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Queen's Gambit

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“Jamie” she squeaked as he pulled her toward him so her back molded to his chest. He was so tall he could rest his chin on the top of her head. He wrapped his arm across her chest, holding her tight. She felt more than heard his laugh. He leaned down and placed his mouth against her ear.  


“Hush, Sassenach, yer shivering.” As if proving his point, Claire’s body involuntarily shuddered, though it was not the cold, his deep rumble, the flick of his lips over her earlobe sent waves of pleasure rippling into her. “I’ll warm ye, no?”


Rather than answer, Claire leaned forcefully back against him and reached up, she brought the hand of the arm slung so tightly across her body to her lips and kissed the sensitive webbing between his thumb and index finger, licking playfully. Now it was his skin that broke out in gooseflesh. She could feel his abs clench in response. She settled his hand back across her body,  slightly lower down which was more a more comfortable fit for her as she had no intention of letting go of his hand.


Jamie closed his eyes breathing in the crisp night air. They were packed together tightly for the bonfire celebration. Pressed in the middle of the crowd, they could see the flames but didn’t feel the warmth. The band wasn’t half bad, now that the darkness was setting in, they at least played with more enthusiasm. Claire had thoughtfully brought a flask and there was no place he’d rather be than right here, with this woman in his arms. Moving of its own volition, his thumb stretched out a wee bit and brushed against her erect nipple. Jamie had not consciously realized what he was doing until Claire eased her grip so he could stretch his fingers out a little more. Her butt wriggled against him. Jamie bent forward and blew against her hair, pushing it out of the way and leaning in to kiss her neck.


“Oh!” Claire startled, though the noise level was loud enough that he barely heard her.


He knew how sensitive her neck was and the combination of cool breeze, hot lips and featherlight touches on her nipple made it impossible for her to stand still. She tried to turn around in his arms to kiss him.


He bit down -- not hard enough to hurt but firm enough to hold her in place. He put his mouth against her ear to be heard.


“Sassenach, ye’ll be still, aye. Otherwise we’ll attract notice and I dinna think ye’d care overmuch for such attentions?”


Jamie threw the plaid he had slung around his arm over the two of them, the move, with her facing front and away from him looked perfectly innocent, gallant even. But underneath, his hand pulled her shirt up, baring her abdomen, proving easy access to her front clasp bra. He deftly sprung the clasp and took the fullness of her breast into his solid, warm hand, pinching her nipple his fingers. Her mouth twisted up into his jaw, their heights impossible for her to equalize.


“Jamie!” she hissed as she grabbed his hand in hers. He laughed, understanding she meant to force his hand more firmly into her and not discourage him.

“Are ye wet mo chirdle?” he asked in what Claire had come to think of as his hushed “don’t spook the horses” voice. It made her shiver some more.


“I canna wait to find out. I’ll slowly run my hand down yer wee tummy, tease ye, ye’ll be wondering if I’ll move my hand lower now….”


In illustration Jamie dipped just one finger inside her waistband as his other hand kept a steady rhythm, now moving to her other breast.


“Or mayhap he’ll do so now?” At this Jamie moved his hand over the top of her skirt and deliberately pressed her clothes hard against her mound, not her clit.


“No’ this time, Sassenach.” he said, stating the obvious.


Her moan was drowned out by the screaming of the crowd around them, she hoped the movement of a group of sorority girls to her left would distract Jamie enough for her to move her crotch within finger reach but he moved with her, keeping distance.  


He kissed her cheek and she turned her face to reach his lips, thank God he was so tall, she needed a kiss, needed to feel his tongue somewhere on her.  He prolonged the kiss, tongue kept time with his wicked, roving hands. Someone bumped into them, knocking his hand askew. Claire resented the loss of touch and leaned her back heavily against him, firmly tucking her bottom against him as she turned her head looking for his lips.  


“Please….Jamie…” she whispered as Jamie drew her back to him by soft pressure along her jawline.


He was watching her, eyes dazed, lips swollen. His arousal had, up until that point, been largely centered in his brain, but no longer. Jesus, she could make him hammer hard with just her eyes. He needed to touch her body again. She sighed in relief as she felt one hand grip her breast and the other slowly migrate south again.


“Ye feel it, no?” he said, keeping up the verbal seduction in her ear as his hand finally dipped inside her skirt. Yet he denied her his bare fingers against her soft center, playing with the outside of her underwear instead. She moaned as she felt him pressing hard against her core.


“Oh, aye, ye do!” His delighted response at discovering the seat of her panties completely drenched resulted in another gush from her.  


His voice rumbled in a low dirty response as his tongue flicked the sensitive spot behind her ear. He wondered if she had ever been so wet with her own arousal that she could feel it dripping down her thighs. Perhaps tonight would be the night as her cream had, by now, completely coated his fingers. His cock was straining to get to her.


“Christ, Sassenach!” he said appreciatively.   


Jamie wondered if she could tell he was so turned on at this point he was literally shaking with need-- not the need to pleasure himself, but for the joy he could bring her. He pressed hard into her clit. The heat and the wet of her was intoxicating.


“If we were alone, a leannan, the only sound we’d hear would be yer wee noises and the squelch of my fingers playing with you. My mouth is watering just thinking of how ye’d taste.”


Her knees buckled, but he easily supported her, keeping her upright and facing forward. Her hips twisted, chasing him down.  It was too loud for him to hear the gasping breathes he had no doubt she was making now.


He loved this. Not the public sex. As a rule, he wasn’t an exhibitionist. No, what he loved was the challenge of it-- trying to bring her off when they had limited options for movement and action. He knew she was conscious on some level of not wanting to be caught and that added another element of thrill. But more than that, taking each other in such circumstances meant they had to be creative and find new ways to touch or tease, different positions, discover erogenous zones untouched. Nothing was static, nothing routine.


That he could rouse her body to his in a hundred different ways struck a powerful, deep and joyful chord within him. Claire easily overtook all of his senses. Just being in the same room with her caused a physical stir in him. Adding in taste and smell and feel made him want to rut like a stag, mindlessly plunging into her over and over again. Not that they hadn’t done that, too. But this made him feel less like an animal overwhelmed by her nearness, helplessly acting on  impulse. It frightened him as much as aroused him. While he was not willing to examine it too closely, he understood that the challenge of such adventures returned a feeling of control to him essential when he was forced to stay present, mindful always of where they were, who they were with, what he could and could not do under the circumstances.


The crowd was shouting now in response to some prompt from the stage. Good, that meant no one was looking at them. He sucked her neck hard. She whimpered. The crowd surged but he held them in place, pulling her to him hard, one hand firmly across her waist, the other dipping and playing along her pantyline, darting in and out teasing her skin with fingertips but never touching her center.


He was aware of the crowd in a “from the corner of his eye” kind of way but kept himself attuned to her, only her. Teasing the juncture of her groin, pinching her nipples, first one, then the other. His mouth flooded with saliva wanting to touch tongue to puckered bud. He could not help grinding into her firm, round arse.There was a delighted swell of noise from the crowd as the band and fans engaged in a back and forth call and response. Jamie had no idea what they were saying to each other. In the pauses of silence in between, he bent back to her ear.


“I can make ye come for me just by doing this, can’t I?” he said. “Without ever touching my fingers to ye directly?” She grunted her agreement.  He knew she was fast crossing the line between fully engaged to completely desperate. “If I wished, I’d have ye crying out for me, riding my fingers, no? Imagine, Sassenach, if only I would just press them into yer…. sweet….. juicy…. pussy.”  Jamie punctuated each word with the hard press of each finger poised on a different part of her vagina.


“Yes, God, please!” she moaned.


Claire leaned heavily on him, unable to manage the pretense any longer. Desperate to come, teased too long, her hands looked for purchase against his thighs, something, anything to anchor her movement. Jamie pressed one thigh between her legs from behind, she whimpered in relief understanding that he had solved her problem. At once giving her something to hold onto and something to grind against. He chuckled noting how quickly she adjusted herself but she was hampered by the fact that the fabric of her skirt was bunched up between her and his hard thigh. If she were to reach behind her and touch him, he’d be coming in his pants like a schoolboy petting his first girl, but she was mindless of anything save her own need. He was getting far too close himself.  He had to end it before he lost it entirely.


“Aye, that’s it, mo nighean donn, rock against me, harder.” Jamie encouraged, contracting the muscles of his leg to solid steel as he took his hand from her breast and pushed her down hard on his leg in illustration. Claire began to tilt her hips in earnest, craving the friction. Jamie was lost as well, his arm helping her make deeper circles, their movements now obvious for what they were if anyone cared to look at them now. Jamie could not stop, possessed by the need to satisfy her. Claire was whimpering louder, in the quiet pauses of the crowd he could hear her then the roar of the crowd would swell, echoing the rush of blood in his ears. Jamie almost broke his own rule, his fingers curled helplessly against the seat of her panties in mock imitation of the one act that would break Claire in a second, pushing them deep inside, touching the meaty heart of her center. His thumb touched her just so and his heart nearly stopped feeling her hand suddenly grip his wrist trying to force him inside her. She was moaning now, crooning to herself over and over. He bit his lip fighting for control. He told her she’d come for him without that and by God that is what he meant to do.


“I want to rip yer skirt up and pull yer panties down to yer ankles right here, I dinna care who’s watching! I need ye so, my Sassenach! I’d be inside ye in seconds yer so slippery and ye would rock yerself on me like that, oh just like that.” He began to flick and pulse his fingers over her using his middle knuckle to press her panties into her, the moist heat thrilling to him. He could just feel the pouty lips of her entrance give way and he pulsed knuckle and thumb in time with each other.


“Fuck me please! Harder!” Claire cried out riding the sensation.


“My cock is so hard thinking of you on yer knees, legs spread wide open, dripping like ye are right now.” He heard a higher squeak. “I’m thinking of ye sliding down on me, yer whiskey eyes rolling back into yer head as you sit slowly on me, pushing down all the way until ye are completely full of me.” Jamie hugged her to him hard, pulling her off her feet and forcing her weight to rest on his fingers, her clit squeezing and jumping in response. “A leanan, I love it when arch yer back it makes ye so tight and ye moan and use me to stroke yer clit. Can ye feel yerself like that? Ye quiver and I feel it deep in my balls, the twitching as it curls through ye, then to me and I can feel myself getting larger so ready for it and you, God, I want to split you like a hot, juicy peach wide open, dripping down--” She stopped consciously moving, instead she was  shuddering and keening. His whole body responded to hers and he cried out, “Oh fuck! yes, Claire!”


Hearing her name, used only when in deepest emotion is what did it. Claire’s high pitched scream was remarkably well timed with the end of the band’s set, one more going wild in the crowd would not be noticeable.


Jamie stretched out her orgasm as long as he could rubbing her clit, moving in time with her as she shuddered over and over against him. He stopped thinking, willing himself to be just in this moment with her, holding her as she came again and again. She had lost all awareness now, mindless in her need and like nothing he had ever experienced. Ah Dhia! She filled all his senses once more. In the upwell of his emotions, he felt tears gather at the corner of his closed eyes. His breathing was as erratic as hers, heart beating wildly.


“I love you. I love you. I love you.” echoed over and over in his head. Belatedly he realized he had said that out loud -- and in English no less. His heart literally stopped when he felt another rush from her body spilling over his fingers. He grunted in surprise when he felt his cock spurt in answer. He hung on, riding the sensation.


Afterward he would think, he would worry over what it all meant. He knew it was far too soon to tell her what was in his heart. For now it was enough to hold her to him, feeling her relax against him, trusting him to hold her and see her safe. The wealth of emotion sprung from him, unstoppable, out of control at times. Had he scared her with his admission? He stopped worrying over it just now, listening instead to the sounds of the crowd surrounding them and the echo of his heart beating in time with hers.