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he who changed everything

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The two made their way into Oikawa's apartment after the brunette unlocked the door.

"You can sit on couch and pick a movie. I'm gonna put these away and change." Oikawa said as he went into his own bedroom and Iwaizumi sat on the couch. He picked up the tv remote and opened up Netflix.

Oikawa was in his room changing into his own sweatpants and stopped before he took the blue sweater off his body. It was big and hung loosely on his shoulders, with a faint smell of what Oikawa now realized was the green eyed man sitting in the living room. He decided to keep the sweater on, it was warm and there was no need to take it off.

He walked back into the living room to see Iwaizumi sitting on his phone with Godzilla ready to play on the tv.


"It's my favourite movie so shut up. Didn't change your sweater?"

"And you were making fun of me for being a nerd! This is a huge plot twist Iwa-chan. And no, I'm too hung over to move it back over my head."

"Totally. If you say anything else about Godzilla I'm leaving." Iwaizumi said sarcastically.

"Okay okay fine! I won't say anything about you and Godzilla. No promises for the future though. Want some tea?"

"Yeah. I'd be good for your hangover too. Need help?"

"No don't worry! I'm a great host I'll handle it!" Oikawa said going into the kitchen. As he waited for the water to heat, he prepared some popcorn for the two. Once everything was done, he walked back into the living room to see a slight smirk on Iwaizumi's face. The physical therapist was sitting with one arm slung over the back of the couch. His face looked like it was saying "Your move". In his position, he was welcoming Oikawa to lean into him, but would still look casual if Oikawa decided to sit a few inches away from him.

Oikawa knew exactly what he wanted as he set the tea on the coffee table. He went back into the kitchen to fetch the popcorn and returned to Iwaizumi in the same position, subtlety raising an eyebrow to see Oikawa's next move. The brunette held the popcorn to his chest as he sat with no distance between him and Iwaizumi and rested his head into the space between the other's shoulder and neck. With that, Iwaizumi brought him arm down to rest around Oikawa's shoulders, pulling him even closer.


"Yup." Oikawa replied as Iwaizumi played the movie. Throughout, the two both made small comments about the characters and plot. During some point in the movie, Iwaizumi's arm moved to wrap around Oikawa's waist instead of his shoulders. Oikawa never moved his head or body from how close he was to Iwaizumi.

As the credits started rolling Iwaizumi stretched his arms upward, but kept Oikawa close. "Just so you know this isn't a date."

"Huh?" Oikawa replied moving the now empty bowl of popcorn to the coffee table, but reestablishing his place next to Iwaizumi.

"This isn't a date. Just two people hanging out. When someone asks what our first date was it can't be as generic as this, so we're gonna tell them it's what we're doing next weekend."

"Had no idea you were such a romantic Iwa-chan."

"Shut up. I think you'll like what I had planned. I really hope so, or else it would've been a waste to wait so long."

"I'll like whatever we do as long as i'm spending time with you."

"Mm. Good. I'm so tired, I could sleep right here." Iwaizumi said leaning further back into the couch.

"Lay down then dumbass."

"Who you calling dumbass, dumbass?" Iwaizumi replied. He still listened and swung his legs onto the couch and putting his head back, but not before pulling Oikawa on top of him and wrapping both his arms around his middle. Oikawa's head was now rested on the other's chest with their limbs tangled, bodies slotting together perfectly.

"Only a quick one. 10 minute power nap." Iwaizumi said.

"Whatever you say Iwa-chan." Oikawa replied moving his head around Iwaizumi's chest to get more comfortable. He's arms were placed one near his head and the other at the side of Iwaizumi.

The two woke up to Iwaizumi's phone ringing way too loud.

"If you don't answer it I'm gonna throw it out the window." Oikawa said moving around on top of Iwaizumi after being awoken. The man on the bottom shifted, keeping Oikawa steady, and answered his phone.


"Hey Iwa. What time you coming for dinner?"

"What? Oh um.." he looked back at the phone to check the time, it was already 5:00pm. "I'll be there in an hour i'm leaving soon."

"Alright see you soon."

"Later Makki." Iwaizumi said hanging up the call.

"You have to go?" Oikawa said with a tone of sadness.

"Yeah. I said a 10 minute power nap and we slept for almost 2 hours."

"It's okay it's Sunday. I was recovering from a hangover and you were recovering from being woken up in the middle of the night."

Iwaizumi tightened his hold on Oikawa so he could stand up with the brunette still in his arms, then laid him back on the couch with Iwaizumi still hovering over him. He placed a soft kiss to his forehead and said, "Thanks for letting me spend the day with you. I gotta go though."

Oikawa smiled and got off the couch as Iwaizumi was walking towards the door. As the physical therapist was putting his shoes on he noticed his coat from the first time they went to get ice cream hung up on the coat rack.

"Hey is that my jacket?"

"Oh I've totally been meaning to give you that back. Take it."

"Hmm" he said looking at Oikawa, knowing he didn't really plan on giving it back. "This is one of my only jackets so I actually need it. But you can keep this one. You look good in my clothes." he said as he put his arms around Oikawa's neck, pointing to the blue sweater he was wearing with his eyes.

"I wasn't really gonna give it back anyway. Thanks Iwa-chan." Oikawa said tilting his head to catch Iwaizumi's lips with his own. It was soft and sweet, the green eyed man pulled away first in a hurry.

"Shittykawa. Gotta go, see you Saturday." Iwaizumi smiled as he closed the door behind him. Oikawa was extremely content with how his Sunday went. He didn't exactly plan on getting drunk enough that Iwaizumi had to take him home, but he was glad he got to spend the entirety of the next day with him. As he locked the apartment door he went into his bedroom to retrieve his phone that he hadn't checked since last night. "Shit."

12 Text Messages from baddest bitch
2 Text Messages from homeslice
5 Missed Calls from baddest bitch

He immediately called back "baddest bitch" ignoring the other messages and missed calls. Once the call connected, Oikawa started talking before he could be scolded.

"Heyyyyyy Keiji. So sorry about last night. Some guy gave me another drink then I blacked out. I think the guy called Iwa-chan and he came and took me to his house. I'll give you all the details on that later don't worry. But I'm home now and safe!". Akaashi just sat there in disappointment.

"You idiot! I was worried about you! You're lucky I have your location or else I would've called the police by now! Don't pull this shit again."

"I won't! I promise!"

"Okay. Fine. Tell me everything about Iwaizumi-san now."

The conversation progressed and the two continued talking. As for Iwaizumi, he was now knocking at Mattsun and Makki's door with a bottle of whisky in his hand.

"Hey! Come in."

"Hey. Here I brought this."

"Thanks. Mattsun's in the kitchen."

"When did we plan on getting dinner by the way? All honestly I totally forgot."

"We didn't actually have plans. Mattsun told me to invite you a while back and asked me what time you were coming today. I figured if I pretended you'd show up." Makki said laughing. "And it worked so fuck off."

"Bro. I'm gonna fucking kill you. I left Oikawa for this."

"Fuck really? Mattsun get in here! Iwa has tea to spill!"

Although Iwaizumi was only a bit upset that his friend pranked him, he was glad to spend time with them. He too updated them on his situation and plans with Oikawa. He couldn't be happier about what he planned for Saturday.