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Original Character

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Asgore walked through his garden, humming. It was one of the few places in the underground touched by sunlight. Some monsters found the glow from the barrier depressing, but he had felt the sunlight on the surface, centuries ago, and only found it calming. Besides, he needed it for his flowers. They just didn’t grow as well without it.

“Nice day today,” he mumbled to himself. As he admired a patch of flowers, he heard a scratching noise, and turned around. It seemed to be coming from under the earth. He started to bend over, and the ground exploded, sending flowers and clots of earth flying everywhere. He winced. He would have to try and replant them later.

From the ground emerged a flower - or so it seemed. While it looked superficially like all the golden flowers that grew in his garden, this flower had a face between its petals. It was not a friendly face. It was a twisted, warped face, its mouth contorted into angles, its eyes wide and hollow, dripping a strange fluid.

The figure opened its mouth, and produced a nauseating, screeching sound, like nails dragged over a chalkboard. It was interrupted by Asgore.

“Excuse me,” he said, “I do not think we have met. What is your name?”

The scream stopped. The flower seemed taken aback for a moment. “I’m-” it said in a high-pitched voice, then started over, deep and rumbling. “I’m Yewolf. Yes. Yewolf, the harbinger of your doom!”

“It is nice to meet you, Yewolf. Can I help you? It looks like you are having problems with your eyes.”

“I- I-”

“I’m afraid I have never met a monster like you before, but I am quite good with plants. I think I may be able to help.”

The flower’s face snapped into a more familiar, although angry, form. “It’s no good if you aren’t scared!”

“Ah.” Asgore smiled. “I am sorry. How silly of me.” He sighed. “Well, while you are here, would you like a cup of tea?”

“That… yes,” the flower muttered, “that would be nice. Thank you.”

“I usually drink golden flower tea, but I think that would be in poor taste, so I will bring something else. Do you have a preference?” He walked toward his house.

The flower stayed silent.

“Okay, I will pick something for you. It is always nice to share a cup of tea with a friend.” Asgore chuckled. “You know, Yewolf, I just realized something funny.” He turned around again. “If you spell your name backward, it says…”

The flower was gone.