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    This series is finished and was posted in increments.

    Part One is where the mess begins. Adults play drinking games and talk about stuff. It’s mostly jokes but gets a little serious and gay, as in some members come out.

    Part Two is asks a lot of new questions without answering them, focusing on Jeno (featuring other '00 liners and Doyoung). It’s mostly just kissing and angsty dialogue wrapped up in a ‘coming of age’ story.

    Part Three explores Renjun’s and Yuta’s thing. Other important people are Taeyong, Mark, Doyoung, and Johnny. This part is super angsty but has a happy ending.

    Part Four wraps it up. It’s in Doyoung’s and Jeno’s points of view. Taeyong also features prominently. It’s rated explicit due to a sex scene (not including Jeno) and highly sexual language. In theory, the sex scene can be skipped without making the rest of the plot confusing.

    So do you have to read these in order? Well, Part Two doesn’t contain any vital information to Part Three and vice versa. If you only give a shit about Renjun and Yuta, you don’t have to read Two or Four. However, if you want to read Four, I recommend at least reading Two and Three.