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  1. Oh Bremol- you made me cry without the first few Lines of this chapter and I had to read the rest of the chapter with tearful eyes...not an easy task...

    It was so heartbreaking, and so so much better then the crap Bell showed us on tv - this is how it should have happened.

    I really hope that you'll post the next chapter in the near future!

    I love and adore this story of yours so much, and with your writing, it is so easy to imagine it all, that I can just pretend that Bells crap never happened and make your SL to Susans exit-SL instead....

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    1. Sorry to have made you cry, but I'm afraid you'll be crying with the next chapter as well.

      I'm trying to finish the next chapter to have it up soon. Won't take me nearly as long as this last update did, promise :)

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      1. With the direktion of this story, I would say that crying is a risk I am very willing to take..... Looking forward to your next chapter!

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