2010 Harry/Draco Travel Fair

H/D Travel Fair is the 2010 Fannish Fair hosted at H/D Fan Fair. If you were one of the participants that year, please feel free to submit your work here!

We are handing Harry and Draco tickets, passports, Portkeys or Time-Turners to travel to anyplace in the world and beyond. The magic of your quill or brush will decide where they go and what adventures they experience.

What do we mean by a 'Travel Fair'?
The 2010 theme for hd_fan_fair will be 'travel' and we pretty much mean that in the broadest sense – travelling around the world, travelling through time or travelling to an alternate universe. There is something about travelling – being forced out of the comfort zone of your familiar territory – that makes characters react and interact a little differently. We find that very inspiring, and we hope you will too.

Whether it is a vacation the boys take together, or a trip where they meet-up by accident; maybe an Auror assignment they are sent on together to an exotic location, or a school trip where they are asked to chaperon their kids to Queerditch Marsh; we'll accept it all.

(Open, Moderated)

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