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Tol and Smol

Yeol: soo

Yeol: soo

Yeol: kyungsoo

Yeol: do kyungsoo answer me

Kyungsoo: What Chanyeol?

Kyungsoo: It’s 7am, what could you possibly want at 7am?

Yeol: i want breakfast

Kyungsoo: Go make it then.

Yeol: no i mean i want to take u for breakfast

Yeol: and then u could come work on the vocals for my newest song

Kyungsoo: I see what this is.

Kyungsoo: I can’t be bribed Chanyeol.

Yeol: but sooooooo

Yeol: u used to love going out for breakfast

Kyungsoo: With Junmyeon and Minseok, yeah.

Yeol: oh

Yeol: okay dont worry then

Kyungsoo: I can visualise the sad puppy eyes you’re making right now.

Kyungsoo: Come to my place whenever you’re ready, I’ll make you breakfast.

Kyungsoo: Then we’ll go and work on your song.

Yeol: really?????

Yeol: ill leave my place in 5 mins

Yeol: cant wait!!!!

Kyungsoo: Yeah okay, calm down you excitable puppy, go get ready.

Yeol: bye soo!!!!

Kyungsoo: See you soon Chanyeol.

Mystery Inc.

No.1 Vivi supporter: Gang we have another mystery to solve

No.1 Vivi supporter: Where the fuck is Chanyeol hyung?

No.1 Vivi supporter: @Yeol Where are u? I want breakfast

Lu: Chanyeol makes you breakfast?

TaoTao: Chanyeol hyung can cook?

Baekhyunnie: Chanyeol’s breakfast is to die for

Baekhyunnie: like u don’t understand, it makes ur day 10 times better

Hot dad: Chanyeol’s no.1 fan has arrived

Baekhyun’s hoe: excuse u, Baek and i share that title

Hot dad: And there’s the other one

No.1 Vivi supporter: So no one’s seen him?

XingXing: He’s at my place

Myeonie: Why?

Hot dad: Is he okay?

XingXing: Kyungsoo’s cooking breakfast for him

Baekhyun’s hoe: ohmygod

Baekhyunnie: does this mean??

No.1 Vivi supporter: Nah, Chanyeol hyung was here when I went to bed last night

Kris: What if he left during the night?

Baekhyunnie: oh my god

Myeonie: Kris please don’t encourage them

No.1 Vivi supporter: That’s possible

Dog Lord: kyungsoo doesn’t like yeol tho?

Lu: Oh you sweet child

Lu: So innocent and oblivious

Dog Lord: i’m not oblivious

No.1 Vivi supporter: Luhan hyung don’t be mean to Nini

Hot dad: You’re just as oblivious

No.1 Vivi supporter: @Yeol The mean couple are being mean to me, I need support

Yeol: morning guys!!!

Yeol: hyungs pls don’t be mean to sehun in the mornings, he’s sensitive

Baekhyunnie: someone’s in a good mood

Baekhyun’s hoe: i wonder why.....

Yeol: soo made me breakfast! it tasted like heaven

Kyungsoo: Don’t get used to it.

Kyungsoo: But, thank you, I’m glad you liked it.

Myeonie: So out of curiosity, why did you make Chanyeol breakfast?

TaoTao: Love that Junmyeon hyung wants to know the gossip as much as we do

Myeonie: No, i’m just being curious

Baekhyunnie: gossip gossip gossip


Kyungsoo: Are you guys going to let me answer?

No.1 Vivi supporter: Go ahead hyung

Kyungsoo: Chanyeol wants me to work on the vocals for his new song and he wanted to go out for breakfast. It made more sense for him to come to mine to eat than spend money on food out.

Lu: This is so fucking cute, why don’t you make me breakfast, Minseok?

Hot dad: I let you sleep with me

Lu: Fair point, I can go without breakfast

Kyungsoo: Chanyeol and I are going to go work on his song now.

Yeol: bye guys!!! love u all!!!

No.1 Vivi supporter: Love u too hyung!!

Baekhyunnie: ....

Baekhyun’s hoe: ......

TaoTao: ........

Baekhyunnie: do u think they’re gone?

Baekhyun’s hoe: they must be

Baekhyunnie: so guys, who’s gonna spy on them?

Myeonie: Children, stop

No.1 Vivi supporter: It needs to be someone unsuspicious

TaoTao: I volunteer as tribute

Kris: Nah, you’re too close to Baekhyun and Jongdae, Kyungsoo would figure it out


Hot dad: What about Yixing?


Hot dad: What? We all wanna know how it goes

Lu: Yeah that works, Yixing uses the studio regularly so it wouldn’t be weird for him to be there

Dog Lord: @XingXing you up for it hyung?

XingXing: I really shouldn’t, the boys trust me

No.1 Vivi supporter: Tao, u know what to do

TaoTao: Come on XingXing, for me?

XingXing: Fuck

XingXing: Fine, I’ll do it

Lu: Knew we could rely on you Yixing

No.1 Vivi supporter: Thank u Tao, you’re the best!

Dog Lord: better than me?

No.1 Vivi supporter: No!! Of course not! You’re the best in my eyes Nini

Hot dad: Ridiculous...

TaoTao: Sehun, you’re such a suckup

No.1 Vivi supporter: Fight me Tao

No.1 Vivi supporter: Anyway

No.1 Vivi supporter: What’s the plan @XingXing?

XingXing: Already on my way to the studio, I’m going to tell them I have final edits to make on a song I’m working on and that they’ll barely notice I’m there

Myeonie: Guys...

Baekhyunnie: please just allow this once hyung?

Myeonie: I was just going to say we should probably create a new groupchat for this, without Yeol and Kyungsoo in it

Baekhyun’s hoe: YES! RIGHT! GOOD!

Baekhyun’s hoe: @Baekhyunnie spam this chat so they won’t bother to read the conversation later

Baekhyunnie: okay!!!!

Baekhyunnie: so like

Baekhyunnie: what i don’t get

Baekhyunnie: is how Tao is still friends with Sehun

Baekhyunnie: even though

Baekhyunnie: Sehun always mugs him off for Jongin?

Baekhyunnie: like if that was me

Baekhyunnie: i’d have told him to fuck off long ago

Baekhyunnie: so i really admire Tao

Baekhyunnie: and truthfully i think Sehun should act like a better friend

Baekhyunnie: because Tao’s literally always there for him

Baekhyunnie: if Yeol did that to me or Jongdae, i’d fight him

Baekhyunnie: okay maybe i wouldn’t

Baekhyunnie: but i’d be really pissed off

Baekhyunnie: Yeol wouldn’t do that tho

Baekhyunnie: not to be rude but i think u should learn from Yeol, Sehun

No.1 Vivi supporter: Hyung...

Baekhyunnie: okay that’s enough, have a good day everyone

super secret spy mission

Baekhyun’s hoe added Myeonie, Baekhyunnie, Hot dad and 6 others to the chat

Baekhyun’s hoe: so @XingXing how’s it going?

XingXing: I’ve just made it to the studio, Kyungsoo’s singing and Chanyeol has major heart eyes

Dog Lord: very cute

Hot dad: I want the real gossip though

TaoTao: Yixing hyung’s just arrived, give him time

Lu: Tao always defends Yixing

TaoTao: Uh we’re here to talk about chansoo thanks

Baekhyunnie: Chansoo, my favourite thing

Baekhyun’s hoe: big mood

XingXing: Okay so I went into the studio and Chanyeol startled and then Kyungsoo was the one with heart eyes and he literally giggled

XingXing: Do Kyungsoo giggled

Hot dad: I’m screaming

Lu: Can confirm, he’s scaring the cats

XingXing: Anyway, I put on my best innocent face and told Chanyeol I just needed to work on a song and transfer my files, and told them they wouldn’t even notice I was there

XingXing: Chanyeol seemed suspicious but Kyungsoo was like “Come on Yeol, let’s carry on”, so of course Chanyeol did straight away


No.1 Vivi supporter: Major breakthrough for Chansoo

Myeonie: Anything more happening?

Kris: Junmyeon, are you seriously getting involved?

Myeonie: ... Shut up Kris

Kris: Make me

Dog Lord: gross

XingXing: So Kyungsoo just finished singing harmonies for the song, and he asked Chanyeol if he did okay, and Chanyeol was just staring at him

XingXing: So Kyungsoo just says “Yeol?” and Chanyeol like splutters and stammers before saying “Oh my god, you were amazing”

XingXing: Kyungsoo starts blushing and telling Chanyeol he’s being overdramatic and Chanyeol keeps insisting he’s serious

TaoTao: I feel like I’m reading a fanfiction

No.1 Vivi supporter: Do u think either of them realise how smitten they are for each other?

Lu: If they did then we wouldn’t be discussing this in a separate group chat

Baekhyun’s hoe: Tru

Kris: Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve done this anyway

Dog Lord: what do you mean hyung?

Kris: Uh.. I just meant that y’all had that chansoo fanclub chat before

Baekhyunnie: why did we let that die?? best chat ever

TaoTao: Because Junmyeon hyung found out and made us delete it

Baekhyunnie: oh yeah, fuck u Junmyeon hyung

My dumb husband <3

Myeonie: I can’t believe you almost slipped up and revealed the Sehun and Jongin chat


Myeonie: CLEARLY

Myeonie: Pretty sure Jongin would have a mental breakdown if he found out Sehun actually does like him back

Myeonie: And that we have a group chat discussing it

Kris: I worry about them

Kris: Like we have all this focus on chansoo that they just get pushed to the side

Kris: They need just as much support as chansoo

Myeonie: I know babe, but the moment you try to help either of them they freak

Kris: Why are they like this???

Myeonie: I’ll ask Chanyeol to keep an eye on Sehun and give him some advice since he’ll only listen to Chanyeol and Tao

Kris: Thank you babe, love you

Myeonie: I love you too nerd

Kris: Speaking of Tao

Kris: I swear something’s going on between him and Yixing

Myeonie: Nah, they’re just close friends

Kris: I’m serious babe, something seems off

Myeonie: You’re going to investigate this now, aren’t you?

Kris: The detective hat is coming back out the closet

Myeonie: Why do I love you?

Kris: Because i’m a dork

Myeonie: True

super secret spy mission

XingXing: Sorry for the silence, they actually started acting professional so I had nothing to report

XingXing: However...

XingXing: Kyungsoo asked Yeol to go for lunch with him after the studio and obvs Yeol said yes

Baekhyunnie: find out where they’re going so i can stalk!!

Myeonie: NO

Myeonie: This is enough for today, let them have their lunch date alone

Baekhyun’s hoe: but how will we find out the goss??:(

Lu: You can literally ask Chanyeol and he’ll tell you everything

No.1 Vivi supporter: That’s very true

Kris: This Chansoo fanclub meeting is concluded

TaoTao: But hyung


XingXing: Please don’t yell at Tao, Kris hyung

Kris: ...

My dumb husband <3

Kris: See what I mean!!!!!!

Myeonie: You’re ridiculous

Kris: Taoxing is alive

Myeonie: That’s a dumb ship name

Myeonie: Can you come home please? I want cuddles

Kris: On my way

Kris: I’ll just go into the office tomorrow instead to finish off

Myeonie: Sorry I’m so demanding

Kris: Shut up, you know I’d literally do anything for you

Myeonie: You’re the best

Kris: Love how the kids think all we do is fight, they really have no idea

Myeonie: I’ll tell them how amazing you are eventually

Kris: Nah it’s fine, as long as I know you love me then I don’t care what they think

Myeonie: I do love you

Myeonie: Are you coming home soon?

Kris: Just got in the car, see you in 15 minutes babe

Myeonie: <3


No.1 Vivi supporter: Hey

TaoTao: Okay what’s wrong? Usually you greet me by calling me bitch

No.1 Vivi supporter: So I was thinking about what Baekhyun hyung said

No.1 Vivi supporter: I’m really sorry if I always make u feel second best to Jongin, Tao hyung

TaoTao: Sehunnie...

TaoTao: You know I don’t mind, like I understand

No.1 Vivi supporter: But I shouldn’t put u through that, ur way too understanding

No.1 Vivi supporter: Like ur one of my best friends and u know me so well and i’d be so so lost without u

TaoTao: Bitch i’m crying

TaoTao: Shut up I love you so much

TaoTao: I know you have zero mean intentions when you “mug” me off, i’m honestly fine with it

TaoTao: As long as you don’t ever cancel our plans to hang with Jongin instead then i’m fine

No.1 Vivi supporter: I would never

No.1 Vivi supporter: Please accept my apology, I’m so sorry if I ever take it too far, I don’t want to hurt you

TaoTao: You’re so cute, you don’t hurt me, we’re fine

TaoTao: You know I don’t hesitate to call you out when you’re in the wrong

No.1 Vivi supporter: It’s one of the reasons I love u bitch

TaoTao: <3 <3 <3

Mystery Inc.

Dog Lord: uhm why is tao hyung crying??

Hot dad:: You live with him, why don’t you just ask him?

Dog Lord: he never cries, this is scary

XingXing: Who the fuck made my Tao cry?

No.1 Vivi supporter: My bad


XingXing: I swear to god, if you hurt him

TaoTao: Woah Yixing hyung, calm down, i’m fine

XingXing: But Sehun made you cry?

TaoTao: Because he was adorable and apologised to me. I’m crying because he’s such a cute friend

XingXing: Oh. I’m sorry for yelling Sehun

No.1 Vivi supporter: It’s okay hyung, i’d act the same way if someone made Tao hyung cry

Kris: “my Tao”

Myeonie: Not the right time, Yifan

Dog Lord: Why did Sehun apologise?

TaoTao: Uhm

No.1 Vivi supporter: I just thought about what Baekhyun hyung said earlier and realised he’s right

Dog Lord: Oh

Dog Lord: Interesting

Dog Lord left the chat

No.1 Vivi supporter: ???????? ?? ??????

Hot dad: @Baekhyunnie Look what u did

Baekhyunnie: fuck

Kyungsoo: I’ll handle this.

Hot dad: ... is that a good idea?

Kyungsoo: I said, I’ll handle it.

Hot dad: Okay okay, go ahead


Kyungsoo: Are you okay?

Dog Lord: i feel like shit hyung

Kyungsoo: Why?

Dog Lord: i never realised how much Sehun mugs tao off for me and now he’s apologised to tao, i feel awful

Dog Lord: like i wasn’t trying to steal Sehun off tao just because i have feelings for Sehun, they’re best friends

Kyungsoo: You know you’ve done nothing wrong here, right?

Dog Lord: i kept trying to get Sehun’s attention whenever he would compliment tao, i was being unfair

Kyungsoo: I honestly don’t think Tao is bothered, he would have said something if he was.

Dog Lord: he’s my flatmate hyung, i should treat him with more respect

Dog Lord: i’m just going to back away from Sehun and move on

Kyungsoo: That’s literally the stupidest idea you’ve ever had, Kim Jongin.

Kyungsoo: Why would you completely throw away your chances with Sehun as well as your entire friendship?

Dog Lord: because i’m hurting tao

Kyungsoo: I really don’t think you are. The solution to this situation is clearly talking to Tao to clear things up. You can also just try not to step in as much when Sehun compliments Tao, but you can decide that after your chat with him.

Dog Lord: you’re so logical hyung, i wouldn’t have even thought of that

Dog Lord: i’m scared tao will shout at me though

Kyungsoo: Tao would never shout at you, he finds you too adorable.

Dog Lord: you’re sure it’ll be fine?

Kyungsoo: 100% certain.

Dog Lord: thank you kyungsoo hyung, i needed this

Kyungsoo: You’re welcome.

Kyungsoo: Oh, and Jongin?

Dog Lord: yh?

Kyungsoo: Be more flirty with Sehun, he won’t get the hint you like him if you just keep acting the way you do.

Dog Lord: but i don’t know how to flirt hyung

Kyungsoo: Don’t be ridiculous, you used to flirt with me all the time before Sehun.

Dog Lord: ... sorry about that again hyung

Kyungsoo: It’s not your fault i’ve been smitten for Chanyeol since we met. Sorry I didn’t like you back.

Dog Lord: the moment i met Sehun i got over it

Kyungsoo: I just want you to be happy, Jongin.

Dog Lord: i know hyung, i want you to be happy too. i’m gonna go talk to tao now!

Kyungsoo: Good luck!

Mystery Inc.

TaoTao added Dog Lord to the chat

Dog Lord: hey guys!!

Myeonie: JONGIN

No.1 Vivi supporter: Are you okay??

Dog Lord: i’m fine

Dog Lord: side note: kyungsoo hyung and tao hyung are the best hyungs and y’all should treat them right

XingXing: I always treat Tao right!!

TaoTao: No one treats me better than you Yixing hyung!!

Kris: Interesting

Myeonie: Kris, be quiet

Dance hoes

No.1 Vivi supporter: Are you sure you’re alright Nini?

Dog Lord: of course!! i just freaked out a little is all

No.1 Vivi supporter: I’m sorry if I upset u

Dog Lord: you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for Sehunnie

Dog Lord: are you okay though?

No.1 Vivi supporter: Ngl I was super worried about u but i thought i’d make it worse if I messaged u

Dog Lord: you could never make things worse, but kyungsoo hyung was the most helpful to me in the moment

No.1 Vivi supporter: I’m glad u had support Nini, I hate seeing u upset

Dog Lord: you’re so cute Sehunnie, i’m glad i have you in my life

No.1 Vivi supporter: Me too!!!

No.1 Vivi supporter: I don’t want you thinking things are gonna be different between us now, I still feel exactly the same about you as before

Dog Lord: good

Dog Lord: so i have a showcase coming up soon, i was wondering if you could critique my new choreography?

No.1 Vivi supporter: I uh yes of course!! When?

Dog Lord: how about tomorrow after my last lecture?

No.1 Vivi supporter: Perfect, I can’t wait!

Dog Lord: thank you Sehunnie!!

The Hoes™

Baekhyun’s hoe: so Yeol

Baekhyun’s hoe: how’d your day with Kyungsoo go?

Baekhyunnie: i’m surprised you haven’t talked about it yet

Yeol: i mean it was going great

Baekhyun’s hoe: was?

Yeol: like it was super cute this morning and he kept calling me yeol and my heart was melting

Baekhyunnie: he called you Yeol!!! how cute!!!

Yeol: and then we went for lunch

Baekhyun’s hoe: that’s good, isn’t it?

Yeol: it was so good until jongin got upset

Baekhyun’s hoe: .... Yeol

Yeol: dont get me wrong, i hated that jongin was upset and was happy kyungsoo was helping him, thats not the problem

Baekhyunnie: oh thank god i thought we were going to have to lecture you and i hate doing that

Baekhyun’s hoe: so what was the problem boo?

Yeol: i didn’t mean to see it

Yeol: but kyungsoo put his phone down when the food arrived

Yeol: and i sort of read his messages with jongin

Baekhyunnie: gasp! Chanyeol!

Baekhyun’s hoe: we’ve trained him well, i’m so proud

Yeol: calm down hoes

Yeol: anyway

Yeol: the messages i saw said that jongin used to flirt with kyungsoo loads

Yeol: so i think jongin and kyungsoo have a past, kyungsoos so private so he totally could have dated jongin w/out us knowing

Yeol: hoes?

Baekhyunnie: i. am. shook.

Baekhyun’s hoe: what the fuck???

Baekhyunnie: we know e v e r y t h i n g, how did we not know Jongin used to flirt with Kyungsoo????

Baekhyun’s hoe: this. is. major. m a j o r

Yeol: so im worried bc

Yeol: just hear me out a second

Yeol: what if jongin still likes kyungsoo and kyungsoo also has feelings for jongin and then not only will i be hurt but my poor little sehun too

Baekhyunnie: see i want to tell you that’s not the case but like

Baekhyun’s hoe: we thought we knew Kyungsoo and Jongin and now we’re very confused

Baekhyunnie: i don’t want either of you to get hurt

Yeol: now all i want to do is protect sehun

Baekhyunnie: so what did you do after you read the messages?

Yeol: i guess i just kinda shut down a lil but soo was too busy helping jongin (which im still fine with!!) to notice

Yeol: after we finished the food, i just paid and told soo i had to head home and then i rushed out and left him sitting there

Baekhyun’s hoe: and he hasn’t messaged you at all?

Yeol: n o p e

Baekhyun’s hoe: shit

Baekhyunnie: you’re home now right Yeol?

Yeol: nah im at the studio

Baekhyun’s hoe: what? why?

Yeol: i couldnt face sehun yet

Baekhyunnie: Yeol it’s late you should go home

Yeol: nah ill just sleep here

Baekhyun’s hoe: we disapprove

Yeol: im fine

Baekhyunnie: at least come stay at our’s

Baekhyun’s hoe: yeah i’ll order you a taxi!!

Yeol: nah its fine u two deserve an alone night

Baekhyunnie: Chanyeol istg you better come here or go home

Yeol: nope bye have a good night

Baekhyun’s hoe: PARK CHANYEOL

Mystery Inc.

Baekhyunnie: @Myeonie tell Chanyeol he needs to go home from the studio

Yeol: baek u gotta be kidding me

Baekhyunnie: this is what you get for not listening hoe

Myeonie: Park Chanyeol you better have a fucking good reason to stay at the studio this late

Yeol: oh trust me i do

Myeonie: What is it then?

Kyungsoo: The studio? You said you were going home.

No.1 Vivi supporter: Are u not coming home tonight hyung?

Yeol: the reason is unimportant

Yeol: probably not sehunnie, there’s leftovers in the fridge if you haven’t eaten yet

No.1 Vivi supporter: Thank you hyung, i’ll miss you!!

Yeol: ill miss u too

Hot dad: Did Chanyeol just

Lu: Ignore Kyungsoo?

No.1 Vivi supporter: Found your answer Junmyeon hyung

Kyungsoo: Chanyeol?

Yeol: hyung u did not just send kris hyung to come pick me up

Myeonie: Damn right I did bitch, you’re sleeping over at our’s

Yeol: i hate u all

Yeol: apart from sehun

Dog Lord: even kyungsoo hyung?

Yeol: well im being escorted to the car by kris hyung so i guess this is goodnight

Dog Lord: oh... night hyung!

The Hoes™

Baekhyunnie: i don’t think ignoring him helps anything

Yeol: honestly i dont care rn

Baekhyun’s hoe: Yeol we didn’t do this to upset you, we’re just worried

Yeol: I kno, i just need to be angry for a while

Baekhyunnie: okay but u know we’re here for u always, right boo?

Yeol: of course

Yeol: id be lost w/out u boys

Baekhyun’s hoe: we love you lots and hope you feel better

Yeol: thank u i love u both

Baekhyun’s hoe changed Yeol’s name to Baek and Dae’s hoe

Baekhyun’s hoe: there, now you’re ours until you decide not to be

Baek and Dae’s hoe: thanks i love it

Baekhyunnie: Dae you’re gonna cause drama

Baekhyun’s hoe: i know :3

Baekhyunnie: i love u

Baekhyun’s hoe: love you too hoe

Baek and Dae’s hoe: cute!! night hoes

Baekhyunnie: night Yeol!!!

Baekhyun’s hoe: night!!

Tol and Smol

Kyungsoo: Chanyeol?

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