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Here's to the ones that made the News

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In nineteen ninety-nine
There was Columbine
Where first died a girl
Same name as mine

Years later we look
There came Sandy Hook
Gunned down twenty children
Barely able to read storybook

Over on the west coast
The man was unable to boast
No girls wanted to sleep with him
So he turned them into toast

Entered in the holiest of places
Every intention to only shoot black faces
Media reluctant to say "hate crime"
Though he himself identifies as racist

Again another hate crime we meet?
The police took over three hours - there was no retreat
Love is love is love is love
He went there that day to squash the heartbeat

By now none of us can say we're surprised
The deadliest yet - fifty-nine girls and guys
Right now we debate and hashtag pray for Las Vegas
How many more times before our country gets wise