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Chapter Four: Killing My High (Freddie’s POV)


Freddie literally thought he was going to die tonight… whether Naomi or Cook was going to be his maker remained to be seen. Naomi looked ready to kill a bitch and Cook’s excitement to see Effy was giving him a lead foot. They were going ninety miles per hour, for the Lord’s sake!

“Cook! Slow down, mate! She ain’t going anywhere!” This seemed to only make Cook go faster. It was Cook, definitely Cook! It seemed like forever before the car stopped in front of Keith’s. Everybody got out of Cook’s van so fast that Freddie was surprised nobody got damn whiplash from their movements; Cook rushed to see Effy, JJ was throwing up in the bushes, and Naomi was cursing and profusely kicking the van.  Probably thinking of Cook’s face, Freddie thought briefly before he bent down to kiss the ground, thanking Jesus, Mary, and Joseph he had lived through Cook’s insane Effy fix.

It wasn’t until Cook came out screaming about Effy not being there, followed by Naomi’s hysterical laughter, that somehow caused everybody to catch their bearings.

“So we’re early?” JJ asked.

“Seems so.” Freddie answered back and JJ was still puking and Naomi was still laughing.

It was times like this he was happy he had friends like Cook, Naomi, and JJ. Never a dull moment with these guys.

“So what we do?” Freddie asked Naomi.

“We fucking wait! Geez, Cook, you damn pussy!  You’re making a bigger deal out of this then it is. We can just order a few pints and fucking wait. You’ll see your precious princess in a few hours.” Naomi pushed Cook into the bushes before pushing JJ and Freddie aside to get inside Keith’s.  Wow, Naomi was on the war path tonight! Probably her impending Emily encounter was what got her on edge. Freddie, like the rest of them, knew how much Naomi hated Emily.

“Fucking bitch!” Cook exclaimed, pushing himself out of the bushes. “Good thing she didn’t push me into the puke bush.” Cook wiped himself off and also headed into Keith’s.

“You think we’ll survive tonight?” JJ asked out of nowhere. He hadn’t spoken since leaving Naomi’s. 

Freddie seriously thought about that and shrugged. “Barely,” Freddie answered before also heading into Keith’s.  These guys were seriously killing his high.