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  1. Omg thank you so much, this is the sweetest comment!!

    I know a Lightning redemption arc is super outside the scope of the show, but I really just want him to fit in with the Kusanagis postcanon!!! I think it's really interesting to speculate about how the ignises probably share a lot of weird habits with their origins from observing them/learning from their duels, even if some of their defining traits seem to be more opposite (like Yusaku being serious while Ai is playful, or Aqua telling the truth while Miyu couldn't). I feel like those similarities would be likely to win Shoichi over to Lightning honestly, and since he was so good at dealing with Ai (and even predicting Lightning's moves to a degree, foreseeing that he would use Jin to get to him) I think he would definitely be capable of handling Lightning if he had a reason to. And idk, Lightning being the fastest one, or just generally impatient with having to explain things to Soulburner and Flame was an interesting detail to me that I guess I decided to headcanon as being something he learned from Jin?

    But while Lightning does seem to care for Jin to a degree, being hesitant to delete him after Shoichi lost to Playmaker and attempting to erase Jin's more debilitating traumas, I don't think he'd immediately stop being so overly proud or selfish. I guess I just really want them all to sort of work together without changing who they are too much! Maybe even Bowman and Hal could be part of the family too! :')

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