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Mikaela's hands were rough and utterly aggressive much later on that night, a great contrast to his usually calm demeanor, his soothing voice, his soft breaths that always knew how and where to elicit the most arousing responses from deep in his throat. These last few weeks that they had been in hiding, Yuuichirou had only ever known his best friend to be a gentle lover, a thoughtful partner during their lovemaking.

Truth be told, it was something that Yuu had gradually learned to get used to—and to an extent—even come to expect.

But alas, there was none of that tonight, not when Mika's crimson eyes burned with resentment and self-righteous injustice, his fervent kisses on Yuu's throat, his lips, his chest...all of them meant only one thing: a means of punishment to get a point across. 

There was a driving persistence that was taut in the blond's muscles, his movements urgent from the very tips of his hands as he gripped the inside of Yuu's palms and held them above his head, threading their fingers together in silent desperation. 

Yuuichirou knew better than to fight it, squeezing the vampire's hand as tightly as he could instead, biting his lip unconsciously. He spread his thighs farther apart, more than willing to accommodate him.

There was a surreal aspect about their encounter that night that Yuu couldn't help but notice, the way the late evening seemed so pleasant with the stars twinkling silently above them, the unsoiled scent of the ocean breeze lulling their other friends to sleep. Deep in the forest they ensconced themselves in, the cicadas chirped without a second thought, their toneless melody creating a seemingly contented environment. 

Under the mercy of his best friend's voracity however, the last thing in Yuuichirou's mind was anything but peaceful.

Mika's grip was not painful, but the unspoken words behind it was strictly adamant that no concessions be made, not tonight, no truce or reconciliation that would be forthcoming any time soon. 

It was an internal conflict between their two fundamentally different outlooks of the same situation; for now, they will let their lust do the talking for them. 

"Why do you defend him...?!" Mika whispered furiously in his ear, his powerful hands frantically pulling at the white belt around Yuu's hip, letting out a growl of frustration when he finally yanked it free, the piece of leather snapping in two due to the force of his pull. "He's only using you!"

An accusation born from his bitterness; they both knew this, but the blond would be damned if he even so much as thought of acknowledging that fact out loud. 

"No...he's our family, Mika!" Yuu replied with just as much conviction, a moan escaping past his lips when the blond managed to slip his hands underneath his shirt, caressing his nipples, rolling them between his fingers, pinching and pulling at them a little too harshly. "He's one of us—ahhh!" 

"He means to use you for his own gain...! 'Bring back humanity the way it was'?! Ha! Don't make me laugh," Mika retorted back at him, his voice filled with such cynicism that it made Yuu's heart ache with melancholy. 

His best friend's heart had no room for anyone else, closed off to the world as it was already. In the deep recesses of his mind, Yuuichirou felt the guilt of leaving him behind eat him alive once more, devouring him bit by bit. 

Mikaela's mind filled to the brim with resentment, he didn't give Yuu a chance to say anything else, slamming his lips against the other boy's mouth, his fangs grazing the latter's bottom lip, impatient and obtrusive. 

There was no sweet foreplay, no playful teasing in his kiss. Simply put, Mika was in no mood in holding himself back, and when Yuu tried to wrap his arms around his friend's neck, the blond arrogantly refused the gesture, pinning his wrists once more instead. 

Unfazed by his partner's cold disposition however, Yuu opted instead to wrap his legs tightly around the vampire's hips, refusing to let go even as the blond tried to wiggle his body free, obstinate in wanting to dislodge him. As their tongues swirled together in fierce ardor, drool rolling down their chins, Yuu tried once more to talk sense to his friend, even as the pleasure of their kiss threatened to overwhelm him.

"Why don't you give Guren a chance—" he murmured, before Mika brought a hand to cover his eyes, plundering his friend's mouth even deeper, trying to quiet him down. 

No...he'll neither listen nor hear anything more from him, the anger in his veins ringing in his ears. 

They stayed like that for quite some time, but eventually, the need for air had to be addressed and Mika ripped his mouth away with a heated smack, lifting his hand from Yuu's face to insert two fingers inside his best friend's mouth. Mikaela's face only wore a blank expression while Yuuichirou's tongue curled around the digits, the blond instinctively fighting the urge to gag him completely. 

Theirs was a clash of two completely different convictions, unwilling to hear out the other's point of view, their stubbornness overtaking the manner in which they tried to make the other listen. In retrospect (or perhaps it was nothing more than a comfort they tried to contend themselves with), the situation itself was not so different when they had been younger. 

Nonetheless, the lewd expression on Yuu's face controlled Mika's violent urges for the moment, and the vampire let out a moan of arousal, pulling his hand away to bring his fingers to his own lips, his tongue sticking out to lick them clean. His mouth moved slowly, deliberately, his eyes never once leaving Yuu's face.

Having opened his eyes only to see Mika's intense gaze fully concentrated on him, Yuuichirou couldn't help but gulp in nervousness, his heart having skipped a beat or two while his body jolted from surprise. The exhilaration of being desired by the person before him coursed inside his chest, making him feel like he had become delicious prey at that very moment

And perhaps to some degree, he was correct. 

As if reading his friend's thoughts, his fangs glistening with hunger, Mikaela abruptly lunged for Yuu's neck, the piercing sound of his teeth plunging against pliant flesh sharp in his ears. His hand letting go of his friend's wrist to hold the back of his neck and shoulder steady, he took his fill greedily, his throat gulping the vital essence with vigor. 

As Yuuichirou felt the familiar rush of euphoria flooding his veins, he took his chance and wrapped his arms around Mika's neck, pulling him close, inhaling the pleasant scent of his hair, his legs wrapping around the vampire's waist even tighter, unwilling to let go. 

While the blond continued to drink, his hands frantically fumbled to unbuckle his partner's pants, his fingers quickly pulling down on the zipper, yanking the garment down as much as he could, his eagerness getting the best of him. The sweet, intoxicating flavor of Yuu's blood seared itself into the very pores of his body, almost as if it were some miraculous elixir that would continuously bring him back to life, each and every time he consumed it. 

Mikaela could feel the tantalizing call of impatience thrumming through his veins; he wanted to hear more from Yuu, wanted to feel him writhing and begging for mercy beneath him. The more aroused he became, the more the fire blazed inside of his own body in turn.

It was a delirious, foolhardy thing, wanting to get the both of them into a state of such a high that the fire roaring inside of his chest would ravage them whole, leaving not a single trace behind, any remnant or proof that they had existed together once, in harmony and naiveté. But in fairness, it was something that Mika had already come to anticipate, ever since he realized that his friend's loyalty extended beyond his own. 

His current enmity towards Yuu was as great as his everlasting desire for him; even as a vampire, nothing has changed. Or perhaps that's not so accurate—having become a bloodsucking monster, the very existence of his passion for his best friend was an abnormality...the madness of a vampire. 

Yuuichirou moaned in response, his hips lifting to help him, temporarily unwrapping his legs from around his friend's waist. His breaths coming out in short pants, his gaze drifted heavenwards, taking in the clear night sky full of mesmerizing stars, enough to render him awe-struck for a split second. While the pleasure of Mika's fangs embedded deep in his throat was almost enough to make him feel faint, it wasn't until the blond's fingers firmly wrapped themselves around his hardened length that Yuu's mind suddenly jolted from the haze of lust it had been submerged in, his eyes widening in disbelief, his throat involuntarily letting out a panicked gasp.  

Mikaela dislodged his fangs from his best friend's neck, not bothering to wipe away the stark traces of blood that had dribbled down his chin.  

There was no more time to react afterwards, not when the blond's hand moved swiftly, jacking him off with indecent vigor, his pace relentless from the onset. Yuuichirou's hands flexed stiffly, his heart pounding in his chest from such heavy stimulation, his toes curling inside his boots as breathless heaves of air escaped his throat, reducing him to speechlessness. Unable to help himself, he spread his legs farther apart, his hips gradually moving of their own accord in unison with his friend's actions. 

Mika moved closer to him until their faces were only centimeters apart, his fingers tugging at Yuu's cock, his voice coming out in livid whispers while his mouth brushed against his lover's ear, almost as if he were about to cry. "You would choose him over me? Have I become so worthless to you...?!" 

It was a low blow, and they both knew it. Guren was half the reason Yuuichirou was alive now, in the same vein that Mikaela compromised the other half. To make his best friend choose was unfair, unreasonable...cruel. Regardless of that logic, Mika couldn't help but feel petty—vindictive even, throwing reasoning out the window for all he cared at that precise moment.

In response to his friend's allegations, Yuuichirou could only shake his head vehemently, a tear escaping his eyes as he felt waves of pleasure violently assaulting him, sliding through the tunnel of his spine, traveling across the maze of his nerves. Precum oozed from the slit of his cock, and when he felt Mika's thumb press against it once—twice, his mind became a miasma of unspoken words, spinning inside his brain like a tornado, out of control. 

', how could you even think of asking me that, when a day didn't pass where I wasn't think of you...! Yes...yes, yes, just like that...! feels so good, I want more...!' 

His mouth was incapable of coherent speech to form any semblance of a reasonable reply, so Yuuichirou did the first thing he came up with to sooth his best friend, clutching both sides of Mika's head, sunflower locks between his fingers, and crushing his lips against his own, his breath coming out as panting sobs. He could still taste the faint traces of his own blood inside his partner's  mouth, his heart still beating wildly in his chest when he felt himself becoming more aroused at the mere thought, the erotic image stamping itself into the canvas of his mind when he realized how monstrous...and alluring his friend looked at that precise moment, their saliva and his blood sinfully mingling together. 

In its own way, it was somewhat ridiculous, the last vestiges of Yuu's mind thought. Mika's heart was broken because of him, because of his actions...and the only thing he could do to mend it was give him a silly kiss, unoriginal as that was. Still, Yuuichirou put forth all the effort into that one single gesture, tilting his chin a bit to kiss him even deeper, the unceasing, wet slap of their lips and tongues sounding obscene to anyone who may have chanced upon them. 

Mikaela was taken aback by his friend's abrupt boldness, but the surge of fury still roared within him, and he tried to break away at first, his fingers choosing to move up and down much faster instead, his hand utterly slick by that point. 

Mika snarled internally, languishing when he felt his body betray him, and he couldn't help but return Yuu's kiss with savage fervor. Though his irritation governed his body for the present, Mikaela chided himself in that he could never deny his best friend anything. 

Yuuichirou was an honest, stubborn man, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise when he wouldn't let the blond move away, keeping their mouths fastened together while his hands eventually let slid from the vampire's cheeks to his behind. His hands caressed and massaged the vampire's buttocks, squeezing them, instinctively pushing them downwards toward his crotch. 

A few seconds later on, his forest-colored eyes snapped open without warning, and he quickly broke away from their kiss, holding onto Mika's neck, burying his nose in the latter's hair as he unabashedly groaned out loud, his voice sounding nothing if not shameless, his orgasm racking turbulently throughout his entire body, as if each nerve ending contained within were exploding with fireworks. 

His body twitched from the afterglow of coming, yet that didn't stop him from wrapping his arms around Mika's hips once more, insistently pulling him down. 

"Mika...Mika..." Yuuichirou chanted his name over and over again, a silent plea, his eyes glazed over as he looked up to see the blond breathing raggedly, his eyes hidden beneath his bangs. For a passing second, he couldn't help but admire how menacing Mikaela looked, how dangerously beautiful he was, and how he could have become so attracted to his best friend, longing for him more and more ever since he laid eyes upon him again all those months ago in Shinjuku. 

Wantonly, he pulled the vampire closer to him, groaning in dissatisfaction when Mikaela refused to budge an inch, bringing a hand to cover his face instead, his fingers quivering, trying to remain in control of himself. 

Traces of dried blood stained the blond's chin, and he hovered over Yuu quietly for a few seconds, fighting internally within himself to maintain his calm. His body shook with arousal, the sight of Yuu begging for him inciting sparks of pleasure to his groin, and he couldn't help but let out a smile that could only be described as deranged, wisely choosing to hide his expression behind his palm. 

But when he felt Yuuichirou's fingers reaching up unhurriedly to stroke his hardened length through his pants, his best friend's mouth hanging open with candid desire, he felt something becoming undone inside of him, a staunch tether that had wrapped itself firmly around the monster within the alcove of his soul unraveling before his very eyes, helpless as he was to stop it. 

And when his best friend realized that he wouldn't be stopping him any time soon, Yuu deftly unzipped his partner's pants and pulled them down, sitting up to envelop the vampire in his mouth, clutching the base of Mika's sex while he took in as much of the shaft as he could, closing his eyes in bliss, contentedly humming to himself. 

It was all the blond could take, and before he could allow to let Yuuichirou go any farther, he brusquely shoved him backward, letting his mouth slide off of him as the latter yelped in surprise. 

"Mika, what—" Yuu began, before he was abruptly cut off when the blond savagely kissed him, molding their lips together as he drew out his friend's tongue between his teeth, sucking on it while he brought his crotch downwards to rub against the other boy's manhood. 

For a blessed moment, the blond could allow  himself to let go of his resentment, the exquisite, pleasurable warmth radiating from the lower half of his body finally overwhelming the last remnants of clarity in his mind, drowning him in the animalistic intoxication of coming together with his best friend like this. 

He broke away from their kiss, bringing his lips to Yuu's ear and nipping at the cartilage, enough that it drew blood, earning him a moan from the other man. As the small bead of blood oozed from the shallow wound, Mikaela licked it clean with his tongue, the sensation of his warm breath against Yuu's skin making the latter blush from the roots of his hair. 

Yuuichirou shook his head at the feel of the sudden, intimate contact, beads of perspiration rolling down his forehead and the back of his neck, and he shut his eyes tightly in response, his chest heaving. He responded back to Mika with genuine earnestness, his tongue darting out to lick his lips, his hips lifting and moving up and down to create even more friction between them. 

He repeated Mika's name over and over again, his mind solely focused on that one connection between them, where their bodies met and intertwined and became one. 

It didn't take long for Mikaela to lose himself within the gratifying sensations of moving against Yuu's warm body, their cocks sliding against one another in a dizzying spiral of ecstasy, his hips moving of its own accord as he gradually increased his pace, the bliss running through his nerves maddening, as if he were blindly reaching for something intangible, sending his train of thought into an exasperating frenzy. 

From the corner of his eye, Mikaela briefly spotted their weapons haphazardly thrown on the ground, a silent witness to their midnight tryst. How easy it would be...the vampire thought, to end everything right there and then, away from prying eyes, where he had Yuuichirou all to himself, the latter's mind currently filled with nothing but the blond's existence. He would be able to pull his best friend to the farthest dregs of heaven or hell or wherever it was that departed souls go to in the afterlife, take him away from the cursed plague that was Ichinose Guren and all the others whom were a danger to him...away from this ridiculous trash heap of filth they called their world. 

It was an awfully tempting thing to contemplate, in spite of the fact that no matter what, he already knew in his heart that he would never be able to pull of such a feat; the prospect of a life with Yuu...the possibility of it...tempted him so much more. 

Pulling Yuuichirou into a tight embrace, Mika dug his forehead onto his friend's shoulder, his teeth clenching tightly while his throat let out a guttural moan, his hands clenched tightly against the fabric of Yuu's shirt. He could feel his orgasm coming very soon, the speed of his movements becoming jerky, wholly frantic. 

"You feel so goodMika...!" Yuu groaned low into the blond's ear, bringing his hands to clutch at the vampire's backside, pressing their crotches together even harder. Without warning, he had restricted his partner's hurried pace, electrifying the pleasure between them even further. 

They both grunted, their voices erotically mingling together, unable to keep their volume down any longer. It was all that either of them could take, and within seconds, Mikaela came first, his cum shooting out to stain the surface of Yuu's shirt, his body shaking afterwards from the aftershocks of his orgasm. He collapsed on top of him, his breath heaving in the crook of his neck. 

Yuuichirou came shortly after for the second time, his back beautifully arching upwards as he rode the seamless waves of euphoria, his mouth hanging obscenely. He held Mikaela to him as tightly as he could for the longest time, only letting go when the blond roughly shoved himself away from him, seemingly aware of himself once more. 

Still panting, Mika's eyes were listless once more as he slowly turned his gaze towards Yuu, before looking away, his expression unreadable, pulling up his pants and sitting a couple of feet away from his best friend. 

Deafening silence. 

The atmosphere between them then seemed almost...anti-climatic. 

With his back facing Yuuichirou, he didn't utter a single word, but only brought a hand to massage his temples, the anger slamming back itself into existence inside his brain. This time however, thankfully, his temper was more in-check and he didn't feel as...unreasonable

If he were honest with himself, he didn't know what to say to Yuu, his current state at a loss for words. Nothing much had changed with their situation, their respective beliefs just as immovable as it was from the beginning. 

There was no mutual understanding between them at that point, not even a meeting of minds halfway, the both of them being stubborn idiots as they were (the last thought did make him smile a bit though). 

What's more, when Yuuichirou suddenly came up from behind him and wrapped his arms around his shoulder, leaning his nose forward to lay against the softness of his hair before moving to run butterfly kisses along the back of his neck and shoulders, Mika still couldn't say anyhting, only that he felt oddly content, despite the numerous problems that still lie ahead of them. 

Bringing a hand to lay on top of Yuu's fingers, Mikaela let out a weary sigh and hesitantly leaned into his lover's embrace, tenderly running his thumb across the back of his palm. 

Once again...silence, buzzing in his ear, a persistent presence.  

But it wasn't a bad thing, not at all...quite the contrary, it was perfectly all right. In fact, he could even go so far as to say that he preferred it, for the time being anyway.

He looked down on the ground, his eyes contemplating, the harsh scarlet of his gaze from earlier having cooled to a calmer maroon.

For now, the vampire thought quietly to himself, staring out at nothing while he continued to stroke Yuu's hand absentmindedly, closing his eyes at the sensation of his friend's lips caressing his skin, until they can figure things out from herein starting tomorrow...the silence will do.

For now.