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  1. ok i expected penny pov to be very funny and you definitely delivered, this was a really fun read lmao AND I also think you did an incredible job handling 7+ people in one scene with all different mannerisms!!!! especially margo and alice imo. also icb im team penny/alice now. ur right and u should say it.
    here is my fav part. Margo raises her eyebrows. “You haven’t said a word all night and now you chime in to defend the honor of Rata-fuckin-touille?””
    Penny shrugs. “Yeah, and so what?”
    “Nothing, I’m just learning a lot about everyone tonight. Alice is a Zac Efron fangirl, Penny has a hardon for the cooking rat movie... good stuff.”
    folks, thank you

    WAIT I ALSO, look, i support crying at movies and i love that both quentin AND eliot cry. and i love that u condensed every getting together post s4 fic into like, crying ang yelling and more crying and then kissing noises. incredible. also things that made me laugh out loud at 2am “Should we put a ward?” Alice wonders, glancing over in the general direction of the bedrooms.
    “No,” Margo and Julia say at the same time.

    anyway its good thank u so much for this treasure. ratatouille fucks amen

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    1. Ahhhh thank you so much! This comment is so wonderful, it really made my day, especially the part about having a scene with so many people in it. That is a difficult part for sure of writing group scenes, but I'm so happy it worked!

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