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Noragami: Return of the Fallen

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Noragami Parody: Phantom’s undoing
Noragami x OCs
Episode 1: Phantom Hunting We go!

Narrator: Hiyori Iki. She died under strange conditions, ones that no one could understand. All anyone knew was that she was gone.
However, One day, Yato and Yuki received a message that simply said, “Hiyori still lives.” This set off a chain of events that would drastically change everything.

Yato’s POV

“Man…Sure are a lot of Phantoms out tonight.”
Ya…About that, 100 phantoms…But they are small ones, so this should be easy.
“Well, let’s get to work. SEKI!”
With Yuki now blessed and transformed into dual swords, I charged into the horde of phantoms, defeating scores of them. However, the last 30 phantoms suddenly combined into a giant phantom, and pinned me down.
“Sheesh…this is getting annoying.”
I looked over, and saw two girls walking up next to me.
“I have no idea who you two are, but you shouldn’t be here!” I said to them.
“Oh, we shouldn’t? Madison, you want me to show him what we think about that?”
“Sure.” She said.
Then, in a flash of light, the first girl transformed into a shotgun in the 2nd one’s hand.
“Alright you giant phantom, take this!” she yelled, firing right into its head. The phantom cried out in pain before falling over besides me.
As I got up, the girl then said, “Hey Kid, suggest you duck.”
Just as I did, she fired right over me, hitting another phantom behind me.
“Honestly…You think you could warn me?” I asked her.
“Honestly Madison…You couldn’t be more violent?” A voice said sarcastically.
I saw a boy and a girl walking up beside her, the girl armed with dual Desert Eagle Pistols, the boy with twin daggers.
“Well excuse me, but this kid isn’t on his game tonight.”
“By the way, that phantom, you missed its brain by two inches to the left.” the girl said.
“What do you mean- “
Suddenly, the giant phantom got back up, still alive somehow.
“Great…” Madison and I said.
“We’ll handle it. Brother, let’s show these two what a real cleansing looks like.”
The two leaped up onto the buildings, and then leaped up towards the sky.
“Spirits of Light, Spirits of Dark, Bring Good and Evil apart. Let the light shine through, evil phantoms...WE CLEANSE YOU!”
The two then attacked at the exact same moment, and the phantom died almost instantly afterwards.


Amy’s POV

As the phantom collapsed and disappeared, me and my brother landed beside Madison and the other boy. “Revert!”
Both Alexis and Jake reverted to their human forms, as did my regalia.
Wait what?

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