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Max and Ruby Write Fanfiction

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Max and Ruby didn't speak to each other for the next few days. Max didn't want to bother Ruby when she was so mad at him. Their parents were a bit concerned, but always being the ones to let their kids solve their own problems, didn't intervene, or even ask what had happened. That was fine with the siblings, they didn't want to talk about it anyway.

"Psst, Max,"

Max stirred at his sister's voice. Well, at least she didn't look like she was angry anymore.

"I have something I want to show you."

Sliding out of bed, Max followed Ruby into her room. She looked expectantly over at the computer, but he hesitated.

After a pause, she said, "I know I said never to touch my computer again, but it's okay. I want you to read this."

Wordlessly, Max climbed into the chair and read the words to himself on the screen:

Rubys mp4 player

Ruby had gotten a verys pecial gift from her grandma an mp4 player Ruby loved her new mp4 player and had all of her favorit songs on it one day she was gonna go over to her friend louises house

now max she said dont touch my mp4 player.

but max didn't listen and he took it with out asking there were a lot of songs on their that he liked to and started to dance to some but he tripped and he shattered the screen

oh no what am I going to tell ruby max asked himself

so he hid her mp4 player in a pile of stuff

later ruby came home max she asked have you seen my mp4 player

no max lied

that's funny cuz I left it on the bed you didn't touch it did you

no max lied again more nervous this time

after a few minutes of looking Ruby decided it would show up eventually and played with her other toys for a whle.

a few days later max had forgotton that he broke rubys mp4 player until she found it again.

oh no my mp4 player what happened

im sorry ruby it was an accident does this mean you don't like me anymore

max watched rubys face turn a bit pink when she looked at the mp4 player back at him and then back at the player her face softened. your more important to me than some silly mp4 player she said hugging him.

max im sorry for what I said will you be my beta writer

Max blinked, his face flushing. "R-Ruby...I...I don't know what to say!"

Ruby smiled gently. "Just say 'yes.'"

Ruby nearly lost her balance when Max threw his arms around her.

While the siblings' gleeful laughter filled the house, Max remembered how afraid he was when he started...but now he was glad it all worked out for the better.