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Miranda's Guilty Pleasure

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Andy's day had started off badly. The night before she had to answer the obnoxious ringing of her cell at 2 am, which had woken both her and her boyfriend, Nate.

Nate had been pissed off about the call. They ended up arguing for hours after Miranda disconnected the call, getting no further sleep. Nate had stormed off to the bathroom before Andy, hogging the shower and using all the hot water. Managing a cold shower Andy left her apartment at 6 am to collect the 14 Hermes scarves Miranda had demanded.

Once again Nate had shown his distinct lack of understanding and support for her career. He couldn't handle the fact he was no longer her number one priority. All she was asking was for his support for one year. One year as Miranda's assistant would let her have her pick of any job. It was becoming increasingly clear he resented the time she dedicated to both Runway and Miranda, but she had to be available at all times as Miranda's Personal Assistant.

Deep down Andy knew she didn't mind meeting all Miranda's needs; she could read the editor's inscrutable countenance better than anyone else at Runway and she had thrived on her ability to grasp what Miranda wanted even before she realised herself.

She arrived at Runway early clutching Miranda's hotter than the sun Triple Venti, No Foam Latte and the scarves. The office was empty. Checking the contents of her purse she smiled at the stash of chocolate knowing she would have peace sometime later that day to indulge. Pulling her chocolate stash out of her purse she placed the items in her desk drawer.

Hearing the elevator stop and the clack of heels on the marble tiles she closed her drawer quickly knowing her boss had arrived for the day to wreak her usual havoc on the unsuspecting minions of Runway.

Opening the doors to the foyer she looked up at the editor. She was gorgeous. As she stalked towards the office Andy took in her Miranda's outfit. 5-inch Black Prada heels, charcoal Bill Blass trousers, tailored to fit her perfect backside and a black DKNY wraparound blouse that showed enough cleavage to leave you wondering what else lay beneath the clothes. She looked perfect.

Miranda launched her purse and Burberry coat onto Andy's desk as Andy handed her the day's schedule and her coffee.

"Good Morning, Miranda." Andy gave Miranda one of her brightest smiles.

Giving Andy a death glare Miranda launched into her demands as she entered her office, Andy walking a step behind, her notebook in hand. "Ahn-dré-ah, call Calvin Klein and tell them I need the blouses ready no later than 11 am. You will pick them up and I need you back here no later than 11:25 am sharp. Move the run through to 11:30 am. Call Patrick and advise him that the shoot will go as planned next Tuesday, I expect him to be back from Paris by then. Tell Nigel that he needs to fix page 45 of the book, I asked for clean, athletic, smiling, they sent me dirty, tired and paunchy. Phone Irv and tell him I cannot make the appointment for the budget meeting this afternoon, I do not have the time nor the inclination to discuss the budget. Get me that lamp I liked in that shop we passed last Friday."

Andy nodded and continued to smile. "Yes, Miranda."

"And Ahn-dré-ah, don't forget that the car needs to go to the garage. That's all!"

"Oh my God, one of these days I'm going to either kill her or kiss her." Andy thought to herself as she hurried around her desk. "Oh, fuck where did that thought come from?" She wondered.

It was time to focus and start her day.


She returned to work later than usual after another busy day of running impossible errands for her boss. Miranda had been on fine form today, issuing countless instructions that kept her out of the office. Looking at her watch she realised it was now after 6 pm. She still had to wait for the Book; this meant another few hours before she would get home, eat and then hopefully sleep before starting the process all over again tomorrow. The few hours would hopefully allow her to catch up with her emails and ensure Miranda's schedule for tomorrow was updated. She was looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea, kicking off her heels and enjoying her secret stash of snickers.

She was waved through security as she sprinted through the lobby of Elias Clarke, her hands full. Throwing a quick thanks to the guard she entered the elevator they were holding open for her.

Entering the foyer of Runway she observed the lamplight coming from Miranda's office. On sitting at her desk she realised the editor was gone. Easing into her seat she kicked off the Jimmy Choo's she was wearing, unlocked her Mac and opened her mail client. Organising the email from most to least important she spotted an email from Nigel.

Sender: nkipling
Recipient: asachs
Subject: Secret Stash

Hey Six,

Before I left, I saw M rummaging around your desk. She was muttering something about Tylenol.

You may want to ensure your not-so-secret stash hasn't been placed in the trash, you know how she gets when she thinks people are eating at their desks.

Good Luck.

Nigel xxx

Opening her drawer she found one of the three Snickers bars she had hidden. Andy was confused. Why on earth would two chocolate bars be missing? She thought as she muttered. "Fuck! Is nothing sacred?" Shrugging off her displeasure she continued to work her way through the emails. As she was responding to an email from HR, she heard a moan coming from the kitchen behind her. Spinning around in her chair she looked towards the area, noticing briefly, for the first time that evening, the dim fluorescent hue lighting the room.

Getting to her feet lightly she stepped cautiously into the kitchen and nearly expired on the spot. Shocked into silence she found Miranda sat on the counter, shoes off, eyes closed, one unopened Snickers bars next to her and the other being bitten into with obvious delight.

Andy's breath hitched at the sight in front of her. Her heated gaze travelling over the length of the editor before coming to rest on the chocolate bar being delicately bitten. The treat elicited moans of pleasure from Miranda that sent an onslaught of desire right through her body. Watching the editor taking so much pleasure in eating an innocuous chocolate bar held her captivated. Looking down she blushed furiously at the flame of desire raging in her.

Hearing a shift Andy looked up again, and her eyes fleetingly met the ice blue eyes of her boss before the other woman's gaze shifted guiltily.

Pushing off from the top of the kitchen counter Miranda landed on her feet gracefully. Grabbing the second Snickers while clutching the half-eaten chocolate bar, she stalked towards the young woman. When they came abreast at the door Miranda pulled the open chocolate bar back up to her mouth and taking a deep bite, caught Andy's eye and winked before stalking from the room.

"Oh my God, one of these days I'm going to either kill her or kiss her." Andy thought again as she watched the sway of the editor's hips as she walked into her office.