Comment on When I get up, the nightmares seek me out

  1. Thank you for your looooong comment!!! Aaaaaaahhh! As we get closer to Gronder Field ingame, we can see that Dimitri is slowly becoming softer and more accustomed to being around the Blue Lions (and humans) again. Letting Fleche join the company (lol), patting the heads of orphans (cute), taking into account people's opinions (most of the time)... with Dedue's return being the most poignant example. (Which is another basket of eggs, because he's been longing for Dedue to treat him like a friend and not a tool, which manifests in his dream in his worst fears aka Dedue mindlessly obeying Dimitri's orders even though the order would kill Dedue emotionally speaking -- But in reality that's not true though! Because Dedue can and will think for himself *bangs fist on table* DEDUE RIGHTS!!! He'd never follow a command to kill his friends.) Dimitri's so tired of seeing people around him die (for him) he'd rather push them away, which makes HIM and the Blue Lions unhappy. What a contradiction, eh?

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