Comment on Long, Long Journey

  1. While I'm an Eric/Stephanie fan, I do think Clarke and Stephanie could have worked while Eric was with whichever young blonde he was with at any given time when the writers decided to mess with him and Stephanie.

    I hated the paternity story for Ridge because, like you, I didn't like what it did to Stephanie's reputation. It should have played out as I had it here in this story, though long before Ridge's daughters decided to ignore that they were raised as Rick's family, whether it was as his step sisters or as his nieces.

    I stopped watching the show after Stephanie died, myself. I was angry with the way the story played out (hence this story) and didn't like enough of the other characters to stick around.

    Thank you very much for all the compliments! I appreciate them! I'm glad that you're enjoying my stories. Again, thank you!

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