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Blow me (one last kiss)

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Emily pulled back first, breathless, finally letting air in her lungs. While Aubrey kept her eyes closed for a bit before opening them again to look intensely in the hazel eyes in front of her. They stayed like that for a few seconds, not wanting to disturb the moment happening between them. But eventually Aubrey's voice broke the little bubble they were in, making the taller girl blink quickly as she came back to reality. "As much as I loved doing this I need to go back and tell the others you're okay , they seemed really worried."

Emily's face broke into a giant grin. "So you loved doing this uh?" she couldn't help teasing the other woman.

"You know damn well i did." The director punched her arm lightly, looking at the ground to hide a blush. "But I have to tell the others that you'll be okay tomorrow morning and I'll grab some clothes for you on my way back." The blonde rearranged Emily's bathrobe at her chest to emphasize her state of undress.

Emily looked at herself as if she didn't know before that she didn't have any clothes under the bathrobe, eyebrows raising to her forehead. She crossed her arms over her chest even though her body was already hidden, but she still felt exposed, feeling the air travel against her skin.

Aubrey chuckled before she closed the space between them again to give the younger woman a quick kiss. Once again she had a hard time pulling back but for a totally different reason this time. She could feel Emily getting horny but it seemed that she hadn't even noticed it herself. The blonde stared in hazel eyes smirking before she gave a hip check to the brunette, knowing what effect she had on her. She started speaking while walking away. "I hope you'll still be this eager when i come back." she threw a wink at the other woman before closing the door behind her.

Emily looked down and let out a surprised yelp once she understood why the blonde's eyes were dark with need.


Trying to make sure she had every single hair right where it should be, Aubrey walked to the fire pit to meet the Bellas. She reminded herself to bring some food back for Em after her conversation with the girls. The director reached the fire pit where everyone was already enjoying some food and the sunset before they noticed her.

Chloe noticed her first. "Elf! hey how's Legacy?" the redhead's voice made everyone's head turn around in her direction.

"Emily is fine...ish. Her stomach couldn't handle dehydrated army food, i guess it's because it's her first time here at the camp. Anyway I'm gonna get her some of the soup you're all eating and I'm gonna get her a change of clothes for the night, she'll be back to normal tomorrow morning." The rehearsed words easily came out of the blonde's mouth before she tried to leave but a certain ginger wasn't having any of it. She heard footstep running after her while on her way to the camping grounds.

"I'll help you! I know which clothes are Legacy's favs to sleep in." The ginger said while keeping intense high contact with her best friend.

"Thanks Chlo, the poor girl really deserves a good night of sleep right about now." Aubrey avoided the constant eye contact, knowing her best friend could see everything through her eyes.

"I bet she does..." Chloe helped pick out some clothes for the youngest Bella, not pushing the subject any further. She already had all the information she needed from Aubrey's lightly messed up lipstick and the way she adverted her eyes on their way there.

Aubrey walked back to her cabin a bag of clothes in one hand and a Tupperware of food in the other. Her steps a bit more bouncy than usual, eager to see Emily. The front door opened as she stepped on the patio, Emily had seen her through the window and helped her get the bag and Tupperware.

"Hey Aubs, could I speak to you for a moment?" Emily said sitting on the couch, leaving room for Aubrey to sit.

The older woman could see the brunette chewing on her bottom lip, so she sat immediately scared of what was worrying the younger girl. A soft "Hey" came out of Aubrey's mouth "Em are you okay?" she did not touch her scared that she had done something wrong earlier. The hand Emily had laid on her knee helped lift most of her worries so she put her hand on the younger woman's, the eyes looking into hers didn't let on any disgust or hatred which was also reassuring.

"You know... I really really like you. And kissing you -oh god it was amazing Aubrey." Her eyes were closed and a small smile rested on her lips while she thought of a way to say what she wanted to say next. "To be honest I'm kind of overwhelmed. You may have come to the conclusion earlier that I had never been with anybody before and that's true. So you probably know now that I've never been intimate like that with anyone...ever.."

It was Emily now who couldn't look the other woman in the eyes, but Aubrey kept looking at the beautiful woman sitting right next to her. Emily felt scared but Aubrey saw courage, a courageous young woman who communicated her worries before getting involved into something that she could've possibly regretted later if she had gone too fast. "Em, what i said earlier was just teasing." the green eyed woman tugged a bit on the hand resting under hers to make the other look et her. "As much as i would love being intimate with you I would never make you do something you're not ready for. We can wait as long as you want, I'll never pressure you into anything."

Emily shifted closer to the blonde before speaking again. "I'm just not ready for the whole.... deal... Tonight at least." The brunette's eyes got dark with need before the next words came out of her mouth. "I really want you Aubrey, I'm just not ready for.." Emily made weird hand gesture not knowing how to say what she wanted to say. "Like the fourth base...Or is it the fifth? How many bases are there again?" This situation was a first for Emily and the more she spoke the more nervous she grew.

Aubrey let out a small laugh hoping it would help the brunette relax a little. "You can say it you know, those aren't bad words. Did you mean penetration?"

"Yeah... that... I've never done anything so i don't think I'm quite ready to go this far the first time. I thought that maybe you could show me how?" She took Aubrey's hand and slid it up her thigh slowly to test the water.

"Oh Em, there's nothing more I would want. Thank you for opening up to me." Aubrey said softly before kissing the brunette on those soft lips of hers, letting her hand be led in between two beautiful long legs. "Just promise me you'll tell me if I'm going too fast or too far. We're going at your pace, we can stop whenever you want."

"Oh please don't you dare stop now." Aubrey let out a small giggle, soon interrupted by Emily's lips on hers.

The kiss started slow and passionate but got more and more heated as Aubrey's hand moved higher and higher the brunette's thigh. She stopped it before reaching the other woman's heated center and broke the kiss. "I think it's unfair that I'm wearing this many clothes when you're barely wearing anything yourself." Emily took a sharp inhale not believing that all of this was happening. She grabbed the buttons on Aubrey's shirt and looked at the blonde waiting for a signal to keep going.

"I swear if you keep going this slow with me I'll die on the spot. Don't worry I'll tell you if something's not okay, we're going at your pace." The older woman looked into the other's eyes waiting to see what she was gonna do. She was not disappointed when the brunette started kissing her neck while undoing her shirt's buttons.

Once all the buttons were undone Aubrey let her shirt fall to the ground an took off her singlet before bringing the brunette's mouth back to hers. Her hand slowly dropping to the knot around the other girl's waist, getting a green light from Emily before she could even ask the question. Her hands slowly undid the knot before she could slip them inside the bathrobe, on the brunette's waist, once again kissing one another.

Aubrey felt the bathrobe opening more and more and trembled with anticipation before opening her eyes, ready to see what she discovered was there when she first sat next to the younger girl. She had prepared herself but still wasn't ready for the view her eyes met.

Emily saw the look on Aubrey's eyes and grew self-conscious. The blonde caught the change in the brunette's facial expression and guessed what it was about so she reassured the younger girl. She started mumbling in her neck "You're so beautiful Em.. All of you is." Her hand caressed over a single breast before going down her stomach. "It looks like it must hurt, let me help you."

An unexpected loud moan left the younger woman's mouth. "Please, I can't wait anymore."

Those words were everything the blonde needed to finally give the other woman what she wanted. She carefully wrapped her hand around the hard shaft, a groan slipping from Emily's lips at the sudden contact. Light green eyes looking intensely in hazel ones before they suddenly rolled back from the pleasure of the blonde's hand moving.

Aubrey didn't go too fast, knowing that it was the girl's first time she didn't want her to be embarrassed of coming too fast, which would've been perfectly normal. So she gave it a few long strokes before playing a little with the tip, loving the feeling of hips slightly moving up and down. "You don't have to try to be silent, none other than me can hear you and god do i want to make you scream."

The confidence in the director's voice alone could've made Emily cum on the spot but she managed, having an other idea in mind. "Take off your skirt, I want to touch you too." She suddenly gained some confidence herself, to her surprise and the blonde's great pleasure. The brunette's shaft felt a bit cold from the lack of contact while Aubrey stood up to undress.

While undoing her skirt, Aubrey noticed Emily's hand replacing hers. A smile crept on her face as she took her time to give the brunette a show. She giggled when she saw how big her eyes were and how hard she was staring. She dropped her panties with the skirt hoping to get a moan out of the younger woman, and she had succeeded. She then straddled her, taking control back from the legacy, her hand once again enveloping the brunette's cock.

Emily's hands caressed the blonde's thighs a bit before reaching for her heat, pleased with the moan she made her let out. Both of them were now rocking their hips, craving more contact with the other's hand. The brunette was surprised when she easily entered the other woman with two fingers, two long fingers hitting in the right place as Aubrey rode them.

When the blonde started sucking on the younger woman's pulse point, this was it for Emily. Not able to resist any longer she came hard, panicking a little when she realized she was coming all over Aubrey and herself. "Don't worry baby I'll clean you up." The director whispered in her ear, only making her cum harder.

Aubrey's view was a sight to behold, so beautiful she started coming before the brunette was even finished. Both of them moaning and groaning together, their forehead against one another, sticking with sweat.

"Oh god Aubrey this was incredible." Emily was clearly out of breath but a smile could be heard in her voice. "I wish we could never stop doing this."

"Easy tiger, I'm not done with you yet." The brunette's eyes grew bigger as she looked at the woman kneeling in front of her to lick her clean. "I told you i would take care of it."

It didn't come as a surprise when Emily's cock hardened immediately, not able to resist the beautiful and confident woman in front of her. Aubrey never broke eye contact while she gave the brunette's shaft a long lick before sucking on the tip.

Emily's cock was surrounded by wet heat for the first time in her life as the blonde started taking it all in. The new feeling making her moan the hardest she had ever moaned in her entire life, almost making her scream a bit. Aubrey started moving quicker and sucking harder, her tongue still working hard in her mouth. It wasn't a surprise when Emily let out her first real scream of the evening as she came inside the blonde's mouth, remembering being told she could be as loud as she wanted to.

The blonde swallowed it all, enjoying the feel of two big hazel eyes intensely looking at her while she worked her magic. When she was done she climbed back next to the taller woman, softly grabbing her neck to make her taste herself on swollen lips and tongue, leaving her breathless.

"I dare conclude you liked it, you don't seem the vocal type so I'm glad i could get this reaction out of you." Aubrey rested her head on her hand, arm propped up on top of the sofa, softly caressing the brunette's shoulder with the other one.

Emily tiredly turned her head to look in crisp green eyes. "I never thought sex could feel this"

Aubrey blushed a bit while looking down. "I'm happy you enjoyed yourself, to be honest it was my first time with a penis so I improvised a bit but damn did I enjoy it. You look so beautiful when you come." Her eyes were now staring intensively at the brunette but she laughed seeing how tired the younger girl now was. "We should maybe clean up before eating and then you'll be able to sleep."

"This seem like a very good idea, it's already so late. I suppose you're joining me in bed tonight though." Emily looked at Aubrey hopeful.

"What makes your dumbass think that i wouldn't share a bed with you after what we just did?" Aubrey laughed wholeheartedly at the brunette. "I'll even let you big spoon me if you finish your soup."

"Consider it Done" Emily smiled her big puppy smile that Aubrey fell in love with so quickly.

After a quick shower, they ate their soup while making small talk. Both women were smiling as they told each other funny stories they had from touring with the Bellas, sharing some things they both noticed about the other girls. Like Beca and Chloe's obvious crush on each other for example.

After cleaning the dishes they both got into bed, Aubrey in her matching ensemble and Emily in her comfiest band shirt and sweatpants. As promised Aubrey let Emily be the big spoon and not so surprisingly enough she enjoyed it very much, quickly falling asleep feeling an arm around her waist and a slow breathing against her back as air hit her neck. Their sleep that night may have been the best they've ever had.


After saying goodnight to Aubrey, Chloe walked back to the fire to join the other Bellas. Not opening her mouth for the rest of the evening, scared she will spill all her theories to the others. Instead she waited for everyone to go back to their tents so she could share them with Beca.

Once they were each in their tent Chloe gave a final look around it to make sure none was eavesdropping on them. When she finally came back in Beca was waiting for her with a questioning look and her arms crossed. "What's up with you dude?? You haven't spoken a word since you came back and now you're all mysterious and shit."

Chloe quickly shushed her and started whispering. "I can't be the only one aware of what's happening. This mutual crush situation is gonna be the end of me."

Beca's brows rose in surprise at Chloe's words, not expecting the confession from the ginger. "Wait so this is not a one sided thing then?"

"Of course not, are you blind? We can't let Emily sleep back here with us now. We need to find a way to make her go back to Aubrey's cabin every night." Chloe thought it was pretty obvious that Emily and Aubrey had a crush on each other but was glad to know that Beca at least noticed half of it.

Beca shifted closer to the redhead, ready to speak about the situation they found themselves in. "How are we gonna get Legacy to stay there?"

"We'll find a way, the tension is just too much it has to wor-" Chloe's words were interrupted by the feeling of Beca's lips on hers. It took her a few seconds to get her shit together but when she felt the smaller girl's lips leaving hers she immediately grabbed her by the neck to keep her right where she was. She felt the brunette's shoulders relax as soon as the kiss was reciprocated. It started quick and passionate but got slower and slower as they understood they had all of the time in the world to enjoy each other's lips. None of them were going anywhere anytime soon.

Chloe broke the kiss first, slowly backing away and smiling. "This is the best miscommunication ever." The questioning look in Beca's eyes made her laugh even more.

"What miscommunication?? Were we not talking about this?" The brunettes gestured between them back and forth.

"We weren't but I'm damn glad you thought we did." She gave her a quick kiss before elaborating. "I was talking about Aubrey and Emily. They obviously have the hots for each other, I was trying to get them together." The redhead said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Beca really thought about it and honestly she could see them together. "But how do you want us to get them together?"

"I don't think it's gonna be that hard, Aubrey had her lipstick all smushed when she came back from the cabin. They must've lied about Emily being sick." Beca could already see the gears turning in the ginger's head.

"Well, We'll figure this out tomorrow morning. There's more important stuff i wanna talk about right now." The brunette laid her hand on Chloe's to get her out of her thoughts.

They proceeded to talk, and kiss, and talk, and kiss again till they concluded they would be girlfriends. Their talk mostly about their feelings and how they came to the realization that they liked each other. Both of them also agreed on a time to announce the news to the other Bellas.


Aubrey woke up first, hearing the sound of her morning alarm. She was barely able to move and shut it off because of a certain somebody who was sound asleep. Emily's arms were around the blonde's body, holding on for dear life. The director was used to waking up this early everyday and she would usually get ready fast enough but the comforting body against hers made her want to sleep in.

"Em... Emily....Emily!! Wake up!" It started as a whisper but her voice grew louder seeing as the younger girl would not wake up.

Emily started stirring awake, slowly blinking the sleep away. " What time is it?"

"It's already 6am, we have to get ready." Aubrey turned around facing the brunette.

"Already? what do you mean already? I need more sleep to function." The blonde laughed a little because Emily wouldn't open her eyes back again.

"That's why they invented coffee, I'll Make you some if you want." Aubrey managed to get out of bed, cold from the lack of contact with the other woman.

"That won't be necessary, I don't drink coffee. I'm more of an orange juice kind of girl." She said as she started getting up, resting her back on the headboard. "Kinda wish i did sometimes though, Like right now cause I'm soo not ready."

Aubrey was already getting the table ready for their breakfast while the coffee was being made. "Well trust me the day i have planned will wake you up alright." She giggled, feeling way too bright at this hour of the day.

Emily joined her at the table, giving the blonde a shy kiss before thanking her for the breakfast. "As long as you're here my day is gonna be a good day so I'm not too worried."

The director blushed at the tired confession from the younger girl. "I don't want to risk breaking the moment but i thought we could speak about this." She gestured between the two of them. "To kind of define it- Or not! if this is not what you want." The usually confident woman clearly a bit anxious.

The brunette's level of anxiety suddenly rose too, stopping the making of her morning sandwich. She looked around a bit, trying to find her words. "Well, I've always admired you a whole lot and i have to admit that it was kind of a crush. But meeting you in person was a totally different deal." She looked at the blonde sitting down in front of her, signalling that she should keep speaking. "And yeah it became a way bigger crush than what i thought was possible. And now, knowing that you "like?" me back. I dare hope that we could be a thing." Emily winced at her lack of eloquence not knowing how to phrase her feelings without embarrassing herself.

Aubrey shot her a reassuring smile. "Oh Em why do yo say it like you're not sure? I do like you a lot you're right."

"Well i wasn't really sure, maybe last night was just a one time thing for you. Just some fun before we got back to our everyday lives." The younger girl was looking at her sandwich, not daring to look at Aubrey's face.

The older woman moved her chair next to Emily so she could put her hand on the taller girl's thigh to make her look into her eyes. "You know, I kind of fancied you too before we met." both women laughed a little as to relieve some tension in the room. "Beca and Chloe kept telling me about this new recruit with a beautiful voice. They sent me group pictures with you in them and i got to hear your voice in a recording they sent me. I remember how beautifully you laughed after finishing a verse and i couldn't unhear it. I hope this doesn't sound too forward but i do really like you Emily." The blonde paused a little to seek a reaction on the younger woman's face but couldn't see one yet so she kept going. "Yesterday you revealed yourself to me and I'm so glad you trusted me. I would never take advantage of you or anything and if I did only want a one night thing i would've told you beforehand. I said you were the one setting the pace and that also counts outside of bed stuff."

The brunette giggled a bit at that and Aubrey felt the heavy weight on her shoulders fly away. "You don't know how much this reassure me. I really wanna make this work between us."

"Well the lodge isn't that far from Barden actually, and i don't have that much work. I've always been working myself too hard and Chris has always told me i should delegate a lot more. I never had a reason to until now so i could be able to pass by at the Bella's house." They both looked into each other's eyes, holding hands, feeling closer from sharing their feelings.

"I'm sure Beca and Chloe will love the idea of seeing you more often. But who's Chris though?" The brunette wondered.

"Oh yeah, Chris, He's been working here for as long as me. Kinda like a right hand but as the years passed by he kinda felt more like a brother to me. He lives in the cabin next to this one actually." The director pointed to the wall in the other cabin's direction.

"It sounds like he just want the best for you, I already love the guy." Both of them kept speaking, the conversation lighter. They felt relaxed and started eating their breakfast again, Aubrey serving herself a cup of coffee. "There's just a little something else i wanted to talk to you about." The brunette saw the anxious look coming back on Aubrey's face and quickly reassured her. "Oh no don't worry, I was just thinking about what we did yesterday and.." Emily's words slowed a bit as she was trying to communicate what she wanted to say. "After the conversation we just had I think I'm ready for the next base or whatever." She laughed trying to lighten the subject.

A smile appeared on Aubrey's face. "Oh really? Are you sure?"

"Yeah but I think i should tell you that i don't have any... protection. This wasn't the type of activity i had planned for this retreat." She bit her lower lip even though she knew there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

"I could ask Chris to get some for me. He owes me a few "no questions asked" and he's very trustworthy anyway." The director found a solution to the problem in the blink of an eye.

"Great! Aubs I'm so happy I'm doing this with you. You make me feel comfortable and more confident. I've always been told how awkward and displeasing first times could be, but last night was everything but that." Her eyes fell on the other woman's lips as she was biting her own.

"That's just some straight bullshit." Aubrey closed the gap that was between them while they both giggled, wanting to feel the other girl close again. they stayed like this for a bit before the blonde had to cut it short. "As much as i would like to keep going we still have to get ready and join the others."

"They should thank me then because I'm offering them a few more minutes of sleep by keeping you here." Emily mumbled against Aubrey's lips.

"That's so very kind of you. Such a big sacrifice you're making for them." They both fell into a fit of laughter, a great way to start the day.

Both of them finished eating and got dressed for the day. Emily leaving to join the others while Aubrey walked a bit to reach Chris's cabin. She knocked, expecting him to have just woken up and she was right, he was still in his PJ's but didn't have that tired look you get when your sleep is interrupted. "Good morning Chris. Can i ask you a favor?"

The tall man with short brown hair looked at her questioningly with his small morning eyes and a smile growing on his face. "Asking for a favor? Am i still asleep and dreaming or is Aubrey Posen asking for some sort of help?"

"Shut up man, i just need you to go grab something at the store no questions asked. I'm busy with the Bellas and I don't have time to leave today, here." The blonde handed him a small paper folded in half. He was about to open it in front of her when she slapped his hand before pointing her index right on his nose. "No questions asked!" She said before leaving, on her way to join the other women. She walked away wondering what he would think about the request, but she stopped worrying about it. He had asked her way weirder stuff in the past, he was probably gonna give her some funny looks for a few days, wiggling his eyebrows in a teasing manner.

She cleared her mind, getting ready for her favorite moment of the week. Waking up the Bellas!