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  1. Summary

    A Tokyo Ghoul/Toukyou Kushu and Fire Emblem: Awakening crossover.

    Set in FE, with all possible TG and TG:re elements integrated into the story.
    Some things may appear different, and be so to a certain degree, but I believe everyone will enjoy this (except the extremely close-minded). It's all up to you!

    Just remember to read the tags...

    Suitable for readers of (n)either fandom!

    I - Spawn of Fell
    - Ylisse, Plegia, and the Shepherds.
    - The tightrope.

    II - Monochrome
    - Aogiri Tree and the CCG.
    - The birdcage.

    III - Unravel
    - The fate of the world.
    - The truth.