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Hello! I'm Alexandria. AKA Valerie sometimes.

If you'd like to contact me, my home sweet fandom home online is tumblr where I keep my fics masterpost, my fic recs (there's a lot of them!), and fan junkie bric-a-brac like gifs, screencaps, edits, thoughts. Feel free to email me at too.

I'm always on the lookout for new friends & betas so please feel free to reach out, say hi! Also please don't be shy commenting, I adore comments even when they're just a single enthused emoji 😊

My transformative works permissions: please feel free to translate, print+bind, podfic, remix, and/or create related fanart or fanvids for any of my works. Also totally fine to pen anything inside the universes I've written, or anything loosely based on/inspired by my fic. If you do any of these things, please send me a link (or on AO3, check the "this work is a remix, a translation, a podfic, or was inspired by another work" thing) so I can see it, go all heart-eyes over it, and link back to it. ❤️ I'm listed for FPS on this too fyi 👍

Thank you so much for taking a second to look me up!