining the delicious smell that would accompany the leather jacket’s warmth.

“Is it a sex thing?” Diane asked to divert her mind from the possibility of wrapping herself in his clothing. She cocked her head to the side to look at her companion, her eyebrow arched. The soft breeze swirled around them as they walked down the street and her body was pleasantly humming; the alcohol and the company filling her with a dizzying buzz.


“The Sarah Palin thing, is it a sex thing? Do you want to sleep with her? Because I could understand that, I mean, I guess she’s attractive, you know in a clinically insane sort of way.” She clarified, musing pensively.

Kurt snorted shaking his head with a rugged grin as they continued along the pathway. Their hands hung between their bodies; their fingers occasionally brushing against each other, before skirting back to their sides like chastised children.

“You know, you have more in common with her than you think...” Kurt offered up with an amused smirk. Diane rolled her eyes, her smile incredulous.

“What? We can both see Russia from our balconies?”  She sassed back with a smug pout.

“You both stand up for what you believe in, both fight for your values.”

Diane pressed her lips together tightly, the alcohol registering a compliment amongst his words that her sober self wouldn’t have even acknowledged.

“She’s still crazy.” She mumbled petulantly, his knowing smile unsettling her. The pair fell into another silence, the sound of their shoes on the pavement loud as they walked into the quiet night. 

“What about you? Do you hold a torch for Mrs Clinton?” he questioned after another beat, his grin shining through his green eyes, twinkling in the street lamps.

“Are you asking if I’m attracted to her?” she laughed out, stopping. With a curious arch of her brow she turned to face him.

“Are you?” he countered challengingly, and Diane threw her head back in her low trademark chuckle.

“You’re picturing that, aren’t you?” she smirked flirtatiously, her fruity cocktails from before making her braver than normal. Usually, she wouldn’t insinuate such a thing, she was brought up far too well for that, but something about this man made her careless and forward.

“Trying furiously not to.” he muttered spinning to continue walking. Diane laughed, hurrying to keep up with him. They turned another corner and she felt her heart drop, her apartment was a mere few doors away and she wasn’t quite ready to have the evening end. Despite her hurry to leave the bar and him, she didn’t want this night to be over. Greedily she wanted more time to get to know Kurt, time that wasn’t limited to solely professional conversations. Her mind was all over the place both wanting him and not. 

“Well, this is me,” she said softly, lifting her hand to indicate to her home. Kurt nodded, slowing to a stop as he let her climb the stairs ahead of him.

Diane wasn’t sure he would follow her up the three steps, his obligation to walk her home fulfilled, but suddenly he was right beside her, close enough that she could smell his cologne.

Diane gasped as he stepped toward her, suddenly dwarfed by his frame even in her high heels. Her back collided with the antique oak of her front door, her chest heaving as he moved impossibly closer. His green eyes were dark with something close to lust and his breath hot against her wanting lips.

Suddenly his large hands were circling her waist, pressing tightly against her lower abdomen; holding her firmly to the door as his thumbs stroked over her hips.

In a practiced move his hand left her waist and moved to curl around her chin, his eyes dark and intense in the lamplight. With an almost smirk, his thumb ghosted across her lips, parting them as he reached the corner of her mouth. Diane sucked in a breath, gulping. 

Her heart was beating out of her chest, her blue eyes wide and dark as she watched every micro-expression that danced across his face. She knew what would happen next, that he’d duck his head and she’d meet him halfway, but it still didn’t make it any less suspenseful. 

“You’re beautiful, Diane.” he murmured in the most serious tone, his husky voice a low growl that had her blood boiling.

Diane shivered, they were going to kiss, finally. They both knew it was coming and yet, at the first touch of their lips, Diane still gasped in surprise. 

Her eyes drifted closed upon impact, his lips soft yet demanding on hers. The kiss was slow and sensual, and quite possibly the hottest, most erotic thing she’d ever experienced. 

His mouth was warm, his lips almost gentle in the way they brushed against hers. He didn’t push forward, rather waited until she was blind with lust and had no option but to force her own tongue to take the lead and swipe it across his bottom lip. 

Kurt smiled as they deepened the embrace, his hand on her cheek slipping back into her hair and tilting her head upward as the other on her waist kept her in place against the door. 

Diane moaned as their tongues tangled together, exploring, touching, tasting. Her hands were threaded through his hair, grasping tightly as she pulled him impossibly closer. 

Kurt groaned into her mouth, the taste of her fruity cocktail still lingering as he desperately explored the cavern.

Diane whimpered into the kiss, her lungs screaming out for air but her lips unable to leave his. This felt good, too good. 

She wasn’t ashamed to admit she’d fantasized about what kissing him might be like. She’d daydreamed about him grabbing her, dipping her and then kissing her like some fictional Prince Charming. 

She wasn’t embarrassed to admit as she lay in bed at night, lonely in the hours of darkness, that she’d imagined how he might taste, how his body might feel pressed against hers, how his naked skin would burn hers. 

Yes she had fantasized, and the fantasy had been wonderful but this kiss, this reality was indescribable. 

Diane’s fingers tugged on his hair desperately trying to drag him closer. His large body rocked into hers, their hips meeting intimately as they kissed each other senseless.

Finally, when the need for air overcame them, Kurt pulled back, his lips instantly dropping to her throat, dancing down the smooth pale skin hungrily as she bucked into him desperately. 

“God,” she whimpered, tilting her head back and biting her bottom lip as he sank his teeth into the sensitive skin of her exposed collarbone. 

Her hands were restless, dancing from his hair to his neck, grasping at his broad shoulders, doing anything and everything to keep him close.

Kurt’s hand on her waist moved to her lower abdomen, splaying out across the expensive fabric of her dress and holding her still for a moment before dexterously moving up to cup her breast, a skilled thumb swiping across a covered nipple.

Diane gasped, her hips bumping out into his uncontrollably, her hands moving to grip either side of his face and force his lips back to hers. God this felt good, better than her day-dreams. His body was heavy against hers, his heat delicious and welcome against the curves of her figure.

There was no preamble to the embrace this time, he kissed her deeply and intensely, his tongue swiping the roof of her mouth in a sexy move that had her squirming. Damn he was a good kisser.

His hand on her breast smoothed down her body, trailing over her until it came to a stop on her arse; squeezing it as he pulled her hips forward into his.

Diane felt a shiver run through her as she felt him against her, there was something deeply satisfying about knowing she could make him react in this way; he’d been drinking and Lord knew neither of them was twenty anymore, so to accomplish such a thing had her tingling in all the right ways.

Why the hell hadn’t they done this before? She thought frivolously, her internal monologue amused at the idea. They both wanted it so why had they waited? What stoped them? Her mind suddenly drifted away from the sexy way in which Kurt was kissing her, answering her own questions. Because you’re partners. Partners. Oh, God, what the hell was she doing? They were partners, colleagues. 

This was a terrible idea, she’d known that from the start, had promised herself she wouldn’t give into his flirting, wouldn’t let her desires get the better of her. This was insanity.

Her hands quickly moved to his chest shoving him off her almost violently. Kurt stared at her in confusion, his eyes thinned and hands still grasping her body. Diane met his gaze with wide, fearful eyes.

The pair stared at each other for long silent moment, both furiously trying to catch their breath.

“I can’t” Diane finally whispered after another painfully awkward minute. “I’m sorry, but I can’t.” 

Kurt frowned deeply, his eyes dark with confusion and lust. He shook his head with an amused smirk before dipping down and moving to kiss her again.

“No,” Diane stopped him just before his lips met hers. Her eyes were closed as she spoke, knowing if she looked at him she wouldn’t be able to resist. “No,” she repeated. “You need to go.” She told him, her heart aching at her words.

There was another pained silence as she felt Kurt’s hands leave her hips. His warm body suddenly replaced with the crisp Chicago air as he stepped back.

She swallowed hard, finally forcing her eyes open, only to wish she hadn’t. She could see the hurt in his expression, the sting of rejection in his eyes, and it was almost enough to change her mind. Almost.

Her arms came up to hold her body, protecting herself from the cold as she looked at him.

“I’m sorry, Kurt.” she said meaningfully. “you’re my partner.”

“Diane we’re both adults,” he replied with an incredulous smirk. Diane pressed her lips tightly together, looking away from him and into the night. “I thought you wanted this?” Kurt continued.

Diane was quiet for a long while, working up the courage to meet his green eyes.

“I don’t,” she lied. Kurt’s hand shot out and his mouth fell open, a rebuttal on the tip of his tongue as she continued. “I thought I did, but I don’t.”

“Diane, I know you felt something just now, all night, hell since I started at the firm, there’s been-“ he trailed off and Diane squared her jaw.

“We should forget it ever happened.” Diane said plainly, her face expressionless as she desperately tried to hide her pain.

“What? Us kissing or you pretending it didn’t mean anything?” he snarked back with a dark look.

“It didn’t mean anything.” she fired back, and Kurt shook his head with a disbelieving scoff.

“Yeah, okay.” he said sarcastically, running his fingers through his hair in agitation. Diane watched him, her whole body screaming to take back her words; to take back her words and drag him into her apartment to finish what they started. But she couldn’t. they shouldn’t, they were partners, this couldn’t happen.

“Thank you for walking me home.” she said formally. “I think you should go now.”

Kurt looked into her eyes, his face hard with confusion and just a hint of anger.

“Sure.” he threw back at her in a sneer, letting out a heavy sigh as he turned away from her and walked down the stairs. “Have a good night Diane,” he called back meanly, his tone rough with disappointment.

 Diane shivered as she watched him walk away, even his strides annoyed as he rushed off into the night. She knew she’d hurt him, knew he was angry – and rightly so. He was right, she did feel something, she’d been feeling something since that were first day when he asked her to stand up in court, but she couldn’t. They couldn’t. They were partners, they had a firm to run, at least until Will returned.

Chapter Text

“Diane,” Kurt groaned in his deep southern drawl, tugging a giggling Diane through the door of her bedroom; walking them toward her bed.  He dipped his head, pressing his lips to hers tightly and Diane’s eyes slid closed as she deepened the kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth; melding it with his sexily.

She let her hands trail up to sink into his hair; threading her dainty fingers through salt and pepper strands as she held him to her. The kiss was all tongues and teeth and built up passion, an amalgamation of the desire that had been building between them since they met. She groaned as his hands tilted her jaw, kissing her more fully and fiercely. Diane whimpered, she was almost certain if he were not holding her, her knees would have buckled. 

Kurt’s fingers drifted from her hair and found her silky blouse, deftly slipping the buttons through their holes and pulling the garment off her; desperate to touch her soft skin. The pair broke their kiss; both panting. Kurt’s mouth jumped to her throat, lazily drawing patterns across her pale skin; hungry for the taste of her. 

Diane whimpered throwing her head back as his teeth sunk into the nape of her neck; marking her. Her hands tugged at his dark shirt, forgoing the buttons and forcing it up, tearing his mouth from her skin as she pulled it over his head. Kurt growled at the loss of contact, his eyes fiery as they met hers.

“Please,” Diane murmured in a breathless groan as Kurt’s hands moved down her body to unzip her skirt. Shimming the material to the floor, his hands found her ass; slipping beneath the delicate material covering it and squeezing. Diane shivered bucking into him wantonly. 

“Diane,” he repeated gruffly, his mouth moving to tug at a peaked nipple through the thin material of her bra.

“Ah!” Diane gasped, the friction of the lace and his teeth sending a jolt right through her body. Kurt smiled, dancing his lips back up to her ear and tracing it with his tongue.

“I want you,” he whispered lowly, and Diane’s hips thrust into his on their own accord. Her fingers slid down his chest, her red nails pricking at his nipples and causing him to groan. Reaching for the button of his jeans she giggled into his mouth as she sought out his mouth again, her small hands pushing the denim over his hips and down his legs. Kurt moved his hands back to her waist, holding her to him. Diane moaned loudly as they kissed once more; his tongue dancing with hers in a hot, wet tango.

“Kurt, we shouldn’t.” she mumbled unconvincingly against his jaw, her little nips never stopping and driving him crazy. Kurt growled at her suggestion.

“Yes, we should.” he rasped back, opening his eyes to meet hers. “I want you.” he repeated adamantly and Diane’s breathing quickened. Biting her bottom lip, she let Kurt caress her skin again; his fingertips grazing the smooth flesh of her lower abdomen, his hands touching her in every place but where she needed him the most.

God, did she need this, them, she’d needed this since the first time she’d laid eyes on him, since he came on as partner, since he kissed her against her front door and left her wet and wanting. 

Suddenly Kurt’s hands came to a halt on her hips, his fingers digging into the skin and surely leaving bruises. His strong digits spun her fiercely, bending her over the bed in front of them.

Diane gasped as she was slammed into the cold sheets; the thousand count thread soft against her body as he roughly shoved her into the mattress. Her nipples prickled against the lace of her bra causing a low moan to escape her lips.

“What are you doing?” she managed, her hands resting flat against the bed on either side of her head. Her cheek lay against the surface, her eyes desperately trying to meet his over her shoulder. Kurt bent his body over hers, his chest pressing into her back warmly as his mouth kissed along her shoulder blades. Diane whimpered as his lips moved to her throat, his hand pushing her hair to the side so he could whisper into her ear.

“I want you like this.” he said roughly and Diane sucked in a breath; her hips thrusting into the curve of the bed; seeking a friction that wasn’t there. Kurt’s hands came to rest on her shoulders, dragging slowly down her back until they met the lace of her panties. With a quick tug he shoved the dainty material down, not bothering to push them further than her knees. Diane moaned.

“Kurt!” she begged her face lying flat against the duvet, her fingers scrunching into the material viciously. Kurt’s fingers drifted down her ass; dipping lower so he could touch her burning heat.

“So hot!” he commented in awe as he found her more than ready; his breath warm in her ear as Diane whimpered. Kurt’s fingers twirled across her clit before diving deeply into her; her body jumping with the sudden intrusion. His free hand held her shoulders down, keeping her in place against the bed; her nipples aching as they pressed into the surface. She could barely catch her breath amongst the sheets, gasping for air in the expensive material. It felt like drowning, like drowning in pure pleasure and God, she hoped it never stopped. 

“Diane,” he murmured and she could practically hear the grin in his voice. His fingers moved to circle her clit once more and she shrieked at the contact. 

She breathed heavily against the bed, the material dampening with her quick, longing pants, her body desperate for him now. She knew this was wrong, they were colleagues, they shouldn’t, but God if she didn’t love this, him holding her down roughly, his voice in her ear telling her exactly who was in charge, she absolutely craved it.

Kurt removed his hand from her to shove his boxers down; lining himself up against her. Diane groaned breathily, her ass pushing back into him wantonly. Bending himself over her once again, he sucked on the skin beneath her ear, Diane felt her nipples tighten even further, her body thrusting desperately into the bed as her legs attempted to widen further; the lace of her panties around her lower thighs restricting the movement. 

“Gorgeous.” he whispered into her ear and Diane whimpered again, her body flushing at the praise.  With a small bite to her shoulder Kurt pushed into her roughly; her slick heat taking him in easily.  

“God!” he growled as she encased him and he began to thrust. Diane’s knuckles turned white as she held onto the sheets, Kurt’s hand still pushing down on her back and keeping her in place. His movements were fast and hard, shoving into her again and again. Diane panted loudly, her hips rocking in time with his. Kurt slid his free hand beneath their moving bodies to rub at her clit; his fingers delicately tracing the wet nub. He felt so good, warm and hard above her, the most delicious feeling of skin on skin.

“Kurt!” she begged, the pace of his thrusts and pressure of his fingers pushing her right to the edge. “Kurt, I’m gonna-“ she stopped abruptly as he hit a spot deep within her that had her gasping.

“I know,” he replied his lips by her ear once again. Shifting his hand from her back to her hip he pushed into her with renewed vigour, he felt her muscles clench. She was close, she was so very close. He couldn’t say why but watching the great Diane Lockhart squirm against her bed under his ministrations had his heart beating furiously against his chest.

Biting his bottom lip his pace increased as he felt himself climbing closer and closer to orgasm. Lying over her one last time, his bare chest pressing into her long back, he breathed against her cheek.

“Let go, Diane.” he murmured and he instantly felt her contract around him. Her muscles pulsed and trembled as she came hard, her body arching and thrusting forward under his as she finally let go. Diane screamed into the duvet, thrashing violently as the pleasure rolled over her again and again. 

Diane bolted up suddenly, her back straight as she shrieked loudly. The warmth of his skin had disappeared all too quickly, his woody smell faded just as fast and suddenly, she realized that she was alone. 

Her mouth fell open and closed, dragging in deep mouthfuls of air as she tried to regulate her breathing. Her heavy pants were loud and laboured, the puffs of air deafening in the silence of her room. Her cheeks burned hot with embarrassment and, if she was being honest, satisfaction.

She blinked her eyes furiously, her hands clutching her duvet between white knuckles as she regained her senses slowly. Her skin was still tingling all over; each nerve ending alight with desire, her mind still fuzzy with confusion and exhaustion, and her heart still pounding with lust.

Swallowing hard, Diane tried to recall what had happened. Her limbs shook and shuddered slightly, her smooth skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat and her muscles ached - beyond tense. She breathed deeply again; her cheeks flushing an even darker shade of pink as she realized her thighs were damp beneath her silky pyjama shorts. 

She let out a few low whimpers, her dazed blue eyes sliding shut as she registered the violent contractions in her lower abdomen. Not again, she groaned falling back into her damp sheets heavily. She dragged her fingers through her hair, staring up at the ceiling. 

This had to stop. It had been five days, five days of this torture. Five days since their kiss and five days of very, very vivid dreams, the latest of which had just made her come. Hard. 

What the hell was wrong with her? It was one kiss, she’d shared one kiss with Kurt McVeigh and now she couldn’t get him out of her head.  These dreams were exhausting, hot and sexy but physically exhausting, she was drained.

She could barely look at him anymore. Naturally, she tried to avoid him after that night, pretended that nothing happened. She tried hard to steer clear of his green, green eyes, but they were partners and so she'd had only managed a few hours of this tactic before she'd been forced to talk to him.  

For his part, Kurt seemed to be unfazed by the incident, carrying on easily as if everything was normal, well, with the exception of his flirting. He no longer flirted with her, there were no more leering looks and it appeared to her as if he'd moved on. He'd put the whole thing behind him, but for her, with each glance her nipples hardened, her heart raced wildly, her cheeks flushed and it was making work incredibly difficult. 

It was dangerous really, her longing for him, for one thing he was bound to notice her lusty gaze at some point and she really didn’t need that. For another, her blushing was surely going to give them away, to their colleagues, or even worse, Will. 

She really had to get this under control. They were professionals; colleagues and nothing more. Sure, they'd kissed and she’d been dreaming about him ever since, but that was nothing. She could handle that.  They just had to be professional. She simply had to get a grip and be a move passed it like he’d done.

With one final sigh, Diane threw the covers off her body, standing quickly and marching toward the bathroom. It was time for a cold shower, a very cold shower.


Diane groaned, scribbling her name on another document before pushing it to the side of her desk. Tossing her pen down, she flexed her fingers, rolling her tight shoulders. Somehow since Will’s suspension the paperwork had quadrupled; she felt as if she spent more time signing legal documents than actually practicing the law these days. 

With another heavy exhale, she let her eyes slide shut, exhaustion slipping across her face. She really needed a massage and a good night’s sleep. Preferably both. Ever since that kiss on her doorstep she hadn’t been able to escape Kurt McVeigh. The man followed her everywhere; he was always around, at work, in court, hell, even in her dreams! She just needed some time away from him. Time for the shame to fade, and for her lust to fizzle out. 

The buzzer on her phone suddenly startled her back into reality, her mind jumping from thoughts of sexy cowboys. 

“Miss Lockhart, your eleven o'clock is here” her assistant’s professional voice drifted through and Diane couldn’t help the groan that escaped her lips, her head falling forward onto her desk in exasperation. After a moment of self-pity, she pushed herself up, breathed in a bout of fresh air and let her finger dance over to the telephone; depressing a button.

“Thank you, Alice, send them in.” she replied dejectedly, taking another deep breath and squaring her shoulders. She could do this. 

Her meeting was with a new client, one whose name she hadn’t caught. It was something Will had set up with her assistant, some professional who wanted representation. She understood that they needed any and all business at the moment - especially after the fallout of Will's suspension, but it was the last thing she felt like doing today. Pitching to some monkey in a suit who was more interested in the fact that the Governor's wife worked here, than what they could offer representation-wise.

The rattling of knuckles on her glass door had her looking up as someone stepped into the room. 

"Oh my god! Will!" Diane greeted happily, quickly rising from her desk with renewed energy and bouncing over to hug him. His arms wound round her waist quickly as hers looped around his neck, and he twirled them around. Will hummed as Diane squeezed him tightly, her eyes shutting as she breathed him in. God, she'd missed him.

“What are you doing here?” she asked pulling back from him slightly, her smile wide and sparkling as she met his greeny-brown eyes. 

“Wanted to see you,” he shrugged and Diane rolled her eyes, shoving his shoulder with a chuckle. 

“Oh please!” she scoffed, pulling out of his embrace to fold her arms across her chest smugly. “You’re such a flirt!”

Will shook his head with a boyish laugh.

"No, really," he repeated, his features forming a genuine smile that had her heart melting slightly.  "I miss you Diane." he continued lovingly and Diane’s face softened, her smile curling at the corners of her lips sweetly. She had missed him too, so, so much and it was so nice to hear he felt the same.  

They hadn’t always been close, they’d outright hated each other when Stern had thrown them together, but seven years later, she couldn’t imagine her life without him. 

“Well, I wish I could chat,” she replied mournfully, brushing passed his sentimental proclamation, knowing if she dwelled too long on it, she’d fall into a trap of thinking about the whole situation, then that would naturally progress to thoughts of Kurt McVeigh and really she couldn’t handle more of that. “I really wish I could,” she repeated. “but my eleven o’clock just got here”

“I know.” Will smirked cockily and Diane frowned. “You’re looking at him.” he proclaimed bouncing on the balls of his feet, proud as a school boy. 

“You’re my eleven o’clock?” She asked with a disbelieving grin.  

“I am!” 

“You made an appointment?” 

“I did” 

“Why?” she asked in a surprised gasp, her grin wide as she ran a hand up and down his forearm in a familiar gesture. 

“I missed you.” Diane’s heart fluttered, her smile soft and mushy as she met his eyes. Sometimes this man could be so sweet. 

“I miss you too, Will.” Will ducked his head bashfully, moved by the honesty and emotion laced into her words. 

“So, yeah. My sisters are driving me crazy and I’m bored out of my mind -“ he tried, standing up straighter and taking on a more masculine, gruff tone. 

“-and you miss me,” Diane cut in and Will rolled his eyes. 

“Yeah, and I miss you! So I thought we needed a senior partner’s lunch!” Will smirked as Diane's eyes lit up, blue orbs sparkling back at him. 

“Oh!” she gasped in excitement. “We haven’t done one of those in ages!”

Will grinned back at her. Stern had turned them onto the senior partner’s lunch. Every few months the managing partners would block off an afternoon and head to one of Chicago’s top restaurants to drink, eat and recharge. The old man’s travels had often kept him away and so the tradition had fallen to them, the lunches becoming a more regular thing, bi-monthly chances to catch up with each other; something their busy schedules often didn’t allow.

“Yeah, I figured with everything that’s going on we could use one.” Will offered with a shrug and Diane let out a sound of pure happiness. This couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Oh, Will! I could kiss you right now!” she gasped excitedly, her grin wide and telling. 

“With tongue?” he teased with a rugged smile. His joke making Diane roll her eyes. 

“You know what? I take it back, I don’t miss you at all!” she sassed with a dark look. Will chuckled, leaning in to plant a kiss on her cheek. 

“You love me!” he said with a smirk and Diane feigned a heavy sigh. The partners locked eyes for a moment as she pretended to scold him, before they both dissolved into a fit of giggles. 

“Okay,” Diane began, smiling. “Just give me a minute to run over a few things with Alice and we can go.” Her happiness was evident as she bounced back to her desk, her joy showing in her body language. 

“Sure, I’ll get Kurt and meet you in the lobby.”

“What?” Diane's head snapped up and she spun back round suddenly, her eyes wide and brow furrowed. 

“I’ll meet you in the lobby” Will repeated. 

“No, I mean, Kur- McVeigh is coming?” she asked seriously. 

“Yeah, I invited him” he said casually, his smile carefree. 

“Why!” Diane gasped out before she could stop herself. Will frowned deeply, cocking his head to the side.

“He’s a partner too, Diane.” Will responded cautiously, speaking slowly as if she were a small child. 

Diane blushed, her heart racing as she realizing how rude she was being. Biting the inside of her cheek, she dipped her head slightly in embarrassment.

“I know, I’m sorry, I just,” she began thoughtfully, her brow furrowed seriously. “When you said the senior partners, I thought you meant just us, like old times.” Her voice trailed off, far too timid and quiet to belong to the great Diane Lockhart.  

“Well yeah,” Will started in the same condescending tone he’d used before. “But, he’s a partner now too, so-“

“Right of course.” Diane gulped out quickly, looking longingly at her desk. “You know,” she began. “I uh, I actually have a lot to do, a lot of paper work, so maybe another time?”

Will frowned deeply, stepping toward her with thinned eyes. 

“What are you talking about? Not three seconds ago you were ready to drop everything?” His voice was low and suspicious and Diane forced a smile. 

“I know, I just wasn’t thinking, I actually really need to get on top of a few cases and...” she continued to ramble, listing things that needed to be sorted; clients that needed her assistance. The lies all lost on her pensive partner. 

“Diane,” Will finally stopped her, turning to close the door to her office before walking back toward her and meeting her eyes. “Is this about me inviting Kurt?”

“What? No!” she replied too quickly, her defensive tone giving away more than she would have liked. Will’s face pinched into confusion, his green eyes thinning warily. 

“It is, is there something going on with you two?” Will asked pointedly and Diane blanched at the mere suggestion. 

“Going on with us?” she repeated in an agitated laugh, her eyes wide as she cringed. “What do you mean? Why would think that?” Her hands twisted together nervously.  

“I mean, are you not getting along? Are you guys having issues?” Will queried with a serious look. 

“No, no of course not!” she defended hastily. 

“Because,” he continued with an intense frown. “ were excited about our lunch until you found out he was going to be there,” 

“No, no it’s not that, I just I don’t, I have a lot to do and I don’t want to get behind.” she explained lamely, avoiding his eyes.  Will stared at her for a long moment, his gaze making her uncomfortable with its intensity. 

“Are you sure? Because it seems like you have a problem with him...” he pushed and Diane gulped. 

“No I don’t, I don't, I just, you know what? It’s fine. I’ll come." she settled still defensive. 

"What about your paper work?" Will pushed with a daring look, his hazel eyes thinned.

"It’s fine, you're right, it’ll keep," Diane forced a bright and wide smile, hoping to cover her own embarrassment. "I’m just trying to stay on top of everything but I can have lunch. I should eat." Will cocked his head slightly, a small confused smirk settled on is lips for a tediously long minute before he finally flashed her a genuine smile.  

"Okay good!" he exclaimed in triumph. "And work will still be there tomorrow, you can have Alice call if there’s anything major."  he continued, squeezing her shoulder in a comforting gesture.

"Yes! Good idea!" she said swallowing down any more hesitation.

"Okay then, great, you had me worried for a moment there, Lockhart!" he chuckled heartily and Diane faked another smile, grinning from ear to ear. "I thought my two best friends might not be getting along!" 

"Ha!" Diane laughed out awkwardly, her mind racing back to that night on her doorstep, when his two best friends were all over each other, getting along just fine. In fact, it could be argued that when Kurt had his hand on her ass and his tongue down her throat, they'd been getting along great. "No, no, nothing like that." she fumbled out, blushing again.

"Good, I knew he’d be a good fit." Diane smiled again, her cheeks beginning to ache from the effort. He was a good fit all right, he fit against her body just perfectly. "I’m gonna go get him and I’ll meet you in the lobby okay?"

"Yes!" she agreed brightly, her cheeks aching with the effort to remain positive. "See you there!"

Will flashed her one last winning grin, before turning to leave her office. Diane held her breath as she watched him disappear down the hall, letting out a huge rush of air as he slipped out of her sight. She spun letting her eyes drop closed as her hands fell to the visitors chair, breathing deeply as she let her head hang. 

“Shit.” she muttered, her heart racing. 

Her plan of avoiding Kurt unless it was absolutely necessary had just gone out of the window. How the hell was she supposed to sit through a whole lunch with him? How could she even look at him? Every time she did her mind flashed back to her saucy dreams, his hands on her skin, Forceful, demanding and sexy. She remembered the front door and how he’d pushed her against it, his body hard and warm on hers as she kissed him. And then… the promise of more. Dear Lord. She was screwed.


Diane smiled politely as the waiter showed the trio to their table, her heart thundering as Kurt - ever the gentleman - pulled her chair out and invited her to sit.

"Thank you," she muttered softly, barely looking at him. The car ride over had been nothing short of suffocating, Diane had sat side by side with Kurt in the backseat, their thighs just touching whenever the cab turned a corner too sharply. She’d spent the entire trip holding her breath, with her heart stuttering wildly against her chest as she held her breath. The tension in the car was stifling, a heavy weight that warmed the car far too much for a cold December morning.

Her heart fluttered once again as his fingertips brushed her shoulder, dragging her back to the present. His hand innocently grazed the silk of her shirt as he moved passed her to take his seat, leaving her blushing. Lord! What was wrong with her? They hadn't spoken more than five sentences to each other since that night and besides her vivid dreams they certainly hadn't interacted physically, and yet, his touch was still as electric and stimulating as it had been when he kissed her.

Will smiled as he settled into the seat beside her, oblivious to her unease as he snapped up his menu. The third partner dropped into the seat across from her, a cruel move, she thought, as it forced her to look at him. Although, thinking about it now, having him beside her, within reach might not have been any better. As it was she could feel her body reacting to him, her pulse jumping a little faster against her throat, her skin heating up as she tried to sneak a glance at his green eyes without him noticing. This was going to be a disaster, the lunch had barely began and she was already red hot and squirming at the memory of her dreams and their kiss. 

"What are you having?" Diane was pulled from her reverie as Will turned toward her expectantly. Blinking out of her thoughts she looked around the table for the first time noticing the waiter eagerly awaiting their orders.

"Uh," she fumbled, quickly trying to flip through the heavy menu. "I'll just have a salad, Caesar." The young man nodded happily, hastily scribbling down her order.

"Diane?" Will scoffed, looking at her as if she'd gone mad. His eyebrow bounced up curiously, his frown deep.

"What?" she asked distractedly.

"No, it's just," he began again throwing a glance around the table before his eyes settled back onto hers. "You normally get the steak; in fact, you always get the steak."

Diane blinked at her partner dumbly, her mouth falling open slightly.

"Right, of course," she said shaking her head, her cheeks tinging a bit. "I'm uh, I'm watching my figure," she offered up in an awkward whisper. Her blue eyes suddenly caught Kurt's green and she let out a nervous giggle. Of all the things she didn't want Kurt McVeigh to know, and there were many, the fact that she was just as self-conscious as any other woman was pretty high up. Well, right behind the fact that she'd been dreaming about fucking him senseless since their kiss.

"Oh God!" Will groaned out exaggeratedly. "Please, not you too, you sound like my sisters! Come on! You don't need to worry about that, you look amazing, you're gorgeous." he carried on in an annoyed rant. "C'mon Kurt tell her, she’s beautiful, right?"

Diane's eyes widened at the same time Kurt's did, her cheeks flushing a deeper shade of red as Will looked to their partner expectantly. Kurt swallowed slightly, clearing his throat as he looked between the pair. Finally, after a painfully long moment he spoke up, his voice catching just a little.

"You're, uh, you're beautiful, Diane." he agreed, his lips almost curling into an almost grimace beneath his moustache as he realised those were the exact words he'd said to her that night.

Diane felt dizzy as she looked at Kurt, her mind suddenly flooded with flashbacks. His whispered words, the touch of their lips, his hands skating down over her ass, his taste…

She gulped unable to reply as she continued to look at him. Will seemed satisfied with Kurt's words, and smiled widely, triumphantly.

"Good, it's settled then. She'll have the steak," Will told their waiter boldly, his large hand falling onto hers and giving it a tight squeeze until she turned to meet his gaze. "And dessert too," he added and Diane couldn’t help but roll her eyes in amusement, the sexual tension between her and her other partner momentarily forgotten as she remembered just why she missed Will so much.

The waiter cleared his throat, awaiting the final approval and Diane let out a short scoff.

"Fine, I'll have the steak - but no dessert!" she replied seriously and Will just laughed.

"We'll see," he muttered with thinned eyes that had Diane shaking her head in a chuckle. The young man left the trio, scuttling off to appease more guests.

Suddenly an awkward silence settled over the table, as all the occupants took turns looking at each other.

“So,” Kurt finally piped up, breaking the heavy quiet. “You do this often? A senior partners lunch?”

“Relatively,” Diane replied, her eyes now focused on her fingers tugging at the edge of her serviette, anything to avoid his piercing green orbs.  


“Stern started it.” Will jumped in, threading his fingers together and resting his hands on the table. “ was how he kept up to date with the managerial side of the firm.

Diane scoffed at that, throwing Will a dark and incredulous smirk.

“Oh, please, it was Stern’s way of drinking before midday,” she said with a roll of her eyes, making Kurt snicker lowly. Will laughed along with him, nodding his head in agreement.

“Well, yeah, that’s true. That man could down a bottle of whiskey before nine in the morning.” Will said.

“And still make it to court by ten!” Diane added with a fond smile, finally settling down and focusing on something other than the masculine hands of the partner sitting opposite her.

“He was really something else,” Will continued nodding to Kurt. Diane was just about to launch into a tale of Stern in his prime when the waiter returned carrying a tray of their drinks.

Will bowed his head in thanks as the young man deposited their alcohol in front of them, carefully lowering the bourbon filled tumblers to the table.

“Thank you.” Diane smiled kindly earning herself a wolfish smile from the young man. Kurt quirked an eyebrow at the exchange, meeting Will’s gaze meaningfully. The waiter nodded, and announced he’d return with their food before shooting Diane another hot look and bouncing off.

Will stifled a chuckle.

“She gets that a lot,” he advised, shrugging as he spoke to Kurt.

“What?” Diane frowned deeply, her eyes thinned. 

“Oh, nothing,” Will replied with a knowing smirk. “I was just explaining to Kurt about your admirers.” Diane’s eyes grew at the suggestion, her cheeks burning once again as she met Kurt’s questioning look.

“He’s young enough to be my son!” she hissed out in embarrassment, her heart beginning to pound as her eyes remained locked on Kurt’s. For some reason she felt the need to defend herself. She wasn’t one of those women who jumped at every man she met, and certainly not the kind of woman who had flings with twenty-somethings. In fact, she’d told him once before – she didn’t date children, her tastes were more steered toward experience, and lately, to him.

“Still checked you out…” Will trailed off baiting her in a way both Diane and Kurt registered. Diane huffed at his teasing, shoving his shoulder roughly and making their third partner chuckle softly.

“Okay, that’s enough!” she admonished with some finality, glowering at the two men. With a sophisticated twist of her wrist she brought her glass to her lips, sipping the amber liquid with a hum of approval. 

“So,” Will began, still wearing a naughty grin, his glass raised into the air as he toast the three partners. “Now that we have the crutch of alcohol…”

“Thank God!” Diane whispered under her breath making both men smirk.

“Shall we do High/Low?”

“Oh no!” Diane replied aghast, her annoyance palpable.

“What? We have to! It’s tradition!” Will shot back just as quickly, his bottom lip pouting like a petulant child.

“Please Will, we’re passed that!” Diane rolled her eyes taking another sip of her drink, as she waved a dismissive hand in his direction.

“Oh, come on!” Will insisted in a whine. 

“What is High-?” Kurt trailed off in confusion, cocking his head to the side curiously. 

“Oh,” Will jumped in. “’s this thing that Stern used to do,”

“It’s antiquated and unbecoming, and we’re better than that.” Diane rolled her eyes, twirling her wrist and watching the ice swirl in her tumbler. 

“Oh please, you love it,” Will sassed back with a dashing smirk. Diane huffed, sitting back in her chair and crossing her arms, her reluctance evident. 

“Basically,” Will explained. “Stern believed we should see the good and the bad in the law. So he invented a sort of game that we’d play whenever we had partner lunches. He’d make us say the best thing to happen to us that month and the worst; work-wise.”

“It was supposed to provide perspective,” Diane butted in, gulping down another sip of her bourbon. “But usually it just ends up with us bitching about the staff,” Kurt chuckled at that shaking his head with a dashing grin. 

“Sounds fun,” he offered up in a low voice that had Diane shifting, his eyes boring into hers intensely. Will beamed, nodding thankfully to the other man. 

“Oh it is! Diane's just moody because she doesn’t want you to know she’s a gossip.” Will responded, shooting his female partner a smug look. 

“Will!” Diane shrieked slapping his shoulder loudly, her face pinched in embarrassment. 

“Oy! I’m just saying, you don’t like others to see you’re human, that you too can hate David Lee, Just like us mere peasants,”

Her eyes thinned. 

“I don’t gossip.” she hissed in feigned anger. Will held his hands up in surrender acting innocent, his eyes wide and childlike until finally Diane couldn’t handle the facade any longer and fell into a fit of giggles at his ridiculousness. 

As his partner laughed, Will turned to a smiling Kurt mouthing she gossips dramatically and earning him another smack to his shoulder.  Kurt chuckled lowly. 

“Fine then, William. You go first.” Diane said primly, folding her arms neatly across her chest and dipping her head to the side encouragingly

“Fine,” he sassed back. “My high is this lunch, dining with my favourite partners!” Will exaggerated, smiling to snidely at both Kurt and Diane.  

“Pushover,” Diane coughed under her breath trying to conceal a smile. Kurt sipped at his bourbon enjoying the ease at which the others mocked each other.

Will thinned his eyes in her direction which evoked one of her trademark chuckles.

“And my low this month - besides being benched from the law,” he smirked only half joking.

Diane shared a quick look with Kurt, putting aside her rule of avoiding eye contact to share a mournful expression with the other man. They both knew what this suspension was doing to Will. Eating him alive was an apt description.

“My low has to be my sisters.” he finished with an annoyed look. Kurt snorted at that breaking their eye contact as he shook his head in Will’s direction. Diane rolled her eyes, her pout of incredulity making her younger partner defensive.

“I’m serious! They’re driving me insane!” Will said seriously, his eyes wide with honesty. 

“Oh, stop being a baby!” Diane laughed. “They’re your family; they love you.”

“They’re killing me!” Will raged, trying desperately to win the pair over to his side. “They’re everywhere, all the time! They’re there when I wake up, when I have breakfast, lunch, they’re chatty and loud and just…everywhere! At my house, when I go to the store, I don’t do anything alone anymore, hell, I can’t even remember the last time I was alone!” he huffed out, raking his fingers through his hair in a self-induced frenzy.

“They want me to share every thought and feeling, I can’t even have a cup of coffee without the Spanish inquisition! They wanna know everything! Who my friends are, why they aren’t visiting, am I depressed, if dating would make me less depressed? Who I’m dating?! What fictional girlfriend I’m going to marry!”

“This morning? Sarah went off on a rant about the last woman I kissed! She wanted to know all sorts of details, her name, age, if there was tongue, her freaking social security number!”

Kurt and Diane shared a split second of awkward eye contact before both drew their drinks to their lips. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where their thoughts had gone. The last person they’d kissed was each other; on her doorstep, with quite a bit of tongue.  Will continued to ramble on as the other partners tried desperately to avoid each other again.  

“...really as if I have time to kiss someone let alone date them!” he puffed out with an exaggerated roll of his eyes, her exasperation evident. 

“Well,” Kurt began stopping Will’s tirade. “Technically, you have a lot of free time now, so...” he chimed in and Diane hid a soft snort of a laugh behind her hand, pleasantly surprised by the joke. 

Will looked between the others frowning deeply, 

“You’re mean! Both of you! You have no idea how insane they are!” Diane laughed harder at that, matching Kurt’s low chuckle of amusement, some of the tension between them easing. 

“Fine then,” Will said in a pout, crossing his arms petulantly over his chest as he sneered at Diane. “Let’s see you do better!”

“Me?” Diane asked coyly her hand rising to her chest incredulously. “Do better than your sisters who love you and take an interest in your life?” she mocked and Kurt let out another low snort, sipping on his bourbon.

“It’s more than an interest,” Will hissed under his breath grumpily. Diane grinned taking a sip of her drink before placing it neatly in front of her. 

“Let’s see then, my high...” she paused thoughtfully for a moment her traitorous mind flashing images of Kurt’s lips. Her high was him, their kiss, the way he’d tasted and her dreams since. Before she could help herself she felt her cheeks flush pink, the heat rising in them quickly. 

“Oh,” Will hummed slyly, misinterpreting her blush – well, partially. “Is it a man?” he raised his eyebrows hinting smugly. Diane tried to hide her embarrassment by rolling her blue eyes pushing at his shoulder again. 

“No! God, is your mind always in the gutter? No, not a man.” she threw back in a huff that had both men scoffing lowly. Diane gulped scrambling to cover her defensive tone, it was bad enough she was blushing, she didn’t need Will getting any ideas. “Well, not in the sense you’re talking about.” she tried, her nervousness hidden behind a tumble of words. “It’s Martin Pierce.”

“Pierce from tax?” Kurt asked with a frown and Diane swallowed hard as their eyes met again. She ducked her head slightly in a nod of agreement. 

"Don’t tell me you’re dating that loser!” Will groaned rolling his eyes. 

“Yes, I’m pregnant and we’re running away together.” she replied deadpan, her blue eyes thinned darkly. Both men smirked, sharing a look. “Get a grip, Will! I’m not in some torrid love affair with our tax lawyer. Martin has a very suspicious lump on his stomach that he needs to be biopsied and he came to request time off.”

Will scrunched his face in distaste.

“That was your high?” he questioned.

“No, God! This is my low, a very low, low!” Diane replied in irritation

“So your low is that you can’t spare him?” Kurt concluded with a furrowed brow, his confusion matching that of his other partner.

“Ha!” Diane laughed with a large grin. “I wish. No, I gave him the time off, naturally, and then,” she shut her eyes gulping down bile as she recalled the story. “Then, Martin felt the need to show me his lump.” she finished and the faces of both men pinched in disgust. 

“Oh my god.” Will whispered in a grimace. Martin wasn’t exactly in peak physical health, in fact he hadn’t been in that state in quite some years.  

“Yep.” Diane agreed sipping on her drink with a small shrug. “He lifted his shirt,” she paused, her expression awash with repulsion. “...showed me the most vile, grey…lumpy, mass of….”she trailed off lost for words, unable to continue reliving the moment.

“Anyway,” she said after a few moments. “Pierce’s…thing, trumps your inquisitive sisters!”

“Okay,” Will nodded, raising his hand into the air and signalling to the waiter to bring another round of drinks. “We’re gonna need more alcohol!” Diane smirked, downing the last of her drink in agreement.

“So what was your high?” Kurt asked suddenly and Diane’s gaze shot to him, surprised.

“Oh, um,” she paused, swallowing hard as her mind betrayed her again. He was her high, and if the tiny smirk beneath his moustache was anything to go by, her felt the same way. Lord, they needed to stop this. They couldn’t.

"Well," she breathed out, grinning widely, forcefully, as she met the gaze of both her partners. "That would have to be the pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes I bought yesterday!" Diane smiled happily, content with her cover story and the prospect of her fancy new heels.

"What?! That can't be your high! It's not even related to work!"

"I'll wear them to work!" she argued, years of practicing law and a lifelong shoe fetish all manifesting in a very defensive tone. 

"You're reaching councillor,"  Will replied in a laugh, sharing another smirk with Kurt.

"Oh, and as if your sisters have anything to do with the firm?" she retorted.

"Touché," her partner conceded and all three shared a small laugh.  

"What about you Kurt?" Will prompted after a moment, turning his attention to the older man. Diane looked mournfully at her empty glass, wishing the waiter would hurry up with their refills. She then took her time inspecting her manicure, trying not to get swept up in his voice as he started his story. His low drawl was more than appealing, it was downright addictive, she could spend hours listening to him talk - not that he was particularly loquacious.

"My high would have to be the Miller account; he signed the retainer this morning, half a million in monthly billing." Kurt began. "I don't like to brag but it was a helluva feeling." Diane's eye shot up at that, her head cocking to the side as she frowned.

"Damn right!" Will cheered, lifting his almost empty glass into the air to clink against Kurt's. Diane froze in her seat, her eyes racing between the men trying to put together what was happening.

"The Miller account?" she asked warily, her back straight as a prickling sensation ran through her body. Something was off.

"Oh, yeah! Diane, Kurt signed Matt Miller," Will told her excitedly. "We're looking at millions in legal fees, especially due to his company being sued."

"Not to mention the sexual harassment lawsuit," Kurt added. "Lucky for us he can't keep it in his pants,"

Diane's face scrunched pensively, her lips parting suspiciously.

"We're talking about Matt Miller, the billionaire, the CEO of Miller Exports?" she confirmed, her breathing changing as she tried to remain calm.

"The very same," Will replied, still smiling widely. 

"The same Matt Miller who raped his assistant and funded the campaign that shut down three battered women's shelters on the South-side?" she continued, her anger building, her eyes fiery; burning with disgust that her partners could finally sense.

"He hasn’t been convicted," Kurt responded cautiously, his gut twisting as he recognized the fury in her expression.  

Diane shook her head in a bitter scoff, turning her attention to the younger man. Will gulped as he met her dark blue eyes, knowing her well enough to see the vicious attack that was on its way.

"The same Matt Miller, who we agreed we would not take on as a client," she hissed out, her hands curling into fists as her jaw set tightly.  

"Diane," Will began, realizing where she was going.

"We don't discuss things anymore?" she shout-whispered, her expression deadly.

"It wasn't like that. You were busy, I'm sorry, you were in Court and the offer came in and, Diane, it's six-hundred-thousand dollars a month; we can't turn down that kind of money. Kurt and I voted and-"

"You and Kurt?" she repeated tensely.  

"Diane, it was time sensitive and we-" Kurt cut in, trying to help their friend. Diane shot him a look.

"Don't!" she growled. "Don't you dare try and make this better for him." Turning her attention back to Will, she took another steadying breath hoping to slow the speed of her heart as her temper grew.

"We agreed not to take him on!" she seethed through clenched teeth, her expression tight with rage. Will bulked slightly at her vicious tone, suddenly squaring her shoulders and sitting up straighter.

"No," The younger man replied in a barely restrained voice, a knee-jerk reaction of anger countering her attack. "No, Diane, you agreed,"

"He raped that woman!" she responded aghast, her jaw painfully tense and her eyes alight with hurt and outrage. Her mind reeling at the thought that Kurt would even consider this client, wasn’t he all about morals and family values? On the other hand, he was a republican and maybe that was the appeal of Matt Miller; his affiliation with the GOP.

"We took a vote, Diane." Will explained, flinching as she shot him a death glare.

"And what about my vote?" she shrieked out.

"You weren't available and you would have been outvoted regardless, your vote wouldn't have mattered" he carried on gruffly, his guard up as he readied himself for the argument that was rapidly unfolding. Diane smirked bitterly, shaking her head.

"And his does?" she gaped, gesturing to Kurt in frustration. "I wasn't aware your stand-in got a vote when it came to long term decisions about the firm!" she hissed out viciously.

"Diane," Kurt jumped in, gaining her rabid attention. "Will and I did what we thought was best for the firm." he continued in a calm voice that only annoyed her more. Diane's eyes grew in outrage as she released a short laugh of incredulity.  

"You and Will? Oh my God." she said, shaking her head. Removing the serviette from her lap, she threw it onto the table, pushing her chair back. "I should have known." she whispered in disbelief. "How could I have been so stupid?"

"Diane," Will started, his hand falling to her wrist but retreating quickly as she snatched her arm back from him.  

"Don’t worry, you said." Diane continued, blinded by her anger, her eyes no longer meeting theirs. "Don’t worry, we’ll get McVeigh, he doesn’t have an agenda. He's Switzerland. There’s nothing to worry about." she recalled, looking at Will with a mournful expression, repeating the words he'd used to convince her to take on Kurt. Her confusion and anger melted into something else entirely, something close to betrayal.

"What are you-?" he tried again but Diane cut him off.  

"He doesn’t have an agenda!" She suddenly threw out, her voice low but loud and steady. Both men gulped at her tone. "Well, I guess you were at least honest about that, he doesn’t have an agenda because he has yours. He’s here to further your agenda!" she finished in a hiss, her face screwed into a sneer, her eyes dark with distrust.

"Diane, What the f-?"

"You knew how I felt about Matt Miller, we discussed it." she said passionately, shaking her head in disbelief. "We discussed it, I said no, and now, your neutral substitute - " she snapped throwing a flippant hand out to Kurt as her eyes glowered at Will. "You used him to bring on Miller, you knew I'd be opposed to it, so you bought him on and voilà, you get a third vote." Her whole face was tense and sad, the mixture making Will uncomfortable. "You get exactly what you wanted. God, I was such a fool." 

"Diane that’s not-" Will attempted again, barely managing a sentence before she interrupted again, her fury unrelenting. 

"Like hell it’s not!" she roared slamming her fists down on the table and attracting the attention of the other restaurant patrons. The trio glanced around apologetically, noting the inquisitive eyes of the other diners. Diane forced a smile before she bent closer to Will, lowering her voice. 

"I trusted you." she whispered bitterly, her teeth clenched. "I helped you, the only reason you even have a license is because of me! I saved your ass and you-" Diane rolled her eyes, pushing back from him, she blinked a few times, forcing back tears she refused to let either of them see. Suddenly she shoved her chair out, tossing her handbag over her shoulder as she stood.

Both men made a move to stand as well but neither was able to get to their feet before she spoke again.

"Screw you!" she spat out maliciously, her eyes piercing Will's before shooting Kurt a look too. With one final disbelieving shake of her head, she spun on her heel and sped off in the direction of the exit, leaving the men dumbfounded in their seats.


Diane marched through the firm, her strides wide and purposeful as she raced to her office. She knew it wouldn't be long before the boys came after her, and she planned to be long gone by then. Turning the corner to her outer office, she came into contact with her young assistant, almost crashing into her.

"Oh!" The young girl gasped, taking a step back. "Miss Lockhart!" Her brown eyes were wide as she met those of her boss. "I'm so sorry."

"Alice, I'm going to be working from home for the rest of the day," she informed the girl, not bothering with niceties. Alice's eyes widened as she nodded quickly.

"Of course,"  

"Forward my calls to my cell," Diane continued, striding toward her office to grab her laptop. "And if Will or Mr. McVeigh are looking for me, you haven't seen me since we left for lunch, understood?" she called back over her shoulder.

"Yes Ma'am," Her assistant agreed hastily. Diane spun back again, forcing a tight smile, sensing the younger woman's unease.  

Diane folded up her laptop, slipping it into its sleeve before turning quickly to leave her office. Her feet faltered as she suddenly came face to face with Kurt. Her assistant stood just outside her office, looking sheepish.

"We need to talk," Kurt began, more serious than she'd ever heard him. Diane squared her shoulders, shifting her handbag onto the visitors chair before folding her arms protectively across her chest.

"I don’t have anything to say to you." she replied coolly. 

"Diane," he started again and Diane clenched her jaw, her stomach flipping at the way he said her name - now was not the time to be thinking along those lines. She was pissed and his low voice, sexy as it may be, would not change that. 

"It isn't what you think," he tired and Diane rolled her eyes. "Will and I were just trying to do what's best for the firm," he continued his voice quieter this time, his eyes almost begging hers with honestly. Diane gulped, pursing her lips. 

"No. I’m not doing this." she told him. 

"Just hear me out!"

"No." she snapped back, her hands slipped down to her hips, her stance tall and intimidating; enough to make a lesser man flinch.

"Look, I know things have been awkward since that night on your porch, but-" Diane's eyes grew wide, her face a picture of outrage as she glanced at her assistant still standing behind him, watching them through the open door. Her jaw tightened as she thinned her eyes maliciously. 

"Close the door. Now." she seethed out between clenched teeth, her tone low and vicious. Kurt ducked his head in a nod, turning to shut the glass door and watching as her assistant scurried away, years of working with Diane advising her to make herself scarce.

Shoving his hands into his pockets Kurt prepared himself for an onslaught her fury all but guaranteed. Slowly, pointedly, Diane lifted her head to meet his eyes. 

"Don’t ever mention, what goes on with us privately in front of my staff, do you understand?" her voice was cold and steady, her tone biting.

"Look," Kurt stepped toward her, stopping when she stepped back, folding her arms again, creating a shield; preparing for a battle. "It wasn't what you think,"

"Oh sure," she hissed out sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Miller approached me, and you were in Court, so Will and I-" Kurt attempted again but Diane cut him off quickly.

"Was it all part of the game?" she asked in a shrill tone, her smirk dark and humourless. "All the flirting and the kissing? Just a little added humiliation?" she continued in a bitter voice, her arms gesturing viciously at the space between them "Why not have a bit of fun while you try to steal my firm out from under me? Is that it?"  

"What? No! Of course not, that’s not-"

"Must have been hilarious!" she continued, her eyes softening sadly. "God, I feel like such an idiot because I fell for it, I actually fell for it!"

"Diane I didn’t-" Kurt said, shaking his head as he implored her to listen with green, truthful eyes.

"I've been dreaming about you. Did you know that? Every night since you kissed me, I dream about you, and now, what a laugh you and Will must have had! Poor, desperate Diane lusting after a man who was just in it for a joke"

"Will you just listen to me?!" he roared out, moving toward her again, his hand reaching out for hers. Diane jumped back even further, her heart racing. How could he? She'd been so stupid, so foolish, so blinded by her own desire! She felt awful, betrayed; not only professionally but personally. 

"No, I’m done listening, to you, to Will. I’m done." her voice cracked slightly, her emotion and heartache slipping out. "Get the hell out of my office."

"No we need-,"

"I said get the fuck out of my office! Go! Right now! Or so help me Kurt, I will call security!" she roared with more venom this time and Kurt’s eyes widened as his mouth fell shut. There was a long moment of silence as the pair merely stared at each other, Diane's hands now clenched in fists by her sides. Her breathing was heavy, her chest rising and falling angrily as she met his eyes; her own watering.

Kurt swallowed, letting a soft sigh escape his lips and ducking his head in an accepting nod. Raising his hands in surrender, he moved to back out of her personal space, slowly turning and leaving the office. Stoic and silent. 

The door clicked shut behind him and Diane watched him navigate the corridors through the glass, her heart thundering against her chest as she pressed her lips together tightly, trying not to cry.  Once he was finally out of sight, her small hand flew to her mouth covering a sob as she lowered herself into her visitor’s chair, her eyes sliding shut.

She sat quietly for a few moments, the only sound the dull buzz of her firm at work. God she was tired, tired and hurt. The betrayal of Will was one thing, but Kurt, somehow his lies hurt the most, she'd really thought that he'd - no, no, apparently it was all fake. How foolish of her to get involved with him at all!

Suddenly she was torn from her thoughts as her office door slammed open again.

"I said get out!"  Diane screamed too loudly, her voice shrill. She looked up expecting Kurt to have returned but instead her eyes; wet with unshed tears, met Will's. Her expression darkened, her surprise melting away quickly, transforming into fury.

"What the hell was that?" Will yelled as he stormed into her office, throwing the door shut with a shuddering bang and completely ignoring her warning. 

"Will, not now-" she tried as calmly as she could muster; choking back her anger in an attempt not to cry. She carefully rose from her seat, breathing deeply before meeting his gaze dead on.  

"I mean what the hell was that?!" Will raged on, disregarding her words completely.  

"Get out!" Diane said firmly, squaring her shoulders. "I don’t want to do this here." 

"I don’t give a shit, we're doing this!" Will snapped. 

"Will, we’re in the office. I will not do this now." she repeated through gritted teeth, her eyes filling up with anger once more.

"No!" he screamed back, the veins in his neck bulging as he threw his arms into the air angrily. "We're gonna talk now!”

"Will, we're being watched, please not now." she continued, her voice low and pointed as she met his steely gaze. Behind him she could already see a few associates and assistants gathering, the crowd that had formed during her argument with Kurt growing quickly.

Will chuckled humorlessly, spinning on his heel and gesturing to all the people looking into her office. The onlookers quickly turned away; pretending to be busy. 

"I could care less!  Let them watch! You don't get to accuse me of something like that and walk away!" Will countered aggressively, his face red with anger that matched hers.

"I can do whatever the hell I want, just like you apparently." she snapped back snarkily, her eyes thinned darkly and her lips pursed into a vicious sneer.

“Why are you acting like such a bitch?” Will roared back at her, his eyes dark and fiery as they met hers expectantly. Diane swallowed hard, her blue eyes widening comically. 

“Excuse me?” she hissed incredulously, her voice high pitched and outraged. Will shook his head with a nasty smirk. 

“You heard me." he responded. "This isn’t about me supposedly taking over the firm! You have been all out of sorts ever since Kurt started here." he raged on and Diane blanched slightly, hoping her expression hadn't given away just how close he'd struck to the truth. Kurt did have her all out of sorts, and not just because he was in cahoots to steal her firm.

"I went to him and asked for his help, I asked him on to make sure the firm stayed afloat, and now, we agree on one thing and suddenly you’re acting like nurse ratchet!” 

Diane scoffed as Will finished his tirade, her eyes thinned darkly as she shook her head. Her smile was malicious and deadly, her humourless expression scary in a way he knew all too well.

“Don’t. Don’t you dare try to make out like you’re the hero in this, like you two aren’t conspiring behind my back! Don’t lie to me Will Gardner. I know you. Don’t make out like you're the good guy and I’m some bitter hag, out of touch with what the firm needs” Diane finished her speech in a pant, her hands gesticulating wildly as she raged.

“Well maybe you are ” Will sneered meanly, his eyes daring. Before she knew what was happening her hand had risen and collided with his face viciously. Will let out a gruff groan, turning his face back to her as he cupped his cheek; flexing his jaw slightly. Diane stared right into his eyes, not flinching under his death glare.

“You son of a bitch! You’re the reason we’re in this mess! You are the reason the firm is in jeopardy at all. You fucked the Governor's wife and you screwed our firm." she argued violently, gulping down her emotion. "You practically threw away my entire life’s work and for what? Some hot sex? Screw you Will! This is all your fault! So don’t you come in here all high and mighty and I saved the firm by hiring a cowboy. No! I’m saving this firm. I’m holding it together and you know what? You’re not gonna take it from me, you and your little spy can try and sabotage me all you want. But don’t forget Will, I’m liked in Chicago. I have people in my corner too, and you don’t want me as your enemy. I can make it so there's not even a firm for you to come back to! And believe me, I will, I will because I'd rather see it up in flames than have you steal it!"  

Will stood deathly still as he listened to her, desperately wanting to interrupt but his partner gave him no such chance. He knew coming in here all hot and agitated wasn't the best move, knew from past experience that fights like this between them never ended well. Still, he was pissed, how could she think he'd betray her like that? Yes, the Miller account wasn't handled in the best way, but he knew he owed her, he'd owe her for the rest of his life; he could never thank her properly for what she did. He could see where she was coming from, and perhaps a few years ago, she would have been right, but not now. They were in a better place and she should have known that, trusted him the way he trusted her. 

His cheek still stung from the slap, his face hot with both anger and pain as she continued to yell.  

" think this little suspension damaged your career?" Diane laughed out mercilessly. "I will tarnish it. I will ruin you Will!”

With that, Diane pushed passed him, shoving him to the side as she left her office. Her strides were wide and purposeful, her legs carrying her as fast as they could in her high heels, her eyes stinging as she blinked back tears. 

She wouldn’t let him see her cry. She wouldn't let them know they'd broken her heart. 

Chapter Text

Diane shifted from foot to foot, her hands shoved deep into the pockets of her long coat as she took a few steadying breaths. It had taken all the courage she had to make it this far and she wasn’t about to back down. Licking her lips, she squared her shoulders before moving a manicured finger to press the buzzer in front of her.  

The ringing sound startled her slightly, her frightful demeanour a testament to just how uncomfortable the situation made her. She hated apologies. 

She gulped as she heard footfalls behind the dark oak door. This was it. The door swung open, the light from within the house splashing out onto her face.

“Hello.” she whispered nervously, her voice trembling in the most unnatural way. She forced a smile and took another steadying breath as her gaze met deep, hazel eyes. 

Will stared back at his partner, his hand still tightly clasped on the door handle, his mouth hanging open in shock. It had been three days since their argument in her office. Three days of silence, anger and unease. 

Diane tried another sheepish grin, shrugging her shoulders in a timid move that Will had never seen from her before. She looked frightened, her body small and shivering in the cool Chicago breeze. Nothing like the Diane Lockhart he knew. 

“Hi.” he finally fumbled out, his eyes glued to her face, his expression confused and almost… grateful. Diane swallowed hard, her breath smoking out in the cold as she shifted on her feet. 

“Hello.” she repeated softly, her eyes suddenly welling with tears. Will’s face softened at that, his heart an aching throb in his chest. He was just about to open his mouth with a few reassuring words, when, suddenly, there was a loud bang from behind him.

“William! Where’s the food? Pay the man and bring me my Chinese!” Someone screeched out from inside the house and both partners jumped; both releasing shaky and relieved sighs. 

Will’s eyes slid closed as Aubrey squawked again, demanding he would hurry up. With a shake of his head, he took a deep breath. He was going to kill his sisters.  

When his hazel eyes finally slipped open, he saw nothing but indecision reflecting painfully back at him, Diane’s face a picture of worry and unease. Another awkward moment passed between them and Diane made a move to leave, stepping back.

Will’s hand jumped out, grabbing her wrist before she had the chance to turn, his head shaking the negative. 

“Will!” his sister’s voice rang out again, closer this time, the sound of heavy footfalls following it into his foyer. 

“Diane?” Aubrey asked excitedly, a large, toothy grin plastered across her face as she stepped toward the partners. Will let his eyes shut again, taking a deep breath to calm himself. “Oh, my God!” she continued. 

Will opened his eyes at that, his body tensing and his fingers around Diane’s hand tightening.

“Aubrey” he ground out. “Go away!” he told her firmly, his gaze locked steadily with Diane’s. 

“What?” His sister scoffed.

“Go away!” he repeated without turning back, a smirk tugging on his lips. Diane’s blue eyes widened comically at his loud bellow, her jaw dropping in surprise. From behind him, he could hear his sister grumbling, probably rolling her eyes as she stormed off. God, he needed a break from them. 

“You wanna go for a walk?” he asked once they were alone and Diane let out a small, trembling laugh. 

“Yes.” she agreed with a genuinely happy smile, her nerves easing slightly. 

Will grinned back at her, dipping his head in a self-conscious nod. He turned to the coat rack on his left, grabbed a jacket and shrugged into it, closing the door behind him as he moved to leave the house. His hand naturally fell on the small of Diane’s back, helping her down the stairs, and leading her into the night.

The evening was chilly, the cool air swirling around them as they walked in silence toward the park around the corner. He knew why she'd come, although, to be honest, he’d thought that he would be the one to call a truce. Diane didn’t give up that easily. They could go weeks at a time without reconciling, had done it in the past, but he supposed this was different.

Apologizing was difficult for her, maybe even more so than it was for him. She was a proud woman who was almost never wrong, and so admitting defeat had always made her feel less than that. Will knew this better than anyone, and perhaps because of it, he was more understanding. Besides, it wasn’t like they hadn't both made mistakes and said things they shouldn’t have said. 

“It’s a nice night.” he offered up thoughtfully, his head tilted up to look at the stars, his hands buried deep in the pockets of his jeans as they strolled into the park. Diane hummed, not saying anything, her eyes locked on her pointed heels as she placed one foot in front of the other. 

Will glanced to his side, taking in his partner. She looked exhausted like she hadn’t been sleeping and he wondered if it was his fault. Was he the reason she looked so tired, so drained? His mind immediately answered for him, making his gut twist. Of course it was his fault. He’d gotten their firm into trouble and she was paying for it. 

“I’m sorry.” Diane suddenly blurted out, stopping mid-step and turning toward him. Will looked back at her, his eyes wide with amazement and just a hint of admiration. Diane worried her bottom lip between her teeth, her face a picture of anxiety as she awaited his reply.

“When did you realize you were wrong?” he asked finally, a small grin hanging from his lips. His voice was calm and joyous in his hope to lighten the heavy tension that had settled over them. Diane let out a giggle, covering her face with her hands.

“Ahh!” she groaned, shaking her head with a grin as she moved to sit on a nearby bench. “About ten minutes after I slapped you.” she admitted with a shrug and Will joined her on the bench, his thigh pressing into hers.

Will chuckled lowly, shaking his head.

“Well” he began, turning toward her, his hazel eyes a mixture of amusement and regret. “You got me beat.” he finished with a shrug of his own. Diane frowned curiously at that, her head cocking to the side. “I realized mid-argument how it must have looked to you.”

The pair both dissolved into a laugh, both relieved and happy that the burden of fighting each other was lifted. There was a long moment of silence as their chuckles came to an end and they simply stared at each other.  

“Diane” he finally said, his gaze and tone deadly serious. “I’m not trying to take the firm from you. You have to believe that. After everything you’ve done for me, for our business - I would never.”

Diane smiled happily, sniffling slightly, the tears from before back again. 

“I know it looked bad, but it was just a stupid decision, not a move against you.” His voice was low and earnest, his eyes sorrowful and kind. 

“I’m sorry I hit you,” she replied in a watery whisper, her expression softened by big apologetic eyes.

“Yeah.” Will laughed, rubbing his jaw slightly. “I’m not going to lie, that hurt. Tyson’s got nothing on you!”

Diane laughed again, leaning toward him and letting her arms loop around his shoulders. Will sunk into the hug, holding her tightly.

“I’m sorry.” she repeated into his neck as he held her close, the words now falling from her lips freely, easily. 

“Me too.” he responded as they broke apart. Diane nodded solemnly, reaching over to squeeze his hand in a loving gesture. 

The partners sat in silence for a long while, neither of them willing to break the comfortable quiet that had settled over them. It felt good, relaxing in the company of an old friend, calming in a way that they had both missed. It had only been a month and it already felt as if they’d lost their rhythm. After everything with Bond, they’d finally mended their relationship and now, he wasn’t there to continue the healing. 

“So” Will began tentatively after an even longer pause. Diane startled slightly as he broke the silence and flashed her a glum smile. “Kurt told me about the other night.” he offered up and Diane’s eyes widened in fear.

“He did what?” Diane hissed out in a shriek, panic surging through her body. 

“Don’t be angry.” Will tried to calm her. “He just thought I should know.”

Diane gulped hard, pushing the bile in her throat down as she tried to keep on holding his gaze impassively. Her heart rate skyrocketed, her palms suddenly sweating as her mind raced over to that evening. Kurt walking her home, his body tight against hers, his tongue dipping into her mouth, his large hand cupping a breast – God!

“Will” she began pragmatically, her attempt at a calm, casual tone coming off as defensive and abrupt.  “It wasn’t what it sounds like.”, she explained nervously. She could feel her cheeks heating even in the crisp air, her mind racing as she tried to piece together an explanation. “We’d, Kurt and I, we’d been drinking and, I wasn’t thinking…” 

Diane fumbled, desperately trying to clarify the situation. How could Kurt? She knew he and Will were close, but to tell him about their kiss... it was wrong! She felt almost... betrayed. She'd thought they had an understanding, a silent agreement to never talk about it again, especially after her accusation a few days back.

"Diane, stop." Will cut her off with a shake of his head. "It’s okay."

Diane’s mouth snapped shut as she looked at him, her blue eyes wide with surprise.

Will flashed another comforting smile, his hand reaching over to squeeze hers lovingly. Diane pressed her lips together tightly, swallowing visibly and making Will chuckle a little. 

"Look" he started, misinterpreting her reaction. “Don’t be mad at Kurt, his heart was in the right place.” 

Diane fumed. She didn’t give a damn whether or not Kurt’s heart was in the right place. Telling Will about their little…tryst, was wrong. 

“He didn’t mean to cause trouble. He just thought I should know.” Diane could hear her heart thundering in her ears, her blood suddenly cold as ice in her veins. God, how embarrassing. It was one thing to kiss her partner; it was another thing entirely for others to know about it – especially Will. “And he was right.”

Diane’s eyes widened even further, anxiety washing over her. She was surprised he was so calm. She knew if the situation was reversed, she wouldn’t have been nearly as composed if he’d kissed her replacement. Then again, the situation would never be reversed and the thought made her slightly bitter. Will ducked his gaze slightly, staring intently at their intertwined fingers.

“I never really gave you a chance to be angry.” he began hesitantly and Diane frowned, her heart still pounding. ”It all happened so fast, Alicia, the Grand Jury, the suspension, you defending me.” he continued to explain in a soft voice. Diane gulped in relief, realizing he may not be talking about that kiss after all. His voice was low and timid, a small whisper that had her squirming; she wasn’t used to such vulnerability from him. Such raw and pure honesty.  

“It occurs to me” he carried on, looking into her blue eyes with hesitant hazel orbs. “That I never said I was sorry.” Diane licked her lips, breathing out a grateful sigh. Will shot her a weak grin, clearly finding this as difficult as she’d found her apology to be a few minutes ago 

“Diane,” he said, both of his hands now gripping hers tightly, her gaze locked with hers intensely. “I am sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”

Her mouth fell open at that, flabbergasted by his confession. Yes, she deserved an apology, she deserved a hell of a lot more than that but to actually hear the words coming out of his mouth, she was awestruck.

“I did something awful, Diane, not just with the money, but with Alicia, too. You warned me and I just- I let you down.” he continued compassionately, his voice soft and steady and comforting in a way she’d missed over the month in which he’d been away. “I was wrong and you should be angry about that. You should be disappointed. Lord knows I’d be.”

Diane stared at her partner, her eyes welling up again despite her best efforts. She hadn’t realized how badly she’d needed to hear those words. He was right, she’d been so busy with keeping the firm afloat that she hadn’t properly grieved their situation. Will ducked his head to the side, avoiding her watery gaze as he pressed his lips tightly together. 

It was hard to admit his failings and, even more so, his professional failings. But the truth was, he was sorry; he knew they were only in this mess because of him. Because he’d been careless and selfish, because he’d been following his heart instead of his head. So, while it was difficult to apologize, he knew it was the right thing to do. She deserved at least that much.

Diane sat quietly, only the faint sounds of the city around them making any noise at all. She contemplated his apology, the courage she knew it took for him to vocalize it, the small catch in his throat that gave away his nerves and the honesty shining through his usually so cocky grin. She still couldn’t believe he’d actually apologized, she’d never thought she would see the day. She also didn’t quite know how to reply, didn’t want to say that it was okay, because it wasn’t and they both knew that. She’d accept regret, take his ‘sorry’ and mend the bitter part of her heart, but it still didn't change the fact that they were in this mess because of him. 

Will waited silently for an absolution that never came. Both partners were unsure of where to go next. He hadn’t needed a response, but he realized, as his speech came to an end, that he wanted one – if only to assuage his own guilt. He’d forgiven her a few minutes ago, but they both knew that was an entirely different ball game, a misunderstanding whereas this was nothing of the sort.

Diane smiled as kindly as she could manage, the discomfort settling over them. She accepted the apology, appreciated it even, but it did nothing to change the situation. She knew in her heart it was going to take a lot more than pretty words to ease her anger. It was part of the reason she’d imploded on him and Kurt, her seething fury had simply overtaken her, blinded her. As much as she loved Will, would fight for him and protect him, there was still a huge part of her that was furious and unforgiving.  

Finally, after an excruciatingly long minute, she cleared her throat.  

“Did Kurt also tell you about Daniels?” she asked softly, changing the topic and Will nodded.


It was Diane’s turn to nod, her smile slowly curling up on her lips.

“I guess you two really are close, huh?” she prompted, shrugging meekly and trying to back away from the sudden awkwardness, fearing she’d either implode again and end up letting loose the anger he so richly deserved, or that somehow the details of her kiss with Kurt may slip out. 

“I guess.” Will replied with a curious look, his brow furrowing slightly as he cocked his head in her direction. “Are you” he started, hesitating. “Were you going to tell me about Robert?”

His voice was low and steady as he posed his question and Diane blushed, her face a picture of defensiveness. 

“It wasn’t important.” she offered offhandedly, looking away again.  

“It is.” he retorted

“Will” she began, squaring her shoulders and taking a deep breath as she met his eyes. “It’s not, it doesn’t matter-“ Diane tucked a loose curl behind her ear, shrugging in defeat. “We don’t need him.”

“He isn’t going to be the last one.” he replied morbidly. “We’re going to lose more clients.”

“I know.” she said just as morosely. “Your suspension is no secret, Will.” Her partner blanched slightly at her candour, his shame palpable. “But we’re gonna be fine. If clients leave, then they leave, and if they do, they’re not the sort of clients we want anyway.”

Will chuckled humorously, rolling his eyes with a heavy sigh.

“Diane” he huffed exasperatedly. “How did I get so damn lucky?” he questioned, meeting her blue eyes with his hazel, his expression sincere and honest. Diane let out a silent laugh, reaching over to squeeze his hand again.

“It’s only five more months, Will.” she told him with a shrug. “Just five more months.” Will smiled and Diane matched it with a grin of her own, trying to mask her unease. Five more months indeed. Five more months with Kurt McVeigh, five more months of hot, sweaty dreams and awkward glances. God, it seemed impossible. 

“Thank you.” he replied, putting their conversation to bed with a hug as he pulled her into him. Diane wrapped her arms around him, revelling in the comfort he provided. After a beat, the pair pulled apart, both smiling.

“So tell me something.” he said. Diane rolled her eyes in amusement. 

“What do you wanna know?” 

“How is the Collins case going?” he prompted and Diane shook her head with a smirk. Of course, he wanted to talk business. She knew he missed the law. Hell, if the roles were reversed, she’d be going mad without it, but at the same time, there were strict rules to his suspension.

“Will” she breathed out in a heavy sigh, her eyes defeated. “You know I can’t tell you.” 

Her partner nodded in acceptance, mimicking her mournful expression.

“I know.” he shrugged sadly, looking out at the park. Diane took a deep breath, letting her eyes slide shut as cool wind wafted over the partners.

“We fly out on Wednesday.” she offered up softly and Will’s eyes snapped back to her abruptly. Diane shrugged again, a coy smile tugging at her lips. “That’s all I can tell you.”

Will laughed lowly. “Thank you.”

“Apparently” Diane carried on in an annoyed tone. “McVeigh and I are the only litigators in the firm who have valid licenses to practice in New York.”

“How’s that going by the way?” Will asked offhandedly, cocking his head to the side with a deep frown.

“Well, I’ve ordered a whole bunch of associates to prepare for the New York Bar. We can’t have this happening again.” she continued with a heavy roll of her eyes, her irritation palpable. Will shook his head in a chuckle.

“No, I mean with Kurt.” he clarified and Diane blanched. “How are things between the two of you?”

“Between the two of us?” Diane repeated, her heart suddenly racing again – the way it always did when Kurt McVeigh was involved. She had it so bad for that man. Granted, they hadn’t spoken since she had accused him of trying to seduce her as a joke. And still, she couldn’t help her attraction. 

Her wet dreams had only gotten more intense, so bad now that she was avoiding sleep as much as possible. There was nothing worse than dreaming about your very sexy, very off-limits partner so vividly.

“Yeah” Will continued casually. “I wasn’t exactly the only one you accused of mutiny.” he joked and Diane felt her body relax.  

“Oh” she gasped, laughing slightly at her own silliness. “That.” Will nodded as she blushed some more, ducking her head down to her lap. “Well” she mumbled. “I haven’t exactly spoken to him.” 

Will’s eyes widened comically.

“Diane” he said, his voice dripping with disbelief. Diane rolled her eyes at his disappointed expression.

“I know, I know!” she cut him off, knowing exactly what was coming. “I need to apologize.”

“You do.”

Diane huffed, not liking his tone. It wasn’t as if she didn’t know she owed McVeigh an apology. In fact, given the way she’d acted in her office, she probably owed him more than that. With a glum smile, she met Will’s expectant expression.

“I’ll apologize.” she told him. “I promise.”

“Thank you.” he replied kindly, making Diane shake her head.

“Besides” she started. “I can’t lose another partner.” Her joke made Will scoff and nudge her with his shoulder.  

“All right.” he laughed, standing up from the bench and offering her his hand. “Come on, let’s go back to mine. My sisters have, no doubt, ordered too much Chinese and we’re gonna need help finishing it. Plus, they’ve been harassing me about having you over.”

Diane giggled, placing her hand into his and letting him pull her to her feet. 

“Well, in that case, we can’t disappoint them,” she told him, leaning into his side as they walked back to his apartment. Safe in the knowledge that for now, they were all right. 




Diane sighed in relief as she rounded the corner to Kurt’s office and found it vacant. She was on her way to apologize, well, possibly.

She’d already attempted to apologize twice this morning, only making it to the end of the hall before she had chickened out and turned back. Third time's a charm, she told herself as she strode toward her partner’s office, her fists clenched nervously as she repeated the speech she’d prepared over and over again in her head.

She’d played out every possible scenario thousands of times, what she’d say if he ignored her, what would happen if he yelled, how she’d cope if he accepted her sorrow impassively – everything, and yet it still felt like she wasn’t prepared. She felt like she had on her first day as a lawyer; scared, anxious, inexperienced and alone. She hated apologies..

Her eyes fell to the empty room in front of her, her body screaming for her to take it as a sign and slink back to her office, but her mind was determined to see this through. She had to apologize. So far, they still hadn’t spoken since that fateful day, and although she was quite positive they could continue on like this-both too stubborn to admit defeat-their pending case in New York demanded they interact.  

Walking cautiously into his office, she was immediately engulfed by its masculine scent. The room was medium sized but still smelt deliciously of him; a rich combination of old books, gunpowder, and his musky cologne. Biting into her bottom lip, she tried to push the smell aside, not liking the way her body reacted to it. Her nipples were already hard beneath her clothes, her heart already racing just at the prospect of talking to him again. Those dreams were really starting to affect her.

Diane strolled around the room, dragging her delicate fingers along his law journals and inspecting their titles. It was more of a turn on than she cared to admit, his intellect. The idea of him reading all of those books, learning from them. She’d always loved an academic.

After a few more minutes of snooping, she slowly lowered herself into Kurt’s office chair. Her eyes moved to dance across his desk, neat piles of documents with his manly scrawl were scattered about the wooden material, mixed in with expensive silvery pens, and, surprisingly to her, his glasses.

Her manicured fingers traced over the rim of his spectacles, her lips curving into a smile as she thought of him wearing them. Working hard, hunched over his desk, his brow furrowed as he squinted through his glasses; in Court, objecting to a Judge with the spectacles perched on his nose; him lying in bed, reading the latest political bio, something republican, naturally. Probably Sarah Palin.

Diane shook her head, smirking as she thought of him using those glasses to read about that awful woman, her amusement quickly turning into a blush as she then imagined herself in bed beside him... and then on top of him. Or under him. Oh, God. 

She bit her bottom lip, letting her eyes fall shut as she tried to suppress her desire. Even after everything that had happened, she still wasn’t able to shake off her lust for this cowboy. Her dreams were haunting her. Every night, her mind twisted her feelings for him into hot, vivid sex. In all sorts of positions. And in every place imaginable.

She blinked herself back into reality, her fingers quickly retreating to her lap. She needed to focus. She was here for a reason. Will was right; she did owe him an apology, a bigger one than even he was aware of.

Accusing him of trying to steal her firm had been bad enough, but accusing him of trying to seduce her, the thought of it made her cringe. She should have known, Kurt was a good, decent man, and he’d never screw her... at least not for a laugh. She should have given him the benefit of the doubt.  

Ironically, Will was supposed to be the hot-headed one.

Rolling her eyes, she glanced around the room, darting from the books on his shelves to the framed document proclaiming him a lawyer. It all felt so fitting, all so perfectly him; modest, yet proud.

“Diane?” His voice caught her by surprise, making her jump up from her seat. Her hand shot out to the side, knocking over a small cylinder filled with stationery. The pair froze, looking at each other wordlessly. Kurt slowly dropped his leather folder on his desk and shrugged off his jacket, never breaking their eye contact.

“Hello.” Diane forced a smile, her heart racing as she met his green eyes with a gulp.

“Hi.” he responded in his usual gruff tone, his arms falling limply to his sides as they continued to stare at each other. 

“Hi.” she repeated softer this time, her cheeks flushing as she noted the scattering of pens and pencils on the carpeted floor. With a quick, apologetic look, she dropped to her knees, trying to gather the mess and shove it back into the container. 

“Diane, what are you doing?” Kurt questioned in a tired voice, hunching down to help her. Diane flashed him another smile, awkwardly acting as if they hadn’t spent the last few days completely avoiding each other. Shoving the stationery back into its place, she stood abruptly, tucking her hair behind her ears nervously as she waited for him to do the same.

“What are you doing here?” he asked once more, his voice low and controlled, the same sexy drawl that it always was. Diane tried another smile, failing miserably as she met his concerned gaze.

“I, uh” she started, glancing down to her pointed shoes, unable to formulate words. So much for the speech she’d prepared. “I, um, I needed to speak with you.”

“Okay?” he prompted blandly, casually leaning his hands on the back of one of his visitor’s chairs. Diane let her eyes slide shut for a moment as she gathered courage; she needed to get this out. They had to move passed this.

She folded her arms, gulping awkwardly. Her gaze drifted to his, those deep, green eyes staring back into her soul and making her skin prickle. God, he was so gorgeous. She had always enjoyed a man with facial hair and that, coupled with his husky voice, toned physique, and mysterious demeanour, well, she was hooked. 

Kurt frowned as she fumbled over her words, his eyes drawing across her blushing cheeks down to the lip she was currently worrying between her teeth.

“Look” she finally managed, dropping her hands to her sides. “I said a lot of things in my office the other day.”  

Kurt nodded, his eyes still thinned curiously.  

“I recall.” he offered simply, no malice or judgment in his voice, just honesty and openness. Diane cringed, feeling her heart ache. He really was a good man and she’d demonized him for no valid reason. 

Part of her wanted to blame him for all of this. If he hadn’t crawled under her skin, she wouldn’t have imploded the way she had. If she’d been getting enough sleep and not been dreaming of his large, rough hands and sinful mouth, she may have taken the time to hear Will and him out, instead of jumping to conclusions as she’d done. Alas, hindsight was twenty-twenty, and now all she could do was apologize and try to move on.

“Right and I, okay.” she stuttered. “I just wanted to say, to say that I shouldn’t have said that. I, uh, I overreacted, and I take back everything...that I said.” she finished lamely, tripping over her words again and almost pulling a smirk from her partner as he listened to her. 

“Was that an apology?” he squinted in confirmation, only partly messing with her. Truth be told he was a little smug. What she’d said had been wrong and cruel and, while he could understand where she was coming from, her accusations had still stung and it was only fitting that she would feel bad about them. However, if he was being honest, he wasn’t nearly as mad at her as he should have been. There was just something about her; he couldn’t stay angry and he couldn’t stay away.  

He wanted her, now more than ever. 

“Yes.” she replied defensively, wringing her fingers together in a nervous gesture. Kurt smirked, sensing this was as close to 'I’m sorry' as he was going to get. 

With a small nod, he moved around his office, coming to stand in front of her. Diane gulped as she watched his eyes dip to her lips hungrily before bouncing back up to her hesitant, blue orbs.

“Hmm” he hummed pensively, the low rumble making her stomach twist in the most delicious way. What was he doing? Why was he standing so close? Suddenly the room was too warm, the skin on the back of her neck dampening as she waited for him to continue. “So, you take everything back?”

Diane frowned at that, backing away from him slightly, moving closer to the wall.

“Yes. Absolutely, I wasn’t thinking-“ she began to explain as he followed her.

“Even the part about you dreaming of me?” he cut her off in a gruff drawl.

“I uh- what?” she gasped, her face and neck flushing in a deeper red. Her breath drifted into pants, her confusion melting into attraction as he moved closer. His eyes were dark, predatory and sinful as they met hers, his tongue daring to sneak out and lick his lips. 

“You told me you dream about me.” he reminded her and Diane swallowed in embarrassment. Up until now, she’d completely blocked that out of her memory, not wanting to recall how she’d basically admitted she thought, even though it was only unconsciously, about them screwing. “Are you taking that back too, Diane?” he whispered, his smirk smug and sexy.

“I, uh,” she gulped out. “I’m not, yes. Yes, I am.” Her voice was small and timid, her eyes wide as he moved even closer. Her mind raced with his words, her thoughts traitorously slipping back to the multiple dreams she’d had, him touching her, stroking her; him fucking her.

“Hmm” he mused lowly. “Pity.” 

“What?” Diane’s eyes widened, her breathing laboured as his hands found their way to her waist. His fingers slid over her lower abdomen in much the same way they’d done that night against her front door, his touch burning through her clothing and setting her skin on fire.

“I just said it’s a pity.” he repeated slowly, his eyes seductive and dark as he shoved her back, pushing her body into the wall behind her. Diane gasped, her hands lying limply to her sides as he pressed his hips into hers, trapping her against the cool concrete.

Kurt flashed her a dangerous smile, his body towering over hers in the most sinister and sexy way. Her heart was beating fast, her eyes fighting to stay open as his heat and smell were engulfing her. God, she wanted him.

“Why?” she eventually forced out, her tone breathy as he stepped even closer, her blue eyes wide with surprise and just a hint of desire. Kurt chuckled deep in his throat, his chest vibrating against her. Diane whimpered as he dipped his head, her eyes closing as she anticipated his lips on hers. “God” she sighed as his nose brushed against her jaw, his breath hot on her pale skin. 

Kurt dragged his lips along the line of her throat, slowly moving up to her ear.

“I dream about you too, Diane.” he whispered gruffly into her ear, ruffling a few of her blonde curls and setting her skin alight with desire.

Diane’s eyes fluttered as she took a deep breath, her chest brushing against his in the most delightful way as she inhaled. There was a moment of pure silence as they stood in his office, enjoying the closeness. Kurt continued to nuzzle the soft skin on her neck, his lips ghosting along her throat, whispering words she couldn’t hear. She could smell his cologne; that woody, masculine musk that intoxicated her even more than his sexy words.

They wanted this and, God, she needed this! She let out a small whimper as Kurt turned his head, his lips now openly pressing against soft skin beneath her ear, the whisper of his moustache sending a chill down her spine. Oh Lord, she couldn’t breathe, she was hot and cold all over, her nipples pricked against the lace beneath her blouse and her body thrummed with need. Squeezing her thighs together tightly, she tried to regain her focus. She’d come here to put the past behind them, to focus on moving forward and running the firm. They couldn’t; they shouldn’t. 

“Kurt” she finally managed to say in a timid voice, her small hand rising to his chest and breaking the spell between them. Kurt slowly backed away, the heat from his body leaving her and making her shiver.

With a careful gulp, she blinked her blue eyes open, trying to compose herself as she met his dark smirking gaze. The tension between them still hung in the air, the hustle and bustle of the office still a white noise as they simply stared at each other. 

“No.” she started, her voice catching slightly. “We can’t.” 

Kurt pressed his lips together in an accepting hum, his thumbs still pressing small circles into her hips.

“Okay.” he conceded, but Diane could tell by the look in his eyes he wasn’t taking her seriously. He was merely playing the game they’d been playing since the day he had walked into her life. This silly cat and mouse game of sexual tension. 

“It’s not smart. Sex is what got my firm into this mess and if I, if we-“ She shut her eyes, shaking her head sadly, hoping that, if she couldn’t see him this would be easier. “It just won’t end well. I’ve already lost one partner, and I can’t lose another.”

Kurt stepped back, his hands leaving her as he backed away, nodding more seriously.

“And what if I could guarantee you wouldn’t lose me?” he asked, his expression gravely solemn but his eyes still lusty with desire.

“You can’t.” she whispered, her eyes big and sincere as they locked on his. Kurt shook his head, a rugged grin curling beneath his moustache. 

“I could never leave you, Diane.” he replied lowly, honestly. His sexy confession made her gasp, her body leaning into his unconsciously.

“You don’t even know me.” she tried, her voice catching in her throat. She couldn’t. They couldn’t. They barely knew each other. Aside from their kiss and the obvious attraction, they had nothing in common. She was a liberal and he a conservative, she a Democrat and he a Republican. Not to mention they were partners. She couldn’t. Will would never forgive her. She’d never forgive herself.

“I know enough to know that a woman like you could ruin me.” he replied in a low voice that had Diane shivering. Lord, but the things he said and the way he said them; she was wet.

Diane shut her eyes, swallowing the lump in her throat patiently as she gathered her courage. She knew now that she’d have to hurt him to ensure that they would put an end to this. It was the only way; logic didn’t seem to work for him. 

“Perhaps” she offered up, meeting his intense gaze again bravely. “But a woman like me could never be with a man like you.”  

Kurt smirked, her biting reply cutting deep into his gruff exterior, tearing into him with fiery diction and a sharp tongue. He breathed out heavily, composing himself fast but not quick enough hide the flash of pain that shot through his earnest, green eyes. 

“Because I’m a Republican?” he asked simply and Diane could see how she’d angered him in the distant look in his green, green eyes.

“And my partner.” she added.

“And I like Sarah Palin…”

“That too.” she conceded with a crooked smirk, her attempt to lighten the mood falling flat.

“And because I’m not good enough for someone like you?” he pushed, his eyes locked on hers fiercely.  

Diane felt her heart clench. This was it, the moment she’d been waiting for. This was how she ended this. 

“Yes.” she replied softly, boldly, her heart racing as she stood up straight. She knew her response would end their conversation, and more than that, their flirtation. 

“Okay then.” he replied, backing away even further, his face a mask of feigned impassivity. “I suppose I won’t waste any more of your time then.”, he added softly, his eyes losing that spark that usually drove her wild. 

Diane choked down a whimper, curling her hand into a fist to avoid to reach out and comfort him. She wanted nothing more than to wipe the passive look from his face, to pull him close and kiss him until they would both feel better.

“Thank you.” she said numbly, digging her nails into her palm as she held his gaze steadily. 

God, but this hurt. If anything, he’d gotten it the wrong way around. She wasn’t good enough for him. He was loyal and good and kind and she didn’t deserve someone like him.

Kurt took a bigger step back, moving out of her personal space completely and squaring his shoulders professionally.

“Is there anything else Miss Lockhart?” he asked meanly and Diane almost let out a whimper, her heart aching at his use of her last name.

With a deep breath, she stood up straighter, meeting his gaze with the very same professionalism she’d been so desperate for a few seconds ago.

“We have a strat meeting in half an hour to go over the details of the Collins case in New York. I’d like to have everything prepared before we fly out tomorrow night.” she said calmly, not meeting his gaze and wanting nothing more than to flee his office.

“As you wish.” he responded gruffly, turning his back to her.

Diane nodded, her lips trembling as she moved around him. Her legs felt weak, her body heavy as she strode toward the door. Just as she reached the threshold, she turned back to look at him. Kurt hadn’t moved, his back still facing her, his eyes locked on the ground, defeated.

“I’m sorry, Kurt.” she offered up sadly, honestly, before turning and leaving without looking back. She had to move on, be professional. They both did. 

Kurt sighed, letting his eyes slide shut.

“Yeah, me too.” he replied to the emptiness of his office.





Chapter Text

Diane smiled politely, her cerulean eyes hidden behind her oversized sunglasses as she stepped onto the aircraft and nodded to the grinning flight attendant.

“Welcome aboard,” the young brunette greeted in a falsely friendly falsetto, taking Diane’s ticket and pointing down the cabin. “Seat Four-D, just down there and on your left.”

With a curt ‘thanks’, Diane made her way down the aisle, flipping her glasses up onto her head, as she read the letters; A… B… C…

“Oh!” she gasped, her eyes going wide as they fell to her seat companion. “Kurt,” she continued in shock, his own surprise registering across his warm features. “I uh, I didn’t expect to see you here.” she stuttered out, not quite managing to hide the disappointment in her voice. 

She’d spent the entire afternoon avoiding him. She’d purposely checked in online and left late to avoid waiting with him until boarding. She’d even gone so far as to duck into a coffee shop when she’d noticed him sitting at their gate; and yet here he was, seated beside her. Damn her luck.

Kurt’s eyes thinned as he looked at her, her tone making the smile beneath his moustache tight and unwelcoming. Diane drew her teeth across her bottom lip nervously.

“Why?” he snapped back darkly. “Because a cowboy-hick couldn’t possibly afford first class?”

Diane cocked her head to the side with a puzzled furrow of her brow. Her mouth suddenly felt dry, her heart aching at his undisguised malice.

She knew he was still pissed about the other day, knew she’d hurt him with the things she’d said in this office, but she’d thought, hoped rather, that he could read in her expression that she hadn’t meant any of it. He always seemed to be able to read her mind, so why should this time be any different? He’d seemed fine during the briefing but maybe she’d misinterpreted his silence, perhaps he hadn’t understood that when she’d said he wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t because she believed it, but rather because it was the easiest way to stop whatever this thing between them was. Had he taken it to heart? Did he really think so little of her? She wasn’t that shallow, surely he knew that.

“Uh, no,” she replied, uncertainty straining her voice as she took her seat, fiddling with the safety belt. “I just figured you’d think it was lavish and unnecessary expense…" 

She flashed him a wide and comforting smile, trying to diffuse the awkward tension that had settled over them. Her partner stared back at her and Diane felt her heart skip a beat under his intense green eyes. He watched her for a long, breathless moment before finally ducking his head slightly. He released a heavy breath and had the decency to look almost embarrassed, his small gulp evidence for that he regretted his bitter words. They continued to stare into each other’s eyes, soft, fearful blue meeting suspicious jade for another painfully long minute. 

“It is lavish and unnecessary,” Kurt finally offered up, breaking the silence. His tone was soft but firm, his expression comfortably blank, devoid of his previous animosity. “However, my assistant thinks otherwise.”

Diane smiled, accepting the olive branch he was extending. 

“So you’d have been happier in coach?” she asked with a crooked grin, trying to keep her tone as playful and light as possible. She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea, however, she couldn’t bear any more unease between them.

“I didn’t say that,” he replied almost flirtatiously and Diane felt her cheeks colour. He ran so hot and cold sometimes, it was mind-boggling. One minute he was grumpy and solemn, the next his voice was low and sexy with obvious intent. “Besides,” he continued, fastening his seatbelt as the air hostess moved passed them to do her final checks. “I’d have no one to talk to in coach.”

“Didn’t realize you were so garrulous,” she replied smoothly and Kurt chuckled lowly, shaking his head in disbelief. “What?” she asked, frowning at his smirk.

“You don’t have to talk like that,” he offered up kindly.

Diane gaped at the man, letting out a small scoff of a laugh. 

“I do need to talk like that, because that’s how I talk,” she replied with a pointed look, her lips pursing together smugly. Kurt merely stared back at her, his eyes tracing over every inch of her face in the most unnerving way. Diane gulped, squirming in her seat.

He was looking at her in a way that could easily melt the clothes right off her body and, Lord, did she want that. She needed to get a grip. Or a drink. Maybe she shouldn’t have dismissed his stand-offish behaviour so quickly, surely it was better than him looking at her like he was about to eat her up.

“Stewardess?” she called out as a young woman moved passed her, turning away from his intense green eyes and signalling down a flight attendant. “Can I get a bourbon?"

The brunette from before forced out another falsely bright grin.

“My apologies, Ma’am, but we have to wait until we’re in the air before serving beverages,” she said politely. Diane gulped, her annoyance manifesting across her delicate features. The girl’s eyes softened at the other woman’s discomfort, misreading it as fear. With a kind look, she let her manicured hand fall to Diane’s arm. “I’m sure your husband would be willing to hold your hand until then, and I’ll make sure to bring you your drink first thing.”

“Oh, he’s not-“ Diane tried, her eyes going wide at the suggestion. However, her protests fell on deaf ears as the air hostess moved down the cabin, continuing her checks. Swallowing the heavy lump in her throat, Diane turned back to Kurt, hoping he hadn’t heard the girl’s comment. Her partner sat smirking behind his moustache, his eyes not giving away anything. He really was stoic and silent.

Diane felt her cheeks heat unwittingly and let her hands fall to her lap.

“You afraid of flying?” he asked after a moment and Diane’s fingers paused their fiddling. 

“No, not exactly,” she replied softly. Kurt cocked his head in confusion, his attractive eyes thinning. Diane let out a huff, turning her body to face him

“I’m afraid of taking off. And, well, landing too. I’m fine once we’re in the air,” she admitted reluctantly. Kurt chewed the inside of his cheek, amused by her.

“Well, you can always hold my hand if you’d like,” he replied saucily, and Diane groaned inwardly, wishing the ground would swallow her whole. He had heard it. Damn.

She chuckled awkwardly, trying to play off her unease.

“I’m fine,” she finally managed and Kurt grinned, shrugging casually. 

“All right.”

Kurt turned his attention to the window beside him, gazing out of it as the scenery started to blur. The cabin lights suddenly dimmed and the plane began rumbling as it sped up down the runway. Diane took a deep breath, her fingers tightening around the armrests as gravity pushed her back into her seat. She let her eyes slip closed, chewing on the inside of her cheek to choke down her fear. She wished Will was here, he always held her hand during take-off, calming her down; hell, she’d even take David Lee at this point, any hand would do, so long as it wasn’t attached to the man sitting next to her.

The plane bumped upward and Diane gasped, her hands now clawing into the armrests, knuckles turning painfully white. Her eyes were screwed together so tightly she was seeing stars, her heart racing in fear. God, she hated this part, had since she was a child.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a warm heat settled over her left hand. Large, rough fingers curled around hers and pulled them from their resting place. Diane’s eyes flew open, wide with panic as they met his. Kurt simply stared back at her, his expression peacefully blank as he dragged her hand over the armrest toward him. With a reassuring smile curling beneath his moustache, he enclosed her hand firmly between both of his. He nodded to her,  silently asking her to accept the comfort he was offering, to trust him. Diane replied with a nod of her own, clear blue eyes unable to look away from his dark green. 

She should feel awkward, uneasy under his intense scrutiny, she should feel nervous to have her hand held by his, or at the very least she should feel some sort of embarrassment at being afraid of something so silly, however, she felt nothing but peace. Normally such an act of kindness from him would evoke her radical desire, his hand holding hers would cause her mind to drift to those pesky dreams, but she felt nothing other than… protected. Her lust sated for the time being as she let herself be comforted by him.

He was like a sedative, calm, collected and grounding in his own stoic way. Just what she needed in that moment. She felt safe, her skin warmed by his in a way that had her relaxing.

The plane dipped again and then evened out, the small bump making her stomach flip before suddenly, they were flying, moving swiftly toward their destination. Her body visibly deflated, all the nervous tension leaving her as it was replaced by another tension entirely.

Her heart began to beat wildly again, rampant thuds against her ribcage that reminded her of where she was, who was holding her hand and how terribly good it felt to be touched by him, even in such an innocuous way. Her skin tingled where it met his and her breathing drifted into pants as she realised just how close they were to each other. His hot breath wafted over her, his green eyes boring into hers in that same distracting way they had been doing for over a month now.

“Uh, um,” she began, tugging her hand back, her eyes downcast in order to avoid his – she couldn’t bear to look at him any longer or, she was certain, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself. “Thank you,” she finally managed, her voice hoarse.

“No problem,” he replied casually, turning back to look out the window as if nothing had happened, his smirk still tugging on the corner of his lips.

Diane gulped looking away and back down the aisle. With a grateful smile, she met the brown eyes of the flight attendant, relieved to find her heading in their direction, holding a glass. Well, thank God! She doubted she would make it through the next two hours without alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol.




Diane puckered her lips as she painted her favourite lipstick onto them. Capping the small tube, she rested her hands on the edge of the sink, her blue eyes tracing over every inch of her reflection. What a day! 

The flight from Chicago had been nothing short of torturous. Two hours trapped on a plane, seated beside the man of her dreams – literally. 

In an effort to avoid him, she’d downed two fingers of bourbon as quickly as possible and then spent the rest of the flight pretending to sleep. Not the best plan in the world, but it had worked, sort of. Her heart had still beaten furiously the entire time, her imagination twinkling behind her eyelids, teasing her senses as she imagined him doing... things.

She was sure her cheeks had been red hot the whole flight and hoped to God her breathing had been light enough to convince him of that she was unconscious.

As the plane had started descending, Kurt had reached over and clasped her hand again, squeezing it tightly, protectively. They hadn’t said a word to each other, neither one acknowledging his kindness.

The torture continued on their way to the hotel. Her skin had tingled from his touch for the entire cab ride, the air between them been thick with explosive sexual tension that left them both slightly dizzy. 

In an effort to avoid it all, they hadn’t spoken, the silence between them not exactly uncomfortable but not exactly easy either. 

They'd barely exchanged four sentences the entire journey, she’d muttered a soft thanks as he opened the door for her and he argued with her until she had allowed him to carry her bag all the way up to her hotel room. They then parted ways with a short agreement to meet the following morning to prepare for the trial. Both barely looking at each other and both eager to spend some time apart. 

With a heavy sigh, Diane blinked herself out of her reverie. She shouldn’t dwell on him, they had a case and she needed to focus all her attention on that. With a small smile, she watched herself in the mirror, inspecting every crease or crinkle.  

A sudden loud, repetitive ringing had her jumping, her eyes darting to her cell on her bedside table.

Will’s name flashed across the screen of her phone, and she couldn’t help but grin.

“Hello Judas,” she smirked, answering her phone. 

“Does that make you Jesus?” Will sassed back just as quickly, his voice low and amused in her ear. Diane threw her head back in a laugh, moving to sit on the bed, her legs crossing as she settled in for a conversation. 

“To you? Always,” she replied teasingly.

“How’s New York?” he asked and Diane’s heart swelled. He was checking up on her.

“Same as it was the last time we were here.” 

“And how was the flight?” he continued and Diane could tell he was grinning that same boyish grin that got him into all sorts of trouble.

“Fine. I never thought I’d miss you hitting on the stewardesses,” she laughed back, enjoying the memories of her partner’s flirting and the way it always seemed to attracted the young women. Truthfully, she was surprised that in all the time she’d known him, he’d never abandoned her to join the mile high club. He’d certainly had the opportunity. 

“Did you have Kurt hold your hand?” he joked and on the other side of the phone, Diane blanched. She knew he was only mocking her, but it still hit a little too close to home.

“No! Of course not!” she hissed back defensively, her face hardening. She knew her tone was unnecessarily vicious and could practically feel Will’s confusion through the cell.

“I was kidding Diane,” he replied carefully, his face screwed into a suspicious sneer. “I just know you’re afraid of flying and-“

“Well, I certainly didn’t hold his hand,” she lied, hoping her aggressive bravado would throw him off. The last thing she wanted was for Will to know about her feelings for Kurt, and admitting he’d held her hand, well, she wasn’t about to let that slip.

“All right then,” he responded, still cautious of her biting tone.


“Okay,” he repeated again, still uncomfortable. “So, uh, what are you doing?” 

Diane knew what he was doing, steering the conversation in a different direction, knew he was trying to calm her. She sighed heavily, shaking her head in something akin to shame. She really shouldn’t have snapped like that – especially when he was only trying to be nice.

“Just in my room,” she replied offhandedly with a small, carefree shrug, picking at the intricate lace detailing on the duvet. “Sitting on the bed.”

“The bed, huh?” he smirked.


“And what are you wearing…?” he pushed with a seductively low voice. Diane frowned, her face pinching in confusion.

“What am I wearing? Why on earth would you-“ Her eyes suddenly widened as she caught on. “Oh my God! William!” she hissed in outrage, although the grin on her lips was nothing short of genuine. Her partner laughed hysterically through the phone, his howls making her shake her head. “What is wrong with you?”

Will continued to chuckle and Diane couldn’t help the small giggle that escaped her own mouth.

“Oh, Diane, many, many things,” he answered her, his smile shining through her cell. Lord but this man!

“So, where were we?” Diane asked after a small moment, her smile firmly in place. 

“Weren’t you about to tell me that you’re naked and missing me desperately?” Will teased lowly and she rolled her eyes. While she did enjoy their careless flirting now and then, she was still uncomfortable at the insinuation. Will was like her brother and the idea of… She shuddered.

“No,” she stated primly. “But I was about to tell you to go fu-“

“Okay, okay,” he cut her off, grinning. “I get it, I get it.” Diane smirked, her lips pursing smugly. She’d won that round. “So,” he began again.

“So,” she repeated.

“The flight,” he reminded her and Diane nodded.

“It was fine,” she said in a sigh, hoping he’d move on from the subject soon. It was bad enough experiencing it once, she didn’t want to have to relive the torture of being seated next to Kurt for two hours. 

“And you held Kurt’s hand,” he joked again and Diane’s free hand clenched into a fist.

“Jesus Will! I already told you I didn’t!” she hissed through the phone, her anger suddenly bubbling over. There was a long moment of complete silence. Diane’s heart raced as she realised how rude and abrupt she’d been, she knew he didn’t mean anything by his joking, but it seemed she didn’t have the ability to take any more of it. Why hadn’t he just dropped it?

“Di-“ he started, his voice soft and apologetic.

“No, I’m sorry,” she cut him off almost as soon as he began, kicking herself for getting so defensive and letting her eyes fall shut in a defeat. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap, I’m just, I’m tired and stressed, the flight wasn’t exactly fun and… this trial isn’t going to be easy.” 

“Nothing you can’t handle,” he replied in an honest and kind tone, his words carefully chosen to avoid more of her rage.

“I’m glad one of us is confident,” she said in a huff, breathing deeply to try and compose herself. There was an awkward silence between them once more as both partners waited for the other one to speak. 

“Is, is everything okay?” Will finally managed, his voice soft and scared and enough to make Diane gulp in embarrassment. She could practically picture his furrowed brow, knew that she’d made him worry.

“Yes, it's fine, it’s just…” she trailed off, rolling her eyes and dragging a hand through her wavy locks. 

“Diane, what’s going on?” he pushed not unkindly, but still firmly. Diane felt panic settle over her, the lump in her throat growing uncomfortably big.

“Nothing,” she sighed. “It’s just the stress, and the hotel put Kurt and me in adjoining rooms and I just-“ she began to rant, her mind reeling. What the hell was wrong with her? 

“We always have adjoining rooms…” he responded suspiciously. 

“Yes, we do,” Diane sighed, feeling her eyes begin to water. “But it’s different, he’s, it’s just not the same.

There was another long silence between them, both of the partners unsure of where to go, how to continue the conversation.

“He’d never do anything to make you… uncomfortable.” Will offered up in confusion. “He’d never come into your room or something-“

“No, that’s not,” Diane cut him off with a groan, running her fingers through her hair once more. “That’s not what I’m talking about Will,”

“Okay then, I don’t-“

“He’s not you, okay?” she suddenly spat out in an emotional voice. “He’s different and I don’t, I don’t know him!” She knew she sounded insane, whiny and almost petulant, but she was losing her mind. Kurt was driving her to the point of madness, she was hardly sleeping and Will’s call was just the tipping point. She hadn’t even realized how desperately she needed to vent and then with just a few words, Will had broken down her walls. She was angry and tired and she needed her partner, her real partner.

“Diane, I don’t know what to do,” he said. “What can I do?” 

“Nothing, I’m just being silly.” she gulped, trying to save face, swallowing her anger and frustration. “I just miss you and I can’t, it feels awful not to have you here. Like I’m cheating on you or something.”

Will chuckled lowly, the throaty burst of amusement making her smile and changing the tone of their chat completely.

“I always knew you’d find someone else,” he teased back. 

“Well, I couldn’t wait around forever,” Diane grinned, this flirting, their familiar teasing lifting her spirits slightly. This was what she had hoped for, a jolly conversation with her partner, she didn’t want to talk about Kurt or the flight or any of it, she simply wanted a distraction and this was perfect. It felt good, comfortable even – it felt normal. 

“You can do this Diane,” he said seriously, suddenly jumping back from their joking. Diane bit down on the inside of her cheek. “You can do anything you put your mind to!” 

“You really believe that?” she asked coyly and Will let out a full-bellied laugh.

“Are you kidding? You’re Diane-fucking-Lockhart, you are one of the best lawyers in the country and one of the most incredible women I know. Hell, you are the most incredible woman I know!"

Diane chuckled at his enthusiasm, drawing her teeth over her bottom lip bashfully. “I need you to come back, Will,” she told him, the catch in her voice making him smile.

“And I will, I promise.” 

“Thank you,” she whispered in a grateful tone.

“Anytime!” he replied in a joyous laugh. “Just uh, just don’t tell my mom about the most incredible woman thing.” 

Diane laughed loudly at his joke, her grin bright and genuine.  

“And face the wrath of Mrs. Gardner? I think not!” she teased back.

“Di?” he questioned as their laughter died down.


“I know it’s different and Kurt isn’t the easiest.” Diane gulped at that. Kurt wasn’t the real problem here, well not entirely. It was her own lust that was creating all sorts of chaos, both internally and otherwise. “But, he will have your back, I swear.”

“I know,” she said with a sad smile. Silence settled over them again and Diane knew he was uncomfortable. He didn’t handle emotion well, and neither did she, to be honest. 

“I should let you go, let you get some dinner,” he muttered and she could almost picture him scratching the back of his head.

“Yeah, okay.” 

“Good,” he said with a smile. “Just, just take care of yourself, okay?”

“Thank you, Will.” Diane grinned.

“Call me tomorrow.” 

“I will.”

“Goodnight,” he said, and she hung up the phone, setting it on the bed beside her. 

She couldn’t help the smile that had settled on her lips, thankful to her partner for his kind words. Her thoughts drifted to Kurt and she squirmed. She needed a break from him and knowing he was in the room beside hers wasn’t helping. She bit the side of her cheek, her mind dizzy with the entire day. Maybe Will was right, maybe she should grab some dinner and some wine. Definitely some wine!




“Oh! Hi,” Diane gasped in surprise, stopping in her tracks. Kurt glanced up, turning to find her walking up to him. 

“Hello,” he greeted lowly, shoving his hands into his jeans pockets. 

His green eyes traced up and down her body, taking in her outfit in a way that made her blush. He’d never seen her so dressed down, so casual. He was used to her in tight skirts, designer blouses and pant-suits. She always looked gorgeous, stunning even, but tonight, he didn’t think he’d ever been so attracted to her. 

Diane had swapped out her smart skirts for a pair of tightly fitted jeans, her long legs encased in a pair of dark, knee-high boots. Her expensive silk blouse from the courtroom was now a simple beige pullover, he was certain it must be something like cashmere, some Italian wool jersey that cost more than his entire wardrobe, but God, if it didn’t look good on her. 

Diane cleared her throat and Kurt realised he’d been staring. He flashed her a boyish grin. 

“You heading out for dinner?” he asked as she moved to stand beside him, both of them watching the elevator doors and pointedly avoiding eye contact. 

“I actually thought I’d just eat at the restaurant downstairs,” she offered up casually as the lift pinged and opened for them. Kurt immediately moved to hold the door for her, ushering her in on instinct.

Diane nodded in thanks, hitting the button for the lobby as he climbed in beside her. The doors slid shut and she held her breath. The tension between them that never seemed too far away was back, the realization that they were alone in this box, cut off from the world, swirling in both their minds. It was like the aeroplane all over again, and the cab and really anytime they were alone together. She wondered if she should try to make small talk, although not talking seemed to have worked earlier in the day, so maybe it was for the best.

She shut her eyes, releasing her breath. God, but it would be easy. Easy to turn and push him into the wall, kiss him just like he’d done that night and let him take her to bed. She knew he’d forgive her for what she had said in his office, she knew that he didn’t believe the words she’d said, hell, she didn’t even believe them. 

It would be so easy to kiss and touch and feel with him, so simple and right. She could practically feel his hands on her now, her dreams had already tricked her mind into knowing their touch, feeling his skin on hers. God, but it would be easy and so, so good. 

“Diane?” Kurt called pulling her from her reverie. Diane blinked her eyes open, gulping as she turned to look into his concerned green eyes. 

“I’m sorry?” she asked. 

“I asked if you’d like to join me for dinner? There’s a little French place a few blocks over,” he repeated, a smirk tugging at his lips as she blushed. Her eyes grew wide at the suggestion, her heart pounding erratically. 

The elevator continued in its descent as she stared blankly at him. 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” she finally whispered out, her soft murmur almost deafening in the confined space. 

“It’s just dinner, Diane,” he told her, his tone a little annoyed as he cocked his head expectantly. 

“Is it?” she countered bravely and Kurt frowned, his mouth opening slightly as he locked eyes with her. 

The silence between them seemed to go on forever until, finally, a sharp ping announced their arrival at the lobby. Kurt shook his head, turning away from her and stepping off the lift. Diane watched as he walked away, glued to her spot in the elevator, her lips dry and breathing laboured. Just as he was about to slip out of sight, he turned back, striding toward her with a determined look.

Diane gasped as his large hand stopped the doors from sliding closed and she was reminded of a time not too long ago when he’d done exactly the same thing. 

“Look,” he said, meeting her gaze earnestly. “I’d like to have dinner with you,” he said carefully and she could tell he was thinking his words through, choosing them wisely, only saying what he thought she might want. “It doesn’t have to mean anything.”

Diane blinked at him, licking her lips, getting a slight thrill as his eyes dropped to the movement unconsciously. 

“It doesn’t have to mean anything?” she confirmed and he could read the fear and apprehension in her expression.

“I promise,” he replied with a small grin that had Diane smiling back. “We could even talk about the case if that’ll make you feel better.”

Diane’s face must have lit up at that because he let out a short laugh. 

“Okay,” she agreed finally stepping off the elevator and allowing him to lead her through the lobby. They could do this, it was just dinner. A work dinner even, what could possibly go wrong?




“You want the last piece?” Kurt offered, holding out the garlic bread that had been left on the table. 

Diane declined politely, dabbing her serviette to her lips delicately as she watched him. Her mind raced tortuously at the sight of his large hand gripping the dainty basket. She imagined those long fingers of his doing so much more, imagined them touching her skin, trailing down from her neck to her abdomen, fingers tickling across her flesh, pulling goosebumps from her. Damn those dreams, she was practically salivating every time she met his gaze.

“Suit yourself,” he replied casually, turning his hand over and depositing the bread back onto the table. 

Diane’s suddenly eyes grew as she noticed a large white scar between his thumb and index finger. 

“Oh my!” she gasped out and Kurt puzzled for a minute before following her focused gaze. 

“Oh, that,” he shrugged. “Just an old war wound.”

Diane’s eyes were transfixed, her own dainty hands moving up on their own accord to softly clasp his. Her thumb ran gently over the pale, uneven flesh, stroking the jagged edges with all the care in the world. 

“What happened?” she breathed out softly, looking up at him, her fingers still tracing over his flesh in slow, loving touches. Kurt blinked a few times, his mouth opening slightly as he met her aqua eyes. God, but she was gorgeous and the way she was looking at him, the way she was touching him? He wished he could feel that touch all over his body. His heart was racing. 

“Uh,” he started shaking himself from his reverie. “A gun backfired, couple years back.”

Diane’s eyes widened in alarm, her mouth gaping ever so slightly.

“God,” she replied in an amazed gasp. Her gaze dipped back to his hand and the slow circles her thumbs were drawing across his scar. “Must have hurt,” she mused distractedly and Kurt smiled. 

“Like a bitch,” he said truthfully in a whisper and Diane looked up, meeting his intense eyes. The whole restaurant seemed to have quietened, the world shrinking until it consisted of only the two of them. Her breathing quickened as his eyes bore into hers, their chemistry as electric as ever. Suddenly, she became shockingly aware of how close they were sitting, how she was leaning into him, her hands still stroking his warm skin. 

With a gulp, she quickly released his hand, letting it drop as if it had burnt her. Kurt shot her a lopsided smile, flexing his fingers slightly, the loss of her touch tangible.

“I uh,” she fumbled, trying to back away from the tension that had settled between them once more. What was it about this man? “I, uh, I keep forgetting you’re the ballistics guy,” she tried with a shaky grin, her mind grasping for any sense of a normal, safe conversation.

Was the ballistics guy,” he corrected and Diane nodded, reaching for her wine and swallowing a large gulp.

“Do you, do you still shoot?” she questioned as she set the delicate glass down, only partly interested in his answer. Mostly she just wanted to escape the all-encompassing feeling of desire that was shooting through her blood. Well, that, and if she was being completely honest, she wanted to hear him speak more, he did have the most intoxicating voice.

“Of course,” he responded quickly, his eyes lighting up at the thought, like a little boy on Christmas morning. Diane felt her heart throb at the joy he displayed. “I have a lab out at the farm and on the days I can’t make it back there, I go to the range in the city.” 

“Ahh, of course,” she nodded with a genuine smile. “The farm, is that where you write all those angry letters?”

“Nah, mostly I just sit around watching Fox News,” he joked back, his smirk dark and salacious. He was baiting her, she knew it, but somehow instead of being annoyed she was amused.

“You don’t strike me as that type of man,” she commented offhandedly, sipping on her wine again.

“What type of man is that? Someone who writes angry letters or someone who watches Fox News?” 

Diane laughed softly, her golden hair moving in the most distracting way as she shook her head.

“The type of man who goes home after a long day and watches television,” she told him.

“Ahh, well, you got me there,” he began in an amused tone, his green eyes a dark, dark emerald. “I like to spend my free time doing much more... physical activities.” 

Diane swallowed hard, heat pooling in her stomach as his voice dropped seductively. She knew she should say something, open her mouth and speak, but she couldn’t find the words. Her breathing was patchy, her nipples hard and her pupils without a doubt dilated. She couldn’t help it, his insinuation was toppling. God, she wanted him.

“Besides,” Kurt said after a moment, realizing that he’d have to be the one to continue. “I don’t actually own a TV.” 

“You don’t own a TV?” Diane gaped incredulously, finally finding her voice. Kurt shot her a smug smirk. 


“Well how do you know what’s happening in the world?” she demanded, her shock making him laugh. Not everyone was glued to a flat screen.

“Funny you should ask,” he began in a low tease. “It’s this really amazing thing called a newspaper…” 

“Oh, stop it,” she giggled, rolling her eyes in disbelief. “You mean to tell me you only get your news from a newspaper?”

“Old fashioned ink on paper,” he drawled smoothly.  

“You’re insane,” she said in awe. “By the time it’s printed, there are five new stories!”

Kurt merely chuckled, shrugging with a rugged grin.

“I believe the youth call it living off the grid. You should try it some time.” 

“Ha!” she laughed. “I don’t think so, I practically sleep with my phone.”

“I could change that,” he fired back hotly and Diane's mouth dropped open, her blue eyes growing in size. 

She knew what he was insinuating, clearly understood his meaning and the thick intention behind it, but she also knew they couldn’t do this. They shouldn’t do this. However, despite all that, her heart was still beating out of her chest, her mind still racing. 

The question on the tip of her tongue was nothing short of indecent. She wanted to ask him how, how would he entertain her, make her forget about reading emails on her phone late at night? How exactly would he distract her, what tactics would he use? Would he be forceful as he had been so often in her dreams, holding her still as he had his way with her? Or would be gentle? Go slow until she was screaming with desire? Maybe a little of both, maybe a lot of both. 

Diane swallowed again, trying to refocus. She knew her cheeks were red hot and hoped that he read it as embarrassment at his insinuation rather than the arousal it truly was. Beneath the table, she squeezed her legs together tightly, her entire body rigid with lust.

“Well, I doubt that,” she finally managed, though her voice was weak and lacked her usual lawyerly conviction.  

Kurt shrugged, stifling another laugh in his beer as he turned his attention back to the last piece of bread. He quickly snatched it up and popped it into his mouth, hoping to give her the time to regroup and continue their conversation.

When she still couldn’t manage more than a guilty smile, he tried again. 

“And what about you?”

“What about me?” she asked.

“Well,” he started in his usual drawl. “You know I like to shoot, but what do you like to do?”

Diane gulped down a smirk. She’d like to do him. That’s what she’d like to do. Kurt’s eyebrow bounced up and for a second, she worried she’d said that aloud. 

“Work,” she supplied after a moment, taking a sip of her red wine, smiling at him over the rim of the glass. 

“And when you’re not working?” he prompted, his grin curling at the edge of his lips.

“I’m always working,” she told him proudly.

“C’mon humour me,” he tried.

“Fine,” she replied pointedly. “I like art. And the theatre. Museums. That sort of thing.”

“Fitting,” he commented and instead of coming off as crass and mocking, it sounded almost as if he was impressed. 

“Do you like art?” she tried, ducking her head slightly to meet his gaze with a teasing smirk. She already knew the answer, as much of an enigma as he was, this she had no doubt about, but something about him made her want to tease him - to flirt with him in the safest way possible; mocking. 

“I do.”

Diane’s eyebrows shot up at that, her smirk forcing a dimple to pop out on her left cheek. The small dent caught his eye and for a moment he was mesmerized.

“Whose work is your favourite?” she countered darkly, her voice thick with amusement, her eyes sparkling with undisguised mirth. 

“The dead one,” he replied deadpan and Diane let out a loud, trademark cackle, her head falling back. 

“Ahhh him. Of course.” she joked back, unable to keep the girlish smile from her face. He turned her into a gooey mess. 

Kurt was just about to reply when their waiter returned, cutting him off. 

“Are you ready to order?”

“Um,” Diane stalled at the same time as Kurt muttered a determined yes. The pair met each other’s gaze both chuckling slightly.  

“I’ll be the rump, medium rare,” Kurt told the younger man, his eyes breaking free from Diane’s as he watched the waiter scribble furiously on his notepad. 

“And for your wife?” the boy prompted. 

“Oh, we’re not-“

“She’s not-“

They both started only to fall silent, the tension from before back again. The waiter stood awkwardly for a moment, unsure of what was happening, his eyes filled with confusion. 

“She’s uh, she’s not my wife. We’re just friends,” Kurt fumbled out and boy ducked his head. 

“My apologies, I just assumed.”

“No need,” Diane replied quickly, too quickly, carefully avoiding both their gazes as she scanned the menu again. “I’m just going to have the soup of the day,” she said, snapping the menu closed quickly and forcing a wide smile. The boy added her order to his list, before scooping up their menus and leaving the partners once more.

“You could have ordered something else you know?” Kurt suddenly said, breaking the quiet that had settled over them.

“I’m sorry?”

“It’s just me here, I’m not gonna judge you for eating like a human.

Diane frowned unsure of what he was implying. Her eyes thinned, her mouth opening just a little. “What are you- oh!” she suddenly gasped. “Oh my god, you think I ordered the soup so you wouldn’t see me eat?” 

“Well, I-“ he tried sheepishly, only to be cut off by an angry glare.

“Mr. McVeigh, I hate to break it to you, but we are not on a date. And even if we were, don’t make the mistake of thinking I’d order anything but what I want. I’m not some twenty-something who wants to impress a man by only ordering a starter. I’m perfectly content with my choice and you had absolutely nothing to do with it,” she finished her rant in a huff, her eyes thinned and face pinched into a sneer. 

“Forgive me,” Kurt replied his cheeks flushed in a way she would have found dashing had she not been so outraged. “I simply recall the last meal we shared and –“ His voice trailed off, looking down to his hands.

Diane’s anger eased slightly as she realized what he was referring to. The last time they’d eaten together, Will had all but forced her to have the steak, he was worried she felt pressured. 

“I’ll eat whatever I want,” she advised kindly after a few seconds, dipping her head down until she met his gaze. ”If I’d wanted something more substantial, I’d have ordered it. I may watch what I eat but don’t for a second think it has anything to do with you or my self-worth,” she finished with a small smile. 

“Of course not!” he replied too quickly. 

“Besides,” she continued brightly, clearly trying to steer their conversation toward a safer destination. “I happen to like French onion soup, it reminds me of the year I spent in Paris.”

“You lived in Paris?” Kurt asked jumping onto the lifeboat she’d thrown him. 

“When I was nineteen, I was a waitress,” she supplied proudly.

“Really?” he asked with an incredulous bounce of his eyebrow and a bewildered smile.

“Yes,” she said with a smirk of her own. “And don’t sound so surprised. I had to pay for law school somehow, it was good money and I got to experience a different culture.”

“I’d have thought…” he trailed off with a small frown, his eyes widening as he watched her’s darken. 

“What? That the Governor's daughter wouldn’t have had to worry about money?” she sassed back in a snap.

“I didn’t mean-“ he tried, kicking himself inwardly. He just couldn’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth tonight. God, she drove him insane. He’d never been so distracted by a woman. 

“You did,” she told him smartly, pursing her lips into a smug grin as she called him out. “But it’s okay. Truth is, I did have money for my education, it just wasn’t the education I wanted.” Kurt frowned at that, not daring to interrupt her. Mostly out of desire not to say something else to put him in the wrong again, but also because he found he was genuinely interested; he wanted to know everything about her. “My parents wanted me to be nurse,” she said with a small shrug. “They had all but enrolled me by the time I was sixteen. I wanted to be a lawyer.”

“A nurse, really?” he asked with a smirk and Diane threw her head back in a laugh.

“Yes, can you imagine? I can barely manage a paper cut, how they expected me to deal with all that blood and guts is beyond me.”

“I think you’d have made a good nurse,” he replied, cocking his head to the side as he looked at her. Diane felt her cheeks colour again, the way he was looking at her, it was as if she was a piece of art he was appraising. As if he were imagining how her life might have looked had she gone into medicine, as if he was staring into her very soul.

“Really?” she scoffed with a roll of her blue eyes, unnerved by his infallible gaze.

“You’d certainly look the part of the sexy nurse,” he flirted lowly and the mirth drained from Diane’s face at once, her expression suddenly sombre. 

“Don’t,” she warned abruptly. 

“I just-“

“Kurt, please, you can’t say things like that,” she implored sadly, her eyes big and desperately begging. “It’s hard enough without you flirting.” Kurt stared blankly at her, his eyes racing over her facial features, cataloging each micro-expression.

“What if I want to?” he questioned seriously and Diane blanched.


“What if I want to flirt with you?"

Diane let out a small noise of exasperation, shaking her head, a mournful, tired expression flashing across her face.

“Kurt, please, we’ve been over this,” she tried weakly, exhausted by the repetitiveness of this argument. Couldn’t he just leave it be? They both wanted this, each other, but it couldn’t happen, so why couldn’t he just let it go?

“Yes,” he began flippantly. “I know you’re too good for me, I’m a Republican… blah, blah, blah. It’s all bullshit, Diane! We both know you didn’t mean any of the things you said the other day.” Diane’s mouth fell open in protest, a defensive retort on the tip of her tongue. “I know you don’t believe that drivel, so don’t even bother trying to deny it.”

“Kur-“ she attempted again but before she could say anymore Kurt cursed lowly, suddenly reaching out and curling a hand around the back of her skull. His fingers slipped into her silky blonde curls quickly, pulling her forward to crash his lips into hers.

Diane groaned upon impact, her breath catching in her throat as she sunk into the fiery kiss. Her eyes slid shut and her fingers quickly found his cheeks, keeping him securely in place. God, but this felt good. Almost as good as it did in her dreams and even better than it had that night. His tongue teased at her bottom lip, asking for access she was in no position to deny. She’d been craving this, his lips, his mouth, his hands tangled in her hair, just him.

Kurt groaned as he pushed through her lips, their mouths opening to one another as their tongues curled together in a fierce battle. Diane's chair lifted off the ground slightly as she leaned further into him, desperate to get closer. His large fingers tugged on her golden locks, directing her, kissing her on his terms. She loved how he took charge, loved the way he kissed her, slow and sexy, yet quick and heated at the same time. He was such a contradiction; just like they were, she supposed. After a few heated moments, their kiss came to an abrupt end, her chair snapping back onto the floor loudly and startling them both.

“Oh god, Kurt,” Diane gasped, blinking her eyes open again to meet his, her lips tingling as her breath oozed out in desperate pants.

Kurt's fingers released her hair slowly, each strand slipping from his grasp until finally, his hand fell limply to the table between them, empty. Her entire body was shaking, her heartbeat loud in her ears, her mind buzzing with confusion, with desire. His eyes watched her painted lips and the way her teeth worried her bottom lip, nervous under his careful watch.

“I should go,” she said after a long beat her voice loud and sure as pushed her chair backward, making to leave. Kurt’s hand shot out quickly, curling around her wrist, holding her in place.

“Don’t,” he said firmly and Diane’s eyes grew impossibly wider. “Don’t go. Just… just stay, okay? It won’t happen again,” he promised and she swallowed hard. “I just, just stay okay?”

Diane released a breath she didn’t realise she’d been holding in, her fingers trembling as she pulled her arm out of his grasp and slowly lowered herself back into her chair. Kurt seemed to visibly relax at this, his eagerness to keep her around palpable.

“We said just dinner,” she reminded him in a steady voice, meeting his gaze with more confidence than she felt. Kurt nodded back at her, his expression sheepish. She was admonishing him -  and herself, if she was being honest. They couldn’t keep doing this, they had to find a way passed…this.

"I'm sorry," he murmured, looking passed her and out the window behind her. She gulped, knowing the reasoning behind this move. If he looked at her, really looked at her, there would be nothing that could stop him, nothing that could stop them.

“Kurt,” she whispered, drawing his attention back to her. She could read the hurt in his emerald eyes, see the great restraint he was practicing to keep himself at bay. “I’m sorry,” she rasped in a tiny voice, her eyes big and watery. She didn’t mean for her emotions to get the better of her, but she couldn’t help it. It hurt, physically hurt to deny her heart like this. The attraction between them had been explosive from the start but the more she got to know him, the longer she spent time with him, the harder it became to just ignore it. She wanted him, and not just for the evening, she had realised not too long ago that this, whatever this was, was so much more than sex. They were drawn together, a magnetic chemistry that couldn’t be denied. So she was emotional, teary even, because she couldn’t have him.

“Are you?” he snapped back, his face emotionless as he stared at her. Diane felt her heart clench.

“You think I don’t want to?” she hissed back incredulously. “You think I don’t want you? That I don’t want to be with you?” Her anger was increasing now, a perfect way to disguise her heartbreak. “I do want it, Kurt! Of course I do, but that doesn’t mean it should happen. There are other things to consider.”

“Like?” he prompted in an aggressive tone that matched hers perfectly.

“Like the fact that you’re my partner,” she sneered out.

“People can be more than one thing, Diane.” His voice was soft but firm, his conviction almost crippling with its honesty.

“Maybe,” she agreed wistfully, drawing her tongue over her lips in a move that could break him if he let it. “But we can’t. I can’t. Not with you.”

“Why are you fighting this? If we both want it –“ he asked in frustration his voice rising and alarming a few of the other patrons.

“It’s not that simple,” she whispered back.

“It can be. Diane, I like you. We’re attracted to each other why does it have to be more complicated than that?” Kurt pushed, his hand dropping to her knee under the table, squeezing it lovingly. Diane’s leg jerked and she pushed her chair back, the legs dragging loudly across the restaurant floors.

“Because this is my life!” she shrieked, her voice loud and mean. “Do you get that? This job is my life! I don’t have anything else. This is it for me. I gave up everything for my firm, relationships, friends, kids - and I almost lost it, I came so close to losing it. And I won’t do it again. I won’t let anything happen to it again.”

The people around them were staring now, eyes wide as she made a scene.

“I will not make the same mistake Will made.” Her voice was steady and smooth, no hesitation behind her words.

“And what mistake was that?” he roared as she moved to stand.

“Falling in love with someone I work with!” she snapped back, her whole body trembling. The second the words left her tongue she regretted them. She could read the surprise in his eyes, the shock on his face. Damn it!

“Diane,” he said softer this time, eyeing the people around him and ducking slightly. “It doesn’t have to be me or your job, it’s not binary. It can be both.”

Diane looked down at him, her eyes sorrowful as her slim hand moved to cup his stubbly face. She flashed him a small grin, dragging her thumb over his cheekbone in the most loving way.

“You can’t promise that,” she replied in a whisper and before he could even try to respond, she had ducked down and kissed him. Her lips pressed softly against his, the embrace nowhere near as passionate as earlier but somehow more intoxicating.

“Good night, Kurt,” she whispered as she pulled back, grabbing her handbag and turning to leave.

Kurt blinked dumbly, his heart and mind racing. 

“Diane,” he finally managed, rising to his feet. “Diane wait!” he called loudly but it was too late, she’d gone. She’d left him.




Diane groaned as she flopped back onto the hotel bed, her arms and legs bouncing into a starfish formation as she looked up at the ceiling. The elaborate light fitting stared back at her, sparkling so brightly it burned her eyes until finally, she allowed her eyelids to slip shut.

Letting out a loud moan, she took a deep breath. She had to stop this, all of it. The flirting and teasing, the hoping and lusting; the eye-fucking, the dream-fucking, all of it. She simply couldn’t handle another minute of it.

She shouldn’t have let him kiss her tonight, hell, she shouldn’t have kissed him back or kissed him the second time. But it was so hard, their attraction was nearly killing her. He was all she thought about, all she wanted and from the way he spoke and kissed her, she knew he felt the same. But still, it couldn’t happen. She had her firm to consider, her livelihood. Letting out another deep breath, she let her mind drift over their dinner. She’d stormed out before their meals had arrived but she wouldn’t have been able to eat anyway. Her stomach was wound into knots, her body physically aching from the effort of not being with him.

If someone had told her two months ago that she’d be lying in a hotel room, obsessing over a Republican, she would have laughed at them all the way into the nut-house. As it was, she still had trouble believing it, her, Diane Lockhart in lo-

No, not love. Surely not. She swallowed the lump in her throat, even in her mind she couldn’t deny it. Maybe it wasn’t love yet, but it could be, it definitely could be.

She couldn’t say how long she lay there, her lips still tingling from his kiss, her mind tormenting her with sexy scenarios and the possibility of doing more than just kissing him. Fantasies played out, him knocking on her door, taking her into his arms, having his way with her right there against the door, or perhaps, him taking her to bed, and pushing into her until she screamed. Each thought was worse than the next and by the time she heard his hotel room door bang shut, she was wet.

“Jesus!” she hissed, chastising herself for getting so swept up by him – again. It didn’t help that his kisses at the restaurant had gotten her halfway there, she shouldn’t have let her mind wander further.

Blinking her eyes open again, she listened carefully as he moved about his room. She could hear every footstep, every movement, God damn the thin walls of this hotel and their adjoining rooms. He shrugged off his jacket, into a heap on the floor she guessed, then sat on his bed, the springs creaking under his weight as he removed his shoes and socks; the boots were thrown to the ground in one, then two thunks, her mind dreaming up his expression.

Diane waited silently for his next move, perhaps he’d turn on the TV, watch something to take his mind off the evening, off the way she’d stormed out of the restaurant. She felt her stomach churn at the thought of Fox News drowning out the sound of his actions, she hoped he wouldn’t, just so she could keep imagining him. There was a long moment without any sound and she wondered if he’d fallen back on the bed and slipped into sleep. Or perhaps, he was mimicking her, silently tormenting himself with what ifs.

Her heart was still racing when she heard him stand again. His footfalls were soft, but she could just make them out as he moved to the window in his room. Diane rolled onto her stomach her eyes watching the shadow under the adjoining door. Her breathing slowed drastically as the dark shadow froze, unmoving for a long minute. She sat up abruptly as the light from beneath the door was blocked even further, her blue eyes locked on the carpeted floor.

Suddenly, there was a loud click from the attached door and Diane swallowed hard. He’d unlocked it.

Scrambling to her feet, she moved toward the door. She rolled her teeth across her bottom lip, her entire body shaking as she made up her mind.

Maybe, if she just got it out of her system…

Her hand moved hesitantly to the lock on her side of the door, her fingers trembling as they latched onto the switch. Her mind was screaming out in protest but even her logic couldn’t stop her now, she knew what would happen next, just like she had that night on her front steps. She knew she’d unlock the door and what would follow.

Gulping hard one last time, she let her eyes fall shut as she twisted her fingers and unlocked her end of the door with a resonating click. She could feel his presence on the opposite side and waited for him to take the next step, she’d come as far as she could, broken promises to herself, betrayed her logic and common sense, so he had to open the door, he had to be the one to finish their little game, and he didn’t disappoint.

The door between them swung open, all the barriers she’d put up disappeared and she smiled.

No more fighting it, no more.

Chapter Text

Chapter 8

Diane could barely breathe as she watched the door in front of her slide open, Kurt's tall frame appearing to her piece by piece, inch by inch. Her gaze was cast slightly downward, not daring to meet his intense green eyes just yet. Despite her longing, she was still nervous, frightened even. 

Her eyes drew up his body slowly, almost hesitant in their journey. She wanted this, they both did, and they'd been fighting it long enough, but she still felt frozen, paralyzed in place. 

Kurt's face remained impassive, his eyes deep and dark but stoic, oh-so stoic. He watched her for what felt like an age, reading her fear in her twitching fingers and wide, shining eyes. He knew he had to be the one to move forward, knew she'd follow suit, that as soon as he took that first step, she'd fall into place beside him, but for some reason, despite his better judgement and overwhelming lust, he hesitated. 

Part of him wanted her to make the move, for her to admit that she really wanted this, he knew she did, but he wanted a confirmation of sorts, something more tangible, something to prove he wasn’t alone in all of this. 

Diane gulped, her face a picture of agony, of desperation. His green eyes stared into hers, deep pools of lust that she could easily get lost in. She knew what was holding him back, after all, he was a gentleman and regardless of how badly her body wanted this, regardless of how many times she’d changed her mind, he still needed a verbal confirmation. She’d said no far too often and now he needed a yes - an unequivocal yes, he needed her to give a little so he could make the first move. 

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Diane’s lips parted and the softest hint of a whisper escaped.

"Please," she murmured, begged rather, and Kurt stepped forward, crossing the threshold and taking her into his arms in one smooth move. It was all the invitation he needed, her tiny request the straw that broke the camel's back. 

It all happened so quickly, and in such a cliché manner that she might have flinched, had she not been so wrapped up in him. It was like one of those sappy movies she'd loved in her youth, those God-awful romcoms where the women falls into the strong, muscular arms of some sex-God with gorgeous blue eyes and a thick mop of golden hair. It felt like magic, finally letting go of all that tension, finally letting herself relax and take what she wanted. 

Kurt's large hands circled her waist, pulling her body close to him, lifting her onto her tiptoes before he kissed her senseless. Her slim fingers curled into his hair as she pulled him close and kissed him back, her eyes sliding shut in blissful relief. Their kisses at the restaurant had felt forbidden and hot, yet somehow they were small and inconsequential in comparison to these desperate licks of pleasure.

Kurt groaned as Diane's lips parted in a welcoming gesture that he gladly accepted. His tongue snuck into her mouth, moulding with hers in a quick and dexterous move. Diane whimpered, her nails pricking across his scalp needily. He tasted good, a mixture of the beer he'd had at dinner and something she'd come to know as purely him. Their desperate embrace was broken as they both panted, neither daring to back away more than an inch before they were kissing again. 

With great effort Kurt began walking them back into her room, his hands around her waist steering her even as they caressed her in the most intimate way. Diane moaned as she stumbled over her own feet, cursing him for her imbalance. She was usually so poised, so put together but he had her falling all over herself - literally. She could never find her footing with him. 

Kurt's hand skimmed down her side before pushing back up, this time sneaking under the soft material of her sweater to touch warm, smooth skin. Diane shivered as his rough fingertips grazed her stomach, the contrast of the touch making her heart race. She suddenly wanted those hands everywhere, touching every inch of her skin, literally every inch. 

With a smirk he pulled back, his mouth drawing in a quick breath before falling to her throat and tracing the sensitive skin he found there. Diane whimpered, her hips jutting forward as her hands skated across his broad shoulders, squeezing the soft flannel of his shirt in between slim fingers. Kurt's hand under her jersey slid up further, cupping a lace covered breast and running an eager thumb over an already peaked nipple. 

“Oh!” she whimpered, curling into his touch. This all felt so good, so real. 

Her hands skimmed up his shoulders again, tugging on his neck until he lifted his lips to meet hers once more. Kurt’s free hand angled her head, pulling on her hair in a move that was both commanding and sexy. 

As their lips fused again, she released a small sigh. God, this felt so good, this felt so right and so incredibly hot! He kissed her like it was the most important thing in the world, like he was a man dying of thirst and she was the very water he needed to survive. He kissed her like it was his only purpose in life, as if his lips had been designed to fit hers and no one else’s. He kissed her like he’d never stop. And God! She hoped he wouldn’t. 

A few more groans and heated licks and the pair pulled apart breathlessly. Their hands still grasping each other’s bodies and shamelessly indulging in the feel of their partner. 

Her lips trailed down his throat, drawing across his stubble in slow yet desperate movements. 

“Diane!” he rumbled, his hands coming together under her sweater to circle her waist entirely. 

“Kurt,” she mumbled back, her hips thrusting into his repeatedly. 

"Diane, wait,” he tried again but she merely drew her fingers down his chest, her red nails prickling at his nipples over the material of his shirt. Their heads met again as he kissed her once more, his tongue slipping against hers in a practiced way - as if he’d been doing this, kissing her like this his entire life. As if it were the most natural and expected thing in the world. 

"Diane," he groaned, his forehead falling heavily onto hers as their lips struggled to pull apart. His lips moved softly against hers, begging her to pause but also doing nothing to stop their embrace. "Wait, Diane." 

Diane moaned as he held her back, his one hand on her waist keeping her tightly against the wall while the other tilted her head toward him.

"Wait," he repeated in a husky tone, his lips parted in a mirror image of her own, both of them panting furiously as they struggled to regain stolen breath. "I can't, I can't stop." 

Diane frowned at his trembling words, her fingers sliding through thick salt and pepper hair and pulling him back down for another searing kiss. Her hips bucked against his as she rolled her body into him, a crude yet exact replica of what she had planned for them. She was drowning in him, his touch his taste, her every sense consumed by him. 

"Then don't," she replied capturing his bottom lip and tugging on it gently between her teeth. Kurt groaned as her tongue moved across his injured lip, soothing her bite in the sexiest way imaginable. His hand on her waist moved upward, caressing her breast over her soft beige pullover. 

God, but she felt good. Her lips, her kisses, her body rocking into his over and over, promising more and more. The pair kissed again, Diane sliding her tongue into his mouth as her hands griped either side of his face, keeping his lips glued to hers and tilting his head to the side.

"Wait, no!" Kurt groaned again, this time pulling back completely, his hands on her shoulders holding her back when they ought to be pulling her closer. "I can't—" he panted out, his green eyes blinking open distractedly. "I'm not strong enough to stop this."

Diane breathed out heavily, her mind a mixture of lust and confusion. He seemed to be doing a very good job at stopping this, much to her distain. 

"What are you—" she whispered with a shake of her head, her lipstick smudged across swollen lips, her blue eyes almost black with desire.

"We play this game," he began, meeting her gaze seriously. "Cat and mouse, hot and cold, and I get it, you've made the reasoning clear." Kurt swallowed hard, his hand on her chest lowering to a more respectable spot on her waist. "But if we do this, I..." He paused, gathering his thoughts with a gulp and a frown. "I, I can't just, look if you decide this is just another rung on a ladder that you’re too afraid to climb and you back out again, I don't think, I’m not going to be able to stop.” 

Kurt finished his stunted speech with a heavy exhale, his eyes almost woeful with restraint as Diane cocked her had to the side.

“Are you, are you trying to give me an ultimatum?” she smirked almost curiously, her thin eyes unwillingly drifting to his lips. 

Kurt swallowed, his expression more serious than the placement of his hands suggested.

“I like you Diane and I know you feel the same, but in about fifteen seconds, I’m not gonna be able to play this game anymore. I’m not gonna be able to stop kissing you or touching you, and I’m not going to be able to go back.” Diane’s eyes widened at his low voice, his carefully selected words making her stomach tingle in anticipation and lust. “If this is just another false start, then I don’t - then I can’t. If we do this, you need to be sure, you have to—"

“Shh,” she suddenly cut him off, her finger falling to his lips. Kurt frowned, his face scrunched into confusion as he stared deeply into her blue eyes. “I’m sure,” she rasped out in a coy, sexy rasp that had Kurt shivering. “Fuck me, Kurt.”

There was a split second of hesitation, one last moment of tension before the dam broke and he shoved her backwards. 

Her blunt words seemed to have broken through the last of his restraint and pushed him to finally, finally, commit to crossing the dangerous line they'd drawn for themselves. They weren't going back, this was it. 

Diane gasped as she slammed into the wall, her surprise swallowed by his lips as they covered hers once more, kissing her senseless. His heavy weight pressed up against her, warming her in the most delicious way - God, but he felt good.

Her fingers gripped his hair tightly, holding his mouth to hers viciously, both of them unable to break the contact even with the burning of their lungs. His tongue pushed into her welcoming mouth, twisting against hers in a desperate tango neither could get enough of, neither of them wanted to get enough of.

It had been weeks, weeks of torture, of tension and anxiety and their kisses felt like an inevitable ending, the perfect ending. It felt as if it couldn’t get any better - only it could. It was about to get so much better and they both knew it.

Her hands fisted tightly into his hair, pulling his lips from hers as she inhaled desperately. His forehead fell to hers, both of their eyes closed as they shared hot, panted breath. 

"Can't breathe," she huffed out with a small chuckle and Kurt grinned back, his moustache tickling her as he pecked her lips again. 

"Couldn't resist," he replied breathlessly. Diane giggled, ducking forward to kiss him again despite the fire in her lungs.

“Been trying to, have you?” she asked in a groan as they broke apart once again, the smile on her face smug and telling. She knew how hard he’d been holding back, because she’d been doing the same. 

"Desperately,” he chuckled along with her, his eyes dark as they traced her face with a lusty intent. His fingers threaded deeply in her golden hair, tangling it in the most sinful way. 

Diane's hands traced his shoulders feverishly, her fingers dragging along the collar of his flannel before dipping beneath the thick material to dance over his collarbone. His skin was warm to her touch, deliciously warm, and she couldn't help but groan. Kurt dragged his mouth down her throat, sure to be leaving marks as he sucked and nipped at her pale skin. 

"More," she demanded, although she wasn't sure what she wanted more of. His skin, his kisses, his body touching hers; God, she just wanted more. 

Kurt growled throatily into her ear, his hands dipping to her ass as his lips moved back to kiss hers. Diane pulled him into her, fingers blindly trying to unbutton his shirt. She'd been dreaming of him for weeks, and she couldn't take one more minute of not knowing. 

"Jesus," he rasped as her broke the kiss in a breathless hiss. Diane whined, finally shoving his shirt off his shoulders and awkwardly trying to remove it completely without losing contact. Kurt laughed gruffly, his large hands falling to her waist, dipping slightly lower to push up the soft cashmere. Diane squeaked, her hands fumbling with cuffs of his shirt before she finally gave up as his hands disappeared under her clothes. Defeated but hardly upset, her hands returned to his face to direct his mouth back to hers. 

His fingers trailed up under her shirt, touching smooth skin so gently she could hardly bear it. Long digits explored higher, skimming over the underside of her breasts, feeling the stark contrast of the rough lace and her soft flesh. 

"God!" she whispered, throwing her head back into the wall with a thud as he drew a thumb over her peaked nipple. Her eyelids fluttered prettily as she curved into him, thrusting her chest crudely into his hands. 

Their kisses continued, fast and heated, desperate in the most primal way. They tasted each other over and over, in twists and turns that continued to steal breath but could not be stopped. This felt too good. 

Diane shivered as Kurt pinched the underside of her breast daringly, the action sending a jolt directly to her core. Her mouth drew back and down his throat, lips tingling as they trailed across his five-o-clock shadow, his hands grasping desperately at his shoulders, trying to ground herself. She felt as if she was floating, as if this couldn't get any better, only then, it did.

Diane whimpered as Kurt suddenly dropped to his knees. His hands fell from under her sweater and landed on her hips, pressing his thumbs into the soft skin he found there. Diane gulped, trying and failing to steady her breathing. Her eyes rolled back in her skull as she shivered, her entire body squirming with unrestrained lust. 

Kurt’s rough fingers pushed at the silky hem of her sweater, his lips falling to the newly exposed skin of her lower abdomen. In a practiced move, he reached to undo the button of her jeans, his rough fingers dragging across highly sensitized skin. Every inch he touched sparking to life with a heated flame. His lips drew slow sexy patterns on her stomach, leaving no doubt about what he intended to do next.

“Kurt, no,” she gasped suddenly as he drew the small zip of her jeans down. Her hips bucked forward, contradicting her pleas as he pressed a kiss to the newly exposed lace of her panties. Her mouth protesting uselessly against her body’s desire. “You don’t have to—" she whispered out, even as her eyes rolled back in her head and her chest heaved. 

He didn’t have to, he really didn't have to, but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t want him to. Vivid dreams and what small knowledge she’d had of his kisses had led to many, many, fantasies about his tongue and some very naughty positions it may find itself in. 

Kurt paused at her comment, backing away slightly and waiting patiently until Diane looked down at him, her chest still rising and falling breathlessly, her blue eyes as wide as the ocean.

“I want to,” he replied in a gruff, sure voice, his eyes boring into hers in a way that left her lightheaded.  “Diane,” he continued with a smirk, his thumbs putting pressure on her hipbones, as his eyes devoured hers. “I’ve been thinking about doing this to you since the very first time I saw you. I want to.” 

“Jesus,” she breathed out, her nipples prickling beneath her bra as her heart rate sped up impossibly. Kurt grinned back at her, taking in her very visceral reaction to his words and licking his lips slowly. He waited, like the gentleman he was, for her head to dip in a nod before he pounced.

“Kurt,” she hissed out as he dragged her jeans over her ass, pulling the rough material down to her knees in one smooth motion. His forehead fell to her lower abdomen, making her squirm as he drew in a hot breath, his lips hovering over delicate lace - building the anticipation. 

Diane’s fingers clenched in his thick locks, almost begging in their desperation. Kurt smirked, a low, amused sound emerging from his throat as he shook his head slowly and licked his lips.

"Oh god," Diane gasped, her head thrashing from side to side. "God, this is really happening. We’re really gonna do this. You’re gonna..."

“Yes,” he countered smugly, almost amused at her panicked rambling. Diane glanced down at him, her eyes falling shut at the desire she found in his green orbs, it was too much, too real. God, sometimes the attraction she felt for him was so overwhelming, so electric; she felt as if she was seconds away from exploding. 

"Oh my god! Oh, oh, oh!" she continued to mumble, and he wasn't sure if it was the anticipation or simply her internal monologue vocalised unconsciously. God, he hadn't even touched her yet.

With a daring smile, his fingers quickly pulled her jeans to the floor, methodically removing one leg, then the next, before throwing them over his shoulder carelessly. His hands curled around her dainty ankles, slowly snaking up her long legs, his eyes locked on hers. 

Diane shivered as his fingertips ticked her smooth skin, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip. Her heart was thundering in her ears, her blood boiling violently in her veins, their intense eye contact the sexiest form of foreplay. The look he was giving her made her breathless, his deep green eyes watching her like she was the only person in the world. It was a huge turn on for her, the way he stared, at her lips, at her legs, at her. He was a stoic man, not particularly loquacious but very expressive; they say the eyes are the window to the soul, and hell, his were an open doorway.

Kurt licked his lips as his hands snuck up her milky thighs, his thumbs slipping under the skimpy material at her hipbones and pulling it down, finally baring her to him.

Diane’s chest heaved as the skimpy fabric hit her ankles her heart racing as Kurt repeated his previous movements and lifted each foot to remove the panties from her person.

Her eyes slid closed as he drew his hands back up her long, long legs, his nails scrapping against her skin in the most delicious, forbidden way. 

“Look at me,” he rasped suddenly, his eyes sinfully dark as she forced hers open. “Diane, watch me,” he repeated lowly and Diane’s hips bucked toward him involuntarily, beyond turned on by the husky tilt to his voice. 

Kurt grinned, his eyes never moving from hers as he finally moved his mouth forward and let his lips taste her. Diane shrieked at the contact, her mouth falling open and fingers digging into his shoulders the same way his dug into her hip bones - hard enough to leave bruises. 

Her imagination was exploding, in her dreams he'd been skilled the way most phantom lovers are, but this, well, this was something else. This was something extraordinary. She couldn't catch her breath.

His tongue darted out teasingly, making her gasp. His hand leaving her hip to curve around her left thigh, digging his nails into her flesh as he positioned her leg over his shoulder. Diane followed his instruction blindly, letting him position her how he wanted, no longer in control and absolutely relishing it. 

His free hand moved to press against her lower abdomen, splaying out across the smooth skin in a practical move; less to keep the soft material of her top in place above her hips than to keep her in place against the wall.

Diane cried out; she wasn't sure how he knew exactly what to do to her. Wasn't sure if it was instinct or if she were simply that transparent, but he touched her like he knew her, like they'd been doing this for years. 

It was as if he could read her mind, as if he knew what his large, warm hand splashed out across her stomach did to her. Diane shook her head slightly, her senses rattled. She loved control and being in charge, loved the respect she'd earned throughout her career, but sometimes she loved nothing more than to let that control go. And it was as if he knew, as if he knew that in bed, Diane Lockhart loved to be manhandled, to be told what to do. 

With a seductive grin, Kurt drew back from her heat, his lips sparkling with her in the sexiest way. Turning his head to the side he nipped at the supple skin of her thigh, working her flesh until he left a very distinct bite mark. 

"Kurt!" she whimpered, and he felt his jeans tighten a little more, the sound of his name on her swollen, desperate lips distractingly erotic. Her hands tugged roughly on his head again, pulling him out of his reverie and trying to redirect his attentions to where she needed him the most. 

Her partner smiled against her, his tongue drawing patterns up and down her thigh torturously and then repeating the action. 

"Please!” she groaned weakly, rocking her hips forward, too far gone for any more of his teasing.

Kurt chuckled lowly, pulling back to look up at her again. Her teeth were digging into her bottom lip, her cheeks flushed red and her chest heaving almost violently. She looked stunning, the very picture of a queen dethroned. 

Her hold on his hair tightened, her slim fingers whitening as she looked down at him, her eyes pleading. 

“I need you," she whispered out desperately, bumping her hips off the wall again, no longer shy about what she wanted from him. Kurt continued to stare at her for a few seconds, his eyes looking into hers in a way that told her exactly what she did to him. Diane shivered. Why did this all feel so intimate suddenly?

In a flash, their eye contact was broken as he dipped his head again, wasting no time in taking her into his mouth, his tongue touching her in the most delicious way.

Diane’s head fell back with a loud bang, her eyes rolling into her skull. Her fingers gripped his thick hair almost painfully, pulling and pushing without a thought to his comfort. She was taking what she needed, and Lord, did she need this. 

Her moans deepened as his tongue curled around her clit, sucking hard, the effect blinding.

“More!” she growled, her fingers leaving his hair to dig into his hand on her left thigh, tugging on it in a silent request. Kurt lapped at her for a few more toppling moments before he moved his large fingers to her wet heat, following her explicit instruction.
He dipped one, then two digits into her, curling them in just the right way. 

“Yes!" she cried out, her hips rocking into his mouth wantonly. "Oh, yes!"

Kurt groaned against her, the noise making her squeak. She was moaning loudly, very loudly and it was more of a turn on than he cared to admit. The ever poised and polite Diane Lockhart, screaming because he had his fingers inside her, screaming because his mouth was on her, screaming because he was making her. 

His fingers curled into a come-hither motion inside her and caused goosebumps to break out across her skin. He dug the fingernails of his free hand across her abdomen, lightly tickling her and intensifying the sensation exponentially. 

“Deeper Kurt,” she shrieked suddenly, her hands moving back to grip his head roughly. “Yes, just like that, oh, oh, there, there!” 

Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, her body now rocking into his on its own accord and if he'd thought she was beautiful before, he'd been wrong, because she was down-right radiant, she could eclipse the sun with her beauty.

Kurt tugged gently at her sensitive flesh, his teeth making her breath hitch and her grip on his silver hair tighten almost painfully. He worked her over for a few more desperate moments, loving the reaction he was evoking from her, before going in for the kill. 

He drew his tongue from the base of his fingers to her very tip before sucking on her clit, hard. His digits within her curled again and suddenly, she was coming. Diane shook and spasmed violently, her body suddenly flooded with the most delicious heat. Her thigh on his shoulder trembled and he kept his hold on her stomach, his splayed fingers and shoulder the only thing keeping her weak legs from buckling.  

Kurt continued to press kisses to her core, prolonging her pleasure, her clit throbbing as he sucked on it again and again. 

“Jesus Christ, Kurt,” she hissed out, trying to drag his head from her core. Before she could, he pushed his fingers even deeper within her, hitting that spot again and making her scream all over again. It wasn't often men dragged her over the edge more than once, most of the time she was forced to fake it with exaggerated moans and awkwardly timed hip-thrusts, but she wasn't faking it now, not even close. He was that good. 

Her squeals and screams were loud in the small room, her voice foreign and strained to her own ears. After a few more delicate kisses to her clit, Kurt finally allowed her to pull his head back. He shrugged his shoulder roughly, shuffling her leg off it as he slowly withdrew his fingers. Diane moaned at the loss of contact, her body still clenching around nothingness. Her hair stuck to the back of her neck and temples, her chest heaving desperately.

In a quick, dizzying move, Kurt stood again, diving in and kissing her senseless. Her weak, sated body continued to shiver in his arms, the jelly in her legs like liquid heat. Diane whimpered as she tasted herself on his tongue, her eyelashes fluttering against her red cheeks, her mind still dizzy with orgasm.

After a few moments, Diane managed to pull apart from the kiss, her lungs burning with the lack of oxygen. Kurt's forehead fell to hers, both of their eyes still closed as they embraced each other in a move far too intimate for first time lovers. They could both feel the tension in the air, no longer the sexual heat but something more, something far more dangerous, something lit with emotion and unsaid words.

Her brain sizzled at the closeness of his body, and she could feel him against her stomach, hard and desperate beneath the confines of his painfully tight jeans. 

"So, that’s what it takes," he mused in a wry tone, breaking the silence that had settled over them. His lips still pressing soft kisses to her lips, her chin, her throat, his thumbs still bruising her hips. 

Diane ran a shaky hand through her messy locks, her heart rate still as irrational as her breathing. She frowned deeply, her brow scrunching as she tried to process his words, her mind and body were still stuck in the inexplicable pleasure he'd bestowed on her moments before. Her dreams had been right in one respect - he really did know what he was doing, and while his mouth tended to spew unadulterated drivel, it also knew exactly how to make her toes curl.

“Wha-what?” Diane rasped, barely able to draw breath, her hips still bucking sporadically in his hold and her eyes fighting to open fully through a series of aftershocks. 

“I'm just saying," he began smugly, catching her dreamy eyes purposely. "If I'd known all it took to get you speechless was my mouth on your—"

"Shut up!" she cut him off, holding her fingers over his mouth, doing little to hide his wide, proud grin. 

After a moment, Diane shook her head, smiling too. If she’d known he could use his mouth like that, she’d have happily given up her speech weeks ago. 

Kurt merely grinned up at her, slowly peeling her hand from his lips, and never breaking eye contact with her. His eyes were bright and expressive as he slowly brought her fingers to his lips, kissing them softly, the wet bristles of his moustache reminding her exactly what those lips had just done. He let his grin widen. Diane felt her heart skip a beat, her body swaying into his unconsciously; she was putty in his hands.

With the tilt of his head, his lips were on hers again, kissing her soundly. Diane moaned, her arms encircling his shoulders. She gasped as his tongue slid back into her mouth, this time bringing the taste of her along with it. Jesus, but it was a turn on, knowing where his tongue had just been and where it was now. 

"Oh, don’t look so smug!" she glowered back as they pulled apart, panting. Diane rolled her eyes, her tone defensive and just a tad embarrassed. Part of her couldn't believe what he’d just done to her, what she’d just begged him to do to her. 

She knew there was nothing to be ashamed of, and part of her hated herself for even feeling the slightest hint of guilt, but the catholic schoolgirl in her did feel a little mortified. Normally, she was a lady - well, not as much of a lady as her mother would have liked, but usually she didn’t let men do... that to her so early on. Usually she wasn’t so desperate for a man's mouth so early in their relationship.

"It wasn’t that good!" she hissed out almost defensively, but God, they both knew she was lying. Kurt tilted his head to the side, smirking mischievously. 

"Oh really?" he rasped, his lips falling to the soft skin beneath her ear as his fingers dropped back to her heat. Diane squirmed away from his touch, too sensitive to allow any sort of stimulation. 

“Shall we review the evidence, counsellor?” he growled into her ear and Diane actually gasped, her knees buckling in the most cliché way as her arms curled around his neck to keep herself upright. 

"Okay, okay," she whimpered, tilting her head to the side to allow his lips room to roam on her throat, her lower body shying away from his explorative, teasing touch. “You win!” she giggled.

Kurt paused at that, his hands drifting up to her waist as he pulled back to smile at her wryly.

“I think we're both about to win," he muttered smugly, before ducking down and covering her gaping mouth with his once more, kissing her quiet. 

Diane fell into the embrace, her arms wrapping tightly around his shoulders as she began to walk them back toward the bed. Kurt groaned as she purposely rubbed herself up against him, his body hard and straining into hers. Fuck, she felt amazing. His hands ran up and down her sides, over and under her sweater, shockingly aware she was naked from the waist down. Her lips moved against his in a smooth yet desperate way, trying to soak up every last ounce of his passion.

He felt the back of his knees collide with the bed, his hand falling to the small of her back to steady them both as they teetered toward the mattress. Diane tore her lips from his, letting out a small bubble of laughter. Her manicured fingers fell to his shoulders, pushing him down onto the bed. Kurt followed her instruction dumbly, sitting on the edge of the mattress and gazing up at her, transfixed by her beauty. Diane blushed under his intense eyes, smiling at him as she shook her head and stepped into the space between his legs. Kurt’s hands immediately found their home on her hips, drawing her closer, his eyes never daring to leave hers. Making quick work of his plaid shirt, she tossed the heavy material over her shoulder glad to finally have rid him of it. 

With a small, almost anxious smirk, Diane’s dexterous digits moved next to the bulge in his jeans, quickly snapping at his ostentatious belt buckle. She remembered the first time she’d seen that pink and turquoise monstrosity; the metal drew your eye unwilling to his hips, and in Diane’s case, willingly lower too. It was no doubt some sort of strange republican homage to the United States, eagles and the right to bear arms all melded together into a hideous accessory he called fashion. Still, as her slim fingers danced over the hard, cold metal, she had to admit there was something oddly sexy about it. 

Her teeth sunk into her swollen bottom lip as she slowly pulled the leather belt through the loops, her eyes dark beneath thick lashes. Kurt shifted on the bed, lost in his attraction for her. As the belt hit the carpeted floor carelessly, Diane curled her thumbs into the vacant belt loops over his hips, tugging hard until he stood again, almost too close to her. She panted against his bare clavicle, her eyes fluttering as his hand drew under her sweater for the hundredth time, tickling the delicate skin on her left side. His breath jostled a few of her blonde curls, both of them lost in a moment that was far too intimate. Their bodies stood frozen for a moment, the heat between them almost explosive and rolling off them in waves.

Letting out a soft sigh, Diane finally cleared her head enough to reach forward and unbutton his jeans, pushing them down as he dragged the soft, beige jersey up and over her head. His gaze instinctively fell to her breasts, encased in a delicate balcony of lace, heaving as she tried to steady her breathing. 

His green eyes were almost entirely black as his rough fingers drew a line up her spine. Goosebumps broke out across her skin, her lips falling open in a gasp as she met the intensity of his gaze. He was watching her every expression, not her breasts or in fact anything lower, but her face, her eyes. It was the sexiest she’d ever felt. She’d felt desired and attractive before, men had made her feel wanted and lusted after, but she couldn’t recall ever feeling this… sexy. 

The pair gazed at each other, the tension from before suddenly back as she stared up at him, her chest heaving up and down as she waited for him to unhook her bra. His fingers continued their assault of her smooth skin, dancing up her spine, twirling across the dimples on her lower back, skating just shy of the curve of her arse. 

Diane swallowed after a tortuous moment, positively desperate now. 

“Kurt, please,” she begged, her eyes falling closed in a quick flutter. Kurt smirked an almost smug grin, as he finally drew his thumb and forefinger together and unsnapped her bra, slowly dragging the straps down her shoulders until the beautiful material joined his belt and jeans on the floor. 

Diane tilted her head up, slowly reopening her eyes. Her lips broke into a smile under his gaze. Her younger self may have shied away from such scrutiny, she may have felt insecure; so exposed in front of a man - especially as she wasn’t twenty anymore. But something about Kurt made her feel like the most beautiful creature in the world. She didn’t feel her age, she felt twenty-two, she felt like the most gorgeous woman alive. He made her feel beautiful.

Kurt grinned back at her, eyes traveling the length of her body, his boxers tenting even further as he did so. He couldn’t remember ever being this turned on. She was angelic, sexy, and the combination was flooring. 

“So gorgeous,” he rasped, almost to himself and Diane felt her knees turn to jello, her heart racing against her ribcage.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” she whispered back, her statement unnecessary, but no less alluring. It was a turn on, to hear her verbalise what he already knew. To hear her admit that, yes, despite all evidence to the contrary, she was just as human as him, just as wanton and just as desperate.

Kurt smiled down at her, eyes twinkling with admiration and lust. In a quick move his mouth dipped again, diving in and kissing her senseless as her body melted into his. 

Diane whimpered as she tasted just a remaining hint of herself on his tongue, her hands falling restlessly to his shoulders to steady her body. Her naked chest was pressed against his, pebbled nipples brushing against his skin in the most erotic, yet innocent way. 

Kurt’s left hand drifted down to her arse, cupping the supple flesh between strong fingers and rocking her hips forward so she could feel just how hard he was. His right hand threaded into her curls, tilting and twisting her head as he used his tongue to kiss her blind. 

Diane pulled back after a few moments, her lungs burning with the lack of air. Her partner's forehead fell to hers, both of their eyes still closed as they embraced each other. She could feel him against her stomach, solid and desperate beneath the confines of his simple cotton boxers. Diane hummed at the sensation, rubbing herself into him in a crude move that had him grunting. He felt good against her; big, and she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so carnally wanton. 

Kurt stepped out of his jeans, using his toes to push the pants off his ankles and leaving them in a heap as his hand in her hair slipped down her back and curled around her waist. With a small jerk of his wrist, he pulled her impossibly closer, his lips falling to her temple with a chaste kiss. With practiced ease, he suddenly spun them, inverting their positions and gently pushing her down onto the bed. 

Diane grinned as she looked up at him, slowly lifting her hips and shimmying herself up the mattress until she was positioned perfectly in the middle of the extravagant pillows, looking like a goddess perched on her throne. Kurt swallowed hard, eyes dragging slowly up her body. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen with her long legs, trim figure, perfect breasts and sinful mouth. Jesus, that goddamn mouth would be the death of him. Diane smirked, enjoying his attention for a swift moment before her eyes dropped to his painfully tight boxers with a pronounced look.

Kurt nodded, understanding her silent message and quickly curling his thumbs beneath the elastic waist of his boxer-shorts, pushing them down. Diane’s gaze darkened, her eyes widening as she took him in, her tongue sliding out to moisten her lips hungrily. Kurt kicked the cotton from his feet, standing in front of her for a moment, letting her appraise him in the same way he’d done her.

“Diane,” he said suddenly, his face darkening ever so slightly. Diane met his strained eyes, her own racked with confusion. His tone had her worried, she was petrified he’d changed his mind, scared that even after everything they’d done, this would be a step too far. “Protection?” he asked softly, his green eyes never leaving her blue.

Diane let out a small bubble of a laugh, relieved and shaking her head. 

“I’m on the pill,” she told him with an easy smile. “And,” she continued, hesitating slightly, her voice catching in her throat. “I trust you, Kurt.” Her words settled over them both, the meaning behind them drowning with an intimacy they probably shouldn’t have felt so early on in a relationship.

Finally, after a long moment of tense staring, Diane bit into her bottom lip and smiled devilishly before shifting and opening her legs slightly. Kurt took the invitation for what it was and moved to climb onto the bed, crawling over her until he settled in between her long, long legs.

Diane moaned at his closeness, rolling her shoulders and offering up her chest in his direction, her hips bucking up into his in a clear taunt. Kurt chuckled lowly at her eagerness, his rough fingers tracing up and down her thighs. He wasted no more time, discarding his agonizingly slow pace as he curled his large hands beneath her knees and quickly manoeuvred her legs until they rested over his thighs, his erection just barely brushing her centre as she locked her ankles behind his back.

Diane bit down on her bottom lip, moaning at the sensation of him pressing against her, so close, so close, and yet not close enough. Her eyes slipped shut as Kurt’s hands moved to her arse, cupping it and lifting her hips off the bed slightly. There was another moment of pure torture as neither moved. Diane blinked, her eyes dark and lazy beneath heavy lashes. Green locked on blue and ever so smoothly, he shifted her body, pulling her closer so he could push into her. 

Diane shuddered as they joined, the feeling of him steely and hot inside her almost too much. Kurt let his head fall back at the feeling, relishing in her slick tightness. Her arms reached up to pull his head down to her chest, fingers diving through his dark hair as she positioned his mouth on her breast. Kurt growled, following her explicit instruction as he began to move within her, slowly rocking his hips into hers as his lips latched onto a tight bud.

“Yes,” Diane whimpered, her body falling into place with his. Kurt let his teeth gently tug on a sensitive nipple before trailing a line of kisses up to the base of her throat. Their bodies moved together like clockwork, falling into a quick rhythm, as if they'd been doing this their entire lives, as if this wasn’t actually the first time they were together in this way.
“You feel so good,” he told her in a groan, his hips jutting up into hers in a way that made her shriek. His head lifted from her, meeting half open blue eyes before dropping to kiss her swollen lips. Diane’s moans were swallowed whole by his deep kisses, her hands struggling to stay still as she ran them over every inch of his body.

He felt good, heavy in a way that was comforting and familiar, his skin warm as it pressed tightly against hers. Diane grinned at him, her hand falling from his chest to her own breast, massaging it in a way that only heightened what he was doing to her. Kurt licked his lips, eyes drawn to the movement even as his own hand settled over hers, encouraging her exploration.

“Diane,” Kurt rasped lowly, as he continued to push into her over and over, their bodies starting to work up a sweat. Diane leant forward, kissing Kurt behind the ear, dragging her lips gently down his stubbly throat.

“Harder,” she whispered to him and Kurt felt his body tighten, her soft plea in his ear almost enough to get him there. He picked up his pace, thrusting into her almost violently.

“Tell me what you like,” Kurt demanded, his left thumb digging into her hips roughly. His green eyes met her blue, his features strained as he continued to push in and out of her. Diane nodded, throwing him a small smile before she pulled his right hand from her breast and tugged his fingers down to her center, her meaning beyond clear. 

Diane’s own fingers moved up to thumb at her tight nipples, feeling them stiffen even more at the contact. She wasn’t afraid to own her pleasure, to have him watch her, she knew what she wanted, what it took to get her there, and she’d be damned if she didn’t get it!

Her blue eyes watched spellbound as Kurt fucked her, her gaze searched for his as she began to moan louder, her climax building. Kurt’s eyes were entranced by her slim fingers, watching them tweak and pinch at stiff peaks, smiling as he enjoyed how openly she embraced her pleasure. 

“Yes,” she hissed as his rough fingers rubbed circles onto her, her body squirming beneath his, lost in sensation. She felt like fire, like actual liquid heat, like lava bubbling just beneath the surface. “Oh Kurt!!” Her voice was loud and pitchy, primitive and wanting. “God, yes! Kurt, please!”  

Kurt quirked an eyebrow as he shifted her hips again, his nails digging into the soft skin of her arse as he rocked into her at a faster and more violent pace. He was close, but he’d be damned if he came before she did. Call it misogyny, or perhaps even chivalry, but she was going to come first. 

Diane heaved as she watched her partner’s mouth curl up at the sides, a dark and sexy look making her toes curl. He continued to pound into her to the music of her amplified moaning, the sensation blinding for them both.

“So hot,” he rasped with a naughty smirk, his fingers rubbing her in the most pleasurably blinding way. She felt her body tremble, his fingertips slick as they traced her most sensitive spot. It was such a turn on, she could already feel herself building toward another climax. 

Normally, she wasn’t one to be greedy; most of the time, if her lovers satisfied her, she was happy enough, but with Kurt, she wanted more, God, so much more. More orgasms, more touching, more of his kisses, just more.

“Harder Kurt,” she hissed her hips bucking up to meet his thrust for thrust. “Please, harder!” she yelled, and Kurt realized he’d never seen her so unabashed, so free; brazen, this was Diane, pure and unfiltered, this was her toppling with need, desperate for satisfaction. 

“Diane!” he growled, wiping the sweat from his brow as he continued pounding into her hard, his thrusts rough and fast. Diane hiccupped and squeezed her internal muscles, making him growl and his eyes fluttered momentarily. 

“Oh God!” she shrieked as his hands widened her legs further, angling her body up, her lower back no longer touching the bedding as he held her up. “There, fuck, right there!” Her voice caught in her throat as she screamed, her body filling with heated, burning pressure.

Suddenly, Kurt’s hand on her clit changed its angle, his large fingers pressing down harder than ever before.
“Yes!” Diane screamed. “Oh, Kurt, I’m coming, I’m coming!” The pressure inside her suddenly disappeared, heat flooding through her extremities as she bucked wildly against him. Kurt grit his teeth trying to hold out for a little longer but the clenching and releasing of her internal muscles was too much for him to resist. 

“Fuck!” he growled as he spilled hotly inside her, Diane relishing the feeling of his pleasure filling her. Kurt’s body shuddered to completion, his mind dizzy with the feel of her contracting against him. After a few moments he pushed her legs off him and pulled out, making her groan all over again. Kurt rolled to the side, his weight bouncing heavily against the bed as he flopped down beside her. Diane sighed happily, and he bent forward, swiping her damp curls from her neck to place a soft, wet kiss to the skin there.

“God!” Diane gasped, wincing as she shifted to crawl under the bedding and pull the sheets up over her chest. She was smiling like an idiot. 

“Yeah,” he replied, dragging a hand through his thick, damp hair. 

“That was—" she trailed off, unable to find the words. Mind-blowingly earth-shattering. Perfection.  

“Yeah,” he agreed simply, breathlessly, turning onto his side to face her. Diane looked up at him, both of them panting and smiling. Before she could help herself, she’d reached up and curled her hand around the back of his neck, tugging him toward her. 

Kurt smirked as he helped her close the distance, fusing their mouths together in another insatiable kiss. They couldn't get enough of each other, and had he been a few years younger, he'd probably have been ready to go again. 

His arm rested on the pillow beside her head, holding his body above hers as they made out. There was something about their lazy, slow kissing that was even more intoxicating than the sex they’d just had, something even more intimate than the way he had moved inside her seconds before. 

"That was good," she sighed as they broke apart and he wasn't sure if she was talking about the kiss or... "I mean, I haven’t, I mean, not like that in... ages," she continued, and Kurt smirked.

Diane’s cheeks flushed at her admission. The truth behind her words embarrassed her. It had been months since someone had made her feel that good. On the few occasions she’d taken matters into her own hands - quite literally, she’d only ended up more frustrated and the select few men she had allowed into her bed in the last year had only just scraped the surface. 

Perhaps it was the tension, the pull, and all-consuming chemistry they had that made their union so explosive, or perhaps it was just right, perhaps they just fit. Perhaps their bodies simply matched, maybe they were just meant for each other. Diane swallowed at the thought, that idea far more frightening than she cared to admit.

"Me either," he said softly, comfortingly, sensing her spiralling thoughts. Diane stared at him, her eyes wide and bright. He made this all feel so easy, so natural, it was such a Kurt thing to do. Diane smirked at him, biting her bottom lip in a failed attempt to conceal infectious laughter.

Kurt shot her a teasing glare, his eyebrows bouncing up curiously. Diane fell to pieces, her throaty chuckles increasing to the point where it physically pained her. Her hands shot up to cover her face, mortified by her amusement.

“You’re laughing,” he said stupidly, as if her giggling didn’t fill the quiet room completely.

“I don’t know why,” she gasped out in between her chuckles, smiling fondly at him through her fingers. 

"You’re having fun?” he prompted optimistically, and Diane laughed even more. 

“No,” she giggled, smirking when he made a sour face. “I mean, yes, I am," she corrected, drawing his fringe off his forehead in a soft, careless move. "I am having fun, but it’s also…” She shook her head with another chuckle. “It's just, you’re just so far from my typ—“ Her eyes widened suddenly, her words stopping abruptly as her brain caught up with her gaping mouth. 

Kurt grinned knowingly. 

"Go on!" he encouraged, amused by her blushing. "You can say it."

"No, I didn’t mean that, I just, that was rude, I didn’t mean to—"

“Yeah, you did. Go on, just say it,” he replied simply and almost carelessly. Diane felt her anger bubbling slightly. How dare he not be offended! How dare he act so cavalier, how dare he infuriate her this way... again.

Bolstering herself, she set her jaw.

"Fine," she snapped, sitting up slightly, the sheet protesting as she shifted to make sure she was covered. "You're not the type of guy I usually go for," she finished defiantly. 

"And what type is that?" he flirted lowly, and in an instant, the hint of anger she'd felt was gone. His green eyes shone as he stared at her, the wrinkle-crinkled skin around them melting any resolve she had and forcing out another unwanted laugh. She felt like a fish out of water around him. One second she was fuming, the next he was grinning at her like that and she was putty in his fingers. 

"Oh, I don’t know," she replied, rolling her head from side to side with a ridiculous-schoolgirl grin. God, she felt positively giddy. 

"Yeah, you do," he pushed, and she quirked a brow at his forwardness.

"I guess if I’m being honest…"

"I certainly like it when you are," he said flirtatiously, and she couldn’t help but feel as if he was talking about something else entirely. 

"Driven, arrogant, Ivy League business man, maybe a CEO, definitely cocky, tailored suits..." she listed, trailing off with a slight shrug. Kurt smirked.

"So... Will," he said smartly, and Diane burst into another fit of giggles, her screeches loud and joyous. 

"Yes, I suppose so," she offered thoughtfully once she'd calmed her amusement. "I’m sorry, that was rude of me, you don't want to hear about other men while we're in bed together.”

"Not really, no,” he offered up simply, bluntly. "But for some reason, I can’t bring myself to be offended." He shrugged dashingly. "Probably has something to do with the way you can bend," he finished smugly.

Diane gaped at that, leaning down to kiss him again, her tongue swirling into his mouth in a breathless wash. She’d show him how she could bend. Kurt tugged on her shoulder, bringing her back down to his level, kissing her hard.

"What about you?" she asked when they finally pulled apart, her hooded eyes lazy with satisfaction and just a little more than a lot of lust.

"What about me?" he replied, his lips moving to trail down her throat as he threw a leg over her hips, effectively trapping her beneath him.

"Well," she began loftily, biting her bottom lip with a seductive look. "What’s your type, Mr. McVeigh?"

Kurt smirked down at her, tugging awkwardly at the cotton hiding her body from his gaze in lieu of an answer. Diane giggled slightly, her hand falling to his to stop his progress, her eyes meeting his pointedly. He let out a puff of air, rolling his eyes slightly.

“You,” he answered simply, dropping his mouth to her collarbone in a sneaky move that had her mouth falling open in a gasp. Diane laughed again.

“Kurt, be serious!” she begged, suddenly desperately curious as to his preferences. She found herself wondering about his past lovers, about the women he usually dated. What were they like? Something told her nothing like herself. 

“‘M serious,” he muttered, slipping lower on her body, his lips ghosting over a pebbled nipple. Diane’s fingers fell to his dark hair, grasping the strands tightly as she thrust her chest up into his mouth. She sighed into his attentions, enjoying the afterglow and his eagerness to prolong the feeling of pleasure.

“Kurt!” she whispered, squirming beneath him, her hips shifting until they settled directly under his. “Tell me,” she begged almost petulantly, suddenly desperate for his answer. What was Kurt McVeigh’s type?

Kurt shook his head and chuckled deeply, the sound vibrating through his chest and into hers. His mouth dropped to the skin of her collarbone, kisses dancing up the line of her throat to just below her ear.

“You are my type, Miss Lockhart,” he said sexily, his drawl dark and low, making her stomach clench. Kurt shifted his body off hers again, pressing up against her side, stealing some of the sheets and her body heat. Diane melted at his words. Perhaps they were a line, although coming from him she highly doubted that, but she couldn’t deny it worked.

Sure, she had questions and suspicions and had she not been so thoroughly fucked she might have pushed it, but for now, she decided to let it go, her body already drifting toward sleepiness. Kurt lay down beside her, their legs entwining as his large hands curled around her waist. Outside she could hear the streets of New York, sirens and traffic fading slightly as the hour grew late. With a contented sigh, she reached out and shut off the lamp on the bedside table, plunging them into darkness.

“Diane,” he called softly after a long moment, the rough timber of his voice loud in the dim hotel room.

“Hmm?” she replied, her eyes drooping unwillingly as she sunk into the soft pillows, her body languid and sated as it snuggled against his.

“Do you want me to leave?” he asked quietly, no judgement in his tone, only the simple truth of his fears. She shifted in his arms, rolling over to meet his kind eyes. Her eyes thinned as she tried to make out his face in the dark, her fingertips lifting up to trace the rough lines of his face, the five o’clock shadow on his jaw, the deep creases on his forehead. God, but he was a good-looking man and she didn’t need her sight to know that. She felt her heart skip a beat. 

“You probably should,” she admitted in a whisper, meeting his gaze sadly. Kurt’s eyes widened for a fraction of a second, before he schooled his reaction and his expression changed back to his usual, stoically passive pre-set. “But I don’t want you to,” Diane continued on in an even softer voice, her breath ghosting across his lips. 

This time Kurt didn’t even bother trying to hide his surprise, he merely smirked and bent forward to kiss her. Diane moaned into the embrace, gasping as his tongue slipped across her bottom lip sweetly.

“We should get some sleep,” he told her as they broke apart and Diane smiled, shifting her body closer to his, until her head lay on his bare chest. 

“Is this okay?” she asked nervously, and he wasn’t sure if she was talking about the placement of her head or the fact that he was staying over. Just sleeping together meant a lot more than sleeping together, it meant crossing the line. Not that they hadn’t already crossed a pretty big line, but this particular line meant something else entirely. 

“Yeah,” he replied gently, although he’d never been more unsure of his answer. Was this okay? “Yeah, it’s okay.”


Diane sighed as she rolled over, her body trapped amongst the sheets and aching in the most delicious way. A smug smile slipped over her lips as she recalled the evening. She should probably be concerned about what this would mean for her professional relationship with Kurt McVeigh, she should probably worry about how they were going to navigate the now very murky waters, however she couldn't bring herself to think of anything other than the way he'd so thoroughly fucked her - and yes, she meant it like that. 

With a satisfied grin and a stretch, she reached over to where she assumed Kurt would be. A few confused swipes of the empty bedsheets later, she blinked her eyes open, propping herself up on her elbow to confirm her suspicions. She was alone, and from the coolness of the sheets, she'd been that way for quite some time. Groaning lowly, she flopped back into the pillows, debating the pros and cons of getting up to find a certain cowboy.

After a few minutes, the promise of more delicious activities outweighed the comfort of the bed and she dragged herself to her feet. Tossing the sheets aside, she found his red and black flannel shirt. Yawning, she slipped the soft item on, her smile wry as she buttoned a few buttons.

Running her hand through her hair, she tried to tame what she was sure was a positive mess of blonde curls. Kurt had seemed particularly intrigued with her hair earlier in the evening, not that she blamed him, she felt the same way about his salt and pepper locks. There was something so sexy about his hair and the noises he made when she ran her fingers through it.  

With a yawn, she made her way out of the bedroom area and toward the dimly lit desk across the room.

"What are you doing?" she whispered through another sleepy yawn, his surprised jerk in her direction making her smile.

"Did I wake you?" he responded worriedly, his eyes meeting hers for less than a second before they dropped to her body. Diane smirked, glad she wasn't the only one who found it hard to concentrate. 

Her own eyes took him in greedily. He sat at the table in nothing more than his boxers, his chest bare and inviting. Her eyes trailed down further and, to her amusement, found his feet covered by a pair of plain black socks. Shaking her head, she smothered her laugh in another yawn. 

"It’s four in the morning," Diane offered in lieu of a reply, inching toward him slowly. Truth was he hadn't woken her, but she couldn't bring herself to lie in that bed without him, not after she'd lain in it with him.

"I couldn’t sleep," he shrugged out gruffly, his green eyes still deliciously distracted by the sight of her very long, very naked legs. 

She was dressed in nothing but his flannel shirt, the hem barely grazing the tops of her thighs even as the shirt drowned her petite frame. It was quite the distraction. Sexy in the simplest way and hot in a way that had him shifting in his chair. 

"Guilty conscience?" she teased, licking her lips as she followed the path of his green eyes to the gaping neckline of the shirt she was wearing. His heated gaze had her body sizzling to life, she really hoped he didn't regret their little tryst because hell, she was hoping for a repeat performance; several repeat performances actually. 

"No," he replied without hesitation and Diane’s eyebrow rose as a smirk settled onto her lips. 
Her light make-up was smudged, her eyeliner not quite as smooth, her lipstick a barely there mess around her pouting lips, her hair a tangled mop, both from the bedsheets and his fingers. She looked like a Queen dethroned, a princess who fell off her pedestal into the waiting arms of the stable boy. She looked good. Damn good. 

“What’s all this?” she broke the silence between them, hoping to divert his very direct and lusty gaze. Her blue eyes fell to the papers scattered around him, briefs from their case. 

“I, uh, I figured out how they’re gonna win this case,'' he said after another silence, his eyes drawing up and down her body unabashedly. 

“Oh?” she questioned softly, coyly, her finger dancing over the documents without intent. Truth be told she wasn’t very interested in what he’d discovered, she was much more interested in the way he was undressing her with those green, green eyes. 

“They’re not going after him for murder,” he said sounding a little distracted himself. Diane’s movements paused at that, her eyes darting up to meet his, her face scrunched into a suspicious frown. She may not have been interested before, but she certainly was now. 

“What do you mean?” she asked

“They’re gonna get him thrown in prison for laundering under New York legislation, and once they do—" 

“They’ll charge him in Illinois,” she finished for him, her voice soft but sure. Her lips parted, her tongue moistening them as her mind raced. It all made sense, it all fit, why the opposition had fought so hard to have the trial here, everything. 

“They’ll put him in jail for a few years, build their case, then go after him,” Kurt continued, his voice low and calculated in the early morning hours. Diane felt her heart sink. 

“Shit,” she cursed, as she rested against the desk, her mind racing. “Why didn’t we see it before?” she continued, barely even aware she’d spoken the words aloud until he replied. 

“The prosecution has been pushing so hard for the murder, demanding so much, we assumed they were going after him for that. The laundering was secondary,” Kurt tried to offer, but Diane was already lost in her own thoughts, her blue eyes glassed over as her mind raced. 

"I know what you’re thinking," he mused after a moment, shuffling a few of the documents into a neat pile, the smile on his lips hidden beneath his moustache but no less wry.   

"You do not!" Diane snapped back indignantly, her head shooting up. Her arms wrapped around her body, protecting herself from his scrutiny. Kurt turned his attention back to her, his brow quirked almost smugly.

"You’re thinking that Will would have made the connection sooner," he told her plainly. Diane pursed her lips, her eyes thinning. 

"Okay, fine. So you do know what I’m thinking."

Kurt chuckled at her pout, going back to sorting the papers on the table in front of him. The pair fell into an awkward silence, Diane slightly bitter about how easily he seemed to be able to read her mind. With a heavy huff, she rolled her eyes and pulled out a chair, flopping down at the table next to him. 

Kurt tried and failed to hide his grin, his eyes dating helplessly to her bare thighs and the way his flannel shirt did nothing to hide that she was naked beneath it. Diane crossed her arms on the table, resting her chin atop them as she watched her methodically sort through the documents. Her mind spun with the case, how they were going to proceed and most of all, how long it was going to take him to figure out she'd come over here hoping to pull him away from said case and back into her bed. 

She let to another exaggerated huff, her eyes tracing every inch of his face. God, she was a lost cause. Kurt opened his mouth slightly, his tongue darting out to swipe at his thumb to allow him to separate two papers, the movement making Diane squirm, the lump in her throat thick with desire. She knew just what that tongue could do, and hell if she didn't want more. Her lusty thoughts were broken apart as he spoke again.

"You’re wrong, you know," he muttered without meeting her gaze. It took Diane a few seconds to understand his words. Her face pinched into a frown.


"I said that you're wrong," Kurt repeated more clearly, this time looking up and meeting her confused blue eyes. "He wouldn’t have picked it up any sooner." 

Diane scoffed out a laugh, rolling her eyes as she shook her head. 

"Yeah, he would have, he’s always ten steps ahead, that’s why he walks so fast," she replied, only half joking. Will was probably the best lawyer she knew. She'd never tell him for fear of enraging his already enormous ego, but nine times out of ten, he was the smartest person in the room. He had a world class mind, and hidden beneath his cocky playboy exterior, was a fiercely, fiercely intelligent man.

"He wouldn’t have," Kurt continued earnestly, his eyes honest and unnerving. "Will is an extraordinary lawyer, one of the best I've ever met, but he’s got nothing on you." 

Diane threw her head back in a low, forced chuckle, uncomfortable at his praise. 

"You know you don’t need to lay it on so thick, right?" she smiled, her brow quirked drolly. "You already got me naked," she joked awkwardly, laughing nervously as she met his very serious gaze. 

"Diane," Kurt began, clearly choosing his words carefully and looking almost annoyed. "Don’t make the mistake of thinking I would ever say something I didn’t truly mean. And certainly not in some haphazard attempt to see you naked.” Diane blinked at him, a little taken back by the seriousness of his tone. He almost sounded... angry. 

It wasn’t that she’d purposely tried to sidestep his compliment, nor that she didn’t believe it, it was simply that she wasn’t used to receiving compliments like that without the expectation of a quid pro quo. In fact, in her line of work, compliments on her work ethic or ability as a lawyer usually meant one of two things. Either someone was sucking up in the hopes of getting a job, or they were sucking up in hopes of getting, well, her. It was rare that anyone said such things without intent or expectation. 

"Still," she continued glancing around the room, avoiding his deep hazel eyes. "I wasn't the one who figured this out." Her body was stiff as she sat back in her chair, her arms folded across her chest defensively.

'Diane," Kurt murmured, trying to get her attention. Diane continued to look away, her jaw set tightly. How was he able to get under her skin so easily? And how was it possible for her to want him so badly, regardless of how much he irritated her? "Diane," he repeated, his hand reaching out, his knuckles brushing softly against her shoulder and igniting her desire all over again.

She turned slowly to look at him, his lopsided smirk making her heart beat violently against her chest.

"You're an incredible lawyer," he told her quietly, his eyes filled with honest, raw emotion. Diane gulped, her hands falling to the table and pushing herself up. Kurt frowned as she stood abruptly, her chair scraping back as she moved toward him. 

In a smooth, elegant move, she swung her leg over his lap, lowering herself slowly and never breaking eye contact with him. Her hands fell delicately to his chest, her fingers dancing through the sprinkling of hair she found there. Kurt shifted his hips, accommodating her weight and putting to rest his internal debate about whether or not she was wearing panties - she was most definitely bare beneath his checkered shirt. His hands landed on her waist as if drawn there on instinct. 

"Say that again," she begged softly, and Kurt's confused smirk shifted into a full-blown grin, his fingers toying with the hem of his shirt.

"Why? Does it turn you on to hear how talented you are?" he snarked, his hands finally gliding up over her hips and under the soft material covering her skin.

"It turns me on to hear you say it," she replied quickly, bluntly and Kurt was taken aback. He hadn't expected such an honest answer from such a proud woman, hell, he hadn't expected anything more than a sarcastic arch of her eyebrow. 

"You are an incredible lawyer," he repeated purposefully, his words barely leaving his mouth before she had pulled his lips to hers and smothered them in kisses. Her hands gripped the back of his head, pulling him as close as possible as she stole his every breath. 

Kurt stood, gripping her arse as he lifted her onto the table, disrupting the scattering of legal documents and his notes in one smooth swoop. Diane giggled, burying her face in the crook of his neck and whispering for him to say it again and again. And Kurt did, he repeated the words over and over, and over and over, until he had no more words to give but the cry of her name. 


Chapter Text

Diane groaned as a sharp sound shook her from her sleep. Slowly, she shifted from her back to her stomach, her muscles protesting in the most delicious way; she was stiff, pleasantly, gloriously stiff; her body aching for a reason she couldn't bring herself to regret. With another whine of exhaustion, she contemplated letting the annoying ringing continue, knowing that eventually it would stop, but the lawyer in her eventually won out, it could be an emergency. 

Her hand bounced awkwardly along the bedside table, smacking down on the smooth wood until she finally stumbled across the buzzing mobile. Moaning, she shifted onto her back again, hitting the button in a practiced move and bringing the phone to her ear. 

“Hello?” she grumbled out in irritation, her voice deep and hoarse with slumber. Her head had settled comfortably back into the pillows, eyes still closed as she tried to grasp onto the fraying strings of unconsciousness.   

“Diane?” A bright and wide-awake voice questioned and Diane groaned in annoyance, the chipper tone of the voice frustrating her even further.  

“Will?” she murmured in a tired groan, her brow furrowing furiously. “What have I told you about calling me before the sun is up?” she whined out, rolling over once more, pulling the duvet up to cover her head before snuggling back into the sheets. “Unless it's an emergency and you need my help coyote-uglying your latest conquest, you have to wait until daylight! You can’t just call me!”

Burrowing down deeper, she shivered slightly, breathing in the scent that surrounded her. The sheets smelled of Kurt and the previous night, a musky mix of his delicious, manly scent and her perfume. Her stomach flipped slightly as her imagination took her back to the evening's activities, her body humming in response. Kurt had nailed the opening statements and charmed the jury all while Diane squirmed in her seat, desperate for the day to end. 

Something about watching him work up close was beyond exhilarating. Perhaps it was the hormones or the endorphins from the copious amounts of sex they’d been having, or her seemingly insatiable desire for him, perhaps even a combination of all those things, all she knew was as she sat there, lace panties drenched, she had to have him, again and again.

When the judge finally announced the end of the day, Kurt had been adamant that they celebrate with dinner, he’d hailed them a cab which had been a mistake because as soon as they were relatively alone without the prying eyes of the courtroom, she’d pounced, kissing him wildly as she felt him up with little care for the cab driver. They’d never made it to dinner, instead she’d ended up naked on the hotel floor, giggling hysterically as room service informed them that the kitchen was closed at two in the morning. Not that either one of them had minded all that much. 

“I didn’t call you,” Will’s voice trickled through the phone, breaking Diane from her reverie.

“What?” she snapped in annoyance, not in the mood to play games with him this early in the morning. Her eyes were still tightly shut, in the vain hope that keeping the light out would somehow preserve her sleepiness.

“I said,” he began simply. “I didn’t call you.” 

“Oh really?” she retorted with a snort, exaggerated sarcasm dripping from her lips. “And I suppose this is just some really lifelike dream then?” 

“Diane, I phoned Kurt.” Will replied steadily, not sounding amused by her sass as she’d expected. 

“You phoned Kurt?” she repeated dumbly, her brow furrowing deeply as she opened her eyes again.

“Yeah, and you picked up?” he told her and Diane felt her heart sink suddenly, her whole body alit with a hot feeling of panic. Her eyes flew open, all thoughts of sleep disappearing in an instant, her heart suddenly racing with adrenaline.  

“What?” she asked, her voice calm and steady in contrast to the way her heartbeat was thundering in her ears. 

“I called Kurt,” he repeated again, with a dangerous edge to his tone, his confusion evident.    

Diane sat straight up, the bedding falling to her waist as she dragged the phone away from her ear to inspect it. Glancing at the black device it wasn’t hard for her to see it didn’t belong to her. The buttons on her mobile were worn after years of being tireless tapped at, and there was a small crack in the left corner from the night she’d hurled it at the wall in frustration, yet the cell in her hand was practically pristine; not a scratch or dent on it. 


She was caught, they were caught. 

Fuck fuck fuck!

“Shit,” she cursed out loud, her hand shaking slightly as she brought the phone back to her ear warily, her eyes slipping closed as she prayed to whatever deity may help. 

“Diane,” Will began in a tone she couldn’t quite decipher, an almost suggestive, smug tone. “Why exactly are you answering Kurt’s phone at six in the morning?” 

She knew he was teasing her, mocking her almost, but years of knowing him had taught her to hear the underlying suspicion and accusation in his joking voice. She knew what he was implying and from that tone, she knew he wasn’t happy about even the suggestion of her and Kurt together. She could hear the nasty edge to his voice and knew him well enough to know he was shuffling her toward a fight.

Diane knew in that precise moment, she couldn’t tell him about her and Kurt, couldn’t tell him about the monumental shift in their relationship. She’d been flirting with the idea for the last few days ever since she’d given into her attraction, she wanted to tell Will, but something had held her back, call it instinct or perhaps women’s intuition, whatever it was she was suddenly overwhelmingly glad she hadn’t said anything to Will. She could imagine how he’d take it, she’d be a hypocrite to him. After she spent so long chastising him for sleeping with a colleague, here she was doing the exact same thing; she’d be just as bad.

Her mind was spinning with that startling realisation and with the desperate need to keep this thing between Kurt and herself from Will. Her blood was boiling in her veins, her heart pounding loudly in her ears, her only option was to lie, lie and deny.

“Oh,” she snarled back meanly. “Get your mind out of the gutter!” She forced out her remark with as much bravado as she could manage, hoping she sounded more confident than she felt. “We, uh, we must have accidentally switched cells last night when we were prepping.” 

Her heart thundered against her ribcage as she waited to see if her lie had been believable, hell, it had sounded ridiculous even to her ears, but it was her only hope at this point. Lie and deny.  

“You know how all these phones look alike.” she added after a nervous moment of silence, anxiously chewing on her bottom lip as she awaited his reply. She felt like she couldn’t breathe, her whole body rigid with fear and if she were being honest, a little shame. Despite the stereotypes that went with her chosen career, Diane didn’t like lying, and certainly not to her friend. The quiet on the other side of the line seemed to be endless, the lump in her throat growing with each passing second. 

Finally, after a desperately long silence, Will’s low chuckle filled her ears. She wasn’t sure what it meant, but for some reason it comforted her slightly. If he was laughing it couldn’t be that bad, right?

“Oh,” Will started in an exaggerated tone. “Do I detect a hint of remorse?” he continued in jest, his smile apparent even through the phone. Diane let out a breath, her eyes falling closed as she felt a little of the tension leave her body. 

“Will-” she replied softly, in a sigh of pure relief that he misheard as exasperation.

“Hey!” he began boisterously. “You were the one who pushed for all the partners to get the same blackberry, I told you it would be an issue!” 

Diane held her hand over her mouth to keep back a groan of pure gratefulness, her smile hidden as she relaxed and allowed her body to fall back into the pillows of the bed. 

God, she had never been so thrilled at a man’s inability to catch on. Most of the time she found it frustrating beyond belief that men could be so oblivious, but today, today she was thanking biology for that formally annoying trait.

“Yeah, yeah okay,” she began sarcastically, playing along in a way she knew he’d interpret incorrectly. “You were right, okay, you’re a genius!” 

“Such flattery!” Will started in a jolly and boyish tone. “And so early in the morning! Careful Diane, you’re gonna get me all hot!” he finished in a tease, his grin wide and smug, even though she couldn’t see it, she was beyond sure it was there.

“Oh, grow up,” she hissed back at him, secretly grinning like an idiot; thankful to have diverted his attention so successfully. 

As ridiculous as it was, she felt like he could see her. Naked tangled up in the sheets she and Kurt had spent the previous night fucking in. She felt as if he could see her disheveled hair and the bruises on her thighs. She felt as if he could hear in her voice just how loudly Kurt McVeigh had had her screaming, and if she could divert his attention from her for even one second it would be worth it - even if she had to make herself the fool to do it.

“Never!” he replied childishly, with the pride of Peter Pan himself. He laughed loudly as he heard her scoff through the cell.

“I’m hanging up now,” Diane warned with a slight smirk tugging at her lips. 

“I’ll call you later,” he promised.   

“Please don’t,” she replied dryly, her lips quirked into a smug smile.  

“I love you, Diane,” he sing-songed in a voice that had her rolling her eyes. “I honestly love you…” he continued quoting the old Olivia Newton John song.   

“I could honestly kill you,” she snapped back, thick sarcasm laced into her words. Will laughed again.

“I’ll call later,” he repeated.

“After sunrise,” she warned in a stern tone. 

“We’ll see,” he replied in a similar tone, the click of him hanging up signaling the end of the conversation before she had the chance to reprimand him.

Fuck!” she groaned exasperated, letting the mobile in her hand fall to the bedsheets. “Shit,” she cursed again, dragging her fingers through her hair as she stared up at the intricate ceiling, her mind spiraling out of control. 

That was close, too close. What the hell was she doing? 

Before she had the chance to process any further, the door to the bathroom clicked and opened, revealing the very root of her current dilemma. 

“Thought I heard your voice,” Kurt smiled, exiting the room in a cloud of steam. 

Diane felt her entire body throb at the sight, Kurt McVeigh, damp from a hot shower, his hair slicked back and a white towel slung dangerously low around his hips. She licked her lips, taking a steadying breath as she watched him approach the bed, his green eyes reflecting the same hunger as hers. “Who were you talking to so early?”

“Will,” she replied, not trusting herself to form a longer sentence. All thoughts other than the wet, half-naked man in front of her, had conveniently vanished from her mind. Kurt frowned slightly, cocking his head to the side as he drew his fingers through his damp hair.

“Will called you at six in the morning?” he questioned in surprise.

“No,” Diane began slowly, her body unwillingly reacting to his presence. “Will called you at six in the morning. I answered your phone.” Kurt nodded at that, shrugging his shoulders indifferently, strangely happy Will hadn’t been calling Diane so early in the morning.

“Those damn strawberry things all look the same,” he said with another shrug, his tanned skin glistening from his shower. Diane licked her lips again, her mouth suddenly dry as she watched a droplet of water snake down his chest, over his abdomen and then into the low hung towel he was using to cover himself.

“Uh, yeah,” she replied distractedly, blinking herself out of her daydream of following that water drop with her mouth. “Still, I should have checked before I answered.”

“Worried Will is going to find out about us?” he joked smoothly but Diane felt her entire body tense, her face draining of all colour. Us, they were an ‘us’, Holy Shit. 

Kurt watched her reaction carefully, his eyes thinning as he saw the panic eclipse her expression. She didn’t want Will to know about this, whatever this was. He waited patiently for her to say something, say anything, but the proverbial cat had her tongue. 

Finally, after a very awkward moment, Diane swallowed the lump in her throat, squaring her shoulders slightly, forcing herself to speak.

“Maybe,” she whispered truthfully, her eyes wide and fearful as they met his. 

Kurt nodded slowly, taking in her honesty. He’d assumed she wouldn’t want anyone to find out but, he hadn’t been sure Will was just anyone. In a bold move he decided to clear the awkwardness in the air by changing the topic.

“So, um,” he began, looking away from her and toward the windows. “Since you’re up already, want to order some breakfast?” Diane relaxed slightly, grateful for the distraction. She wasn’t sure they were ready to have that particular conversation yet, or at all, a small voice in her head added. Jumping on the chance to move away from the idea of them seriously talking about whatever this was, she made a face.

“Oh, God no!” she began with a screwed up sneer. “I can’t eat this early,” Kurt almost laughed at her incredulity, leave it to this woman to have an opinion on the time for breakfast. “Why?” she suddenly added, cocking her head to the side. “Are you hungry?”

Truth be told she couldn’t remember the last time they’d eaten properly, they’d come straight back to the hotel room after court yesterday and hadn’t left the bed since... 

“Oh, I’m starving,” he replied in a sexy growl, his words dripping with seduction and innuendo. 

Diane felt her body tingle to life, her heart speeding up. Jesus Christ. Before she could stop herself, she let out a small giggle, a knee-jerk reaction to an unfamiliar feeling. She suddenly bit into her bottom lip, silencing her chuckles, her face still alight with joyful amusement. He made her feel so silly, so young and so free .

“I guess I’ll just file that one under lines that don’t work?” he laughed out awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck in a nervous habit, just a little jaded that his smooth innuendo hadn’t won her over. 

“Oh, no, it’s not that…” she began, still stifling another laugh. She didn’t want to tell him what had really happened, that she’d actually felt her stomach clench and flutter, like a fucking schoolgirl with butterflies. Her whole body hummed with the insinuation, but she couldn’t risk him knowing what his deep, gruff voice and a naughty tone of suggestion did to her. “The line worked,” she continued, blushing a vibrant pink. “It did, and it was sexy as hell, it’s just, I’m just still waking up is all,” she finally managed, if a little awkwardly. 

Kurt beamed at that, his eyes shining brightly with a pride she hadn’t expected. He was trying to impress her, she realised, he was trying to woo her, and the thought made her heart pound. As if he hadn’t already, as if he had a reason to, as if she wasn’t naked in his bed at that very moment.

“So, that’s a no on breakfast then?” he redirected their conversation again, moving on from his small triumph, his eyes bright and smirk lazy. 

“Well, I can’t eat this early,” she paused, throwing him a seductive grin as she slowly dragged the sheets she was tangled in upward, exposing her ankles, her knees, her thighs… “But if you really are starving… ” she flirted lowly, biting her bottom lip as she watched his expression change. Two could play at that game, she thought smugly.

“Fuck,” he swore, his mouth gapping slightly as his eyes drew up the deliciously smooth skin of her legs.

Diane smirked as his eyes blackened with desire, watching closely as he stumbled the last few steps toward the bed. She bit into her bottom lip sexily, her feet planted firmly on the mattress as she crudely opened her legs to his gaze, all thoughts on her phone conversation completely disappearing.

“Come and get me, Mr. McVeigh.” 




Diane rolled onto her side, stretching out like a lithe cat, her smile easy and bright as she blinked open her blue eyes.

“Why is it that, whenever I wake up, you’re not in bed with me?” she murmured in a low, sexy rasp.

Kurt chuckled at that, putting down his pen and removing his glasses as he glanced up at her with a dashing smirk. He leaned back in his chair, rolling his neck in a stretch as his smiling eyes met hers.

“Well,” he began almost smugly. “At least one of us needs to be working,”

Diane’s eyes widened at that, her mouth falling open in delightfully amused expression.  

"Excuse me!” she giggled out, sitting up in the bed, her messy hair tickling her bare shoulders. “I reject the insinuation that it’s you! I’ll have you know I work very hard." 

"Oh, I know how you were working on something hard earlier," he replied in a low, dirty rumble, his eyebrows bouncing suggestively as he shot her a smugly exaggerated glance.

"Huh!" Diane exclaimed in a loud shriek of a laugh, something completely different from her low trademark chuckle, something pure and unguarded, something that made her face light up with surprise.

"What?" he frowned, cocking his head to the side in a relaxed smirk that could easily melt her heart. 

"No, it’s just,” she laughed bewilderedly, her smile wide and genuine. “That was quite funny. I didn’t expect you to be funny." 

Kurt’s eyebrows bounced up at that, his dimples popping out in a teasing smirk.

"Just because I talk slow doesn’t mean I’m stupid,” he replied in a thickly exaggerated southern accent, his eyes sparkling with amusement. "I know how to joke."

"Of course, it’s just-" Diane shook her head, still grinning, almost giggling at how silly she felt. 


“I like a man who can make me laugh is all,” she told him with a hint of shyness, her surprise at the honesty of her own confession showing clearly on her face. Kurt shot her a winning grin, his eyes dark as they traced her face. She could tell her comment had pleased him, and if she was being truthful, sharing that little insight had felt strangely good for her too, intimate even.

“Don’t find that in your CEOs?” he joked, breaking the slight tension that had settled among them. Diane giggled again, biting into her bottom lip as she shook her head in a carefree amusement.

“Oddly no, not many are big on having a sense of humor,” she told him.

“Shocking,” he replied, his response laced in sarcasm and feigned disbelief.

“Really incredible with mergers and acquisitions though,” she added with a sassy smirk and Kurt shook his head, chuckling lowly.

“Sexy,” he remarked.

“Sometimes,” she teased, licking her lips as her eyes fell to his grinning mouth.

“Does it turn you on?” he retorted, not missing a beat as he stood and moved toward her, climbing onto the bed and straddling her - effectively trapping her beneath him in one smooth move. Diane bit into her bottom lip, staring up at him with wide, mischievous blue eyes.

“What do you think?” she whispered back, her hands running up and down his thighs that sat on either side of her body, flirting with the material of his boxers. 

“I think you like being the boss, and while a CEO may dress well and talk with the same fancy words as you do, I think you know he’s never gonna give you what you need,” he said in a pointed tone, no malice or teasing, just honest word that they both knew were absolutely true.

“And what’s that?” she queried, almost breathless as he dipped down and kissed her collarbone, her eyelids fluttering closed as she arched up into him.  

“A good hard fu-”




“So, are you coming back to bed?” Diane asked, sitting up amongst the soft cotton sheets, held delicately to her chest by her hand. Kurt shook his head with a snort, glancing over his shoulder at the woman in his bed.

“You’re insatiable,” he told her in awe.

“You got a problem with that?” she laughed, arching her eyebrow pointedly.

“Diane, we’ve barely left the room,”

“What are you talking about, we’ve been in court all week,” she tried but her smile gave her away. He was right, besides popping in an out of court, they’d hardly left the room. They’d eaten all their meals in here, amongst other activities, and only left the bed to shower... together… which of course had led them back to the bed. It was a viciously, dirty circle that both were more than happy to repeat. 

Kurt shot her a look, his eyes twinkling and mouth curled into a smirk, she wasn’t sure she’d always been able to read his mind like this, she certainly didn’t feel like she could a month ago, but now, after a week of intense intimacy, all he had to do with quirk an eyebrow and his meaning was clear.

“Okay fine,” she caved, agreeing with him reluctantly. “We haven’t left the room, but it’s not like you were complaining.”

“Oh I’m not complaining, believe me, “ he implored earnestly, his eyes tracing the defined lines of her collarbone and then, much lower as the material of the sheet that she held to her breasts shifted slightly, almost giving him an eyeful, but not quite. Diane cocked her head, smirking as she followed his gaze; men were so predictable sometimes.

“Kurt?” she called in a teasing tone.

“Yeah?” he replied too quickly, his eyes still distractedly staring at her chest, willing the soft cotton sheet to slip a little further.

“My eyes are up here,” she told him with a smug tweak of a smile. Kurt’s gaze shot up, his cheeks tingeing the lightest shade of pink. 

“Sorry,” he muttered, having the decency to look ashamed. 

“Don’t be,” Diane purred. “I like you looking at me.” Kurt cast her a curious look, as if to ask why she even bothered to chastise him if she liked him looking so much. “It’s just fun to tease you,” she clarified, biting her bottom lip in amusement. 

Kurt let out a short laugh, rolling his eyes as he sauntered over to her. Diane shifted onto her knees, meeting him at the edge of the bed. Kurt’s hands grasped her hips, tugging her forward as he pressed a delicate kiss to the skin beneath her ear. Diane shuddered, the material she’d been holding to her chest falling to the bed as her eyelids fluttered. Kurt let his teeth lightly pinch the sensitive skin of her throat drawing a desperate moan for her wanton lips. Her body swayed toward him, her hands reaching out to grasp his shoulders and steady herself. 

“Diane?” he rasped lowly and Diane felt her entire body flood with heat, her sex throbbing in anticipation of where this little interaction would lead. It wasn’t hard for her to imagine, since they’d gotten together, they could barely go ten minutes alone in each other's company without getting naked. It was hot and sexy and such a delicious way to blow off steam.   

“Uh-huh?” she mumbled, breathing heavily already, her eyes drooping with desire. There was a long pause and when Kurt said nothing further, Diane was eventually forced to open her eyes.

Her orbs met a naughtier, jade-coloured gaze, which promptly and pointedly dropped to her now bare chest. Diane threw her head back in an infectious laugh, rolling her eyes in amusement. Kurt laughed along with her, rubbing his thumbs in smooth circles against her prominent hip bones. 

“Seriously, though,” he began. “As much as I’ve enjoyed all the hot sex, and I really have enjoyed it, I do think it may be good to eat something besides room service.”

“You may have a point,” she agreed reluctantly, her hands framing his cheeks and dragging his mouth to hers for a deep kiss, her body pressing into his tightly.

“Mhmm,” he mumbled in satisfaction as he pulled back from their embrace. “Dinner?” he suggested. 

“Are you asking me out on a date, Mr. McVeigh?” she joked with a glowing smirk.

“What if I am?”

“Well, if I say yes, you should know that girl code mandates that I don’t sleep with a man until at least the third date,” she told him primly, 

“Oh,” Kurt hummed thoughtfully, his tone playful. “Well, that changes everything.”

“Does it?” she giggled, dragging him on top of her as she fell back into the mattress.

“Yes, we’ll just have to work around that!”

“Oh?” she smirked up at him. “How so?”

“What does girl code say about sex before the date?” Diane cackled at that, partly amused that the words ‘girl code’ had slipped from his mouth and partly thrilled that he’d found a playful work around. She giggled loudly throwing her head back into the pillows as he chuckled into the dip of her collarbone. 

“I can’t seem to recall,” she replied airly, her eyes dark with desire as his hands traced over her breasts, her stomach, and then finally settled onto her hips. 

“Hmm,” he remarked pensively, cocking his head to the side as his right hand drew invisible lines up the inside of her thigh. 

“Kurt,” Diane groaned, as he teased her, dipping one finger into her heat, her whole body arching into his hand. She was wet, whether from their banter or simply left over from their last go around, he couldn’t tell, but frankly, he didn’t really care either way, as long as she kept moaning. “Another?” she pleaded, thrusting her hips into his touch. Kurt smirked watching as her face contorted in pleasure, her fingers clenching in the sheets at her side.

He’d never admit it out loud, but it was a thrill, watching Diane Lockhart beg him, watching her poise slip away as he twisted two digits into her, over and over. It was a turn on feeling her react so quickly to his touch - he’d barely done anything and already he could tell she was close. 

He set a slow, almost casual rhythm, his fingers thrusting deeply but with practically no speed at all, torture some might call it, heaven to others. He moved the digits dexterously, feeling her grow wetter and wetter with each movement, her clit begging for attention that he refused.

Diane gasped and growled, her body thrusting up off the mattress desperately. She knew he was purposely avoiding touching her clit directly, making her wait, and had she not been so wanton she’d probably have enjoyed the little game, but she was too far gone this time.

Her manicured fingers left the distressed sheets and slid down her abdomen, moving directly to her heat and pressing down hard on her clit. Her eyes rolled back into her skull at the sensation, her lips spreading into a grin as she worked herself in time with his still thrusting fingers.   

Kurt felt himself harden at the sight. Some men may be offended that she’d taken matters into her own hands, as it were, but he couldn’t help but feel aroused. Diane took her pleasure the way she did everything else in life - on her own terms. She was a woman who knew what she wanted, what she liked and she took it, by any means necessary. A feat that Kurt found ridiculously attractive.  

“Kurt, I’m close,” she suddenly hissed, breaking her partner from his thoughts, his eyes dropping to her face as he finally, finally sped up his casual thrusting.   

“Look at me,” he begged, just as breathless as she was. He couldn’t help it, he wanted to watch the spark in her eyes as she came, wanted to see her face transform with pure ecstasy. He wanted to know her like this, see her in a light that few were lucky enough to get a glimpse of.

Diane blinked open her ocean blue eyes, staring up at him without missing a beat. Kurt smirked down at her, and she felt her cheeks flush even further, her lips morphing into an ‘O’ shape as he shoved his fingers deep into her, his body rock hard against her hip.

“Yes,” she shrieked, trying to keep her eyes open for as long as she could manage, wanting to please him by keeping their intense eye contact. Her body twitched and shook as she orgasmed, her eyes finally slipping shut as she rutted up against him. Kurt smiled smugly, his thumb pushing aside her fingers to rub her clit and prolong her pleasure.

“Stop, please,” she gasped after she could take no more, her fingernails digging into his wrist to halt his ministrations. Kurt chuckled, moving his hand away from her. Diane whined, wincing as he withdrew his fingers from her, her body feeling another shock run through it as he sucked those same fingers clean. 

“You taste good,” he told her plainly, his eyes twinkling with a smugness she couldn’t fault. He should feel smug, he was exceptionally incredible at that. 




“We’ll be okay as long as you do the questioning,” Kurt said, before taking a mouthful of his Chinese food. Diane frowned at that, using her serviette to dab at her mouth.

“Why would you say that?” she asked.

“Because the judge likes you,” he replied simply, shrugging casually as he stole a spring roll from her plate. Diane smacked the back of his hand lightly, chastising him half-heartedly.

“He’s just being polite,” she replied, twirling her chopsticks distractingly.

“He wants to get you into bed,” he snapped back, his eyebrows wagging suggestively. Diane let out a scoff of a laugh, throwing her head back and exposing the long length of her throat to his hungry gaze. She looked bloody sexy sitting cross legged on the floor of her hotel room in nothing more than his plaid shirt, her lipstick smudged and hair in disarray from his tugging.

“He’s impartial,” she insisted primly and Kurt snorted out a laugh. 

“He impartially wants to see you naked,” he snarked back.  

“He’s just being friendly,” she continued, ignoring his insinuations with a roll of her eyes.

“He’s flirting with you.” 

“He is not!” she replied indignantly, her surprise at his remark showing in her eyes. “And is that a hint of jealousy I detect?”

Kurt snorted at that, shaking his head.

“Not at all,” he said, but she could tell even he didn’t believe his own words. There was a hint of jealously, more than a hint actually, and they both didn't want to think too heavily on the reasons behind the big, green monster. “I’m merely pointing out that we can use his lust to our advantage,” he finished and Diane’s eyebrow bounced up incredulously.

“You want me to sleep with the judge to win the case?” she replied with wide eyes, her mouth hanging open in shock.

“No,” Kurt chuckled, his tone low and sexy. “That would be unethical . But if you wore that low-cut red blouse and a tight skirt, it would go a long way in helping out client.”

“You’re pimping me out!” she shrieked out in an amused laugh.

“I like to think of it as tactical seduction…” he told her in low voice, seductive some might say.

“Tactical seduction, huh?” she asked.

“Yep,” he replied proudly.

“Is that what you used on me?” she flirted.

“Oh, Miss Lockhart,” Kurt growled in a sexy voice. “That’s what you used on me!”

“You seduced me, Sir,” she countered with a smirk, biting into her bottom lip. Kurt set his Chinese aside, crawling over to her, his lips brushing delicately along the shell of her ear.

“That’s not how I remember it,” he whispered and Diane gasped as he stole a kiss from her throat, his fingers already tugging at the buttons of the shirt she wore.  

“Oh?” she giggled, shrugging the plaid off her shoulders as she leant in to kiss him. “Well, then perhaps I need to refresh your memory?”

“Oh, please do!”




“Miss Lockhart? Your witness?” the judge queried, looking down toward the blonde’s table with more compassion than men of his job title usually showed. Kurt’s eyes thinned at the way the young judge smiled, his eyes bright and intently focused on his partner. 

“I’m sorry, your honour,” Diane simpered sweetly, her charm infectious in the most unassuming way. “If I may, I just need a minute to confer with council.” 

The Judge glanced over to the opposing side of the courtroom, a small nod in their direction and he was hurrying and stumbling over himself to grant Diane whatever she wanted.

“Of course,” the eager young man nodded with a winning grin, and Diane almost felt bad for how easily she had him eating out of the palm of her hand. Maybe Kurt was right, maybe he did want to sleep with her, absurd as that idea was. 

Turning slyly to Kurt, she cocked her head to the side, her tongue dashing across her bottom lip in a seductive move as she shifted her body closer to his. Kurt’s eyes dropped unwittingly to the gap in her silk blouse, the teasing flash of black lace making him swallow hard. God, but she was distracting.

“What is it?” Kurt asked, his voice a little hoarse, his brow arched into a frown of confusion.

Diane moved impossibly closer, her intoxicating perfume smothering him as her blood red lips traced the shell of his ear in an almost sinful way, her tongue just grazing his skin.

“I want to fuck you right now,” she whispered huskily, her manicured hand falling pointedly to his upper thigh. Kurt’s leg bounced up at her touch, hitting the top of the table loudly as he jerked in surprise.  

Pulling back Diane licked her lips, shooting him a sexily smirk as her hand moved even higher to touch him through his pants.

“Jesus,” he breathed out under his breath, his hand quickly covering hers as he forced his eyes from hers, trying to maintain some sort of professionalism. 

Diane smothered a chuckle low in her throat as she turned back to the judge.  

“Your honour,” she grinned sweetly, as if her hand wasn’t the picture of impropriety, touching him beneath the table. “If we may, defense requests a fifteen-” Diane began only to be cut off as Kurt’s hand that lay atop hers squeezed her fingers tightly. “Uh, thirty-minute break?” she corrected smiling up at the judge brightly.  

“Of course,” the man nodded eagerly. “Court will take a thirty-minute recess and return at three o’clock sharp.” 

The bang of the gavel had Diane spinning in her chair, meeting Kurt’s glinting eyes naughtily, her hand on his thigh running up and down the inseam of his tightening jeans. 

“Follow me,” she whispered huskily, her eyes glinting with undisguised lust. With a positively filthy wink, her hand left his thigh and she stood, gathering her belongings before turning to join the traffic leaving the courtroom. Kurt swallowed hard, shifting in his seat, his pants suddenly far tighter than they were a minute ago.  

Setting his jaw, he turned to their client. 

“We’ll meet back at three,” he told him curtly, barely bothering to make eye contact before he too stood and jogged out of the room.

Kurt could feel his heart hammering in his chest, he could feel the blood racing through his veins, hot with the fire of lust and desire. It had been years since a woman had gotten him this worked up, they were hardly spring chickens, but with barely a whisper Diane had this unbelievable ability to get him going. His attraction for her could not be denied and it seemed now that they’d tasted the forbidden fruit of being together, neither one of them could get enough. 

It didn’t take long for him to spot her, even amongst a sea of people she stood out. Decked out in a silky white blouse tucked into an impossibly tight skirt and paired with the shiniest, pointiest shoes he’d ever seen, she was a vision. Her blonde curls and blue eyes striking even at a distance. 

“Fancy seeing you here,” she joked lowly, smiling as her fingers dropped to skate across his neatly pressed plaid tie, adjusting it slightly but not before letting a manicured nail snag on a button or two.

“Judge Wilson is all about you, Diane,” he warned, his tone a husky growl of desire. 

“We have,” Diane began, glancing at her watch. “Twenty-eight minutes, let's not waste them discussing the judge’s little crush?” Kurt smirked, his tongue swiping across his bottom lip enticingly. “Follow me,” she said, her hand suddenly reaching out and gripping his as she darted off down the corridor. 

Her heels clicked on the shining tiled floor, muffled by the hum of people as she dragged Kurt along behind her. Releasing his hand, she spun round the large, brightly lit hall, her eyes darting to every corner in search of something.

“Diane,” Kurt frowned as she once again latched onto his hand, pulling him toward a janitor’s closet. “What-“ His words died on his lips as she pushed through the door, casting one last glance over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching as she tugged him in behind her. “Diane, what the hell-“ he tried again, stumbling into the cluttered dim space as she spun them round so he faced the door and she, him.

“Fuck me,” she said pointedly, pressing her back up against the door, and clicking the lock. Kurt’s eyes widened comically as she met them confidently.

“Excuse me?” he asked with a dumbfounded look. Diane smiled, her voice low and sexy as she repeated the order.

“I told you I wanted to fuck you, so let’s go cowboy.” Kurt stood frozen for a minute, his brow furrowed in confusion. Diane cocked her head to the side meaningfully, her lips curling into a sly smirk. “Well?” she prompted, her eyebrow bouncing up challengingly.

Kurt’s eyes thinned, his mind racing as he watched his partner’s hands sliding down her outfit to toy with the edge of her skirt, slowly pulling it up in the most inviting way. Diane bit her bottom lip, her blue eyes dark with lust as they beckoned him closer.

Kurt let out a huff of a laugh at the lunacy of all this before throwing caution to the wind and advancing on her. His large hands found her waist pushing her more firmly into the door, his smile matching hers as his lips hovered just an inch above hers.

Their breath mingled hotly as they both let the anticipation build. Her hands snaked up his chest, curling around his neck as his grasped her hips firmly. Diane licked her lips with a sexy smile and that was all it took.

Kurt’s mouth crashed roughly into hers, the kiss burning with lust and desire. Her head knocked against the door as he kissed her deeply, her hands in his hair and around his neck pulling him impossibly closer.

She moaned as his hands replaced hers at the hem of her skirt. Rough fingers tugged the expensive material up crudely, as his mouth moved to her throat

“Kurt,” she gasped, her eyes rolling back into her head as his thumbs snagged on her panties and he pulled them to her knees. His hands dug into her thighs as she bit into his shoulder. With a groan he lifted her from the floor letting her kick off her underwear and wrap her long legs around him.

Kurt moved his mouth back to hers, kissing her deeply, passion exploding in a clash of teeth and tongues and desire.

“I want you,” Diane gasped as his lips moved to the sensitive skin beneath her ear, dragging his teeth across it and leaving a red mark. Kurt chuckled lowly at her repeated order, his tongue dancing out to trace across the shell of her ear. He pushed her more violently into the door as he adjusted his hold on her, his hands grasping her arse and upper thighs to keep them balanced.

Diane’s dainty fingers found his pants, shoving them and his boxers out of the way as she grasped his hot length. Kurt groaned lowly, feeling her smile against the skin of his neck.

“You ready?” he growled, pulling back to meet her hazy, blue eyes. Diane giggled, biting her bottom lip as she pushed her hips into his erection in lieu of a response. Kurt chuckled lowly, watching her face intently as he lined himself up against her wet heat.

The pair once again froze, the tension from before back. Diane’s hands found their way to his neck once more, her fingers tugging at the hair she found there, urging him on.

Kurt growled at the sting of pain her hands caused him and suddenly pushed violently into her. Diane’s whole body arched as she let out a guttural moan, her eyes rolling back into her head as he set a fast pace.

Kurt thrust into her again and again, both parties now damp with a thin layer of sweat.

“Yes,” Diane gasped as he shifted them, going harder and deeper with each movement. The door rattled against her back with his thrusts and Diane smiled, biting her bottom lip as Kurt dragged his down her throat.

Rocking her body into his, she slipped one hand between them, rubbing at herself in a movement her mother would have called sinful. Kurt’s hot panting in her ear spurred her on and she tightened her legs around his waist.

“Come on!” Kurt urged her with a deep movement, knowing he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Almost,” she whimpered, her head banging loudly on the wood behind her. If they weren’t careful someone was going to hear them, or worse still come and see what had the door rattling on its hinges, she just prayed the busy hall outside hid her screams. “More,” she moaned, picking up the pace of her hand between them, feeling her body begin to tingle.

Kurt’s teeth moved to her shoulder biting down into the fabric of her blouse, the sting of pain her final undoing. Diane bucked against him uncontrollably, the force of her orgasm pushing him to come hotly inside her.

With a loud grunt, Kurt thrust into her one final time. Diane gasped as she came a second time, her body shaking and shivering with the pleasure. Kurt’s head rested tiredly against her shoulder and Diane’s hand threaded into his damp hair, keeping him close.

Their heavy breathing was the only sound in the small room. After a few moments of loud panting and heaving chests, Kurt’s hands slid down her thighs, easing her back onto the floor as he slipped from within her. Diane winced at the sensation, sharp aftershocks radiating through her.

Biting her bottom lip, she slowly blinked open her eyes, meeting his.

“Hello,” he greeted with a grin and Diane giggled, tucking a few wayward strands of hair behind his ears.

“Hi,” she replied and it was Kurt’s turn to laugh.

“You going to tell me what that was about?” he smirked, quirking an eyebrow as his hands shifted her dress back into place. Diane smiled dreamily at him, her hands moving to cup his cheeks.

Slowly she pulled him down to her, kissing him soundly.

“I like the law,” she breathed out as they broke apart and Kurt shook his head in amusement.

“You like the law?” He smirked incredulously and Diane laughed lowly.

“I do, and you’re very hot when you’re practicing the law,” she replied seductively, her eyes darting from his eyes to his lips and back again.

“That your fancy liberal way of saying court gets you hot?”

“Maybe, are you complaining?”

“Not at all,” he smiled lazily, his eyes tired but shining happily. “We should get back,” he told her, tucking himself back into his jeans and refastening his belt. 

“You go ahead, I have to stop in the ladies’ room,” she replied, pressing a kiss to his cheek before bending to scoop up her panties. Kurt wrapped his hand around hers, slowly pulling the delicate lace from her fingers. Diane’s smile widened as he deftly pushed them into his jacket pocket, his eyes never leaving hers. 

“I’m keeping these,” he said with a smirk and Diane could only grin in return.




“The judge wants to sleep with you, Diane. We’d be foolish not to use that to our advantage,” Kurt said seriously, although the tiny spark in his eyes shone with a mirth that belied his ambivalence.

“Hey,” Diane snapped back with a grin, her eyes large with incredulity and amusement. “Just because you were thinking about screwing me the entire time we were in court today, doesn’t mean everyone else was too,” she finished primly and Kurt snorted out a laugh.

“Oh, trust me, they were,” he replied smoothly, eyes raking over her body in the most deliciously sinful way. “When you bent over to pick your pen?! All the men in the room were watching - and more than a few of the women.”

Diane bit her bottom lip, tilting her head coyly.

“Were you watching?” she flirted, already knowing the answer.  

She had felt his eyes on her, burning through her clothes, and if she was being honest the only reason she’d dropped that pen in the first place was so she could put on a show for him. Yes, as a professional she knew she should be giving the trial all of her attention, but it was incredibly difficult to focus when the man she sat next to was the same man who had been inside her the previous evening, and well, that morning, too. She was insatiable and sitting next to him for hours on end without touching was starting to get to her, so naturally she’d tried to keep herself entertained.

“Yep,” Kurt mockingly replied, his moustache curling up to the side when he smirked, and Diane laughed. 

“Yep,” she mimicked, walking closer to him, her hands falling to his broad shoulders as she looked up into his green, green eyes.

“But I think my motives were a little more sinister,” he said, his own hands curling around the small of her back and pulling her in tight. 

“Oh?” she queried in a breathily innocent voice.

“Yeah, while everyone else was looking at your ass, I was trying to see whether or not you had panty lines.” he said boldly and Diane felt her stomach flip.

“Worried I’d committed a fashion faux pas?” she teased, dragging her fingertips across the side of his neck in a seductive move. Kurt hummed, bringing his lips to her ear, his voice low and husky.  

“Nah, I just wanted to know if you were as naked under your skirt as I was hoping.”

Diane giggled, goosebumps breaking out over her skin as his hot breath tickled the sensitive skin of her throat. In a quick move, she tilted her head back slightly and closed the distance between their lips. Just before she finished him off with a searing kiss, she paused and whispered in a soft tone.

“I was, and I still am.” 

“Good,” he replied, curling his hand around her waist and holding her close. He kissed her again, soft and slow and dizzying in the best way, before he once again made her forget how to speak.




Diane sighed as she snuggled deeply into Kurt’s side, her leg draped in between his and her head resting comfortably on his bare chest as her fingers drew soft patterns in the scatterings of hair she found there. They were both coming down from yet another incredible high, safely wrapped in the cotton sheets and leisurely tangled in each other.

“Can I ask you a question?” she suddenly whispered, breaking the silence between them. Kurt shifted his head up, moving until she did the same. Diane smiled as her eyes latched onto his, his green orbs sparkling with sated desire and pure mischief.

“That sounds ominous…” he drawled back, a smirk bouncing across his face. Diane let out a small chuckle, shaking her head.

“Maybe,” she teased with a smirk of her own, her brow bouncing up suggestively. Kurt frowned, still amused. “When we first met,” she continued more seriously, her eyes locked on his. “You told me you only took on cases that were true; if the client was innocent.”

“Yes,” he replied warily, his gaze thinning slightly as he contemplated where she could be going with this. There was a long pause between them, the silence tense as she stared into his eyes curiously.

“You said you only took on innocent clients, but I,” she paused looking away from his intense gaze. “But, Kurt, some of the clients we work for, I mean, I know our policy is don’t ask, don’t tell, but, you have to know they’re guilty?” she continued, her expression scrunched with concern. “I mean, Sweeney’s a serial wife killer and the Watson case? He stole everything from that charity! And don’t even get me started on Kenso who is most certainly going to jail for war crimes!”  

“What are you asking me, Diane?” he questioned gently, no malice or accusation in his tone.

“I guess I just want to know, was it all for show? I mean was it just a tactic to flirt with me or throw me off?”

“A tactic to flirt?” he repeated with an incredulous smirk, fighting back the urge to laugh.

“You know what I mean, did you just say it to get me all riled up?” she finished, slightly annoyed now. 

Truth is, it had been bothering her for a while now, when he’d first told her he only took on innocent clients she’d laughed it off, cast it aside as a crazed idea, but part of her, deep down, had been almost impressed. There was something so honest and moral about the idea of only taking cases that were true, an almost chivalrous aspect to the idea that if she was being honest, got her a little hot. She liked the idea of a man who stuck by his guns - in this case literally -, she liked the fact that in a job that was often times immoral and unjust he had principles and a moral code that, while she didn't understand, she was still impressed by and if she was being honest, attracted to.

There was a long pause as Diane stared down at him, her heart suddenly thundering. She knew it wouldn't change much, she’d still be in bed with him, she wouldn't regret anything they’d done, but she would be lying if she said it wasn’t quite a turn on, his whole honest guy spiel was hot and part of her didn’t want it to disappear.

“You’ll think I’m crazy,” he told her almost sheepishly. Diane cocked her head to the side, a small smile creeping onto her lips.  

“You’re a Republican,” Diane giggled. “I already think you’re crazy!”

He snorted out a laugh at that, rolling his eyes as he shifted onto his side, lying face to face with her.  

“Those aren’t my clients, they’re Will’s,” he said after a moment, his voice soft and honest. Diane’s eyes widened at that, a short chuckle slipping out from between her lips.

“But you’re representing them,” she replied in a laugh, shaking her head disbelievingly. 

“No, they’re Lockhart/Gardner’s clients. I’m stepping in for Will.”

“I don’t think it’s that simple,” she shot back incredulously.

“It is for me, I’m stepping into Will’s shoes and yes, that means I have to represent his clients and the people your firm chooses to bring on, but it’s his business , your business. I don’t have to agree with the people you take on, I don’t have to like them or be happy about representing them. I’m stepping in for Will, that’s what I agreed to do, and the fact of the matter is those are his clients, he would represent them and if I am to honour my commitment to Will, I have to honour his commitment to them, regardless of guilt or how I feel about them.”

Diane blinked at him, astounded.

“That is,” she began biting her bottom lip dreamily. “That is the most wonderfully justified reason for hypocrisy I’ve ever heard,” she finished in a soft laugh.

Kurt smirked at that, staring into her bright blue eyes. Diane leant over him, her hand cupping his cheek sweetly, her thumb tracing over his stubble.

“You’re like something out of Melville,” she giggled disbelievingly before ducking down and pressing her lips to his in a heated kiss; her lips parting as she slid her tongue into his mouth. 

Pulling back breathlessly, her eyes were immediately drawn to the sexy movement of him licking his lips, savouring her taste, her whole body shuddering at the image. 

Kurt smirked up at her, his hand dancing up the bare skin of her side, his fingertips tracing the underside of her breasts in a gentle touch that had her gasping, her eyelids fluttering in anticipation.  

“Kurt,” she begged softly, her forehead falling to the base of his neck as she pressed kisses to his collarbone, and then lower. 

Kurt grunted as she shifted even lower still, his body responding almost immediately to her ministrations. Diane drew her lips over his nipple, tugging on it playfully before she moved lower. Kurt’s eyes widened as he realised her intentions, his whole body suddenly rigid with desire. 

“Di- Diane,” he stuttered out, his fingers threading through her golden curls and tugging her upward slightly. “You don’t have to,” he added in a desperate whisper.

Diane lifted her head at that, her eyes meeting his from her spot just below his navel. 

“Don’t you want me to?” she queried in a tone that was far too innocent for the placement of her lips. Kurt grunted, his eyes rolling back in his head. “I was under the impression that all men wanted it?”

“Of course we do, I mean, yes I want it, of course, but l just, you don't have to, I mean you don’t seem like the kind of woman,” he tried only to regret opening his mouth.

Diane’s head bopped up at that, a twinge of annoyance flashing across her features.

“What kind of woman would that be?” she sassed back, her lips pursed primly. She watched as he blanched slightly, his eyes going wide as he realised his mistake.

“No, don’t do that, I didn’t mean it like that, I just,“ he fumbled awkwardly and Diane bit back a laugh, keeping her expression neutral but stern. Truth be told she knew he hadn’t meant anything by it, but it was just so fun to tease him. ”I just meant you don’t come off as the kind of woman who does... that.”

“So I come off as a prude?” she replied her eyes thinning, as she continued to play him, her partner becoming increasingly flustered.

“No! Diane, I just, no, I don’t think that, I’m just-” he fumbled in distress. “Look I just meant you don’t have to. You’re a class act Diane, and I just didn’t think you’d want to do it. That's not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t but I, you’re a strong independent woman and I respect that, I respect you and I don’t, I just-” he tried, sighing dejectedly as he caught sight of her wicked smirk.

“You’re screwing with me, aren’t you?”

“Yep,” she teased, smiling smugly. “Something about you makes me wanna tease you.”

“I just don’t want you to think you have to,” he explained dejectedly and Diane grinned, pressing her lips to his. “And I don’t-”

“Shh,” she cut him off pressing her finger to his rambling lips. “I know I don’t have to, but what if I want to?”

“You do?” he gaped.

“I’ve been dreaming about having you at my mercy for weeks, Kurt, I want to.” 

“Jesus,” he cursed as she moved lower again, her hair dragging ticklishly across his abdomen as she kiss the skin below his navel, then his hip bones and then - “Fuck, Diane!” he growled, his fingers sifting into her hair as her hot mouth enveloped him.

Kurt’s head fell back into the pillows, his eyes wide as he stared up at the ceiling, his body taunt with lust. His hand fell to her messy hair, threading into the silky strands as she bobbed up and down, working him over in the most erotic way.

Diane smiled again as she heard him groan, his fingers tugging and pulling on her hair more than enough of a turn on. She loved this, having this power over a man, there was something strangely sexy about being able to reduce a man and this man in particular to a spluttering, whimpering mess. There was something so empowering about having Kurt in her mouth, at her mercy. She hadn't been lying earlier, she really did want to do this, she wanted him at her mercy, she’d wanted to taste him - ever since that first night when he’d dropped to his knees before her and used his mouth to make her scream. She’d wanted revenge, or retribution, she’d wanted him to feel the same sort of torture, that same agony, that same pleasure.

He hadn’t been wrong either, she wasn’t normally the kind of woman who dropped to her knees, she wasn’t usually the kind of woman who blew just anyone, and certainly not the kind of woman who did it so early on in a relationship. She’d been in love with men that she hadn’t even done this to, but with Kurt, it was already so, so different. 

She wanted him like this, at her mercy, she wanted him in every way imaginable, she craved this kind of intimacy with him, thrived on it. 

“Diane,” he hiccupped, his hips unwilling thrusting up as his hold on her head tightened and pushed down. She could tell he was past the point of self-restraint, passed the point of being able to hold back his urges, and she was thrilled.

Her mouth was hot and slick as she deep-throated him, her jaw aching from the angle and exhaustion. She knew he was close, could feel him beginning to tense, his hand insistently tugging on her hair now to get her to back off.

Diane smirked at that, ever the gentleman.

“Diane, you want a warning?” he rasped out, trying to tug her mouth from him.

“Uh-uh,” she muttered around him, the sound vibrating through him in the most dangerous way. 

“Fuck Diane!” he growled, unable to take any more. His body was overly rigid and tense, before suddenly a hot flood of pleasure finally erupted and he emptied himself into her mouth. Kurt groaned loudly, his eyes shut tightly as pleasure rushed through him.

Diane’s free hand reached up and tugged his own hand from her hair, pulling his fingers down to just below her jaw. In a practiced move she pressed his fingers tightly to her throat, forcing him to feel the exaggerated motion of her swallowing, thriving on how this small move made him groan even louder. 

Diane pulled back after a moment, licking her lips primly, as she ran her fingers through her hair neatly to straighten it out. She cast her gaze over the man before her, dizzy with lust and the unmistakable thrill of being able to dominate him in this way.

“God,” he gasped, still panting from his high. His hand shakily reaching for her, trying to drag her upward. Diane laughed as she snuggled up against him, slowly dipping her fingers into his slightly damp hair and tugging his mouth to hers for a kiss.

“Nah,” she smirked. “Just Diane.”




“Was it hard to leave the law behind and run your father's business?”

Kurt frowned at that, his lips quirked into an awkward smirk as he shifted to gaze down to her. Diane was lying on his chest, her chin resting atop her neatly folded arms, the rest of her body snuggled in between his legs, tangled in soft cotton. She wasn’t sure what time it was, they’d knocked the bedside clock onto the floor in their earlier haste to get to the bed, but it was no longer light outside, and once again, they had forgone dinner to sate another sort of hunger. 


“I just wonder is all -” she began explaining, shifting her head up as she looked into his confused green eyes. 

“No,” he cut her off with a smirk. “I mean why are you thinking about my father while we’re in bed together?”

Diane scoffed out a laugh at that, rolling her eyes as she lifted herself off of him, moving to lay on her side, her head propped up by her hand as her elbow dug into the mattress. 

“I’m being serious!” she said, her eyes animated and fiery. He knew she had a thing for his eyes, she’d expressed a few days prior how they spoke volumes even when he didn’t, but he wasn’t certain she knew just how expressive her eyes could be.   

Her baby blues had this ability to change to her mood, and he wasn’t even sure she was aware they did. The pale blue for pure happiness and joy, the dark aqua they turned whenever she was passionate or arguing in court, the almost greeny-blue they melded into when she was turned on, when she felt sexy and wanton, the navy that appeared when she was angry. Her eyes were her most telling feature and he was already beyond infatuated with them.

“What’s with the twenty questions?” he laughed, his smile distractingly sexy.

“I just wanna get to know you,” she supplied, shrugging slightly as she watched him. “And not just in the biblical sense,” she added as he opened his mouth with no doubt a scathing remark on his tongue.  

“Diane,” he began with a quizzical frown, shifting up until his back rested against the headboard. “I’ve been with the firm, what, two months now? And suddenly you're interested in getting to know me?” 

“I, I ah,” she began in an awkward tumble of words. Her instinct was to lie, maybe it was the lawyer in her or perhaps it was a reflex, years of hiding her feelings from men. But with one glance at his face, she knew she had to be completely and absolutely honest with him, that although he’d said it in a joking tone, there was a very real suspicion and insecurity hidden beneath his words, an almost tangible accusation lurking just below the surface. She gulped, licking her lips in a nervous tick.

“I always wanted to know more, Kurt,” she started, looking away uncomfortably.  “I just-, couldn’t let myself.”

Kurt watched her intently, his eyes locked on hers. Finally, after a terribly long minute, he replied.

“No, it wasn’t hard,” he began softly. “I thought, I thought it would be, I’d only ever wanted to be a lawyer.” Diane’s eyes opened wider at that and Kurt chuckled. “Yes, it’s true, when I was growing up, my father couldn’t always afford childcare, so he’d take me with him to court, and I didn’t know what was happening, but I would watch these lawyers, fight and yell and just, they were so passionate, and I thought I want to do that. I wanna help people. So I spent my life wanting to be a lawyer, and just as I became one, just as I was getting good at it, my father got sick, I thought, well, let's just say, I thought it would be hard. But he was so sick, and I loved him, and it was the right thing to do.  

“That’s very noble,” Diane whispered after a moment, her eyes misting slightly against her will, his honesty blowing her away.  

“If you like,” he replied with a small shrug. 

“I do,” she said sweetly, tugging him down again and laying her head on his bare chest. “I do,” she repeated, pressing a kiss to the skin covering his heart. 




“The other day,” Kurt began, his smirk dark, sexy and full of mischief. Diane’s eyes thinned, she got the distinct feeling he was up to no good. “The other day in my office, you said something about dreaming of me?” he continued, grinning smugly and making Diane blush.   

She could feel her heart start to beat rapidly, her cheeks hot with embarrassment. She’d spent a long time trying to erase that horrid memory, she was under the impression that they’d decided to pretend her little outburst that she spent many nights fantasizing about him hadn’t happened.

“You remember that?” she finally managed through a gulp, her shame eased slightly by his thumb that continued to draw patterns across her cheek.  

“Yeah,” he replied smugly. “I remember that.”  

“Damn,” she muttered almost to herself. “I was sort of hoping you didn't.” 

“When a beautiful woman tells you she fantasizes about you, you don't quickly forget,” he told her with a dashing and overly egotistic smile.

“I never said fantasize!” she admonished, her blue eyes wide and defensive.

“Oh? I could have sworn I heard you say you fantasized about me!” he teased as Diane's blush grew hot and prominent on her cheeks. “Well, then what exactly did you mean? When you said you dream about me?” he continued in an amused drawl, toying with her like a predator teasing its prey.

“Dreamt - past tense,” she corrected snippily, clearly uncomfortable with the situation, her cheeks burning red hot with embarrassment.

“Ahh, thank you for that clarification,” he laughed.  

“Kurt,” she began in an incredulous moan, her expression defeated. “Are you really going to make me say it?”

“Oh, I think I am,” he chuckled, smirking widely behind his moustache, his hand smoothing down across her bare back before his hand came to rest on her ass, squeezing slightly. 

“Kurt, you know what I meant, you have to,” she replied, her heartbeat thundering in her ears, she wasn’t used to feeling like this, so out of her depth.

“Diane,” he smiled, tucking a stray curl behind her ear. “Of course, I know what you meant, but maybe,” he paused, his body nudging into hers suggestively. “Maybe, I wanna hear you say it.”

Diane rolled her eyes, pulling her hand from his and crossing her arms. 

“You know, if I recall correctly you told me you dreamt of me, too.”

“Oh, I never denied it. But I want to hear about yours.”

“In your dreams, McVeigh,” she shot back.

“No, Diane, in yours,” he sassed back and she blushed in response. She wasn’t used to men standing up to her in this way, pushing her. Usually she could bat her eyelashes, flash a little leg and sufficiently distract them into forgetting their line of questioning. She’d learned early on in life that men were weak when it came to sex, and if she was smart about it she could use that weakness to her advantage, but somehow, she knew it wouldn’t work on this man.  

“So, what do you wanna know?” she finally managed after a long pause, the indignance slowly slipping from her features. 

“All the dirty details,” he replied slickly, his eyes twinkling. Diane felt her heart skip a beat, her body tingling once again with anticipation.

“Well, I don’t know if I can tell you, they were rather risqué,” she flirted, her embarrassment fading as she watched his amber eyes come alight with lust.

“That so?” he teased, dragging out their little game.

“Uh huh, but maybe,” she began, moving to straddle Kurt and using her hand to press him down into the mattress, her hips aligning with his promisingly. “Maybe, I can show you?”

“All the while whispering into my ear about your dirty dreams?” he suggested in a low, dangerous voice. Diane threw her head back in a dark chuckle, her smile wide as his hands gripped her hips tightly, squeezing them in a reprimand. 

Diane glanced down, smirking at the man below her, slowly she lowered her body, her breasts coming into contact with his chest as she moved her mouth to his throat. 

“Would you like that, Mr. McVeigh? Me talking dirty?” she asked in a filthy whisper, her teeth scraping against the lobe of his ear, before her tongue followed after, soothing the sting of her bite.

“Yes,” he gasped out in what was quite possibly a whine. Diane smirked, rocking her hips into his growing erection.

“Close your eyes, Kurt,” she said softly, lowering her mouth to his.




“We’re going to lose, aren’t we? There’s nothing else we can do,” Diane mumbled, thinking out loud, her hand dragging across her face in exhaustion.

“Aside from you seducing the judge into a favourable outcome? No,” he joked flatly, his lips quirked into a sad sort of smile. Diane rolled on her side tucking her hands beneath her head as she looked at him. 

“It may be all the sex talking,” she began slowly, wetting her lips slightly, unsure of what exactly she was going to say. “But I’m feeling so calm. We’re gonna lose and I just, I’m so… relaxed .”

“It’s definitely the sex talking,” he laughed lowly, his hand tracing her hip over the fabric of the sheets. Diane shook her head, shifting closer to him, her fingers reaching out to tuck a lock of his hair behind his ear. Her gaze traced across his face as she cupped his cheek sweetly.   

“I feel bad,” she said softly, swallowing the lump in her throat. “I feel like I didn’t give him my best defense… I’ve been… distracted .” Kurt smiled, drawing the tips of his fingers across the sharp point of her cheekbone until she met his eyes.

“You were amazing, you fought damn hard,” he replied seriously, not an ounce of doubt in his mind or words.

“Not hard enough,” she muttered, pulling away from him slightly, suddenly uncomfortable under such an intimate touch. After two weeks of sex, and intimate moments, his intense gaze suddenly felt too much, his fingers drawing patterns on her skin suddenly felt too real, too honest. Kurt frowned at her sudden departure, not used to this side of her. She was confident and so fiercely intelligent, he almost didn’t recognise her. She never doubted herself, or so he’d thought, he’d certainly never seen her so ambivalent and downtrodden. She was truly upset about the outcome of their case.

“We were always going to lose, Diane,” he told her seriously, tapping the underside of her chin gently and forcing her to glance up. “They had us from the start, we were preparing for murder and they were going in for laundering. We were always going to lose and once he’s convicted tomorrow, they’ll start building a new case against him,” Kurt finished plainly, soundly. He sounded resigned and educated and just so damn smart. He was right, of course, there was nothing they could do, the prosecution had had them from the very beginning, and she shouldn’t have gotten her hopes up.

“We’ll lose his business,” she replied, not knowing what else to say. 

“Isn’t that a risk you take with all your clients?” he joked, smirking at her. Diane shook her head slightly, hiding a smile, before meeting his eyes once more.

“What are we doing, Kurt?” she whispered so softly he almost missed it, her eyes glazed over, as if she wasn’t really looking at him.   

She wasn’t sure what she was even asking, logically she knew what they were doing, what they shouldn’t be doing, she wasn’t even sure why she’d asked, only that it had been swirling around in her mind for the last few weeks. What were they doing? Fucking like twenty-somethings with no care or thought to the consequences. What the hell were they doing?  

Kurt swallowed, moving his hand from her hip to the small of her back, dragging her body closer, the cotton sheets bundling between them as he aligned her body with his.

Diane’s fingertips moved to his face once more, drawing light patterns down his cheek, coming to rest on his moustache covered lips. Kurt’s mouth parted slightly, his tongue just dancing out to touch her skin, the small intimate move making her gasp. Her eyes went wide as he drew the top of her pointer finger into his mouth, covering her hand with his own and lightly sucking on the single digit.

“What are we doing?” she repeated breathlessly, her whole body shivering with a desire she couldn’t seem to tame. Kurt’s mouth released her finger, his eyes deep and serious as he stared at her. Diane felt her body throb in response to the lust in his beautiful eyes.   

“Anything you want,” he answered after a long moment, his lips hovering just an inch from hers. Diane swallowed hard, licking her lips. She wasn’t sure what he meant by that, wasn’t even sure if it was a real answer to her question, hell, she wasn’t sure there even was an answer to her question. But the way he’d said it, the tone and careful timbre his voice had taken on, it was enough to make any sane woman forget herself.

Diane smiled, moving her head closer to his and pressing her lips to his in a heated embrace.

“Let’s go again,” she whimpered as they broke apart, both panting slightly, her hands already desperately pulling the cotton from between their bodies in the pursuit of his warm flesh.




“I don’t want to go back tomorrow,” Diane whined, draped lazily over her partner, her head resting comfortably on his chest as Kurt’s fingers dragged casually through the mess of her blonde curls.   

“You don’t?” he asked, tilting his head slightly to meet her gaze, his grin easy and wide.

“Mmhm,” she moaned, pressing a soft kiss to his chest before smiling back at him. “I like this little sex bubble we’ve been living in.” 

“Sex bubble? he laughed joyously. 

“You know, you, me, this hotel room, the copious amounts of dirty, dirty things you’ve been doing to me for the last three weeks?” she explained with a smirk, wagging her eyebrows.

“Ahh, the sex bubble!” he agreed with a knowing look.  

“Yep, and I don’t want to leave, I’m not ready to go back to the real world.”

“But think of all new places we could have sex in?” he replied with an excited smirk.

Diane felt her body tense slightly, looking away again as she moved to place her head back on his chest, looking out of the window, the sparkling lights of the New York city skyline blurring into the darkness of the night's sky. He’d misunderstood, probably not purposely, but he’d misunderstood her meaning. When she said she didn’t want to go back, she’d meant to a time before this, not to Chicago. She didn’t want to go back to how things were three weeks ago, when she had only dreamed of his touch, where she longed to be with him, she didn’t want to go back to being just his partner, but she knew there was no other choice.

“Yeah, a lot more places in Chicago,” she replied distractedly after a minute, allowing his misinterpretation.

Shooting a glum, forced grin in his direction, her thoughts unwillingly drifting to the reality that had been plaguing her relentlessly for the last few days. There was an expiration date on their little affair, at least in her mind. They couldn’t continue this once they got back home, whatever this was. 

She hadn’t told him yet, but she knew in her heart once they got back to Chicago, this little tryst had to end, they had a job to do, a firm to run and Will, God, Will would be there. How was she supposed to look her friend in the eye? She’d had enough trouble keeping it from him over the phone, how the hell was she supposed to handle physically seeing him? 

She’d known since the day she’d answered Kurt’s phone that she couldn’t tell him, she’d known he would never accept it, and even worse, she’d known how much of a hypocrite she’d been even thinking about continuing this. She’d condemned Will for his relationship with Alicia, rather publicly, and to suddenly turn around and ask him to be okay with her fucking his friend, their temporary colleague and partner? It was hypocritical to say the least, and she couldn’t do that to him. 

She had to end it, whatever this thing she and Kurt had was, she had to finish it before they went back to Chicago. In the last few days, especially once they knew they were going to lose the case, she had tried several times to voice her concerns, but the pleasure had distracted her; he had distracted her. Hell, she had almost tried to tell him a few moments ago, but something had stopped her, something always seemed to stop her. For a day or two she’d entertained the idea of asking Kurt to keep their affair a secret, she’d wondered if they’d be able to keep it from Will if they continued once they returned home, but deep down she knew that wasn’t a possibility. 

Kurt was an honest man, an annoyingly honest man, and she knew that he was having trouble keeping this from Will now, while they were in an entirely different state, thousands of miles away, she knew she couldn’t ask him to keep it from his friend when they were home.   

She could barely stomach the thought of continuing this relationship behind Will’s back herself and she was much more comfortable with dishonesty than Kurt was. She knew Kurt wouldn’t want to hide their interactions from one of his oldest friends, and she knew that she couldn’t ask him to do something that was so against his beliefs and moral code. There was no way for them to continue this once they returned home, she had to be practical about it all, and despite how deeply she felt about this man, she knew she had to break it off… just, maybe not this right second.

She’d allow herself one last night in his bed, she’d spend the evening getting lost in him, touching him and letting him touch her. She’d rejoice in her little sex bubble, spend a few glorious hours enjoying herself before she took a needle to their delicious bubble and shattered their happiness in the morning.

“Plus, there will be plenty of opportunities to have that threesome with David Lee,” he teased lowly, his eyes tracing over her distanced expression. Diane frowned slightly, his words drawing her out of her reverie.

“Huh?” she questioned, lifting her head from his chest to look at him, but completely missing what he’d said. Kurt smiled smugly.  

“I said it would be a great time to have our threesome with David Lee,” he repeated barely managing to keep a straight face, his hands tickling up and down the arch of her back.

“WHAT?” Diane shrieked, eyes going wide as her attention was diverted back to her bed partner.  

“Oh, so you are listening,” he chastised with a knowing smirk. Diane blushed slightly.

“Sorry,” she mumbled. “I was a thousand miles away.”

“You don’t say,” Kurt hummed.  

“I’m listening now,” she tried hopefully, her smile wide as she pushed her body up slightly and pressed a short kiss to his lips.  

“Hmm,” he agreed, kissing her back, his hand coming up to thread into her hair and deepen their embrace.   

“Wanna go again?” she whispered softly as they broke apart breathlessly, her eyes dazed as she met his.

“Jesus Diane,” he hissed, his eyes rolling back in his head as her hand dipped beneath the covers to touch him.  

“That a yes?” she asked, biting her bottom lip in the most tempting way, her fingernail dragging across his hip bone with a tad too much pressure.

“I’m not a young man anymore,” he gasped out as she wrapped her delicate fingers around him and slowly began to pump. 

“Hmm, well, we’ll see about that,” she replied promisingly, her lips once again descending to his, her mind sufficiently distracted as she made sure to protect their sex bubble for one more night.




“Kurt,” Diane began awkwardly, her hand dropping his as she cast her eyes downward. Kurt turned his attention to her, the low hum of the aircraft dulled by the chatter of passengers. He took in her nervous demeanor, her bow lips, pink not from her lipstick but from being bitten and chewed on anxiously, her bright blue eyes looked everywhere but at him, and her hands fidgeted and fussed in her lap. 

He knew what was coming next, had been prepared for it ever since she’d freaked out on the phone to Will, and demanded Kurt not say anything about their more… intimate relationship. Diane was surprisingly moral for a lawyer, not that the same couldn’t be said about him, but she was overly loyal and Kurt knew even after this short a time with her that there was no way she was going to continue this little affair back in Chicago, not so close to Will, not with her firm on the line. It was cliche, but he expected it, sort of a ‘what happens in New York stays in New York’ situation. He was honestly surprised she’d taken this long to bring it up, he’d felt certain she was going to say something the previous evening, but despite her obvious inner anguish, she’d remained solemnly stoic on the matter.  

“Kurt, look,” she tried again, swallowing hard. She cast him an overly bright smile that didn’t quite meet her eyes, her tongue darting out over her lips in a nervous tick. “I don’t know how to say this. Look, when we land in Chicago, I think it’s best we end this thing, if it is a thing, I mean it’s not a thing, but still we should end it, we shouldn’t sleep together anymore,” she finished lamely, biting her bottom lip. He could tell she was uncomfortable, he could see her inner conflict; despite being incredibly hard to read, in this she was completely transparent. She didn’t want to end this, whatever this was, but she had to - or at least she’d convinced herself she had to. 

“Okay,” he replied simply, smiling kindly at her.

“It’s just that I’m worried it’ll get in the way, things like this always do, and it's not smart, screwing your co-worker, it’s a bad idea,” she continued, words falling from her mouth in a landslide, her brow scrunched worriedly as she tried to explain herself. Kurt’s lips curled into a smirk beneath his moustache as he waited, almost smugly, for her to catch up. ”I don’t want to downplay how good it’s been, and it has been, I mean great , and so, so hot, but for a whole lot of reasons it’s not a good idea and I just… wait, what ?”

Kurt smirked smugly, amused by her rambling.

“I said okay,” he shrugged casually and Diane’s eyes grew, her mouth gaping slightly.

“That’s it?” she asked in a hushed shriek. 

“Isn’t that what you wanted me to say?” he replied with a slight frown, Diane gaped back at him, her mouth opening and closing like a guppy.  

“Yes but-”


“Well, I guess I just expected a little more resistance, I mean,” she said looking down at her hands, her voice dropping to a barely-there murmur. She’d hoped he’d have at least as hard a time as she was ending this. It was good, and not just the sex, which granted was explosive, but she’d already found herself growing comfortable in his presence, in the idea of him. She’d enjoyed more than just the physical side of their new relationship. As they lay spent on damp and tangled sheets, she’d enjoyed his quiet musings, finding out about his life, debating his politics; to her at least, it had been so much more than just sex.

Kurt smiled at her, squeezing her hand a little. 

“It’s what the smart move would be,” he told her softly and Diane felt herself relax slightly, she could read in his eyes that she wasn’t alone in finding this difficult. 

“It is. It’s smart,” she whispered back, her throat suddenly tight. She’d been planning this for the last few days, mentally practicing what she’d say, how she’d break it to him, she had expected some resistance, or a fight, hell, maybe she'd even wanted a fight, maybe she’d hoped he would want this, whatever this was, to continue just as badly as she did.

“And logical,” he added with a charming smile, Diane’s heart clenched.

“Yes, that too,” she nodded, her hands now shaking nervously in her lap.

“So, I’m saying okay,” he told her in a smooth, comfortable tone. Diane let her eyes slide shut as she shook her head and chuckled. How did he make things so easy and comfortable? How did he manage to make this all seem okay when it was anything but?

“Okay then,” she laughed out awkwardly, looking out of the window, a little shell-shocked.

“All right,” he responded simply. There was a long pause, the white noise of the airplane drifting over them.

“Ha,” she suddenly scoffed, shaking her head.

“What?” he frowned, cocking his head to the side, a sly grin tugging at his lips beneath his moustache. 

“I probably should have waited to tell you that until we were on the ground,” she replied with another shrug, rolling her eyes at her on stupidity. 

“And why’s that?” he asked lowly, his voice soft and tempting. He really shouldn’t be allowed to speak to her with that sexy drawl.

“Who is gonna hold my hand when we land?” she shrugged impishly.

Kurt laughed at that, the sound was low and deep and did wonderfully sinful things to her insides.

“I can still hold your hand, Diane,” he told her gruffly, and Diane felt herself blushing.

“It’s probably better that you don’t anyway,” she carried on, not seeming to hear his words. “You holding my hand makes me think of your hands doing.. . other things ,” her voice dipped to a whisper, as if the people around them could hear her.

“I didn’t realize you were so easily distracted, Miss Lockhart.” He chuckled with a sexy smirk, his hand settling snugly on her upper thigh.

“Kurt no,” she warned, eyes filled with panic but also unmistakable lust. “Don’t.”

“We’ve still got an hour on this flight,” he continued with a mischievous look, ignoring her warning.

“And?” she asked innocently, confusion etched onto her brow.

“And technically we’re over international waters…” he added with a daring smirk. 

“We’re flying over solid land,” she replied with a quizzical quirk of her head.

“You know what I mean, we’re not technically in Chicago… not yet…” he continued, his head ducking closer to hers.

“And?” she prompted still not following. Kurt rolled his eyes, leaning in even closer, invading her personal space and making her gasp. HIs lips brushed against the shell of her ear.

“I’m saying,” he began with a growl. “We’re not in Chicago for another couple hundred miles, so once the stewardess starts handing out drinks, we should slip into the bathroom and see what happens…”

“Kurt!” she gasped out, almost too loudly, her eyes frantically looking around to see if anyone had heard her.

“Oh, come on, like you haven’t been thinking the exact same thing since we got on the plane!” he goaded, his face still too close to hers. She could smell his aftershave, see the pink of his oh-so kissable lips. All she had to do was lean forward a little and she could taste him.  

Diane blushed. He was right, her mind had been flirting with the idea of joining the Mile High Club with him ever since they’d stepped onto the aircraft, not that she’d thought it was a remote possibility and certainly not after she’d all but broken up with him.   

She gulped, weighing her options. He was right, technically they weren’t in Chicago yet and technically she only had to stop sleeping with him once they were in Illinois. Kurt let his hand fall to her thigh, bunching the material of her skirt up in his palm, his lips moving to her ear once more, tracing the shell delicately as he spoke.

“Come on, Diane, let me have you, just one last time,” he murmured and Diane almost moaned, her eyes falling closed for a few seconds as she enjoyed the feel of his hand massaging her thigh and his lips kissing a line down her throat. His words were beyond sexy, beyond distracting. Let me have you , he’d said, hell, if only knew how he did have her.

“I don’t want to get caught,” she finally whispered, her eyes blinking back open as he pulled back. Kurt smiled, leaning in to kiss her on the mouth, his tongue slipping between her lips far too comfortably. 

“We won’t,” he said as he pulled back, panting as he tried to regain his breath. “I promise.”




Kurt had parked his truck in front of her townhouse and, gentleman that he was, had insisted he carry her bags inside, and now here they stood, on her front stairs, desperately trying to keep from touching each other. The car ride had been bad enough, if he so much as touched her hand now, she knew she’d be dragging him into her home to have her way with him, and from the look in his eye the feeling was mutual.

“We’ve been here before,” he announced with a bashful smile reminding her of the first time he’d taken her home. They’d shared their first kiss that night, and hell if both of them didn’t want a repeat performance, and then some. 

Diane smiled as Kurt awkwardly scratched the back of his neck; an anxious habit of his that never failed to make her stomach do little flips. He really was quite adorable. Not that she’d ever tell him that, that would be too much of a blow to his ego, but he was, he was adorable and sweet and kind and all manner of adjectives that juxtaposed his carefree, cool, cowboy image. 

“We have,” she replied, licking her lips, her heart suddenly racing as fast as it had that night weeks ago when he’d pushed against her old oak door and kissed her senseless. Even the thought of that night was enough to get her blood pumping. 

“I should probably not stay,” he said lowly, referring to their unspoken agreement.

“It’s for the best, we can’t. It’s probably better if we just leave all that in New York,” she agreed although there was no conviction behind her words; somewhere along the way she’d forgotten why this was such a bad idea, probably while he ravished her in the airplane bathroom. She’d certainly been much more certain before they’d joined the Mile High Club - twice.  

“What happens in Vegas…” he joked flatly and Diane giggled despite herself.


“Okay,” he said, nodding with a more serious expression, moving back and taking a step down. “I’ll see you in the morning?”

“Of course,” she whispered breathlessly, her heart physically aching at the thought of not seeing him until tomorrow, of not sharing her bed with him tonight, as they’d done every night since they’d arrived in New York three long weeks ago.

“All right,” he mumbled, turning to leave. He’d made it to the pavement before he abruptly turned back.

“Only, the thing is,” he started, stepping onto the bottom stair.

“Yes?” she gasped, taking a step toward him.

“I don’t really think this is fair?” he said and Diane smiled.


“Yeah,” he began, slowly climbing the stairs again, his jaw set with a dashing smirk. “You see if I’d known the last time was, in fact, the last time, I’d have done things different,” he continued thoughtfully.

“The last time was at thirty-thousand feet,” she reminded him with a coy smirk. 

“Yes, technically,” he began, shooting her another devastating grin. “but I’m referring to the last time on solid ground,” he tried and Diane had to admit that he was beyond charming when he wanted to be. “If I’d known that last time was going to be the last time, I’d have done a few things differently.”

“Oh really?” she flirted, meeting him at the top stair, her head cocked coyly to the side, teeth sinking sexily into her bottom lip. Kurt’s hand reached boldly for her hip, his thumb sneaking under the soft cashmere of her sweater, his skin dragging intimately over the bone there. Diane felt her knees turn to jello.

“Yeah,” he responded smugly, his eyes glittering with salacious intent.

“And what exactly would you have done differently?” she asked in a breathless gasp, her body swaying into his. Kurt’s free hand moved to the back of her neck, his fingers sliding into the blonde curls at the base of her skull. He’d touched her and they both knew then exactly how this would end. 

“This,” he growled before dragging her head toward his and kissing her senseless. Diane sunk into the embrace like butter melting on a hot summer day, her whole body sagging against his as she desperately tried to get closer. God, she loved the way he kissed, gentle but firm, soft but hard and intoxicating in a way not even alcohol could achieve. How could she be expected to give this feeling up? This was so good, too good. She needed this and worse than that, she wanted this. 

“Kurt?” she gasped, pulling back but only meeting his dark eyes for a second. Her smile was smug as her hand left his chest and dropped to his at her hip. Pulling his fingers from her body, she threaded her own in between the digits, gently tugging him after her as she turned toward her front door. 




“There, God Kurt , right there!” Diane shrieked, her entire body going rigid for a few glorious moments as they climaxed together. Stars shone behind her eyelids, her heart racing in time with his as she fell heavily onto him; her limbs draped in exhaustion over his equally sated body.

Kurt chuckled lowly, his hand threading through her damp curls, as her head lay flat against his heaving chest. 

“That was…” he trailed off, using his free hand to swipe the sweat off his brow and relaxing back into the soft pillows.

“I know,” she agreed, still breathless as she moved to snuggle into his side, both of them wincing as he slipped out of her. With a small whine she let her head fall to his shoulder, her eyes heavy with satisfaction and the need for sleep. 

“So, what happens in Vegas?” he joked with a knowing smirk, his thumb and forefinger drawing delicate patterns on her back. Diane shivered, she loved his touch, the soft caress of his fingertips on her cheek, his rough hands holding her hips as he moved within her, every touch he cared to bestow she greedily accepted. Lifting her head slightly she met his smug eyes with a sparkling grin.  

“Definitely isn’t staying in Vegas,” she agreed.