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  1. Thank you so much for your comment! <3

    Yes, well, since I'm successfully ignoring everything I should do at the moment, I'm bored to death and therefore able to write... (There it is, I've told you my secret about my writing habits.) As for the inspiration, for me it's usually just there, I don't really have to think about the words when I write - that's how I wrote this in a bit more than an hour... (Thankfully Böckchen is there to call me out on my mistakes, and at the moment I keep her busy with my other story XD )

    The thing about Jodie and forgiveness is that, as we all know, she'd forgive Shuichi everything. But I think in that moment - when he puts the case above her (something she would do as well if the tables were turned) and a part of that is because another woman is involved - she is hurt and heartbroken and bitter (because hasn't life thrown enough in her way by now) and she just can't stand it and it makes her angry and of course she's sure she won't forgive him - like ever. But deep down she knows that she's already forgiven him - she just can't admit it to herself at the moment because then she would have to deal with the emotional pain of their separation... At least that's my take on it.

    Unfortunately I don't think Gosho Aoyama listens to me... We'll just have to write more fanfiction to make up for the lack of RedStarling material in the manga!
    (I totally agree, that scene was so annoying. But, on the plus side, we did get to see them in the same place at all? Because that implies they're interacting even when Conan isn't there to drag them into some case.)

    You're welcome. Thank you for the idea!!

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