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You messaged me when you had a panic attack.
she lied, she cheated
she left you confused.
what could you do

she told you she didn't have time
for a relationship right now.
to only dive in with another.
did she ever want you?

You needed calm words
sweet words
reassurance & logic
I gave you them all.
I grabbed your hand
And talked you down.


I messaged you when I had a panic attack.
you lied, you cheated
you left me confused.
what could I do?

you told me you didn't have time
you had a lot going on, too overwhelmed right now.
to only dive in with another
you should've said you never wanted me.

I needed calm words
sweet words
reassurance & logic
You gave me harsh ones
spat your contempt
roll your eyes through the screen & deflect the blame.
I was left stranded
with no way down.



It's funny. I thank you.
Knowing you was temporary.
You left no lasting effect.
But you left an impression behind never to be erased.

God fulfilled our deal & gave me a girlfriend when I asked.
But you were not meant to stay
You were in my life just to leave it.
To teach me heartbreak.
To teach me I don't need it.

I never needed Drake
But I needed a taste to know I don't need him
Now this is a shoutout to you babe.


I never needed another There's no other half to find
I needed myself. I'm a whole person on my own.

It's nice for someone to love you I want someone to hold someday
But it's necessary to love yourself. But I'm already complete.



9 months later
when she dumped you I saw
Back to your sad blogging
this time I didn't reach out

I've resumed praying for you
mostly because now I've remembered you

I'm surprised.
I feel self-pride.
Once I said
"I wish her the best,
"But I also wish me the best, and that's the best I'm responsible for."
I've handled my best.
I wish you the best.