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i'm full (of your love)

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“I can’t finish it, Tae. I’m too full.”


Taehyung stops his hand that is holding a spoonful of the fried rice he and Jimin ordered. He looks at Jimin’s plate to find his half-eaten portion and a sunny-side-up egg on top of it left there, and smiles.


“You and your habit, never finishing food. I know why you don’t want to finish it. Here, let me have it, then,” Taehyung says while separating the egg-yolk from the egg-white.


“Have you ever heard a story about a grain of rice who cried because he was left by his friends?” he questions. Jimin laughs, because Taehyung always asks the same thing.


“How could you? Why did you throw me away? There are a lot of people who needs me, lots of them starving out there.”


Jimin holds back his laughter hearing Taehyung imitates the rice’s crying voice. But, he always likes Taehyung’s way of teaching him good things.


Keep talking, I love hearing your voice, Jimin thinks. And I get it, with you, I don’t have to pretend, I don’t need to hide anything. I can wear my oldest t-shirt that I really like.


With you, who never complains whenever you see me munching on ice cubes.


With you, I found comfort that comes just like that. Leaning my head on your shoulders, for example. A simple comfort.


Sharing stories about how our days went, or laughing at things that aren’t even funny for others.


“Hey, stop grinning all by yourself like that, here, finish it.”


Jimin snaps out of his thoughts and looks at his plate to find out there’s only egg-white left on it.


“From now on, egg-yolks that you don’t eat will be my favourite food,” Taehyung says.


“Chocolate and avocados, too?”


“Chocolate and avocados, too, of course.”


The form of love can be anything, one of them is attention, and care. Roles that are given by the heart , as Taehyung says.


And that simple, I am happy.