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  1. Summary

    Remember when dream novels were a thing back in the 2006-2014 TeniPuri fandom? This series is just a collection of characterXOC fictions written in a dream novel style. Will likely include other fandoms asides from TeniPuri. Requests can also be taken; just leave a comment.

  2. Summary

    Series of fiction related to "Lost in Thoughts". Explores the relationships of the other characters in the universe. Set two years after the events of TeniPuri. ShinTeni almost entirely ignored, save for references to some characters.

    Series Warnings: Major character death, suicide, self-harm, implied underaged sexual experiences

    Lost in Thoughts Summary: Yukimura Seiichi desperately attempts to convey his last thoughts and feelings to the people closest to him as he rapidly loses control of his body. Whether his words can reach those people is up to Yanagi Renji, who was shoehorned into being the messenger. (Yukimura/Sanada with brief mentions of Yukimura/OC, Yukimura/Shiraishi)

    Replacement Summary: They were both in love with and broken by the same person. Now that Yukimura Seiichi is gone, the two attempt to fill the void he had left, but is it all in vain? (Shiraishi/OC with mentions of Mouri/OC, Yukimura/Shiraishi, Yukimura/OC)