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Six Months

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“Diane,” Kurt groaned in his deep southern drawl, tugging a giggling Diane through the door of her bedroom; walking them toward her bed.  He dipped his head, pressing his lips to hers tightly and Diane’s eyes slid closed as she deepened the kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth; melding it with his sexily.

She let her hands trail up to sink into his hair; threading her dainty fingers through salt and pepper strands as she held him to her. The kiss was all tongues and teeth and built up passion, an amalgamation of the desire that had been building between them since they met. She groaned as his hands tilted her jaw, kissing her more fully and fiercely. Diane whimpered, she was almost certain if he were not holding her, her knees would have buckled. 

Kurt’s fingers drifted from her hair and found her silky blouse, deftly slipping the buttons through their holes and pulling the garment off her; desperate to touch her soft skin. The pair broke their kiss; both panting. Kurt’s mouth jumped to her throat, lazily drawing patterns across her pale skin; hungry for the taste of her. 

Diane whimpered throwing her head back as his teeth sunk into the nape of her neck; marking her. Her hands tugged at his dark shirt, forgoing the buttons and forcing it up, tearing his mouth from her skin as she pulled it over his head. Kurt growled at the loss of contact, his eyes fiery as they met hers.

“Please,” Diane murmured in a breathless groan as Kurt’s hands moved down her body to unzip her skirt. Shimming the material to the floor, his hands found her ass; slipping beneath the delicate material covering it and squeezing. Diane shivered bucking into him wantonly. 

“Diane,” he repeated gruffly, his mouth moving to tug at a peaked nipple through the thin material of her bra.

“Ah!” Diane gasped, the friction of the lace and his teeth sending a jolt right through her body. Kurt smiled, dancing his lips back up to her ear and tracing it with his tongue.

“I want you,” he whispered lowly, and Diane’s hips thrust into his on their own accord. Her fingers slid down his chest, her red nails pricking at his nipples and causing him to groan. Reaching for the button of his jeans she giggled into his mouth as she sought out his mouth again, her small hands pushing the denim over his hips and down his legs. Kurt moved his hands back to her waist, holding her to him. Diane moaned loudly as they kissed once more; his tongue dancing with hers in a hot, wet tango.

“Kurt, we shouldn’t.” she mumbled unconvincingly against his jaw, her little nips never stopping and driving him crazy. Kurt growled at her suggestion.

“Yes, we should.” he rasped back, opening his eyes to meet hers. “I want you.” he repeated adamantly and Diane’s breathing quickened. Biting her bottom lip, she let Kurt caress her skin again; his fingertips grazing the smooth flesh of her lower abdomen, his hands touching her in every place but where she needed him the most.

God, did she need this, them, she’d needed this since the first time she’d laid eyes on him, since he came on as partner, since he kissed her against her front door and left her wet and wanting. 

Suddenly Kurt’s hands came to a halt on her hips, his fingers digging into the skin and surely leaving bruises. His strong digits spun her fiercely, bending her over the bed in front of them.

Diane gasped as she was slammed into the cold sheets; the thousand count thread soft against her body as he roughly shoved her into the mattress. Her nipples prickled against the lace of her bra causing a low moan to escape her lips.

“What are you doing?” she managed, her hands resting flat against the bed on either side of her head. Her cheek lay against the surface, her eyes desperately trying to meet his over her shoulder. Kurt bent his body over hers, his chest pressing into her back warmly as his mouth kissed along her shoulder blades. Diane whimpered as his lips moved to her throat, his hand pushing her hair to the side so he could whisper into her ear.

“I want you like this.” he said roughly and Diane sucked in a breath; her hips thrusting into the curve of the bed; seeking a friction that wasn’t there. Kurt’s hands came to rest on her shoulders, dragging slowly down her back until they met the lace of her panties. With a quick tug he shoved the dainty material down, not bothering to push them further than her knees. Diane moaned.

“Kurt!” she begged her face lying flat against the duvet, her fingers scrunching into the material viciously. Kurt’s fingers drifted down her ass; dipping lower so he could touch her burning heat.

“So hot!” he commented in awe as he found her more than ready; his breath warm in her ear as Diane whimpered. Kurt’s fingers twirled across her clit before diving deeply into her; her body jumping with the sudden intrusion. His free hand held her shoulders down, keeping her in place against the bed; her nipples aching as they pressed into the surface. She could barely catch her breath amongst the sheets, gasping for air in the expensive material. It felt like drowning, like drowning in pure pleasure and God, she hoped it never stopped. 

“Diane,” he murmured and she could practically hear the grin in his voice. His fingers moved to circle her clit once more and she shrieked at the contact. 

She breathed heavily against the bed, the material dampening with her quick, longing pants, her body desperate for him now. She knew this was wrong, they were colleagues, they shouldn’t, but God if she didn’t love this, him holding her down roughly, his voice in her ear telling her exactly who was in charge, she absolutely craved it.

Kurt removed his hand from her to shove his boxers down; lining himself up against her. Diane groaned breathily, her ass pushing back into him wantonly. Bending himself over her once again, he sucked on the skin beneath her ear, Diane felt her nipples tighten even further, her body thrusting desperately into the bed as her legs attempted to widen further; the lace of her panties around her lower thighs restricting the movement. 

“Gorgeous.” he whispered into her ear and Diane whimpered again, her body flushing at the praise.  With a small bite to her shoulder Kurt pushed into her roughly; her slick heat taking him in easily.  

“God!” he growled as she encased him and he began to thrust. Diane’s knuckles turned white as she held onto the sheets, Kurt’s hand still pushing down on her back and keeping her in place. His movements were fast and hard, shoving into her again and again. Diane panted loudly, her hips rocking in time with his. Kurt slid his free hand beneath their moving bodies to rub at her clit; his fingers delicately tracing the wet nub. He felt so good, warm and hard above her, the most delicious feeling of skin on skin.

“Kurt!” she begged, the pace of his thrusts and pressure of his fingers pushing her right to the edge. “Kurt, I’m gonna-“ she stopped abruptly as he hit a spot deep within her that had her gasping.

“I know,” he replied his lips by her ear once again. Shifting his hand from her back to her hip he pushed into her with renewed vigour, he felt her muscles clench. She was close, she was so very close. He couldn’t say why but watching the great Diane Lockhart squirm against her bed under his ministrations had his heart beating furiously against his chest.

Biting his bottom lip his pace increased as he felt himself climbing closer and closer to orgasm. Lying over her one last time, his bare chest pressing into her long back, he breathed against her cheek.

“Let go, Diane.” he murmured and he instantly felt her contract around him. Her muscles pulsed and trembled as she came hard, her body arching and thrusting forward under his as she finally let go. Diane screamed into the duvet, thrashing violently as the pleasure rolled over her again and again. 

Diane bolted up suddenly, her back straight as she shrieked loudly. The warmth of his skin had disappeared all too quickly, his woody smell faded just as fast and suddenly, she realized that she was alone. 

Her mouth fell open and closed, dragging in deep mouthfuls of air as she tried to regulate her breathing. Her heavy pants were loud and laboured, the puffs of air deafening in the silence of her room. Her cheeks burned hot with embarrassment and, if she was being honest, satisfaction.

She blinked her eyes furiously, her hands clutching her duvet between white knuckles as she regained her senses slowly. Her skin was still tingling all over; each nerve ending alight with desire, her mind still fuzzy with confusion and exhaustion, and her heart still pounding with lust.

Swallowing hard, Diane tried to recall what had happened. Her limbs shook and shuddered slightly, her smooth skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat and her muscles ached - beyond tense. She breathed deeply again; her cheeks flushing an even darker shade of pink as she realized her thighs were damp beneath her silky pyjama shorts. 

She let out a few low whimpers, her dazed blue eyes sliding shut as she registered the violent contractions in her lower abdomen. Not again, she groaned falling back into her damp sheets heavily. She dragged her fingers through her hair, staring up at the ceiling. 

This had to stop. It had been five days, five days of this torture. Five days since their kiss and five days of very, very vivid dreams, the latest of which had just made her come. Hard. 

What the hell was wrong with her? It was one kiss, she’d shared one kiss with Kurt McVeigh and now she couldn’t get him out of her head.  These dreams were exhausting, hot and sexy but physically exhausting, she was drained.

She could barely look at him anymore. Naturally, she tried to avoid him after that night, pretended that nothing happened. She tried hard to steer clear of his green, green eyes, but they were partners and so she'd had only managed a few hours of this tactic before she'd been forced to talk to him.  

For his part, Kurt seemed to be unfazed by the incident, carrying on easily as if everything was normal, well, with the exception of his flirting. He no longer flirted with her, there were no more leering looks and it appeared to her as if he'd moved on. He'd put the whole thing behind him, but for her, with each glance her nipples hardened, her heart raced wildly, her cheeks flushed and it was making work incredibly difficult. 

It was dangerous really, her longing for him, for one thing he was bound to notice her lusty gaze at some point and she really didn’t need that. For another, her blushing was surely going to give them away, to their colleagues, or even worse, Will. 

She really had to get this under control. They were professionals; colleagues and nothing more. Sure, they'd kissed and she’d been dreaming about him ever since, but that was nothing. She could handle that.  They just had to be professional. She simply had to get a grip and be a move passed it like he’d done.

With one final sigh, Diane threw the covers off her body, standing quickly and marching toward the bathroom. It was time for a cold shower, a very cold shower.


Diane groaned, scribbling her name on another document before pushing it to the side of her desk. Tossing her pen down, she flexed her fingers, rolling her tight shoulders. Somehow since Will’s suspension the paperwork had quadrupled; she felt as if she spent more time signing legal documents than actually practicing the law these days. 

With another heavy exhale, she let her eyes slide shut, exhaustion slipping across her face. She really needed a massage and a good night’s sleep. Preferably both. Ever since that kiss on her doorstep she hadn’t been able to escape Kurt McVeigh. The man followed her everywhere; he was always around, at work, in court, hell, even in her dreams! She just needed some time away from him. Time for the shame to fade, and for her lust to fizzle out. 

The buzzer on her phone suddenly startled her back into reality, her mind jumping from thoughts of sexy cowboys. 

“Miss Lockhart, your eleven o'clock is here” her assistant’s professional voice drifted through and Diane couldn’t help the groan that escaped her lips, her head falling forward onto her desk in exasperation. After a moment of self-pity, she pushed herself up, breathed in a bout of fresh air and let her finger dance over to the telephone; depressing a button.

“Thank you, Alice, send them in.” she replied dejectedly, taking another deep breath and squaring her shoulders. She could do this. 

Her meeting was with a new client, one whose name she hadn’t caught. It was something Will had set up with her assistant, some professional who wanted representation. She understood that they needed any and all business at the moment - especially after the fallout of Will's suspension, but it was the last thing she felt like doing today. Pitching to some monkey in a suit who was more interested in the fact that the Governor's wife worked here, than what they could offer representation-wise.

The rattling of knuckles on her glass door had her looking up as someone stepped into the room. 

"Oh my god! Will!" Diane greeted happily, quickly rising from her desk with renewed energy and bouncing over to hug him. His arms wound round her waist quickly as hers looped around his neck, and he twirled them around. Will hummed as Diane squeezed him tightly, her eyes shutting as she breathed him in. God, she'd missed him.

“What are you doing here?” she asked pulling back from him slightly, her smile wide and sparkling as she met his greeny-brown eyes. 

“Wanted to see you,” he shrugged and Diane rolled her eyes, shoving his shoulder with a chuckle. 

“Oh please!” she scoffed, pulling out of his embrace to fold her arms across her chest smugly. “You’re such a flirt!”

Will shook his head with a boyish laugh.

"No, really," he repeated, his features forming a genuine smile that had her heart melting slightly.  "I miss you Diane." he continued lovingly and Diane’s face softened, her smile curling at the corners of her lips sweetly. She had missed him too, so, so much and it was so nice to hear he felt the same.  

They hadn’t always been close, they’d outright hated each other when Stern had thrown them together, but seven years later, she couldn’t imagine her life without him. 

“Well, I wish I could chat,” she replied mournfully, brushing passed his sentimental proclamation, knowing if she dwelled too long on it, she’d fall into a trap of thinking about the whole situation, then that would naturally progress to thoughts of Kurt McVeigh and really she couldn’t handle more of that. “I really wish I could,” she repeated. “but my eleven o’clock just got here”

“I know.” Will smirked cockily and Diane frowned. “You’re looking at him.” he proclaimed bouncing on the balls of his feet, proud as a school boy. 

“You’re my eleven o’clock?” She asked with a disbelieving grin.  

“I am!” 

“You made an appointment?” 

“I did” 

“Why?” she asked in a surprised gasp, her grin wide as she ran a hand up and down his forearm in a familiar gesture. 

“I missed you.” Diane’s heart fluttered, her smile soft and mushy as she met his eyes. Sometimes this man could be so sweet. 

“I miss you too, Will.” Will ducked his head bashfully, moved by the honesty and emotion laced into her words. 

“So, yeah. My sisters are driving me crazy and I’m bored out of my mind -“ he tried, standing up straighter and taking on a more masculine, gruff tone. 

“-and you miss me,” Diane cut in and Will rolled his eyes. 

“Yeah, and I miss you! So I thought we needed a senior partner’s lunch!” Will smirked as Diane's eyes lit up, blue orbs sparkling back at him. 

“Oh!” she gasped in excitement. “We haven’t done one of those in ages!”

Will grinned back at her. Stern had turned them onto the senior partner’s lunch. Every few months the managing partners would block off an afternoon and head to one of Chicago’s top restaurants to drink, eat and recharge. The old man’s travels had often kept him away and so the tradition had fallen to them, the lunches becoming a more regular thing, bi-monthly chances to catch up with each other; something their busy schedules often didn’t allow.

“Yeah, I figured with everything that’s going on we could use one.” Will offered with a shrug and Diane let out a sound of pure happiness. This couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Oh, Will! I could kiss you right now!” she gasped excitedly, her grin wide and telling. 

“With tongue?” he teased with a rugged smile. His joke making Diane roll her eyes. 

“You know what? I take it back, I don’t miss you at all!” she sassed with a dark look. Will chuckled, leaning in to plant a kiss on her cheek. 

“You love me!” he said with a smirk and Diane feigned a heavy sigh. The partners locked eyes for a moment as she pretended to scold him, before they both dissolved into a fit of giggles. 

“Okay,” Diane began, smiling. “Just give me a minute to run over a few things with Alice and we can go.” Her happiness was evident as she bounced back to her desk, her joy showing in her body language. 

“Sure, I’ll get Kurt and meet you in the lobby.”

“What?” Diane's head snapped up and she spun back round suddenly, her eyes wide and brow furrowed. 

“I’ll meet you in the lobby” Will repeated. 

“No, I mean, Kur- McVeigh is coming?” she asked seriously. 

“Yeah, I invited him” he said casually, his smile carefree. 

“Why!” Diane gasped out before she could stop herself. Will frowned deeply, cocking his head to the side.

“He’s a partner too, Diane.” Will responded cautiously, speaking slowly as if she were a small child. 

Diane blushed, her heart racing as she realizing how rude she was being. Biting the inside of her cheek, she dipped her head slightly in embarrassment.

“I know, I’m sorry, I just,” she began thoughtfully, her brow furrowed seriously. “When you said the senior partners, I thought you meant just us, like old times.” Her voice trailed off, far too timid and quiet to belong to the great Diane Lockhart.  

“Well yeah,” Will started in the same condescending tone he’d used before. “But, he’s a partner now too, so-“

“Right of course.” Diane gulped out quickly, looking longingly at her desk. “You know,” she began. “I uh, I actually have a lot to do, a lot of paper work, so maybe another time?”

Will frowned deeply, stepping toward her with thinned eyes. 

“What are you talking about? Not three seconds ago you were ready to drop everything?” His voice was low and suspicious and Diane forced a smile. 

“I know, I just wasn’t thinking, I actually really need to get on top of a few cases and...” she continued to ramble, listing things that needed to be sorted; clients that needed her assistance. The lies all lost on her pensive partner. 

“Diane,” Will finally stopped her, turning to close the door to her office before walking back toward her and meeting her eyes. “Is this about me inviting Kurt?”

“What? No!” she replied too quickly, her defensive tone giving away more than she would have liked. Will’s face pinched into confusion, his green eyes thinning warily. 

“It is, is there something going on with you two?” Will asked pointedly and Diane blanched at the mere suggestion. 

“Going on with us?” she repeated in an agitated laugh, her eyes wide as she cringed. “What do you mean? Why would think that?” Her hands twisted together nervously.  

“I mean, are you not getting along? Are you guys having issues?” Will queried with a serious look. 

“No, no of course not!” she defended hastily. 

“Because,” he continued with an intense frown. “ were excited about our lunch until you found out he was going to be there,” 

“No, no it’s not that, I just I don’t, I have a lot to do and I don’t want to get behind.” she explained lamely, avoiding his eyes.  Will stared at her for a long moment, his gaze making her uncomfortable with its intensity. 

“Are you sure? Because it seems like you have a problem with him...” he pushed and Diane gulped. 

“No I don’t, I don't, I just, you know what? It’s fine. I’ll come." she settled still defensive. 

"What about your paper work?" Will pushed with a daring look, his hazel eyes thinned.

"It’s fine, you're right, it’ll keep," Diane forced a bright and wide smile, hoping to cover her own embarrassment. "I’m just trying to stay on top of everything but I can have lunch. I should eat." Will cocked his head slightly, a small confused smirk settled on is lips for a tediously long minute before he finally flashed her a genuine smile.  

"Okay good!" he exclaimed in triumph. "And work will still be there tomorrow, you can have Alice call if there’s anything major."  he continued, squeezing her shoulder in a comforting gesture.

"Yes! Good idea!" she said swallowing down any more hesitation.

"Okay then, great, you had me worried for a moment there, Lockhart!" he chuckled heartily and Diane faked another smile, grinning from ear to ear. "I thought my two best friends might not be getting along!" 

"Ha!" Diane laughed out awkwardly, her mind racing back to that night on her doorstep, when his two best friends were all over each other, getting along just fine. In fact, it could be argued that when Kurt had his hand on her ass and his tongue down her throat, they'd been getting along great. "No, no, nothing like that." she fumbled out, blushing again.

"Good, I knew he’d be a good fit." Diane smiled again, her cheeks beginning to ache from the effort. He was a good fit all right, he fit against her body just perfectly. "I’m gonna go get him and I’ll meet you in the lobby okay?"

"Yes!" she agreed brightly, her cheeks aching with the effort to remain positive. "See you there!"

Will flashed her one last winning grin, before turning to leave her office. Diane held her breath as she watched him disappear down the hall, letting out a huge rush of air as he slipped out of her sight. She spun letting her eyes drop closed as her hands fell to the visitors chair, breathing deeply as she let her head hang. 

“Shit.” she muttered, her heart racing. 

Her plan of avoiding Kurt unless it was absolutely necessary had just gone out of the window. How the hell was she supposed to sit through a whole lunch with him? How could she even look at him? Every time she did her mind flashed back to her saucy dreams, his hands on her skin, Forceful, demanding and sexy. She remembered the front door and how he’d pushed her against it, his body hard and warm on hers as she kissed him. And then… the promise of more. Dear Lord. She was screwed.


Diane smiled politely as the waiter showed the trio to their table, her heart thundering as Kurt - ever the gentleman - pulled her chair out and invited her to sit.

"Thank you," she muttered softly, barely looking at him. The car ride over had been nothing short of suffocating, Diane had sat side by side with Kurt in the backseat, their thighs just touching whenever the cab turned a corner too sharply. She’d spent the entire trip holding her breath, with her heart stuttering wildly against her chest as she held her breath. The tension in the car was stifling, a heavy weight that warmed the car far too much for a cold December morning.

Her heart fluttered once again as his fingertips brushed her shoulder, dragging her back to the present. His hand innocently grazed the silk of her shirt as he moved passed her to take his seat, leaving her blushing. Lord! What was wrong with her? They hadn't spoken more than five sentences to each other since that night and besides her vivid dreams they certainly hadn't interacted physically, and yet, his touch was still as electric and stimulating as it had been when he kissed her.

Will smiled as he settled into the seat beside her, oblivious to her unease as he snapped up his menu. The third partner dropped into the seat across from her, a cruel move, she thought, as it forced her to look at him. Although, thinking about it now, having him beside her, within reach might not have been any better. As it was she could feel her body reacting to him, her pulse jumping a little faster against her throat, her skin heating up as she tried to sneak a glance at his green eyes without him noticing. This was going to be a disaster, the lunch had barely began and she was already red hot and squirming at the memory of her dreams and their kiss. 

"What are you having?" Diane was pulled from her reverie as Will turned toward her expectantly. Blinking out of her thoughts she looked around the table for the first time noticing the waiter eagerly awaiting their orders.

"Uh," she fumbled, quickly trying to flip through the heavy menu. "I'll just have a salad, Caesar." The young man nodded happily, hastily scribbling down her order.

"Diane?" Will scoffed, looking at her as if she'd gone mad. His eyebrow bounced up curiously, his frown deep.

"What?" she asked distractedly.

"No, it's just," he began again throwing a glance around the table before his eyes settled back onto hers. "You normally get the steak; in fact, you always get the steak."

Diane blinked at her partner dumbly, her mouth falling open slightly.

"Right, of course," she said shaking her head, her cheeks tinging a bit. "I'm uh, I'm watching my figure," she offered up in an awkward whisper. Her blue eyes suddenly caught Kurt's green and she let out a nervous giggle. Of all the things she didn't want Kurt McVeigh to know, and there were many, the fact that she was just as self-conscious as any other woman was pretty high up. Well, right behind the fact that she'd been dreaming about fucking him senseless since their kiss.

"Oh God!" Will groaned out exaggeratedly. "Please, not you too, you sound like my sisters! Come on! You don't need to worry about that, you look amazing, you're gorgeous." he carried on in an annoyed rant. "C'mon Kurt tell her, she’s beautiful, right?"

Diane's eyes widened at the same time Kurt's did, her cheeks flushing a deeper shade of red as Will looked to their partner expectantly. Kurt swallowed slightly, clearing his throat as he looked between the pair. Finally, after a painfully long moment he spoke up, his voice catching just a little.

"You're, uh, you're beautiful, Diane." he agreed, his lips almost curling into an almost grimace beneath his moustache as he realised those were the exact words he'd said to her that night.

Diane felt dizzy as she looked at Kurt, her mind suddenly flooded with flashbacks. His whispered words, the touch of their lips, his hands skating down over her ass, his taste…

She gulped unable to reply as she continued to look at him. Will seemed satisfied with Kurt's words, and smiled widely, triumphantly.

"Good, it's settled then. She'll have the steak," Will told their waiter boldly, his large hand falling onto hers and giving it a tight squeeze until she turned to meet his gaze. "And dessert too," he added and Diane couldn’t help but roll her eyes in amusement, the sexual tension between her and her other partner momentarily forgotten as she remembered just why she missed Will so much.

The waiter cleared his throat, awaiting the final approval and Diane let out a short scoff.

"Fine, I'll have the steak - but no dessert!" she replied seriously and Will just laughed.

"We'll see," he muttered with thinned eyes that had Diane shaking her head in a chuckle. The young man left the trio, scuttling off to appease more guests.

Suddenly an awkward silence settled over the table, as all the occupants took turns looking at each other.

“So,” Kurt finally piped up, breaking the heavy quiet. “You do this often? A senior partners lunch?”

“Relatively,” Diane replied, her eyes now focused on her fingers tugging at the edge of her serviette, anything to avoid his piercing green orbs.  


“Stern started it.” Will jumped in, threading his fingers together and resting his hands on the table. “ was how he kept up to date with the managerial side of the firm.

Diane scoffed at that, throwing Will a dark and incredulous smirk.

“Oh, please, it was Stern’s way of drinking before midday,” she said with a roll of her eyes, making Kurt snicker lowly. Will laughed along with him, nodding his head in agreement.

“Well, yeah, that’s true. That man could down a bottle of whiskey before nine in the morning.” Will said.

“And still make it to court by ten!” Diane added with a fond smile, finally settling down and focusing on something other than the masculine hands of the partner sitting opposite her.

“He was really something else,” Will continued nodding to Kurt. Diane was just about to launch into a tale of Stern in his prime when the waiter returned carrying a tray of their drinks.

Will bowed his head in thanks as the young man deposited their alcohol in front of them, carefully lowering the bourbon filled tumblers to the table.

“Thank you.” Diane smiled kindly earning herself a wolfish smile from the young man. Kurt quirked an eyebrow at the exchange, meeting Will’s gaze meaningfully. The waiter nodded, and announced he’d return with their food before shooting Diane another hot look and bouncing off.

Will stifled a chuckle.

“She gets that a lot,” he advised, shrugging as he spoke to Kurt.

“What?” Diane frowned deeply, her eyes thinned. 

“Oh, nothing,” Will replied with a knowing smirk. “I was just explaining to Kurt about your admirers.” Diane’s eyes grew at the suggestion, her cheeks burning once again as she met Kurt’s questioning look.

“He’s young enough to be my son!” she hissed out in embarrassment, her heart beginning to pound as her eyes remained locked on Kurt’s. For some reason she felt the need to defend herself. She wasn’t one of those women who jumped at every man she met, and certainly not the kind of woman who had flings with twenty-somethings. In fact, she’d told him once before – she didn’t date children, her tastes were more steered toward experience, and lately, to him.

“Still checked you out…” Will trailed off baiting her in a way both Diane and Kurt registered. Diane huffed at his teasing, shoving his shoulder roughly and making their third partner chuckle softly.

“Okay, that’s enough!” she admonished with some finality, glowering at the two men. With a sophisticated twist of her wrist she brought her glass to her lips, sipping the amber liquid with a hum of approval. 

“So,” Will began, still wearing a naughty grin, his glass raised into the air as he toast the three partners. “Now that we have the crutch of alcohol…”

“Thank God!” Diane whispered under her breath making both men smirk.

“Shall we do High/Low?”

“Oh no!” Diane replied aghast, her annoyance palpable.

“What? We have to! It’s tradition!” Will shot back just as quickly, his bottom lip pouting like a petulant child.

“Please Will, we’re passed that!” Diane rolled her eyes taking another sip of her drink, as she waved a dismissive hand in his direction.

“Oh, come on!” Will insisted in a whine. 

“What is High-?” Kurt trailed off in confusion, cocking his head to the side curiously. 

“Oh,” Will jumped in. “’s this thing that Stern used to do,”

“It’s antiquated and unbecoming, and we’re better than that.” Diane rolled her eyes, twirling her wrist and watching the ice swirl in her tumbler. 

“Oh please, you love it,” Will sassed back with a dashing smirk. Diane huffed, sitting back in her chair and crossing her arms, her reluctance evident. 

“Basically,” Will explained. “Stern believed we should see the good and the bad in the law. So he invented a sort of game that we’d play whenever we had partner lunches. He’d make us say the best thing to happen to us that month and the worst; work-wise.”

“It was supposed to provide perspective,” Diane butted in, gulping down another sip of her bourbon. “But usually it just ends up with us bitching about the staff,” Kurt chuckled at that shaking his head with a dashing grin. 

“Sounds fun,” he offered up in a low voice that had Diane shifting, his eyes boring into hers intensely. Will beamed, nodding thankfully to the other man. 

“Oh it is! Diane's just moody because she doesn’t want you to know she’s a gossip.” Will responded, shooting his female partner a smug look. 

“Will!” Diane shrieked slapping his shoulder loudly, her face pinched in embarrassment. 

“Oy! I’m just saying, you don’t like others to see you’re human, that you too can hate David Lee, Just like us mere peasants,”

Her eyes thinned. 

“I don’t gossip.” she hissed in feigned anger. Will held his hands up in surrender acting innocent, his eyes wide and childlike until finally Diane couldn’t handle the facade any longer and fell into a fit of giggles at his ridiculousness. 

As his partner laughed, Will turned to a smiling Kurt mouthing she gossips dramatically and earning him another smack to his shoulder.  Kurt chuckled lowly. 

“Fine then, William. You go first.” Diane said primly, folding her arms neatly across her chest and dipping her head to the side encouragingly

“Fine,” he sassed back. “My high is this lunch, dining with my favourite partners!” Will exaggerated, smiling to snidely at both Kurt and Diane.  

“Pushover,” Diane coughed under her breath trying to conceal a smile. Kurt sipped at his bourbon enjoying the ease at which the others mocked each other.

Will thinned his eyes in her direction which evoked one of her trademark chuckles.

“And my low this month - besides being benched from the law,” he smirked only half joking.

Diane shared a quick look with Kurt, putting aside her rule of avoiding eye contact to share a mournful expression with the other man. They both knew what this suspension was doing to Will. Eating him alive was an apt description.

“My low has to be my sisters.” he finished with an annoyed look. Kurt snorted at that breaking their eye contact as he shook his head in Will’s direction. Diane rolled her eyes, her pout of incredulity making her younger partner defensive.

“I’m serious! They’re driving me insane!” Will said seriously, his eyes wide with honesty. 

“Oh, stop being a baby!” Diane laughed. “They’re your family; they love you.”

“They’re killing me!” Will raged, trying desperately to win the pair over to his side. “They’re everywhere, all the time! They’re there when I wake up, when I have breakfast, lunch, they’re chatty and loud and just…everywhere! At my house, when I go to the store, I don’t do anything alone anymore, hell, I can’t even remember the last time I was alone!” he huffed out, raking his fingers through his hair in a self-induced frenzy.

“They want me to share every thought and feeling, I can’t even have a cup of coffee without the Spanish inquisition! They wanna know everything! Who my friends are, why they aren’t visiting, am I depressed, if dating would make me less depressed? Who I’m dating?! What fictional girlfriend I’m going to marry!”

“This morning? Sarah went off on a rant about the last woman I kissed! She wanted to know all sorts of details, her name, age, if there was tongue, her freaking social security number!”

Kurt and Diane shared a split second of awkward eye contact before both drew their drinks to their lips. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where their thoughts had gone. The last person they’d kissed was each other; on her doorstep, with quite a bit of tongue.  Will continued to ramble on as the other partners tried desperately to avoid each other again.  

“...really as if I have time to kiss someone let alone date them!” he puffed out with an exaggerated roll of his eyes, her exasperation evident. 

“Well,” Kurt began stopping Will’s tirade. “Technically, you have a lot of free time now, so...” he chimed in and Diane hid a soft snort of a laugh behind her hand, pleasantly surprised by the joke. 

Will looked between the others frowning deeply, 

“You’re mean! Both of you! You have no idea how insane they are!” Diane laughed harder at that, matching Kurt’s low chuckle of amusement, some of the tension between them easing. 

“Fine then,” Will said in a pout, crossing his arms petulantly over his chest as he sneered at Diane. “Let’s see you do better!”

“Me?” Diane asked coyly her hand rising to her chest incredulously. “Do better than your sisters who love you and take an interest in your life?” she mocked and Kurt let out another low snort, sipping on his bourbon.

“It’s more than an interest,” Will hissed under his breath grumpily. Diane grinned taking a sip of her drink before placing it neatly in front of her. 

“Let’s see then, my high...” she paused thoughtfully for a moment her traitorous mind flashing images of Kurt’s lips. Her high was him, their kiss, the way he’d tasted and her dreams since. Before she could help herself she felt her cheeks flush pink, the heat rising in them quickly. 

“Oh,” Will hummed slyly, misinterpreting her blush – well, partially. “Is it a man?” he raised his eyebrows hinting smugly. Diane tried to hide her embarrassment by rolling her blue eyes pushing at his shoulder again. 

“No! God, is your mind always in the gutter? No, not a man.” she threw back in a huff that had both men scoffing lowly. Diane gulped scrambling to cover her defensive tone, it was bad enough she was blushing, she didn’t need Will getting any ideas. “Well, not in the sense you’re talking about.” she tried, her nervousness hidden behind a tumble of words. “It’s Martin Pierce.”

“Pierce from tax?” Kurt asked with a frown and Diane swallowed hard as their eyes met again. She ducked her head slightly in a nod of agreement. 

"Don’t tell me you’re dating that loser!” Will groaned rolling his eyes. 

“Yes, I’m pregnant and we’re running away together.” she replied deadpan, her blue eyes thinned darkly. Both men smirked, sharing a look. “Get a grip, Will! I’m not in some torrid love affair with our tax lawyer. Martin has a very suspicious lump on his stomach that he needs to be biopsied and he came to request time off.”

Will scrunched his face in distaste.

“That was your high?” he questioned.

“No, God! This is my low, a very low, low!” Diane replied in irritation

“So your low is that you can’t spare him?” Kurt concluded with a furrowed brow, his confusion matching that of his other partner.

“Ha!” Diane laughed with a large grin. “I wish. No, I gave him the time off, naturally, and then,” she shut her eyes gulping down bile as she recalled the story. “Then, Martin felt the need to show me his lump.” she finished and the faces of both men pinched in disgust. 

“Oh my god.” Will whispered in a grimace. Martin wasn’t exactly in peak physical health, in fact he hadn’t been in that state in quite some years.  

“Yep.” Diane agreed sipping on her drink with a small shrug. “He lifted his shirt,” she paused, her expression awash with repulsion. “...showed me the most vile, grey…lumpy, mass of….”she trailed off lost for words, unable to continue reliving the moment.

“Anyway,” she said after a few moments. “Pierce’s…thing, trumps your inquisitive sisters!”

“Okay,” Will nodded, raising his hand into the air and signalling to the waiter to bring another round of drinks. “We’re gonna need more alcohol!” Diane smirked, downing the last of her drink in agreement.

“So what was your high?” Kurt asked suddenly and Diane’s gaze shot to him, surprised.

“Oh, um,” she paused, swallowing hard as her mind betrayed her again. He was her high, and if the tiny smirk beneath his moustache was anything to go by, her felt the same way. Lord, they needed to stop this. They couldn’t.

"Well," she breathed out, grinning widely, forcefully, as she met the gaze of both her partners. "That would have to be the pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes I bought yesterday!" Diane smiled happily, content with her cover story and the prospect of her fancy new heels.

"What?! That can't be your high! It's not even related to work!"

"I'll wear them to work!" she argued, years of practicing law and a lifelong shoe fetish all manifesting in a very defensive tone. 

"You're reaching councillor,"  Will replied in a laugh, sharing another smirk with Kurt.

"Oh, and as if your sisters have anything to do with the firm?" she retorted.

"Touché," her partner conceded and all three shared a small laugh.  

"What about you Kurt?" Will prompted after a moment, turning his attention to the older man. Diane looked mournfully at her empty glass, wishing the waiter would hurry up with their refills. She then took her time inspecting her manicure, trying not to get swept up in his voice as he started his story. His low drawl was more than appealing, it was downright addictive, she could spend hours listening to him talk - not that he was particularly loquacious.

"My high would have to be the Miller account; he signed the retainer this morning, half a million in monthly billing." Kurt began. "I don't like to brag but it was a helluva feeling." Diane's eye shot up at that, her head cocking to the side as she frowned.

"Damn right!" Will cheered, lifting his almost empty glass into the air to clink against Kurt's. Diane froze in her seat, her eyes racing between the men trying to put together what was happening.

"The Miller account?" she asked warily, her back straight as a prickling sensation ran through her body. Something was off.

"Oh, yeah! Diane, Kurt signed Matt Miller," Will told her excitedly. "We're looking at millions in legal fees, especially due to his company being sued."

"Not to mention the sexual harassment lawsuit," Kurt added. "Lucky for us he can't keep it in his pants,"

Diane's face scrunched pensively, her lips parting suspiciously.

"We're talking about Matt Miller, the billionaire, the CEO of Miller Exports?" she confirmed, her breathing changing as she tried to remain calm.

"The very same," Will replied, still smiling widely. 

"The same Matt Miller who raped his assistant and funded the campaign that shut down three battered women's shelters on the South-side?" she continued, her anger building, her eyes fiery; burning with disgust that her partners could finally sense.

"He hasn’t been convicted," Kurt responded cautiously, his gut twisting as he recognized the fury in her expression.  

Diane shook her head in a bitter scoff, turning her attention to the younger man. Will gulped as he met her dark blue eyes, knowing her well enough to see the vicious attack that was on its way.

"The same Matt Miller, who we agreed we would not take on as a client," she hissed out, her hands curling into fists as her jaw set tightly.  

"Diane," Will began, realizing where she was going.

"We don't discuss things anymore?" she shout-whispered, her expression deadly.

"It wasn't like that. You were busy, I'm sorry, you were in Court and the offer came in and, Diane, it's six-hundred-thousand dollars a month; we can't turn down that kind of money. Kurt and I voted and-"

"You and Kurt?" she repeated tensely.  

"Diane, it was time sensitive and we-" Kurt cut in, trying to help their friend. Diane shot him a look.

"Don't!" she growled. "Don't you dare try and make this better for him." Turning her attention back to Will, she took another steadying breath hoping to slow the speed of her heart as her temper grew.

"We agreed not to take him on!" she seethed through clenched teeth, her expression tight with rage. Will bulked slightly at her vicious tone, suddenly squaring her shoulders and sitting up straighter.

"No," The younger man replied in a barely restrained voice, a knee-jerk reaction of anger countering her attack. "No, Diane, you agreed,"

"He raped that woman!" she responded aghast, her jaw painfully tense and her eyes alight with hurt and outrage. Her mind reeling at the thought that Kurt would even consider this client, wasn’t he all about morals and family values? On the other hand, he was a republican and maybe that was the appeal of Matt Miller; his affiliation with the GOP.

"We took a vote, Diane." Will explained, flinching as she shot him a death glare.

"And what about my vote?" she shrieked out.

"You weren't available and you would have been outvoted regardless, your vote wouldn't have mattered" he carried on gruffly, his guard up as he readied himself for the argument that was rapidly unfolding. Diane smirked bitterly, shaking her head.

"And his does?" she gaped, gesturing to Kurt in frustration. "I wasn't aware your stand-in got a vote when it came to long term decisions about the firm!" she hissed out viciously.

"Diane," Kurt jumped in, gaining her rabid attention. "Will and I did what we thought was best for the firm." he continued in a calm voice that only annoyed her more. Diane's eyes grew in outrage as she released a short laugh of incredulity.  

"You and Will? Oh my God." she said, shaking her head. Removing the serviette from her lap, she threw it onto the table, pushing her chair back. "I should have known." she whispered in disbelief. "How could I have been so stupid?"

"Diane," Will started, his hand falling to her wrist but retreating quickly as she snatched her arm back from him.  

"Don’t worry, you said." Diane continued, blinded by her anger, her eyes no longer meeting theirs. "Don’t worry, we’ll get McVeigh, he doesn’t have an agenda. He's Switzerland. There’s nothing to worry about." she recalled, looking at Will with a mournful expression, repeating the words he'd used to convince her to take on Kurt. Her confusion and anger melted into something else entirely, something close to betrayal.

"What are you-?" he tried again but Diane cut him off.  

"He doesn’t have an agenda!" She suddenly threw out, her voice low but loud and steady. Both men gulped at her tone. "Well, I guess you were at least honest about that, he doesn’t have an agenda because he has yours. He’s here to further your agenda!" she finished in a hiss, her face screwed into a sneer, her eyes dark with distrust.

"Diane, What the f-?"

"You knew how I felt about Matt Miller, we discussed it." she said passionately, shaking her head in disbelief. "We discussed it, I said no, and now, your neutral substitute - " she snapped throwing a flippant hand out to Kurt as her eyes glowered at Will. "You used him to bring on Miller, you knew I'd be opposed to it, so you bought him on and voilà, you get a third vote." Her whole face was tense and sad, the mixture making Will uncomfortable. "You get exactly what you wanted. God, I was such a fool." 

"Diane that’s not-" Will attempted again, barely managing a sentence before she interrupted again, her fury unrelenting. 

"Like hell it’s not!" she roared slamming her fists down on the table and attracting the attention of the other restaurant patrons. The trio glanced around apologetically, noting the inquisitive eyes of the other diners. Diane forced a smile before she bent closer to Will, lowering her voice. 

"I trusted you." she whispered bitterly, her teeth clenched. "I helped you, the only reason you even have a license is because of me! I saved your ass and you-" Diane rolled her eyes, pushing back from him, she blinked a few times, forcing back tears she refused to let either of them see. Suddenly she shoved her chair out, tossing her handbag over her shoulder as she stood.

Both men made a move to stand as well but neither was able to get to their feet before she spoke again.

"Screw you!" she spat out maliciously, her eyes piercing Will's before shooting Kurt a look too. With one final disbelieving shake of her head, she spun on her heel and sped off in the direction of the exit, leaving the men dumbfounded in their seats.


Diane marched through the firm, her strides wide and purposeful as she raced to her office. She knew it wouldn't be long before the boys came after her, and she planned to be long gone by then. Turning the corner to her outer office, she came into contact with her young assistant, almost crashing into her.

"Oh!" The young girl gasped, taking a step back. "Miss Lockhart!" Her brown eyes were wide as she met those of her boss. "I'm so sorry."

"Alice, I'm going to be working from home for the rest of the day," she informed the girl, not bothering with niceties. Alice's eyes widened as she nodded quickly.

"Of course,"  

"Forward my calls to my cell," Diane continued, striding toward her office to grab her laptop. "And if Will or Mr. McVeigh are looking for me, you haven't seen me since we left for lunch, understood?" she called back over her shoulder.

"Yes Ma'am," Her assistant agreed hastily. Diane spun back again, forcing a tight smile, sensing the younger woman's unease.  

Diane folded up her laptop, slipping it into its sleeve before turning quickly to leave her office. Her feet faltered as she suddenly came face to face with Kurt. Her assistant stood just outside her office, looking sheepish.

"We need to talk," Kurt began, more serious than she'd ever heard him. Diane squared her shoulders, shifting her handbag onto the visitors chair before folding her arms protectively across her chest.

"I don’t have anything to say to you." she replied coolly. 

"Diane," he started again and Diane clenched her jaw, her stomach flipping at the way he said her name - now was not the time to be thinking along those lines. She was pissed and his low voice, sexy as it may be, would not change that. 

"It isn't what you think," he tired and Diane rolled her eyes. "Will and I were just trying to do what's best for the firm," he continued his voice quieter this time, his eyes almost begging hers with honestly. Diane gulped, pursing her lips. 

"No. I’m not doing this." she told him. 

"Just hear me out!"

"No." she snapped back, her hands slipped down to her hips, her stance tall and intimidating; enough to make a lesser man flinch.

"Look, I know things have been awkward since that night on your porch, but-" Diane's eyes grew wide, her face a picture of outrage as she glanced at her assistant still standing behind him, watching them through the open door. Her jaw tightened as she thinned her eyes maliciously. 

"Close the door. Now." she seethed out between clenched teeth, her tone low and vicious. Kurt ducked his head in a nod, turning to shut the glass door and watching as her assistant scurried away, years of working with Diane advising her to make herself scarce.

Shoving his hands into his pockets Kurt prepared himself for an onslaught her fury all but guaranteed. Slowly, pointedly, Diane lifted her head to meet his eyes. 

"Don’t ever mention, what goes on with us privately in front of my staff, do you understand?" her voice was cold and steady, her tone biting.

"Look," Kurt stepped toward her, stopping when she stepped back, folding her arms again, creating a shield; preparing for a battle. "It wasn't what you think,"

"Oh sure," she hissed out sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Miller approached me, and you were in Court, so Will and I-" Kurt attempted again but Diane cut him off quickly.

"Was it all part of the game?" she asked in a shrill tone, her smirk dark and humourless. "All the flirting and the kissing? Just a little added humiliation?" she continued in a bitter voice, her arms gesturing viciously at the space between them "Why not have a bit of fun while you try to steal my firm out from under me? Is that it?"  

"What? No! Of course not, that’s not-"

"Must have been hilarious!" she continued, her eyes softening sadly. "God, I feel like such an idiot because I fell for it, I actually fell for it!"

"Diane I didn’t-" Kurt said, shaking his head as he implored her to listen with green, truthful eyes.

"I've been dreaming about you. Did you know that? Every night since you kissed me, I dream about you, and now, what a laugh you and Will must have had! Poor, desperate Diane lusting after a man who was just in it for a joke"

"Will you just listen to me?!" he roared out, moving toward her again, his hand reaching out for hers. Diane jumped back even further, her heart racing. How could he? She'd been so stupid, so foolish, so blinded by her own desire! She felt awful, betrayed; not only professionally but personally. 

"No, I’m done listening, to you, to Will. I’m done." her voice cracked slightly, her emotion and heartache slipping out. "Get the hell out of my office."

"No we need-,"

"I said get the fuck out of my office! Go! Right now! Or so help me Kurt, I will call security!" she roared with more venom this time and Kurt’s eyes widened as his mouth fell shut. There was a long moment of silence as the pair merely stared at each other, Diane's hands now clenched in fists by her sides. Her breathing was heavy, her chest rising and falling angrily as she met his eyes; her own watering.

Kurt swallowed, letting a soft sigh escape his lips and ducking his head in an accepting nod. Raising his hands in surrender, he moved to back out of her personal space, slowly turning and leaving the office. Stoic and silent. 

The door clicked shut behind him and Diane watched him navigate the corridors through the glass, her heart thundering against her chest as she pressed her lips together tightly, trying not to cry.  Once he was finally out of sight, her small hand flew to her mouth covering a sob as she lowered herself into her visitor’s chair, her eyes sliding shut.

She sat quietly for a few moments, the only sound the dull buzz of her firm at work. God she was tired, tired and hurt. The betrayal of Will was one thing, but Kurt, somehow his lies hurt the most, she'd really thought that he'd - no, no, apparently it was all fake. How foolish of her to get involved with him at all!

Suddenly she was torn from her thoughts as her office door slammed open again.

"I said get out!"  Diane screamed too loudly, her voice shrill. She looked up expecting Kurt to have returned but instead her eyes; wet with unshed tears, met Will's. Her expression darkened, her surprise melting away quickly, transforming into fury.

"What the hell was that?" Will yelled as he stormed into her office, throwing the door shut with a shuddering bang and completely ignoring her warning. 

"Will, not now-" she tried as calmly as she could muster; choking back her anger in an attempt not to cry. She carefully rose from her seat, breathing deeply before meeting his gaze dead on.  

"I mean what the hell was that?!" Will raged on, disregarding her words completely.  

"Get out!" Diane said firmly, squaring her shoulders. "I don’t want to do this here." 

"I don’t give a shit, we're doing this!" Will snapped. 

"Will, we’re in the office. I will not do this now." she repeated through gritted teeth, her eyes filling up with anger once more.

"No!" he screamed back, the veins in his neck bulging as he threw his arms into the air angrily. "We're gonna talk now!”

"Will, we're being watched, please not now." she continued, her voice low and pointed as she met his steely gaze. Behind him she could already see a few associates and assistants gathering, the crowd that had formed during her argument with Kurt growing quickly.

Will chuckled humorlessly, spinning on his heel and gesturing to all the people looking into her office. The onlookers quickly turned away; pretending to be busy. 

"I could care less!  Let them watch! You don't get to accuse me of something like that and walk away!" Will countered aggressively, his face red with anger that matched hers.

"I can do whatever the hell I want, just like you apparently." she snapped back snarkily, her eyes thinned darkly and her lips pursed into a vicious sneer.

“Why are you acting like such a bitch?” Will roared back at her, his eyes dark and fiery as they met hers expectantly. Diane swallowed hard, her blue eyes widening comically. 

“Excuse me?” she hissed incredulously, her voice high pitched and outraged. Will shook his head with a nasty smirk. 

“You heard me." he responded. "This isn’t about me supposedly taking over the firm! You have been all out of sorts ever since Kurt started here." he raged on and Diane blanched slightly, hoping her expression hadn't given away just how close he'd struck to the truth. Kurt did have her all out of sorts, and not just because he was in cahoots to steal her firm.

"I went to him and asked for his help, I asked him on to make sure the firm stayed afloat, and now, we agree on one thing and suddenly you’re acting like nurse ratchet!” 

Diane scoffed as Will finished his tirade, her eyes thinned darkly as she shook her head. Her smile was malicious and deadly, her humourless expression scary in a way he knew all too well.

“Don’t. Don’t you dare try to make out like you’re the hero in this, like you two aren’t conspiring behind my back! Don’t lie to me Will Gardner. I know you. Don’t make out like you're the good guy and I’m some bitter hag, out of touch with what the firm needs” Diane finished her speech in a pant, her hands gesticulating wildly as she raged.

“Well maybe you are ” Will sneered meanly, his eyes daring. Before she knew what was happening her hand had risen and collided with his face viciously. Will let out a gruff groan, turning his face back to her as he cupped his cheek; flexing his jaw slightly. Diane stared right into his eyes, not flinching under his death glare.

“You son of a bitch! You’re the reason we’re in this mess! You are the reason the firm is in jeopardy at all. You fucked the Governor's wife and you screwed our firm." she argued violently, gulping down her emotion. "You practically threw away my entire life’s work and for what? Some hot sex? Screw you Will! This is all your fault! So don’t you come in here all high and mighty and I saved the firm by hiring a cowboy. No! I’m saving this firm. I’m holding it together and you know what? You’re not gonna take it from me, you and your little spy can try and sabotage me all you want. But don’t forget Will, I’m liked in Chicago. I have people in my corner too, and you don’t want me as your enemy. I can make it so there's not even a firm for you to come back to! And believe me, I will, I will because I'd rather see it up in flames than have you steal it!"  

Will stood deathly still as he listened to her, desperately wanting to interrupt but his partner gave him no such chance. He knew coming in here all hot and agitated wasn't the best move, knew from past experience that fights like this between them never ended well. Still, he was pissed, how could she think he'd betray her like that? Yes, the Miller account wasn't handled in the best way, but he knew he owed her, he'd owe her for the rest of his life; he could never thank her properly for what she did. He could see where she was coming from, and perhaps a few years ago, she would have been right, but not now. They were in a better place and she should have known that, trusted him the way he trusted her. 

His cheek still stung from the slap, his face hot with both anger and pain as she continued to yell.  

" think this little suspension damaged your career?" Diane laughed out mercilessly. "I will tarnish it. I will ruin you Will!”

With that, Diane pushed passed him, shoving him to the side as she left her office. Her strides were wide and purposeful, her legs carrying her as fast as they could in her high heels, her eyes stinging as she blinked back tears. 

She wouldn’t let him see her cry. She wouldn't let them know they'd broken her heart.