You'd always have people better than you, people more terrible than you. So, don't beat yourself up whenever you make mistakes.

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Not sure why people would look at my profile but hey, I won't judge. Call me Zhao Ru. My pronouns are he/him. As long as you play nice, I would treat you respectfully.

Pansexual and aromantic at the same time and I'm single (obviously). Nowadays I'm into cnovels with my favourite Scum Villain Self-Saving System (SVSSS).

I like pastel colours like pastel blue or pastel pink and so on. I loves cats, wolves, red pandas, squirrels, lions and more furry, cute animals. I can't touch dogs, sadly. I love babies. seriously, they're cute as fuck.

I write, draw, sing and read. I don't do sports. I'm very weak and chubby. Don't ask me what I hate or what my pet-peeves are, I'd most likely never tell you. Also, if you ever meet me in real life-I doubt that'd happen- If you have nothing else to say, don't say anything. Let us appreciate the silence peacefully. Thank you.