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Kiss Cam

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Kiss Cam

It was no secret that Lena Luthor was wealthy. She owned a penthouse in a building that had security stationed on every floor, several doormen, and her own private elevator that went straight into her apartment, complete with a special key card entry. She had several different phones (three of which were solely for her business dealings, while one of her phone lines was exclusively for her best friend) and gave to charity in million-dollar increments.

She had money. More than she knew what to do with.

Which is probably why she never sold her father’s minor league baseball team; the National City Superhumans. It was a ridiculous name, but one that the citizens loved and cheered for throughout the sweltering California summers. They would gather in the stands with hotdogs and foam fingers and cheer for their favorite players as they faced off against the players from their sister cities and all around the country.

But Lena Luthor knew nothing about baseball. As many times as her father had gone to games, she had stayed home to read or play with the tools and chemistry set he had bought her. Lionel Luthor had showered her with gifts as a way to make her feel welcome into her new family, and Lex had taught her how to build and fix things to make them even better, even as he spewed hate at any mention of extraterrestrials—just like his mother—and she learned to ignore it, in favor of spending time with the only “real” Luthor that showed her any affection.

But she was never invited to the Sunday baseball games that her father attended with his business associates. She was never taught the ins and outs of her father’s favorite game, never learned the rules or how they were meant to be enjoyed. So when her father inexplicably left her the ownership of the team in his last will & testament, she was shocked, to say the very least.

That being said, however, she refused to sell the team to the many hopeful buyers—usually friends and colleagues of Lionel—as this was the last piece of her father that she could truly cherish. He had left her with a small fortune of her own (and had left Lex with his and Lillian with hers, which they used to fuel their own hateful agendas) and so she never wanted for anything. Especially after she had officially taken over L-Corp and started to make changes that created jobs and increased their profits, exponentially.

She was pretty well-off and trying to make the better place.

That didn’t mean she didn’t like showing off to her new friends when she had the opportunity. So when Kara mentioned—offhandedly, casually, in just half a sentence really—that she and Alex had gone to a Superhumans game when they first moved to National City together, Lena informed her almost immediately that she owned the team and could get them tickets if she wanted. Kara had been only half-surprised by this—not by the fact that Lena owned the team; everybody in National City knew that the Luthor family owned the baseball team, but Kara was so not prepared to be invited to a game while talking about the subject of her next article about political corruption in the capital.

“Oh, okay,” Kara said, trying to compose herself. “Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun, actually. I’ll see if Alex is available.”

“Perfect!” Lena felt her heart swell with excitement for the first time over something she found as trivial as sports. “I’ll have the staff prepare the owner’s box for next Sunday’s game.”

“The…owner’s box?” Kara asked. “You mean, we won’t be watching from the stands?”

“Why would we?” Lena asked, genuinely confused. “The box has plenty of room and we have waiters that can serve us champagne and caviar…and pot stickers.”

Kara’s stomach immediately rumbled at that, but she shook her head. “But, the best part of the game is watching from the stands,” she insisted. “With hot dogs and popcorn and cotton candy and cracker jacks and foam fingers and a baseball mitt to catch foul or homerun balls while you sing and dance to silly music during the seventh inning stretch. Haven’t you ever done any of that.”

“To be honest,” Lena replied, “I don’t understand half of what you just said.”

Kara chuckled and shook her head. “Is it possible,” she asked, “for you to get us three tickets in the stands instead? They don’t have to be amazing seats or anything, but you should get the full experience of a real baseball game. At least once.”

Lena felt her heart swell again and she nodded. “I’m sure I could make that happen,” she said, “as long as you buy the hot dogs.”

“Oh trust me,” Kara laughed, “I’ll buy more than just hot dogs.”


“Wow, you weren’t kidding,” Lena murmured, looking at the piled of food in Kara’s arms. How she was able to carry all that without any sort of break was beyond her, but Winn didn’t seem perturbed. “Did you leave any food for the other spectators?” she teased and the shorter man snorted.

“Probably not,” he said. “I was barely able to get my own hot dog without Kara practically biting my hand off. Thanks for the invite, by the way.”

“Alex was busy,” Kara informed him.

“Less thanks.”

“Winn, which direction do you run around the bases when you get a hit?”


“My point exactly.”

“Is that not correct?” Lena asked, following the blonde into their assigned seats, right behind the dugout. Since Kara’s sister had been called away for work at the last minute, she had promised these seats to her (and Sam and Ruby, who incidentally loved all kinds of sports) for the reason of the season and the seasons to come. But today, they belonged to her and two of her other dearest friends.

“You’ll learn,” Kara sighed, plopping down in her seat with all of her treats in her lap. She had a baseball cap on—well-worn with the letters fading, like she’d bought it much less recently than Lena and Winn had bought theirs—with a ponytail sticking out of the back and the Superhumans jersey that Lena had gifted her (along with a hoodie, bomber jacket, and various other sports paraphernalia), and Winn, half buttoned over a form-fitting tank top and shorts. Winn was similarly dressed, but he didn’t look as cute as he stumbled over his own feet and spilled their beers.

Kara had insisted on the beers. There was no better way to enjoy a good game than with a bunch of fattening food and an ice cold beer. Lena had packed herself some vegetables in her purse, which she would sneak in between bites of the heavily relished hot dog and sticky cotton candy Kara had insisted on buying her. She could already feel her blood sugar rising and wondered how on earth Kara stayed so fit and athletic.

She must go jogging or something, right?


Once they were all sat down with the food spread across their laps (and half of the pile in Kara’s mouth), they were ready to enjoy the game the way the blonde insisted it was ‘meant’ to be enjoyed. By yelling at the ump and cursing at the other team. Although, Kara’s idea of cursing was a little bit watered down and, frankly, adorable. Lena found herself grinning at the blonde’s reddened face and furrowed brows as she angrily yelled at the umpire from their seats and munched on popcorn, grumbling to herself.

She barely even registered the cheers and giggles as the announcer called out for something called the ‘Kiss Cam’. Lena was not unfamiliar with this particular game day tradition. She had watched couples do everything from peck each other on the lips to nearly get themselves arrested for public indecency and it had made her chuckle, though she’d never thought that she’d be in the crosshairs.

Until now.

Because after the camera had landed on a sweet elderly couple, who had pressed their lips together for a lingering kiss before dissolving into giggles, and then a pair of young teenagers, who had both blushed before pecking each other and then promptly looking away, the camera came to a stop on Lena…

…and one very confused Winn Schott, who had immediately choked and sputtered on his beer. Lena had reacted similarly, her eyes going wide and her pale complexion turning a deep, crimson red as she looked all around her.

“Looks like we have a special guest in the stands today, folks!” the announcer boomed. “The lovely owner of our beloved Superhumans, Miss Lena Luthor, has graced us with her presence! And it seems that she’s brought a handsome male friend with her. Is this possibly a secret boyfriend? Come on, Miss Luthor! Give him a little smooch for the Kiss Cam; don’t be shy!”

I am going to have that announcer fired the second I get out of here, Lena thought to herself, side-eyeing Winn, who was as still as a statue, sweat dripping down his face, as if expecting her to vaporize him for the mere suggestion that they would be romantically linked. She thought about reaching out to calm him, but she knew that would just be adding fuel to the fire that this heteronormative jackass Kiss Cam operator—

Before her bitter thoughts could conclude, Lena felt gentle fingers at her chin, softly turning her head to the right, away from the paralyzed Winn and bringing her face to face with one Kara Danvers.

The blonde’s light blue eyes were soft and questioning as she searched the sea glass green of Lena’s as the brunette’s cheeks bloomed a soft pink and she swallowed thickly. Being this close to Kara…well, she never noticed the barely discernible freckles on the other woman’s cheekbones, nor the soft flare of her nostrils when she bit her lip. And now the way she was looking at Lena’s lips…well, it was like a magnet that finally drew the two women together.

The second that their soft pink skin brushed together, it was like firecrackers went off all over Lena’s body. Her heart seemed to explode in her chest as her stomach filled with butterflies and her palms began to sweat, still reaching up to cup Kara’s cheeks, her thumbs stroking those beautiful freckles. Lena breathed in sharply through her nose when she felt the need for oxygen start to burn her lungs, but there was no way that she was about to let go right now. Not when Kara’s tongue was stroking the seam of her lips like that, begging for entrance.

Entrance that Lena immediately granted as she pulled Kara closer to her body. The blonde didn’t even think twice about swiping the remainder of her food to the ground, her hands abandoning the salty popcorn in favor of burying themselves in Lena’s hair. Lena moaned into Kara’s mouth in response and it was that sound that finally broke the spell as they broke away from one another, panting and still holding on to each other for dear life.

Lena’s eyes opened slowly as the world came back to focus and she found herself staring, once again, into Kara Danvers’ eyes. They shared a heated look for only a moment before both women registered the roaring cheers that were coming from all around them and glanced around to see spectators on their feet, clapping and whistling as they looked at the giant screen across the field, where their blushing faces stared back at them.

Lena turned to look at Kara with an apologetic expression, but all she got in return was another peck to the lips and a giggle against her shoulder as she wrapped the blonde in her arms.

“Say cheese!” Winn suddenly exclaimed and both women turned to look at him, just as he snapped a selfie with a thumbs up and them holding each other in the background.


The next day, they found out that there was also a viral video and that Winn had tagged a picture of the two of them kissing with #LoveWins, as well as their new ‘ship’ name: KarLena

Lena sighed and turned off her phone, turning to wrap her arms around the other woman in her bed, pressing her face into the back of Kara’s neck. “Remind me to maim your friend the next time I see him,” she murmured, sleepily while Kara giggled and turned to press her lips to Lena’s forehead.

“Will do.”