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Locker Room

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Kaoru is pretty sure that he should turn around and walk right back out of the locker room, because Takase is still there and although his back is to him, his uniform pants are riding low on his hips and the rhythmic movement of his hand between his legs is telling.

Takase makes a soft noise, and his hips roll up off the bench and into his hand for a minute.

Heat floods through Kaoru, coiling low in his belly and between his legs. He's had this fantasy before, wondered what it would be like to watch Takase get off, and if his cock was as big as the rest of him.

There's the soft shlick as Takase twists his wrist. And gods, he's got to be so wet to make that kind of sound.

Kaoru has to bite hard to keep his voice in, palming his own cock through his pants and wishing that he could see Takase working himself to completion, flushed and leaking and as desperate to cum as he sounds right now.

Every upstroke is followed by a panting breath or a choked moan as Takase tries to be quiet and fails in the high-ceilinged, echoing locker room. And Kaoru really does need to leave, because very soon Takase is going to cum and he'll get cleaned up and turn around and see Kaoru standing there flushed and hard, watching him with half lidded eyes and groping at his own crotch like some sort of pervert.

Just thinking about it makes him embarrassed enough that he kind of wants the ground to open up and swallow him, but the thought of being caught like that by Takase is enough to make his cock twitch. He has to bite down on his knuckles to contain another moan and he can feel that his boxers are getting damp in front as he bucks into the palm of his hand.

Yeah, he needs to go right now, if only so that he can find a quiet place to stick his hand down the front of his pants and cum all over it. Kaoru doesn't think he's ever been so aroused in his life, and three or four proper strokes would be enough at this point.

"Ngh, Kaoru," gasps Takase.

And that is it for Kaoru, whose hips jerked helplessly seeking the friction of his hand as his orgasm rushes through him like a wave. He probably makes some kind of noise, but he is far beyond caring slumped against the wall, thighs trembling as he rides out the aftershocks. He is watching dazedly as Takase finally hears him and whips his head around reflexively, catching his gaze and realizing he's there but too far gone to stop stroking.

"Shit, Matoba!"

That was more panicked than pleasured but Kaoru is way too blissed out to care.

"Mm," whimpers Kaoru, the tension finally leaving him, just in time for him to watch, rapt, as Takase spills all over his hand.

For a long moment there is silence as they both just bask in the post-orgasm glow of endorphins, breathing heavily into the quiet of the empty locker rooms.

"Shit! Matoba, I'm sorry," starts Takase, trying to tuck himself back into his underwear and zip up his pants with his wrong hand.

"For what?" asks Kaoru, with a weak grin, "Pretty sure you didn't put a gun to my head and force me to watch you jack off."

That sends a bright flush crawling up the taller forward's neck.


"You did call my name though, before you saw me and eveything," Kaoru points out, with more confidence than he feels, "Can I assume that you don't mind that I saw?"

"Of course I mind, it's embarrassing!" snaps Takase, flushing more brightly, then he seems to take a good look at Kaoru, "I--you...did you like watching me, Matoba?"

It's Kaoru's turn to flush, and he ducks his head even as he admits, "Yeah, maybe a little too much."

"Then...maybe, would you go out with me?" Takase blurts, "I like you, so..."

Kaoru is pretty sure his face is on fire, but he's ridiculously pleased by Takase's confession.

"I'd like that, a lot."

" you, maybe, want to grab dinner with me?"

"Um yeah," agrees Kaoru, and he wants the ground to swallow him again because he has to say, "Just let me change into my sport pants."

"What? Why?"

And maybe it's just that he's already so embarrassed that it doesn't matter, maybe it's the reassurance that his crush is decidedly not one-sided, or maybe he feels like he owes Takase since he got to see him squirt all over his hand, but he closes the three meter gap between them and presses the taller boy's clean hand into his crotch, letting him feel the wetness as the cum soaks through his underwear.

"That's why."

And the hungry fascinated press of Takase's fingers into the mess in his shorts is well worth the extra helping of embarrassment.