The eternal suffering (BBC Merlin)

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This is a series dedicated to the dynamics between Sir Leon and George the servant of BBC Merlin.
Since they would have had SO MUCH Potential!!!!!
They will be the main focus in this series.

I may not be the first to write Geon/Leorge BroTP stories.... but I certainly came up with them without guidance, so I will present myself as BroTP inventor D:
They are my children and I love them.
So I HAVE to show the off. I hope you will like them ^^


You CAN, if you want, read them as a potential ship, crack ship, whatever. You can also make your own stories, if you're hooked enough and do it your own way, obviously.

However, as the author of this series, I would like to point out that I am a HUGE fan and supporter of the Aro/Ace Leon headcanon. Which is why I want to give a heads up that he will probably be written as such in most, if not all of these stories.
If you came for fluff, romance or smut, you will most likely be disappointed.

If you don't like the terms or labels used in the story, read the tags beforehand so you know when to leave. (i usually tag Leon as aro/ace Leon) Please be kind. nobody here is obligated to read anything they don't like.
just like I am not obligated to write anything that I dislike.

I am making this note, because I know aphobia is a thing. You don't have to "believe" in the existence of asexuality or aromanticms or anything. It's not in my interest to change your mind or educate you on the subject. But please be respectful to those who this is important to.

Because it's already hard enough to come to terms with these things when you're already struggling with all day life problems. Don't make it worse by trying to tell us whether or not we exist. You're just making people feel bad about themselves and that's not helping anyone.

Just be kind, please.
(I'm sorry if this came out a bit passive aggressive. I am just really protective/defensive about this topic. )


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