Comment on Django&Sabata Oneshot Collection

  1. I love this, keep up the great work, it's not every day you find someone willing to write Boktai fanfic in 2017 :)
    I'd like to see you tackle a one-shot taking place in the "worst ending" of Boktai 3, the one where both Otenko AND Sabata die, so Django is left all alone :'(
    Despite how sad it is, this ending is my favorite simply because of how much POTENTIAL there is for an interesting plot. Django is now officially alone in a world out to kill him without any form of guidance. There is still Trinity, Zazie, and Lita there for him of course, but the last bit of family he had left in the world has left him, making him vulnerable to all sorts of manipulation by the next big baddie immortal.

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