Profilers For Christmas 2017

Collection of prompts for our second Advent calendar.
Every prompt must revolve around Criminal Minds (crossovers are welcome) and be somehow christmassy. Be as vague or specific as you like but please keep in mind that we're aiming for short stories and prompt accordingly.
Please do not claim prompts as they will be assigned by a Christmas elf.

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Welcome to the festive subsection of the BAU!

We are yet again aiming for 24 prompts to fill the doors of our Advent calendar to add our very own touch to the stress and anticipation that is December.
Prompting is open until the end of October.

So make a wish, spark somebody's creative juices and see what comes out of it!



All stories within this group are written as part of a challenge in a Facebook Group. Please email the mods if you feel you want to join the group.



Not to be an arsehole is always a good idea.

Beyond that:
- Every prompt must revolve around Criminal Minds (all versions) AND Christmas season (and keep the spirit of the season).
- Epic tales don't fit behind cardboard doors so don't prompt for epic.
- DON'T claim a prompt! The writers of the group that signed up for this will receive their draw via PM and lay their claim. If we have more prompts than needed they may be put up for adoption or will go to the attic for a second round next year, haven't decided, yet.