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  1. Summary

    Series of short fics in various fandoms, prompted by my friends on tumblr from this set of prompts:

    0. the fool — the start of a new adventure
    I. the magician — the power to change one thing
    II. the priestess — keeping secrets
    III. the empress — a diplomatic solution
    IV. the emperor — an ethical dilemma
    V. the hierophant — a ritual or ceremony
    VI. the lovers — a choice between desire and obligation
    VII. the chariot — last-second rescue
    VIII. strength — endure and outlast
    IX. hermit — solitary
    X. wheel of fortune — change of plans
    XI. justice — equivalent exchange
    XII. the hanged man — at a disadvantage
    XIII. death — turning over a new leaf
    XIV. temperance — between two worlds
    XV. the horned god — call of the wild
    XVI. the tower — upheaval
    XVII. the star — signs of life
    XVIII. the moon — strange encounters
    XIX. the sun — summer love
    XX. judgment — rite of passage
    XXI. the universe — infinity