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The Battleship Exchange was inspired by the battleship challenge in Trick or Treat 2019.

Two teams will each have a battleship board and each square on that board will correspond with a specific challenge. Challenges might be things like “20 F/F works” or “10 works tagged as tentacle sex.” Once one team has sunk all of the other team’s ships and everyone signed up has at least one gift, works will be revealed and a winning team will be announced, so be ready for your creations to be revealed at any time. This isn’t the exchange to post unfinished or bus pass works.

Treats must hit the same minimum as assigned gifts because they have the potential to become main gifts if they are posted before the assigned author or artist finishes.

Pinch hits will be posted here and can be claimed by anyone regardless of team.

Nominations will open on June 17th and will run concurrently with a poll to determine which freeform tags will be used as a square on the battleship board. Nominations are for fandoms and relationships and the poll is for freeform tags. Single characters can be nominated as “Solo: Character”

Mods reserve the right to make the final decision on freeforms by combining similar tags to allow for more variety in the final list.

Once the nomination period ends on June 28th, we will finalize the freeform list.

If you have any suggestions for freeforms to add to the poll, you can suggest them here on this post or send us an email at Freeforms must be canonical for ease of tracking, and can’t be fandom specific. The current list of tags being considered is here:

Sign Ups
3-10 fandoms
1-20 relationships
3-20 freeform tags
You must request either fic or art for at least 3 fandoms. For any fandoms beyond the first three it is okay to request only video or podfic.

3-10 fandoms
1-20 relationships
3-20 freeform tags

For socks, please let us know who your sock is so we can make sure both accounts end up on the same team, and no more than two accounts per person.

You will match on one fandom, one ship, one freeform, and either art, fic, podfic, or video in the same request. If there is a participant you would prefer not to be matched to, please contact us before matching is run. We can’t guarantee they won’t be on your team, but we will guarantee you won’t be matched to them. We can also keep an eye out and warn you if they write you a treat.

Request Guidelines:
Make sure you would be happy with any combination of requested ship and freeform tag. For example, don’t request three ships and then a freeform tag that you would only want for one of them, or two ships that you would only want in the same gift and not separately. You must request either art or fic for at least 3 of your fandoms.

DNWs can’t be used to box your creator into writing a specific story, and can’t contradict one of your requested tags. As an example, you will not be allowed to select the “pregnancy” tag and then request a mix of ships including an M/M ship with an mpreg DNW to try to make sure you only get pregnancy fic for one of your other pairings (The same DNW would be fine when requesting F/M ships, the goal is for it to not be impossible or overly restricting), or request an incest ship with an incest DNW in hopes of receiving a “not related” AU. If you select both art and fic along with smut tags, you can’t DNW explicit art. You can split a fandom between multiple requests to avoid contradictions as long as you still request at least three different fandoms.

If you notice a request that seems contradictory or railroading, please email us privately so we can contact the requester and give them a chance to fix it before matching. Mistakes and misunderstandings happen and it’s best to fix them early. Any contradictory or railroading DNWs that persist after matching will not be enforced. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about whether or not a DNW is unreasonable.

Only DNWs in the sign up box will be enforced, so make sure they aren’t only in your letter if you write one.


Gift Minimums:


-300 words or longer
-Incorporate at least one requested ship and one requested freeform tag
-Avoid DNWs

-A clean sketch on unlined paper
-Incorporate at least one requested ship and one requested freeform tag
-Avoid DNWs

-At least 30 seconds long
-Incorporate at least one requested ship and one requested freeform tag
-Avoid DNWs

-300 words or longer
-Incorporate at least one requested ship and one requested freeform tag
-Avoid DNWs

All other details are optional, but you should try to create something your recipient will enjoy. Don’t post anything that is unfinished because works could reveal at any time. If you have any questions about your recip’s request, let us know and we will ask them for you.

There will be three collections for this exchange. The main collection will host the challenge and all of the gifts. There will be two secondary collections (one for each team) for tracking purposes. Your works must be added to your team’s collection in order to count toward the totals. If you have any questions about how to add your work to your team’s collection, please let us know.

Treating and Pinch Hitting while not signed up
Everyone is welcome to create for this exchange! Treats and pinch hits must hit the same minimum as assigned works. If you do not wish for your treat to count toward either team’s total, you can add it to only the main collection. If you would like to support a team, you can add it to both the main collection and that team’s collection.

Works will be revealed as soon as both mods have verified that a team has won. In order for a team to win they must have sunk every ship on their opponent’s board. No team can win before everyone has a gift. If both teams sink all ships before the last participant has a gift, nobody wins.

Mods reserve the right to reduce requirements if this exchange ends up dragging on far longer than planned. We will let you know before we do it if it comes to that.

No matter what, works will not be revealed before everyone has at least one gift.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can comment on this post or email us at