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  1. I loved this story, this story was beautiful, I loved how you wrote Dimitri, I liked how you wrote your thoughts, I liked the beginning with Dimtri's nightmare, he kills all his friends, he thinks only of revenge, like him it was cruel , he even made Dedue kill his friends, is was very sad the part with Felix, especially as Felix was kind and tried to talk to his childhood friend just to Dimitri kill her! After Dimitri woke up and talked to Dedue, I liked his reaction, as he wasn't sure it was just a nightmare, I liked him going to check on his friends, the part with Ashe was funny, How Ashe got scared, I think it was a ghost, Ashe's reaction when he spoke about the head, I liked Byleth's response to being asking if he was alive, funny Annette's reaction, Byleth is a living dead! But poor Dimitri, he looks broken, confused, it was funny when Dimitri unintentionally broke Felix's door, Dimitri wanting to check on Felix was alive, I loved him when Dimitri ripped Felix's shirt and everyone was watching, I liked their reactions, I love Sylvvain's talk , he talking about there can only be one reason for Dimitri to do it! Everyone's reaction when Dimitri knelt in front of Felix! I admit that I love Felix/Dimitri, so I liked how you wrote their relationship I enjoyed Dimitri's conversation with Felix, Felix was trying to comfort Dimitri by talking about how to beat the nightmares, but Dimitri sees himself as a beast, he doesn't deserve to be happy, sad when Dimitri said that after killing Edelgard he will die , Felix's reaction, I think it annoyed Felix a lot. I loved how you with you wrote Dimitri, he's suffering, I liked his conversation with Sylvain in the end, I liked how Dimitri cared about the Blue Lions, I love that part:

    "He watches the two of them gently rib each other for a while — Sylvain with the ease of a feline stretching its legs, and Dedue with the hesitant motion of a fledgling trying out its wings for the first time. It felt comfortable, he realised, with a sickening feeling. The former Blue Lions were like the sun to the frozen lands of his heart, and it hurt to watch them laugh and joke and simply be alive. He wanted to be a part of them. He wanted to chase them away to the four ends of the earth. He wanted to watch them grow old and happy. He never wanted to see them again. He wanted to fight alongside them, march down the streets of Enbarr together. He wanted to keep them locked away in the monastery where they’d never see another battle again."

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    1. Thank you for your looooong comment!!! Aaaaaaahhh! As we get closer to Gronder Field ingame, we can see that Dimitri is slowly becoming softer and more accustomed to being around the Blue Lions (and humans) again. Letting Fleche join the company (lol), patting the heads of orphans (cute), taking into account people's opinions (most of the time)... with Dedue's return being the most poignant example. (Which is another basket of eggs, because he's been longing for Dedue to treat him like a friend and not a tool, which manifests in his dream in his worst fears aka Dedue mindlessly obeying Dimitri's orders even though the order would kill Dedue emotionally speaking -- But in reality that's not true though! Because Dedue can and will think for himself *bangs fist on table* DEDUE RIGHTS!!! He'd never follow a command to kill his friends.) Dimitri's so tired of seeing people around him die (for him) he'd rather push them away, which makes HIM and the Blue Lions unhappy. What a contradiction, eh?

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