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    When Luke Skywalker—operating under the name of Luke Lars—accepts a job offer from none other than Darth Vader to become the next Head Engineer aboard his flagship, The Executor, a.k.a. The Lady, he hardly expected his life to take as much of a turn as it did.

    Learning how to navigate his way through the microcosm of culture that is the Lady, Luke finds that life is far from quiet in his new home. Friendships and rivalries are made, inventions and politics throw everything into disarray, and throughout it all, Luke and Vader slowly find themselves drawn closer to each other, much to the relief and awe of many of the Lady's crewmembers.

    Follow our favorite engineer from the twin suns as he goes from strangers, to friends, to adoptive family with his mysterious new mentor, and changes the face of the galaxy forever in the process. There are mysteries about the past to be unraveled, inventions to be made, wars to be fought, and family bonds to be forged in the fires of revolution and rebellion.

    They say that Darth Vader has no heart, that the Empire and its Emperor are eternal, that the Jedi are dead and gone, and that nothing will ever change.

    "They" have obviously never met Luke Skywalker before.


    15 Dec 2020