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Tameshi - beginnings

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Hello to all My readers, this is an Emergency notice!!!

The app, Fanfic pocket library has access to all works on A03 and is letting people read them at a profit to them! Please report them, but sadly, this app will affect all my guest readers, as within the next 24 hours I will be locking all of my works so only those who have an account on A03 will be able to read them. This will then remove the fic from the app. This is a warning to all, guests, please make an account if you wish to continue reading.
If a time comes where the app is removed, then I will happily unlock my works again, but right now, someone is profiting from our works and We need to stop them. Locking is the only option right now!
I am sorry for this news. I hope everyone has a good day.

- Fluff Master!