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  1. GRABS YOUR HANDS I ABSOLUTELY FEEL YOU, these two have been my Ultimate ZEXAL OTP since episode 56 and they just have SO MUCH between them that has to be dealt with and talked out postcanon I'll probably be thinking about it on my deathbed. Honestly Chris has always been such a frustrating character to me because I like him SO MUCH but he has so little solid characterization in canon, and it all revolves around being set up as a contrast to Kaito, really. His sense of duty to his family is something that resonates with me, though, so I've spent probably too much time thinking about the motivations behind his assholery. Chris and Kaito deserve to be happily and domestically married and bicker like they do in their tag duel for the rest of their days, but of course I want to explore how their old tensions and mistakes come back to bite them in more peaceful times.

    My favorite part of the first half of the series has always been the family themes and how they're explored through so many different characters in so many different ways. Chris and Kaito exist as such FASCINATING FOILS, big brothers who face similar pressures but deal with them in really divergent yet very interestingly parallel ways if MY WORDS MAKE ANY SENSE, I'm sure you understand what I'm trying to get at considering how you've articulated your own thoughts so well LOL...I think I'm just reiterating what you've said at this point :^) I wish the Arclight family had been given more focus considering how absolutely fucked they were, I think it would've been incredibly interesting to see them rebuild their relationships with each other and with the people around them. While we got a little hint of it in ZEXAL II it wasn't nearly enough to satisfy me. But that's all right--as you said, we always have headcanon and REALLY GREAT FANFIC LIKE YOURS :3

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